Not-So-Secret Herbs and Spices

"I don't think I've checked this area before. I'll get to work here." Alda had picked a picturesque spot near a river, complete with a waterfall flowing into said river. But she wasn't here to take pictures. The alchemist herself had come prepared, wearing sneakers instead of her usual heels, though her outfit was otherwise what it normally was, and a large backpack, carefully sectioned off for certain herbs and potion ingredients, as well as having a few containers in case she ran into less than solid things she needed. "Plus, there's this guardian statue. There's a wireless signal, so it'll be a good place to work around as you do your thing."

"Actually, it's called an ojizousan. He-"

"Don't care, so save your breath."

"Granted, that's the basis of the Guardian chip..."

"Don't have one, probably won't ever have one, so still don't care."

"Well, you're a fuddy-duddy today. Which means you're boring, so just send me in already!"

"Fine, I need to get started anyway. I'd have been here earlier, but SOMEONE didn't wake me up."

"You have an alarm clock, you don't need me for that!"

"That's it. Get in there, now!" First, though, she should point her PET over at the statue. "Jack in! Anathema, Execute!"

"There." With her Navi retrieved, Alda pocketed her PET (or at least what passed for pocketing, given her outfit), and looked down at her backpack. "That should hold me for a bit."

"Sounds like it was a productive trip for everyone!"

"Yep." Now she just needed to pick up that backpack, and put it on..."...Ow."

"Oof, sunburn? Or is that just really heavy?"

"Sunburn...although it IS kinda heavy."

"Well, where to now? Home for a nice bath and nap? Or the shop for a nice work?"

"Surprisingly, I'm not feeling very tired. I can always head back home if that changes, anyway, they're not exactly worlds apart."

"Sounds like a plan."

The real life witch silently nodded, then started walking off, heading for the MetroLine station for a nice return trip.