Wilhelm Jacques' Robot Control Terminal

The inside of the system Skye had jacked into was like a much more elaborate version of the abandoned laboratory that Mei had entered, only this one didn't seem abandoned. Cartoon octopi scrolled by in the sky over a light purple background. Mei and Skye would probably never eat octopus again, unless our of a sense of revenge.

The setup was like some kind of elaborate parking garage, only instead of cars, an array of octopus-shaped technology waited in each spot. Most of them had cages of flashing blue bars surrounding them, with floating padlocks hanging large mid-air.

A few were not locked up and those were mostly surrounded by collections of Mr. Progs, each wearing purple, tentacled masks similar to the ones that Mei's group had avoided strapping to their heads. They seemed happy enough despite the work and were chattering busily.

A few more robots were heaped in monotone, gray-black piles. These had no cages and were seemingly abandoned. One of them, in an especially large cage a floor above where Mei had jacked in, looked a bit like a string of railcars with an octopus head at the end...

If Skye's purpose was to manually sever connection with every robot Jacques had created, she was going to have a hard time without more direction; even with being able to visually confirm the presence of all of them and their active status, some seemed unreachable, and above all, they seemed incredibly numerous.

Another navi beamed down a short distance away, not seeming to notice Mei for now. The navi was wearing a calico-colored outfit that included a coat with a large, cat-eared hood and overly long sleeves, along with a dragging robe hem. Making out details of their gender or body was difficult. They looked more like they would fit Heidi than Tammy, both because their appearance seemed purposefully hard to put a gender to and because their coat looked much cuter than anything fitting Tammy's personality.

One part of her appearance did evoke memories of Tammy, however: the oversized camera they were carrying over one shoulder. It had a motif as though it was a fat, lazy cat perched there, but where the head and neck ought to be, their was a rounded recording lens instead. It was a little disturbing once you saw it for what it was.

The navi quietly walked around, seeming to gawk at various things without interacting with them. Even once Skye appeared, she would keep doing that for a while... before turning and placing both hands on the camera, focusing it with a dramatic pose and bowing her legs. Where the navi's face ought to have been visible beneath the hood, there was instead simply a rounded mask of reflective glass, which would have Skye blinking back at herself. If she got Skye's attention, she would wave one sleeve over her head in a friendly, innocent manner, but say nothing.

Another voice would pipe in as well. "What? Whaaat?! This can't be... cute girls! I mean... navis! There are navis inside the server!" the now-familiar voice of Locksmith seemed to come from all around them. She might be on a floor above, seeing as she wasn't visible nearby. "But... huh! Only a few types of navis are approved to be in here per my security guidelines. One: Mindroot, who has an octopus for a head, so you two definitely aren't her! Two: me! Finally, three: navis who are mind-controlled by Wilhelm Jacques' technology! Please tell me you're the third kind so I don't have to engage security protocols! I'm so bored in here..." she pouted.

The cat-hooded navi, still nameless for now, turned to Skye and pointed the camera at her, while waving one hand crazily. What she meant was hard to tell, but she didn't seem to be able to talk, so she was going to have a hard time doing anything to prove she was mind-controlled unless Skye helped her somehow.
It took approximately 0 seconds for Skye to dislike what she saw upon jacking. Octopi as far as the eye could see. Even the Mr. Prog had octopi on them. "I think it just became official. If I ever see an octopus virus, I'm going to throw up out of reflex." For now, though, she needed to figure out what to do. Destroying them sounded good, but there were too many...even Ray wouldn't make her so fast that she could take them all out before some sort of security kicked in.

"I know what you're thinking, Skye, and you want some sort of idea on where to begin. Am I right?"

"Wow, you're psychic!"

"And you'd prefer it if you could destroy all of those in one fell swoop, so you don't have to go around smashing them one by one."

"Two for two!"

"Lucky for you, I have a theory. My guess is that the Net versions are control schemes of sorts for the various robots. Since they're all there in the same location of the same network, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of master control you could use."

"You're right! I might be able to make them self-destruct, or crash them into each other...who knows what it'd let me do! It's a good place to start. I'll start looking." However, she took only a couple of steps before another realizing another Navi had entered. She wasn't sure who it was at first, but it seemed unlikely that it was Locksmith, especially upon seeing the cat camera on her shoulder. That...was just weird. "Um, hi there. Are you the camerawoman's Navi?" She got a wave for her trouble...and for some reason, it looked almost like she had a mirror for a face, resulting in her staring at her own face for a moment.

But any attempts at figuring out how to converse with her would have to wait, as what was very obviously Locksmith's voice echoed all around them. Octopus for a head...? Never mind an octopus virus, THAT would definitely make her lose her lunch, because...gross. Oh, and they needed to act mind controlled. Well, if Mei could do it, she could do it. "Of course we're mind controlled! When I came in and saw all these tentacles, I could feel my panties getting wet! But I'm sure they'd pale in comparison to Master Wilheim's own tentacle...oh, I envy human women so much for actually getting to feel that inside of them!..." ...Uh, and she should probably vouch for the other Navi, too. "And my friend here...she can't talk, but you don't even want to know the dirty stuff she was pantomiming when I brought up Master Wilheim's tentacle to her earlier!"
The cat-hooded navi had a few moments to nod enthusiastically, answering Skye's question, before she jumped in surprise at Locksmith's interjection. Hearing Skye's words seemed to make her jump again (perhaps she was just a scaredy-cat), but she quickly enough fell into the routine, nodding enthusiastically, then making an equally enthusiastic show of jerking off an unseen, hypothetical tentacle with one hand.

Locksmith gave a laugh that somehow seemed more like a sigh. "Ha ha ha... Is a tentacle really that great? Just between you and me, I am sick sick sick of tentacles! Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick-!" she laughed in a crazy voice, before a loud, metallic clang rang out from somewhere above them. "Sick sick sick of disgusting slimy writhing phallic tentacles!" she cried in a shrill declaration of hating her surroundings. "Ha ha... ha... Don't tell him I said that," she added at the end. "Boy, I have to admit, I was kind of hoping you were intruders so I would get to talk about something other than tentacles." Skye might be considering revealing that they were, in fact, just pretending, since they seemed to have some common ground with Locksmith in having come to hate octopus, but her next words might pull that hope back as soon as it had appeared. "Of course, then, I'd have to initiate security protocols. So I guess that would be pretty unfortunate. Anyway, it sucks that all we can talk about is tentacles, but at least it's something! I'm going to come down and meet you gals!"

Alarmingly, an octopus-shaped platform began to descend from the upper floors, to quickly to react to, with all the speed of someone who was using it on the max settings because they were worried they might lose the opportunity for the first interaction they'd had with a new person in a year. Once it landed with a noisy, unhealthy smash against the net floor, a navi stumbled/ran off of it, stopping in front of them. She was a taller woman than either of them, clad in brassy, yellow-brown armor, most of which consisted of oversized bits wrapped in chain and padlocked. A large mantle extended up from her shoulders to her neck, made of gold rings; each of the rings had another long, narrow key hanging from it. Her upper head was covered in similarly brassy armor, with no hole for the eyes, connected by a padlocked chin-strap. It was open on the back to allow out her hair, which was blonde and held in an upward ponytail, secured by another long key. The few spots of her undersuit that showed through the armor were dark brown; judging by the curve of her hips, she probably had a pretty mature figure, though not exactly like Mei's or Tammy's... her chest armor would be a little snug if that was the case.

"Locksmith, at your service!" she introduced herself again. "I'm actually the original Locksmith, not one of those copies! Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, that expertise is what allows me to secure this huge server for Wilhelm Jacques! That's why my operator loaned me to him; there must be some huge money we're making to justify this weird, solitary confinement-like, year long job! Ha ha ha!" she laughed, her mouth grinning wide in a way that just made her look more crazy. "So uh... Hm. I've never actually interacted with you hypnotized types before! What's it like out there, huh? Was the new Red Nova movie any good?" she asked, then seemed to think the better of random, untargeted babble, understanding they had limited time. She pressed her fingers together with a small smile. "So, um... why are you guys in here anyway? Did he send you in here for me?" she asked, gulping after the question. It was hard to tell if she was worried they'd been sent here to tie her up as a loose end, or hopeful that they'd been sent here to rescue her, or possibly even just to entertain her. At this point, she was probably more in the dark than any of them... and not just because it was impossible to tell how she could see anything out of her helmet.
Sick of tentacles. Preach, sister. Skye nearly blurted that out loud, but managed to stop and bite her lip instead. "Hopefully he won't ask, since I know I wouldn't be able to lie to him." To be fair, she couldn't...because she was never going to interact with him. "Ha ha...intruders? Past that security? That seems highly unlikely..." Never mind the fact she saw it with her own eyes a few minutes ago. "B-But we can talk about something else if you want! Like, uh...um...well, I don't have any ideas off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's something!" Oh, wait, she was coming down? That...might be good or bad. She probably wouldn't figure which until it happened.

...Or maybe it'd take even longer, after Locksmith descended, and the rider Navi got a good look at her. "No offense, but, can you really see much through that...? Sorry, that was improper." Huge money? She really, REALLY didn't want to be the one to break it to her that her paycheck was in jail and not coming out any time soon. Luckily, having to act mind controlled meant she didn't have to. "What's it like out there? Um...there's light, and not as much dust covering everything, and less tentacles...so, er, pros and cons? And I'm afraid I never got the chance to see that movie. I heard it was decent, though, no super high or low points."

Oh, on to business. If it wasn't for Mei's wardrobe situation, Skye would've been just peachy continuing the small talk. "Oh, no, we're not here for you or anything. Or maybe we are? N-Not in the 'going to kill you' way! Let's get that out there right now! But, Master sent us here to retrieve something. He didn't say anything about what it was he wanted, though. I think it might be something Net based, so I came in here. ...Oh, that reminds me. There's a door near that console in the lab. What's in there? My operator doesn't want to check it out, since she's worried that might be off limits to mind controlled rank and file. But if that's where the something is, we'll need to get in there." Questions! She had them! And so few of them that she could ask without tipping off she wasn't actually mind controlled!
"Aw, c'mon! You two come from the outside, right? Just because you're hypnotized doesn't mean there aren't all kinds of things we can talk about!" Locksmith reassured Skye, with a hint of desperation evident in her voice. "You'll be happy to know that I can see quite clearly! That's because I'm locked in directly to this system; it'd be accurate to say that I am the security! I can see everything that happens inside my locks. Unfortunately, I can't see everything that happens outside them too clearly because somebody hasn't been upkeeping the monitor outside this console well. I imagine the other Locksmiths are in the same state!"

The two gabbed a while longer before Skye got down to what she really wanted to talk about. Locksmith's smile fell a bit as Skye informed her that they hadn't come in for her, and didn't return even after she was assured that she wasn't going to be killed. "I can't imagine what he wanted to retrieve... You sure it wasn't me? I have been stuck in here for a year! Liiiittle bit long for one of my contracts, ha ha ha. I should have been replaced with a Locksmith copy a long time ago, riiiight? So why am I still in here? That's pretty weiiird riiiiight?" she asked, a nervous laughter breaking into her voice. "Oh, sorry! Got a little caught up in myself there. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the door you're asking about. I know it was installed when the rest of the security devices were, so there's another Locksmith copy in there, however, there are no security cameras or any security devices inside the room, save the door itself! So I have nooo idea what's in there," she finished with a big smile, throwing up her hands in an expression that showed no curiosity to learn. 

She tapped her lip with one finger thoughtfully. "You think what you're looking for is in there? Boy, you got some pretty unspecific instructions, huh? Well, I can tell the other Locksmith to let you in! That's easy enough. But say... what are you going to do when I open that door for you?" she asked, trying to play it cool as she crossed her arms and continued tapping her finger, now on her chin. "Are you two going to leave as soon as that door's open? I was thinking you should stick around for a while! I've thought up some games to play to pass the time while I'm alone here! There's one where I try to get all of the Progs to perform maintenance on one robot at the same time and another one where I try to stand in a spot of the room and count the tentacles I can see and beat my old record! My current record is 164!! Pretty cool, right? When I play that game, I take off my helmet and just look with my eyes, you know... yeah..." she sighed, perhaps thinking to herself that it was quite a longshot that she'd talk anyone into playing those games.

