Wrangler's Bounty Hunting Stall is little more than a lemonade stand made out of cheap-looking wood, with a big 'BOUNTY HUNTS AVAILABLE' sign just above the counter, supported by two struts. Hanging off of the sign's left strut is a piece of paper in a plastic sleeve, with 'THE RULES OF BOUNTY HUNTING' sticking out in size-50 Impact font at the top. It reads as follows:

1: When you come to the bounty shop, specify what NETWORK TIER you want to hunt in! Normal Nets, Rogue Nets, Chaos Nets, even that there deep dark undernet, all of 'em have different critters what need busted, I reckon!

2: Mr. Wrangler (That's me, pardner!!) will give you a list of virus families that need culled! You pick one, then I'll tell you where it is! After that it's good huntin', pardner! (Make sure you put a link to your bounty thread in your signature, and note it in your posts for your battlemods!)

-A bounty will only show on the Network Tier that it was taken at. If you get a Normal Net bounty, the bounty will not show up on Rogue or Chaos Nets, for instance. The same goes in reverse.
-At least one bounty is guaranteed to show up in each battle IN ADDITION to a battle's normal compliment of viruses. So be careful!

3: Once you've rustled up a few of them there ornery viruses, come on back and I'll tally up your kills! Don't worry none about bringin' back bits an' bobs, I's can SMELL the deletions! Toasty! If you getcher heads together and hunt 'em down with yer fellows, but you happen t'share the same bounty with someone in the same wranglin' party, both of ya get the same number'a kills. It don't matter who kills what, you just gotta be fightin' together. So don't go shootin' each other's heads off over killstealin', y'hear?! ((Track your kills like any other currency in your signature.))

-In a cooperative bust, anyone can delete the bounty virus. The holder of the bounty does not lose the reward if they don't delete the virus themselves.
-At the end of a successful battle, all deleted bounties are given to their respective bounty holder. If multiple people hold the same bounty, those people receive the full bounty, the bounty is not split between them.
(Example: If two people bust together and they both have the Volgear Bounty, and there are two Volgears in the battle that are deleted when the battle ends in victory, both of them get two bounties each.)

4: Once you've made a good enough dent in the virus population, I'll give you a reward! It's always a little diff'rent each time, cowpoke, but here's the general gist of it:

2 kills: A little zenny to fill yer pockets, and you can come back for a new target!
5 kills: If that there virus's junk makes a chip that ain't too rare, I'll give ya one! If the virus doesn't have a common, you get zenny instead!
10 kills: More zenny!
15 kills: Now we're talking! Big zenny!
20 kills: Here's a special one: You done good enough I'll give you that family's chip from the next network tier! 'Course if you're bustin' in the Undernet, I'll have to give ya the same tier and some zenny instead. Ain't no place tougher than the Undernet! If no normal chip's around, I just give ya'll even more cash zenny!
30 kills: Jackpot! Tons of zenny!
50 kills: Maybe what I've got you huntin' has somethin' a little rarer, if ya get me? Well you'll get that chip! If there's nothin' rare to be had though, you'll get a reward like for 20 kills, but with even more zenny! Don't worry 'bout the difference ranch-hand, I'll tell ya if'n you can get something special at this tier when you take the hunt!

((Note: When you turn in your Bounty for the rewards, you get to choose from the rewards listed at that kill count and one reward from each kill count below that one. So if you get to 20 kills, you also get the rewards for 15, 10, 5, and 2. If multiple rewards are given in any one kill count level, like if there is a chip + zenny; OR just a higher denomination of zenny, you get to choose ONE of those rewards given at that level.))

5: Keep in mind pardner, every time y'all come back, there'll be different critters to wrassle! You ain't the only cowpoke out hunting, ya know!

((6: Make your OWN THREAD for your bounty hunting needs. This same single thread will be used for all hunts that character partakes, present and future.))

7: What? Where's 6? I dunno pardner, but good luck out there! You'll need it against some of these baddies! :MrProg: