Katomie's eyes burst open to a well lit room, as the morning sunlight cut through the cracks of her blinds. The alarm of her solid purple PET ringed loudly through out the room. The room itself, was pretty small, maybe running ten foot on each side. Not much occupied her room, besides a small bed covered in a light violet bed set, a dark oak wood dresser to the right, that also served as a bed side table. A full body sized mirror was hung on the wall opposite of the bed right beside a closet that was full of different articles of clothing. The floor was a dark oak, similar to the dresser, while the walls where covered with a dark purple paint.

The young woman sat up straight and rubbed the sleepiness from her not so open eyes. The time on the PET read 7:01 am. That would give her about an hour to eat breakfast, shower, and head to the library to open up. Katomie got out of bed and stretched out toward the ceiling releasing a very soft yawn. Wearing nothing but a pair of white with purple trim undergarments she made her way to a very small bathroom to take care of her morning routine.

"Hurry up in there!" A very commanding voice barked from the PET. It came from Katomie's navigator Scarlett.EXE. The net Navi loved barking orders at her operator, even though it should clearly be the other way around. "I'm ready to get to the library, so you can log me into the net!" All these words were not to be heard however as the water from Katomie's shower drowned out the navi's stern words.

Finishing up with the shower, teeth brushing, the operator headed to the closet to get dressed. "Good morning Scarlett. Were you rushing me like always?"

"Yes, hurry up and get dressed. I'm ready to hit the net." The response came swift from the PET's speaker.

Katomie was cheerful as she picked out a cute outfit. Quickly getting dressed, it was time to go. Her attire for the day consisted of a low cut violet colored top with sleeves that fell to the sides of her shoulders, a pair of solid sleek black leather leggings that tucked into basic black boots. A clean violet colored bow kept her hair tied in a pony tail. "All ready to go." She smiled as she check herself out in the mirror.

Scarlett's eyes pierced the screen of the PET to see her operator. "I love those pants on you. Good choice now let's go." Giving both command, and compliment Katomie scooped up the PET and left the house. She got into her tiny two seated roadster, that was of course a dark purple color with black trimming and wheels. The car zoomed off to her day job. The early morning streets of Kotobuki were always peaceful, hardly ever causing any issue to her schedule. It was only minutes before she arrived to a fairly small brick building. An asphalt parking lot sized to a good proportion for the library rested out front. A few bushes sprouted from mulch, that rested along the edges of the building surrounded by another foot of grass. The landscape always provided a peaceful environment. A wooden sign stood outside by the single door that read. "Welcome to the Kotobuki Library. Please use the facility as long as you like, just be curtious of those around you. Thank you."

Inside the library an old charcoal carpet spread throughout the whole building. Tall bookshelves filled the whole building, splitting all kinds of books up by genre, material, and type even. Up front, there was a small counter with a single old computer set up. This computer was meant to check the books in and out, but Katomie used it for all of her web surfing needs as well. It was a very old computer, quite possibly on if the first to include a jack in port for PETs. Katomie grabbed a graphic novel from one of the shelves, the cover was illustrated with a sexy clothed demon like girl, alone with a cute modestly dressed angel. She took a seat, plugged in the PET, "Jack in, Scarlett.EXE, Execute." Then dove into the manga she had selected, paying minimal attention to the PET until she was needed.