To the side, the calico-colored navi wasn't helping much, just keeping her camera on Skye and tilting her head slightly. She didn't seem like the decisive type. Finally, she pointed towards one of the robots and then Locksmith, then pantomimed being choked to death, stumbling around and making coughing noises, before falling flat on her back with the camera facing upward. She then skittered back up to her feet.

"Uuuuh are you saying you think Wilhelm Jacques will do something to me if he finds out I'm not opening the door he asked you to ask me to open?" Locksmith asked, before shrugging, raising both palms up. "I don't care! He can do whatever he wants, no way am I opening that door, letting you two leave, and then spending another year in here until he thinks of another door he needs me to open!" she huffed, recrossing her arms. "Come ooon! Let's have fun, do something fun, before I get that door open! Can't you hypnotized gals think of anything fun to do?!"
"Well, of course there's lots to talk about, but you're really putting me on the spot here..." Skye rubbed the back of her neck, but luckily Locksmith changed the subject on her own, providing a nice tidbit on why she couldn't see everything that went on with Mei and the others earlier. She then let her know she wasn't there to off her, but...the other Navi seemed surprisingly not overjoyed about that. "Unless he thinks you're an it, and not a her, I'm preeeeetty sure it's not you he wants."

And...wow, she was going to open the door? Hooray!...Oh, of course, there was a catch. "Huh? No way! We weren't going to ditch you at all! I-I mean, this is the first time you've gotten to talk to anyone in a year. Not like our operators need us to search a room in the real world, anyway. We'll happily stay for a bit, just, please, open that door!" But, uh, not those games she brought up. They sucked the big one. She looked back at Tammy's Navi to see if she had any thoughts that could be expressed via charades, and...well, that was something. "I said we wouldn't leave! But fine, whatever it takes for you to believe me." ...Hmm. ......Hmm. .........Hmmmmmmmmm... "...Well, I'm stumped. Everything I can think of involves being somewhere else."

"Well, there's always strip spin the bottle. Then again, that works better if you've got some guys in there, too..."

"Y-Yeah, that'd be sorta weird to play with just girls."

"Plus, you've seen me play. You know what happens when you lose. Get real comfy, spread your legs, and-"

"I'm perfectly familiar with what happens, thank you!"

"Hey, as long as it's with friends, it's not soul-crushingly embarrassing."

"...We'll, uh, take it under consideration, thanks." .........Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... "...Anyone else have any ideas? Surely, we can do better than strip spin the bottle!" Surely!...Probably...Anyone? ...Please?
The keeper of the console's net watched the other two girls with all the conflicting tolerance and impatience of one who's been waiting a year to speak to another intelligent being, her emotions evident from the small glimpse of her face that the half-helmet allowed. When one finally came, she couldn't hide the excitement in her cracking voice. "That's it! Perfect! Let's play that!" she agreed in a hurry.

Skye still would have preferred a different game. The hooded navi was likely thinking the same and began to pantomime other games, most of them hard to identify, but a few seemed to include hide and seek, limbo, and something involving waving your arms around wildly (most of them involved that to some extent).

"Ooo, those are tempting too, but I reeeeally like the first one best! After all, that satisfies my two great needs that I've been without for a long time! Entertainment and... a-and getting to learn more about new friends," the locked-up looney reiterated, wringing her hands with a hopeful grin.

The silent camerawoman dropped her own head in a gloomy resignation, realizing that now that the seed of the idea had taken root, there was no way they were going to get it out of Locksmith's head.

Locksmith looked around a while, then frowned. "We don't have a bottle..." she pointed out. For a moment, the cat-like navi perked back up. "That's okay! We can uuuuse..." she murmured, not seeming to realize she was covered in lightweight keys that would be perfect for spinning. "That thing! Let's use that," Locksmith encouraged the others, pointing towards the camera which was perched upon Skye's ally's narrow shoulder like an overly chubby housecat.

With the same air of resignation, the hooded navi placed her camera upon the floor, then took a spot at another point of the triangle between herself, Skye, and the crazy Locksmith.

Beaming, Locksmith placed her hand upon the camera. "I'll spin first! Wait... This contest isn't fair, right? I'm starting out in a much better position than you two are! With all this stuff," she grunted, as if the heavy, uncomfortable looking armor had only just now started bothering her. "Let me take care of some of this before we start!"

Fiddling with the mantle of chains and keys around her neck, Locksmith managed to pull a few free, then began about the business of unlocking various armor pieces with motions a little like somebody scratching a particularly bad poison ivy rash that had spread all over their body. When she was done, she was content to leave just the relatively thick undersuit, belt, gloves, boots, and face-helmet. She pulled out the key holding her hair up for good measure. "That's a freebie! No low value prizes from me!" she informed them, with a wink in her voice that was not evident on her face. "Okay, I'm going to spin!" At that announcement, Locksmith went ahead and placed her palm atop the cat camera. Skye would have one last chance to spin or back out before the game started in earnest.
"HUH?!" D-Did she just actually agree to that?! "Wait, you really mean that...?"

"Huh. Didn't think she'd actually roll with that. Who knew?"

"If you hadn't been through what you've already been through, I'd be seriously upset at you. But you have, so I guess I'll settle for regular upset..." She couldn't think of any better ideas, Mei wasn't pitching in, and the mute Navi's suggestions weren't getting picked. Was she really doing this...? But, it was to prevent a criminal from rising from the ashes...and to help Ray. She needed to keep that in mind. "......All right, if you're that determined to do it..." But then there was the 'problem' of no bottle. Sadly, pretty much anything that could be spun could be used in its stead, so it took little time to come up with a substitute. Maybe she'd luck out and the camera would be at a terrible angle to actually see anything. Although, now that she thought about it, she could've brought up her spear. That way, at least, she'd be able to control her own spins. Too late now, though.

