"Tea, please," Micaella said, looking to her side. Sitting by a house near a soccer field, she was surrounded by mothers of the boys participating in the soccer camp. Her little brother waved at her once she turned her eyes back to the field and waved back with little motion. The week-long soccer camp had begun for her little brother and because of their mother working Micaella was asked to join him for the first day. Truthfully she enjoyed soccer, but didn't have the stamina to play it herself. She probably would've joined them even if she wasn't asked. The match hadn't begun yet and she just eyed the boys scurrying around and doing warm ups for their first match.

"Here's your tea. And might I say, you look very young to be a mother."

Micaella took the tea from the woman and smiled at her. "He's my little brother. Our mother was preoccupied," she replied and nodded lightly. The woman nodded back and was met by the other mothers as she returned. Micaella quietly enjoyed her tea while the soccer boys took their positions on the field.

"Hey, can I watch too?" SoccerGirl's voice chimed from Micaella's pocket watch, "I want to see how he's doing!" Micaella grabbed her pocket watch, flipped it open and positioned it on a table so the top part would have sight on the soccer field. "Wait, they haven't even begun yet," SoccerGirl complained, "What is he doing in defense position again... That coach knows nothing about his skills..."

"Now now," Micaella said, "As long as they're having fun it's fine, isn't it?"

"You know what's more fun? Victory!" SoccerGirl exclaimed happily. "Hrm?" A woman carrying a camcorder appeared within SoccerGirls' sight, giving the Navi an idea. "Hey, maybe we can have some victory too!"

"Don't you mean fun?"

"Yeah, sure," SoccerGirl replied while rolling her eyes. "If we ask that woman for the recording, we can go travel along the network! We can just watch the match afterwards! Or you can just tell me how he's doing. This place is bound to have some connection!"

Micaella looked around to find the woman SoccerGirl mentioned and nodded. She retrieved the pocket watch and tapped the bottom screen to initiate a jack-in process. The various options for locations were visible with 'Creamland' favourited and at the top, but she was quite aware that would be a bit too hard for SoccerGirl. She tapped the button for the 'ACDC Network' and SoccerGirl's image vanished, transported along the internet for ACDC.