It was a small cabin. Only one room, and it had just the essentials...a bed, a couple of tables with chairs, separated area for a kitchen, and the shower and toilet...and a state of the art computer on one of the tables. It had been a couple of hours since Diana got home from her excursion to Heart-Payne pharmaceuticals, and at long last, she had a moment of not having to do anything. She flopped on her bed, PET still in hand. "Well, this was all very...eventful. Even after I came back, I had to check in with Mr. Wilde, and install all those upgrades..."

"Yeah, but Mr. Wilde was super happy to hear your did it! ...Actually, you think Miss Heart-Payne'll make good on her promise?"

"She has no choice, unless she wants to be ratted out as someone who hung out on television with nothing but a gas mask and panties. And I doubt that."

"Really? Nothing else?"


"You shoulda taken a picture! Then you could be all 'Mwahahaha, I have a picture of you! Surrender to me, or else I'll spread it all over the internet! Mwahahaha!!!' And then she'd really be up a creek!"

"...Right...Say, HunterWoman."


"I'm just thinking out loud, but, what do you think of that bounty system Mr. Wilde was talking about?"

"Hey, hunting's a great tool against overpopulation! You know that!"

"True. Mr. Wilde seemed less than enthused by it, though."

"Yeah, I'd be a little worried about those innocent viruses being done in, myself...well, that settles it!"

"Settles what?"

"We should get a bounty! Then we'll be all 'pew pew pew' on the evil ones, and we can spare the not-so-evil ones for the zoo, since we know the difference!"

"Not a terrible idea, honestly. Who knows, maybe we'll get something good for us." One benefit of having such a small place was that even from her bed, Diana could jack into her computer without effort. But, before pressing the button... "But, on that note, I pick the bounty."

"Really? Aww...oh, all right..."

"No offense, but tell me for absolute certain that you wouldn't pick something with absolutely no reason."

"Um...I wouldn't pick something-"

"Don't believe you."

"Well, nuts to you! And not the kind you eat! Or put in your mouth to make a guy happy!"

"...Just...head over there." She should've just pressed the button...luckily, it wasn't too late to rectify that mistake. "Jack in! HunterWoman, Execute!"