Locksmith realized something else, and before long, had removed some of her armor. On one hand, that was nice sportsmanship. On the other...she really didn't want to finish that sentence in her head, so she didn't. Skye crossed her arms, and frowned slightly harder than she had been. "All right, go ahead..." It probably wouldn't stop her from spinning, regardless...
"Whee! Oh boy oh boy oh boy," Locksmith chanted with child-like enthusiasm, despite being visibly the eldest navi design present. "I should be easy to beat! I'm super unlucky since I've been stuck in here for a year. But then, you gals are mind controlled, so that may be worse. I'd say we're all about evenly unlucky, which makes it a neck-and-neck game! How thrilling!"

With that observation, Locksmith spun the camera in a 360, with a quick slap to its side. The camera seemed to emit a feline yowling despite its lack of a feline head. Locksmith seemed as unlucky as she herself had advertised, seeing as the chubby cat camera ended up facing its lens towards her.

That didn't seem to deter her resolve to enjoy herself much, however. "Ooo! Okay, I'l start!" she announced, grabbing one of her keys and eagerly fiddling with the band holding her mask to her face, missing the lock a few times and jabbing herself in the back of the head. "Ha ha ha! Ow! Ha ha! Ow!"

Finally, she managed to remove it, pulling it free and dropping it in her armor pile with a clang. Beneath, her eyes were large with bright yellow pupils and keyhole shaped irises. Her eyes were joyful, but also crazed, with a slight, recurring twitch to the right. Even for a year's confinement, her condition seemed a little extreme. "Oo hoo hoo! I'm excited already!"

The cat-hooded navi nodded with feigned excitement, then turned her head to Skye and gave a... there was no way to tell, really. A wink? A grimace? The mask made it hard to tell. She then placed her hand upon the camera and gave another spin, accompanied by a big meow. As the camera slowed, it was clearly about to stop on her... then gave a lazy mew and scooted another bunch of degrees until it was facing Locksmith. You would have to be blind or crazy not to see the cheat at play.

"Me again! You girls are taking me for a ride! Speaking of which, what happens when one of us loses all our stuff? Eeeeh! Let's not worry about that yet, the night is young!" their hostess giggled, while busily unlocking her gloves, one after the other. "Or day. I have no idea what time it is! I turned off my internal clock a long time ago cause manually counting the days gives me something to do every day!"

It was Skye's turn to make a spin... the outcome was pretty obvious, as long as she was using the camera and not interfering with its spins. One might wonder how Locksmith would ultimately take such a losing streak.
Sigh...Locksmith was way, way too excited about this. But they had to play it before she'd help them out, tragically, so...time to get it over with. "Huh. That's pretty unlucky, all right." The one part of the other Navi that Skye was interested in seeing soon became visible...honestly, she was prettier than she was expecting. The keyhole thing was a little weird, though.

"All right, you're up next." She looked over at the still masked Navi, noting that it was kinda weird to see a Navi with absolutely zero facial features. Even with WyvernMan, you could make out his eyes through his helmet's opening. But this one? Nada. It was kinda off-putting, when she really stopped and looked. And then there was spinning...and, wha?! That...was the most obvious cheating she'd ever seen. And yet, Locksmith seemed to not notice...but as for herself, the response to this was clear. Virus Riders were not ones for dirty tactics, and if she wanted to truly be one, those would be standards she'd have to live by. ...Just, maybe ignore the part where she thought about cheating a couple of minutes before. She probably wouldn't have been able to go through with it, anyway. "Hold on a moment, Locksmith. I do believe our feline participant just manipulated the camera."

"Wait, you're actually..." She didn't finish her thought, but Mei was a little bewildered that her Navi would up and rat out cheating, considering she had zero to gain from it. Maybe she should've programmed her to be a little less honest...

"We'll need to use something unmanipulatable. Maybe one of those bigger keys of yours would work? My spear could work, but I'd have an unfair advantage, since I know exactly how to spin it. Of course, we'll also need to punish the wrongdoer...what's the rule on that, Mei?"

"Lemme think...the cheatee, which would be Locksmith, wouldn't forfeit anything. And the cheater would have to lose something. And that something is chosen by a third party, AKA you."

"Me...? Why wouldn't it be Locksmith?"

"It's supposed to be a light hearted game. Spiting someone by telling them to take off their underwear right away would just be mean.

"I see. Very well then. As the arbiter of this situation, I hereby declare that you take off your..." Skye raised her finger into the air, then lowered it to point at...where the other Navi's face would be. "Mask globe...thing! Sorry, but those are the rules." Apparently. And hopefully they'd be able to get something else to play this game with...ugh, she really hoped she'd get some good karma for this.

Once the spinner was settled on, she'd give it a spin, and hope from the bottom of her heart that it wouldn't land on her. And the top of her heart. And the middle.
"Huh? Cheating? Ha ha! You're pretty observant, for a mind-control girl!" Locksmith laughed, then smiled slyly in the direction of Skye's supposed ally. "Hee hee hee! Maybe she just really wants to see you take off your clothes! All's fair in love and war!"

The cat-hooded girl jumped up up onto all fours from her seated position and turned her head to Skye, seeming cartoonishly shocked at her apparent betrayal. She waved her hands uselessly a few more times, as if trying to draw a diagram to help Skye understand something, then fell down again with her head against the floor and her butt in the air, a calico-colored tail wagging out dejectedly from underneath her heavy hooded coat. 

"... Are you stalling? That's fine! I got aaaall the time in the world!" Locksmith grinned, raising her hands behind her head. "I'm used to waiting by now!"

The cat-like navi lethargically rolled onto her back, crossing across her chest with a sigh sounding out from beneath her mask.

"... I have something else too! I haven't gotten a chance to try it yet, but it might come in handy here and speed up our game. Some of these robots are designed to verify targets are mind-controlled, and they can do it using some kind of automatic setting! Watch, I'll show you," she encouraged them, pointing toward one of the many virtual representations of Wilhelm Jacques' octopus robots, this one in the shape of one of the larger door-frames. To the likely horror of the two girls (or at least to the cat-hooded one), the octopus would leave its frame and crawl over, climbing on top of Skye's ally before she could get back up to her feet or run. With slow, slithering motions, it brought its suction-cup tipped tentacles up to her face, displacing the hood slightly to grab around the mask. The hood slid back to reveal the navi's fluffy, rust-red hair, which was speckled with brown dots here and there which looked, in a certain light, like a cute cat's fur, and, in another, evocative of over-ripened fruit. Two metallic extensions like cat ears twitched atop her head on either side, made of white metal. 

She fussed, shaking her head back and forth, as tentacles played around her face, trying to figure out how to remove her unusual mask. Finally, there was a sound of the leather band holding it on snapping, while the tentacles dragged it away and flung it unceremoniously to one side. As the tendrils receded, Skye could see her ally's face, with large, green-blue eyes, cut by black, feline pupils, currently fixed in an accusatory glare at Skye. Her lips were held in a cat-like expression: passive, but waiting to burst into some other emotion in a frenzy of feline rage. That said, it was very much a young, human girl's face. Her skin was pale and white; she didn't seem like the type to get a lot of sun. Even without the mask, she wasn't speaking, for whatever reason. Her cheeks grew a little pink as the others stared and she threw her long sleeves over her face, swiping a few times as though pawing at it.

"C'mon, no need to be sulky! We're all gals! And pals! It's all fun!" Locksmith giggled, before pushing across to Skye the large ponytail holder key she'd pulled out from her hair earlier. "We can use this instead! It may look like a key, but it doesn't unlock anything. So it's fine, whatever we do with it!"

Skye was ready and took a spin, knowing that this key would indeed reveal something, even if not in the traditional manner. This time, the key spun in a more traditional manner with little to no meowing. It slowed to a stop in front of the one who'd given it the spin. "Ho ho! No good deed goes unpunished," Locksmith joked. If Skye looked to the side, she'd see that her ally, who was no sitting up again, had her large eyes winked shut and her mouth curled into a smug smile. "Should we let the automatic guy do it again? It might be faster! At least for me," their hostess asked, slapping her hand up and down on one of the game's enforcer's thick tendrils. It would be faster in one sense: Locksmith appeared to be the only one it listened to, and presumably, if she was feeling less generous, the thing would go as long as she wanted it to short of it being deleted. She probably wouldn't go for that, seeing as she seemed surprisingly good-natured, but she also seemed a little batty and a fair bit horny, both which could contribute to her deciding she wanted to let the thing loose.
"No, it's just...I'm an observant Navi by nature, so...I'm just, going to notice that sort of stuff." Skye shook her head as she found herself explaining exactly how she noticed it, ignoring the fact it was so obvious a 5 year old would've seen it. The subsequent mask removal made her slightly regret her decision to expose the cheating, as well as making her notice that being near her in this mission seemed to doom one to robot octopi. Hopefully that trait would vanish after this was over. She let out a weak smile at her cat-like companion as she reached out and grabbed the key, though whether it was to reassure her after having her mask removed, or 'I wasn't expecting tentacles for that', wasn't really clear. "Um, we'll get all our things removed in a timely manner, so perhaps save the octopus for another time?" The mere threat of cephalopod assistance was enough motivation for her to speed it up, at least.

...Anyway, time for her to spin it. Let's see...if her spear was that weight, and the key was about this weight...nope, she had no clue how hard or soft to spin it to avoid herself. Great. She settled for a nice, hard spin, only to look on in horror as it managed to land directly on herself. At least it gave her an indication as to how hard to spin next time. "So much for good karma...er, no, wait, no automatic stuff needed! I'm taking something off right now! See?" With lightning speed, the virus riding Navi grabbed her gloves and removed them, one at a time. Considering how encompassing her Navi suit was, though, it revealed basically nothing that wasn't already noticeable. "Like I said, I'll do it myself, and I'll do it quick, so no need for that!" At this point, she was probably the only one in the group without tentacle exposure, and she would love to keep it that way. "Now, it's your turn, Locksmith!"
"No octopus? Okay. Guess that makes sense, we have all seen a heck of a lot of those already!" Locksmith agreed, shooing aside the large, unpleasant creature, which slinked back towards the doorframe it had detached from earlier. When Skye ended up removing her gloves, Locksmith rocked back and forth on her butt, seeming giddy despite the small prize. "Yeeheehee! Let's keep going! Oh, but uh... I'm going to make another rule!"

The silent navi next to Skye made another sigh, slumping forward and burying her face in her sleeves. She didn't seem to like the game very much.

"These next spins each count for two! I don't wanna waste too much of your time, after all," Locksmith informed them, holding up two fingers. "Got it? Got it! Okay, I'm spinning! The key, that is!" she interjected before anyone had a chance to oppose her hasty new ruling. Reaching out, she grabbed the key's length and gave it a flick, sending it whirring in a 360 degree motion on the net's floor. To her surprise, it landed on her this time. "Bwah! Some security navi I am, I just trapped myself!" she guffawed, taking it all in stride. With a shrug, she pulled off another two rings of keys, then worked on unlocking her boots. "Nrrf! Hard to reach!" she grunted, before finally undoing all the locks so that she could sweep them aside into the pile. "I did say two... Belt next, then," she nodded, unlocking the pad-lock shaped connectors on the sides. At this point, about all she had was the skinsuit and a mantle containing another five keys, and one of the padlocks appeared to be on the mantle itself. "Let's keep going! You're up, Kitty-Cat!"

"CopyCat," the navi answered in a soft voice, her mechanical ears and tail twitching slightly.

"She talked! She's warming up to us," Locksmith giggled, bouncing up and down.

"No... I'm just getting annoyed that nobody knows my name... Cause Tammy never told Skye or her operator. Mrrrr..." she grumbled, crossing her arms irritably. Seeming to decide talking any more was too much work, she settled on giving the key another spin. With a razor sharp focus, almost as if it was her controlled camera again, the key took aim at Locksmith again.

"Aaaah! I shouldn't have made that new rule! Okay uuuh... I'll get rid of all these chains," Locksmith answered hastily, unlocking the now significantly diminished mantle and setting the remaining keys on the floor next to herself. "And now... this! Uh... Huh. Without my operator, I'm not sure how to get this off easily. Ahem... robot!" she clapped twice, then stood up, holding her arms above her head and beaming happily. At her command, the octopus lashed out its tentacle, starting at her shoulders and yanking down, tearing the majority of the bodysuit off in one clean tug. It left the shreds on her arms and legs, while otherwise revealing a short, brown mini-skirt, which provocatively flipped with her movements, as well as a matching brown tube-top, formed of two leather belts with large padlocks at center of her sizable chest. "Ta-da! Pretty cute, no?" she asked, fluttering her eyelashes. 

CopyCat waved her head back and forth in an exaggerated "no" gesture.

"Phooey! I'll get some wins soon, then we'll see who's dressed cute! Huehuehue.... Okay, Skye... your spin!" she continued, passing the key over to Skye.
"A...new rule?" Skye wasn't happy upon learning what the stated rule was, but there was also no obvious reason to not do it, so..."All right...speeding it up should be okay." Should be. Especially after Locksmith immediately landed on herself. Ugh, this was painful...she wasn't interested in the clothing removal, and the fact she needed a bit to get things off just meant Mei and the others were stuck in that awful outfit for that much longer. Granted, Mei might deserve that just a bit, considering she's the one that suggested this game in the first place.

On the plus side, the other Navi finally had a name. And a voice, for that matter. "Well then, greetings, CopyCat! Nice to finally have a name for you!" And there was spinning...and it landed on Locksmith again? Wow. They really were lucking out. The security Navi seemed to have issues taking off her bodysuit, though. "Well, if you need to get it off, you can always just-" Before the virus rider could provide a simple solution, the octopus robot returned and ripped it off. ...Was that a whimper she heard from her operator voice feed? Well, on the bright side, she dressed in layers. "I'm not really the best to ask about fashion, but...I've never been a big brown fan, you know? But, I think that's just because I associate it with the earth, and I'm more of a high flying girl!" Yeah, let's not even accidentally upset the Navi that nigh-literally held the key to moving forward.

Skye proceeded to accept the key, then set it on the ground and spun with all her might. Don't mess up, don't mess up...crap. "No! I messed up..." Ugh, now she needed two things to take off? At least she still had options. "First off, I guess I'll take off...these." Both her hands rose to her left shoulder, and after fiddling with something for a moment, her shoulder guard fell to the floor with a light clank. "Don't worry, I know a pair of something is just something, so both of these only count as one." Unfortunately for her. After repeating the process, she took a moment to ponder on the other item to remove. "What else...well, I guess since I took off my other armor, the last remaining piece would make sense." Her hands went to her back, showing off her breastplate. Aside from her emblem, it gave off the impression that either she wasn't very well endowed, or she was seriously trying to hide her assets. After a moment, it too fell down, and it became abundantly clear...that it was the former. Still, her tunic was a bit on the tight side, so at least what she did have wasn't being hidden all that much, for those that wanted to look at it. Also at the very least, she was doing nothing to particularly hide what was now visible, and was content to pick up the key and hand it over. "That'll do it...here, CopyCat. Hope you have better luck than I. Well, as long as that doesn't involve it landing on me, anyway."
Despite having finally given an introduction, CopyCat looked no less aloof. As Skye spoke to her, she simply swiped at one ear using one baggy sleeve, being the only navi with the benefit of clothes that did not fit tightly to their body remaining. Her eyes were half shut in crescents, an expression made only by those unaware or uncaring that they are making odd faces.

Locksmith, on the other hand, made an exaggerated expression of shock at the revelation that armor covered in padlocks and bikinis made of belts weren't the pinnacle of fashion. "Brown is out?! Oh dang, I've been in here too long after all! Well... if you're lucky I won't be wearing it much longer anyway... Huehehehe..." she giggled perversely, seeming to relish the impending opportunity to parade her nudity around.

It seemed the aspiring nudist would have to wait; after giving the key another spin, she awarded Skye the beginnings of a losing streak. "Ooo! Let's see what kind of underwear you are an expert in, Skye! And remember: two thingies!"

At this rate, depending on Skye's choice of clothing, she might soon find herself revealing two thingies she hadn't hoped to. Locksmith looked like she didn't mind that Skye was experiencing such I'll fortune, as she watched intently. CopyCat watched with nervousness evident in her taut, ready to cut and run expression, as though Skye's clothes loss might be contagious. At any rate, for very different reasons, both navis had their eyes glued to Skye.

Presumably, Skye would follow directions, but even if she didn't, CopyCat was already spinning it again, perhaps eager to get the game over with. The only navi not watching Skye, that being Skye herself, would notice the key had stopped on her again. She would be in for a losing streak of 3 consecutive... that is, unless she had the drive and the means to turn the key a bit before anyone noticed.
"I'm not so sure if lucky is the word I'd use..." If nothing else, at least she'd avoid-wait, the spinner landed on her again? "Not again..." At least she had two more options to buffer against anything revealing. Without trying to look sexy or anything doing it, Skye removed her helmet and boots, and pushed them aside with her foot. "Sorry, but I still had two things. Losing again would be a problem, though..."

And indeed it would be a problem, as the key wound up landing on her again, like she was some sort of magnet for it. "Wha-seriously?!" Even with them looking at her, the other two would probably know who the key landed on just from that response. The virus rider had looked nearly unflappably calm thus far, but that was now starting to crack, as she visibly blushed. "O-Okay...rules are rules, so I'll do it..." First one arm, then the other. Then, from the inside, she pulled off her tunic dress, revealing...not much, as her Navi suit covered her completely from the neck down. Though, even though her boobs and butt were...the opposite of her operator's, her body managed to maintain nice, soft curves. Or at least, that's how it looked like with her Navi suit on. "Taking this off normally would be time consuming, so I'm going to just will it away..." Okay, Skye, close your eyes, and initiate Navi suit removal...and yes, you really have to do that with multiple people watch you...

With that, her bodysuit disappeared, finally letting the others see some skin. It truly was a bodysuit, in that her body looked identical to how it looked with it. Her underclothing wasn't exactly intended to titillate, as it was an extremely standard white bra and panties, not very revealing by each piece's standards. Skye's face was getting even redder, as she stood there while everyone watched, and she fought the urge to cover herself. "..."

"Sorry, no sympathy. At least you get your clothes back after this."

"I understand, but...this is pretty embarrassing in its own right too, you know? Oh, and, um, just to be clear about this rule, there's no touching anyone else, unless they're actively avoiding the penality. I think that's how it goes."

"That's right. Look, but no touch."

At least that potential issue was dealt with...okay, it was her turn. She needed to spin, and NOT land on herself. She grabbed the key, and spun with slightly less than all her might this time. After what felt like an eternity, it slowed down...yes, CopyC-wait, why wasn't it stopping?! "Nonononono...!" Despite her pleading, the key defied the odds, and stopped on Skye for a fourth consecutive time. "No way...how can it land on me four times in a row?! Is there a dip over here or something...?" ...Nope, none that she could tell. "Is it too late to suggest another game...?"

"Afraid so. And I'm not going to lie...you've got a little sympathy after pulling off about 1 percent odds."

"..." She looked down at herself, biting her lip at the prospect of what she had to do. "...Okay, if Mei can deal with it, so can I...I must remain calm, and take it off...even though I really don't want to..." Slowly but surely, the virus rider raised her arms to her back, and started to unhook. She succeeded, but stopped for a moment. "Is everyone sure they're okay with seeing me...like this?"

"Just get it over with..."

"...Yes, you're right. The sooner I do, the sooner this is over..." She placed her hands on the shoulder straps, and removed the bra, letting everyone see her bare chest. It still wasn't volumnous, but that was the only real complaint someone that enjoyed looking at breasts could make. "Th-there..." She flinched as she realized that she wasn't actually done, however.

Skye placed her thumbs inside her panties' hips, but suddenly froze from nervousness. Going topless was bad enough...but baring it all in front of strangers? This wasn't what a virus rider did. ...Virus rider...that was right, this wasn't for her. "This is for him...this is for him..." Without even realizing she, she started to repeat that mantra as she slowly slid her underwear down to her ankles, then stepping out from them. Luckily for her, she didn't specify who 'he' was; Locksmith would probably think it was just Jacques, but in reality, she was doing it for the Fishy in her operator's PET. "M-My heart feels like it's about to beat out of my chest..." All in all, any viewers that enjoyed the female form would most likely enjoy ogling her, despite lacking raw mass in most areas. "C-Can we get this over with, please...?" ...Uh-oh. That was right, this wasn't over. If it landed on her again, she'd have to...no...now she was starting to feel a little sick...
Locksmith watched closely, holding her fists to her lower lip like she was trying to either stop her drool or otherwise hide it if it ended up leaking out. Whether she'd always been this way or if this was just the results of having humanoid company for the first time in a year of solitary confinement was another question. "Uhuhu! I was asking you for fashion tips earlier, but look how innocent your panties are! Well... that's good too," she laughed, practically slurping. "Sorry, sorry. I'm probably making you more uncomfortable right now. Don't worry! It's just a game, we're all girls." Somehow, that didn't seem to alleviate the sense of mounting peril.

Both of the two ended up watching through their fingers as Skye gave the key another spin. As the key seemed to be stopping on CopyCat, the cat-eared girl broke her hands free from her face in order to wave them wildly about, fearing that she'd be the victim (despite having by far the most left to go, seemingly). Instead, Skye somehow ended up losing her last line of defense, while the other girls had a good couple of spins left till the danger zone. "I'm okay with seeing it! No, I'm good with seeing it! No, I'm highly pleased with seeing it!" Locksmith responded, giggling between words. "Wuhehehe! Boobs! Boobs that aren't my own boobs!" she applauded, then began chewing on her fingers like a crazy person.

CopyCat was nice enough to spin her camera around so it face a non-Skye pointing position, but she was sweating bullets inside her kitty hood. "You're crazy!" she informed Skye in a terse hiss. Part of her was certainly wondering why they hadn't tricked Locksmith into opening the door and/or shutting down all the robots yet.

"Okay, okay, I can see you're about ready to wrap up. And who could blame you? Of course, I also feel a little sorry for you, cause you're so little and cute and naked. So I'm going to give you an opportunity with one more rule change! For fun!" the game's host announced, rubbing her hands together excitedly. "Option one! We keep playing just like we've been playing, in which case you'll probably lose and then... you know..." she chuckled, holding up two fingers and sliding two fingers of the opposite hand between them lewdly. "Probability almost demands it! Oooor... Option two! We do one last spin. If you win, then both of us will strip down naked, and we'll all be saved the embarrassment of using fingers! You look like you'd like that last part," she smiled sweetly.

CopyCat shook her head back and forth wildly, flapping her hood.

"But uuuuh... If I win, then you have to do a different punishment! And it involves this," she cooed, producing what looked like another large, golden key. On closer inspection, it appeared to be about the size of a banana, and made out of some rubber material instead of metal, lacking the protrusions that would make it work like a real key. The object was hanging from a leather key strap. "Mwehehe... It's nothing personal but... I made it a long time ago while I was... you know what, I won't ruin the surprise! Anyway, I'll use it if I win! And don't worry... it won't hurt..."

"What about if I win?" CopyCat interrupted that train of thought, lowering her eyebrows.

"Uh... Hm. What do you want if you win?"

"If I win we just cut the game out and get back to doing what Wilhelm Jacques wanted us to do in the first place: deactivating all his robots, including that door," she spoke in a voice that sounded impatient just with explaining herself, as she shook her fluffy hair out and then placed her hood back straight.

"That one's pretty boring! I was gonna open the door anyway. But uh... he also asked you to shut off all his robots? Huh! That's pretty wacky. I might question that if I wasn't so excited to get this going!" Locksmith giggled. "Whaddya say, Skye? Option 1 or option 2?" she asked, placing her hand upon the key and grinning from ear to ear, while using her other hand to spin her special device on its leather strap around one finger. "Gotta call it before I get started!"
Uncomfortable...was certainly one way to put it. Knowing that Locksmith was clearly enjoying this just made it even harder for her to keep removing her clothing, especially the last two parts. CopyCat had some issues with her doing this, but they weren't exactly huge on choices here...what else could she do?

And then she was completely naked in front of people of varying level of strangerness. At this point, she'd managed to end up in an even more embarrassing position than Mei...wait, what? "Rule change...?" Considering how the last one went, Skye wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea...but then she listened. "Y-You don't have to remind me of what happens if I lose again!" Option 1 was definitely not appealing. And Option 2...well, unfortunately, the other Navi really had her by the...actually, maybe it was better to not finish that though, given the circumstances. "So, whoever it lands on, wins? Uhh..." If she won, nothing happened to her, and everyone else lost their dignity. Not really ideal. But, if Locksmith won...it really wasn't hard to read between the lines there. CopyCat's victory would probably be the best overall, since it meant no further stripping. And as she thought, did she really have a choice?

"Option 2! Last spin!" A 1 in 3 chance of something horrible happening was certainly better odds than what she was facing, so again, not much else she could do. "J-Just do it...I'm starting to get a little chilly!" With all the physiological changes that brought about, particularly in the chest region.
"I can see that!" Locksmith noted, keeping her eyes on Skye as fiercely as CopyCat was trying to avert her own gaze. "Very well, then! The key to our fates rests here in my hand... and now it spins!" the crazy lady announced, before serving the key/hairpin to a rapid spin in front of them.

Anticlimatically, it came to a stop, pointing... so close to the middle of herself and Skye's side it couldnt really be called. "Whoops! One more time," the hostess giggled, giving it another hard spin. This time, its answer was less vague: it landed pointing towards her, Locksmith. "Hoo... hoohahahahaha! I won! The winner is me!" the lucky girl cried, shaking her fists in the air.

CopyCat shook her head rapidly, waving her arms in a way that looked equally crazy.

"You're excited about it too? It's gonna be quite a show!" Locksmith giggled, rubbing her hands along the length of the odd, rubbery implement she'd produced earlier.

"You're really gonna make her show us? And use that?" CopyCat asked, sounding rattled.

"Naaaw. I'm gonna use it!" she announced, then stood to quickly step out of her skirt. Underneath was a bikini composed of two leather straps, held by another padlock buckle high on the waist, forming a T-back that soared little front or back detail. It might be sexy if it wasn't kind of medieval. "Tee hee!"

CopyCat smiled over at Skye. "Looks like you're safe... She forgot the rules. I guess."

"Nope! When I said I'm going to use it, I meant like this, of course!" Locksmith responded, demonstrating what she meant by fastening the device's straps around her upper and lower buttocks. As the protruding, cylindrical, rubbery part of the device protrudes from just below the padlock of her pair of belts that could generously be called panties, it became clearer what she had in mind. "Alright, Cutie! How did you wanna do it? Are you gonna lie on your back and we do it that way, o-or do you wanna bend over? You're so small I could kind of... lift you a bit! Uhehehe...!" the hostess salivated, wringing her hands together.

Copycat had her lower lip drawn up in an expression of terror; her cat-like eyes darted over to Skye, as I'd beseeching her to say something that would halt Locksmith's advance and ideally also get the looney lady to fulfill her end of the bargain early so they could simply jack out.
It was so loud and piercing that no one probably would've been able to figure out how it sounded, but Skye most definitely let out a scream upon seeing how the true final spin went down. "How...but..." She sank down to her knees, staring at the key that had determined her fate. "I..." She was going to have to use THAT...?

...No? Locksmith was going to use it herself? The virus rider nearly managed to let out a small smile, only for her hopes to be utterly dashed as the key's use was demonstrated. By now she was on the verge of crying, but seemed resigned to her fate, much to CopyCat's probable horror. She turned and bent over onto her hands and knees, presenting herself to the unhinged Navi. If she was at all excited for this, her body wasn't showing it. "All right...just...nothing in the butt..."

"Nooooooooope." In the real world, Mei had definitely seen enough. "I draw the line at you getting violated, Skye."

"Mei? But-"

"But nothing. I know, this kinda endangers everything, but I'm not letting that Navi do that to you against your will. All right Locksmith, this'll put a damper on things. You know how you've gone a year without outside contact? Well, some of that is because Wilheim Jacques is in jail."

"M-Mei! If you tell her that, she might not..."

"Might not violate you? Because I'm more than okay with that. So anyway, all that isolation...you kinda did it for nothing. He's certainly not able to pay you from where he is. If you ask me, he's a really crappy boss for making you do that, and then not giving you an out."

"...Yes...what she's saying is true. I think Jacques is a horrible man for making a Navi spend an entire year on their own. He's a horrible man for hypnotizing women to do his bidding. He's a horrible man for making slimy octopus robots that look and feel way too much like the real thing! He's a horrible man for...for...!" Skye couldn't think of anything new to add to that list, so she decided to just sum it up. "For being an enormous jackass!!!"

"So, yeah. I guess you could turn on the security on us if you wanted to, but all that'd do is render you alone for who knows how much longer. Or, you could undo that lock, and we can free you from the closed network you're in. You can just buddy up with one of our Navis until we can get you back to your operator."

By now, the virus rider was up and sitting on her knees, staring Locksmith in the eye with none of the panic or sadness from earlier. "Please, Locksmith. A man so willing to sacrifice others for his own selfish desires must not be allowed to win, even from behind bars! Help us put an end to all this, so that no one else has to suffer!"