Near Kindle/Capo's Post

The Neo-Shogun Associate Headquarters was surrounded by a fairly sparse forest; the forest was unremarkable and fairly unsuited for providing any cover when approaching the base. Thankfully, the night was a little bit better for the purpose. The darkness would make it hard for anyone to see Lee, a well-known NS officer, scouting out Kindle and Capo's position from nearby, even in her bright red armor. The two were standing by a torch-lit shack, which was literally barred by a horizontal, iron bar. The two were now dressed in NS clothing: Capo was wearing the common skirt/armor combo in black, while Kindle was dressed in a more conservative sleeveless tan top with long, brown hakama-style pants. They were chatting, perhaps out of boredom, but from the range they couldn't be heard. Hopefully, Lee and DragonierMan wouldn't be possible to hear either.
A small portal opened a few hundred feet away in the dense forest and out stepped DragonierMan and his two SPs. DragonierMan had ditched his white cloak and armor and donned a black, hooded cloak over his outfit [Warrior.GMO]. His SPs were similarly cloaked, hiding their tightly-fitting, oiled leather armor and skin from view. They had deposited themselves in an area where the light of the portal would be blocked by the density of the surrounding woods and not give away their position. Thankfully they had enough foresight to place a waypoint to the coordinates given. Only visible to their eyes was a beacon of light that radiated from the target area, giving them a point of reference as they weaved through the trees slowly, trying not to make much noise.

Eventually they came upon Lee hiding in the brush. DragonierMan and his two bodyguards knelt in the woods a few meters from Lee. Suzume cupped her hands to her mouth and made an owl hoot. Trying to draw Lee's attention without attracting the guards' attention. She stood up a little so Lee could see her and motioned for the General to join them where they hid, farther from the shed. When Lee came, Aya rummaged around in her sack and presented Lee with another hooded black cloak.

"So..."[b][/b] DragoinerMan began with his best attempt at a whisper, which seemed more like a growl. "What is the plan?"[b][/b] he asked Lee.
Lee met the group with a big smile and an enthusiastic salute. "DragonierMan, just in time! Hey, girls, I'm not sure if we were ever properly introduced. I'm Lee!" she announced, thumping one fist against her breastplate heartily. "We don't have too much time. The longer we stand out here, the more likely those two are to spot us," the general explained. "It's our job to dress up in costumes, announce our presence, break through in a troublesome way, then grab all the goods and take off! They can't catch us and they can't learn who we are or there'll be big trouble... if we're caught, it's all going to be me playing a prank cause Yasu uh... wouldn't react well to the negative attention. But we won't be caught, so it doesn't matter!" she declared with a hot-blooded fist pump.

"Excuse me!" Kindle cried from over at the gate. "I'm not trying to start anything, but is someone out there?"

"Whoops!" Lee hissed, clapping her hands over her mouth. "Sorry. Anyway, Yasu hopes that this will give the two some conviction against our enemies, which they currently lack... but this two are just temps, so I almost feel a little silly doing this. I mean, they could be permanent, but probably not, right? So of course they're not taking it seriously. But she's the first general, not me."

She produced four data packets, distributing one to each participant. "These are blank .GMOs... we have to come up with disguises that will make this work. Before we continue,you should know... the room these girls are guarding is a laundry room. The only thing in there is NS clothing worn by those of us who emulate real dressing, like Dee or her friends... that means that its mostly just girl's laundry. What I'm getting at is that you need to come up with a disguise that would want to steal women's laundry. Sorry!"

((Received one blank .GMO and two blank SP .GMOs))

"Oh, one last thing! No costumes that are going to get us in political trouble either. If you impersonate an officer or a mafia man, we could get tangled in business we don't want to be caught up in... the busty one was a reporter before this, I think. Alright, that's it! What are your thoughts?" she asked, leaning her bare shoulders and mostly bare back against a nearby tree.
The three took their .GMO packets, then Aya spoke. "We could go the easy way and just make some sort of ninja/Heel-Navi outfits. It wouldn't be the most creative, but it would get the job done."[color=b22222][/color]

Suzume scoffed. "And lose our chance of wearing something grand? Why do you have to be so drab?"[color=c71585][/color] Her eyes suddenly lit up and she adopted a sly grin while looking at Lee. "You said 'a disguise that would want to steal women's laundry'? Why don't we make him a flashy creeper?"[color=c71585][/color] she said as she pointed to DragonierMan, who snorted. "I can see it now, a man who likes to collect fine women's clothing. Wearing a rainbow of colors and silk scarves. Sniffing them for our lady-like scents and swimming in a pile of panties!"[color=c71585][/color] Suzume giggled, almost too loud.

Aya rolled her eyes, clearly thinking the ideas of her sister were crazy. "Why not just go the route of designing a female .GMO for him and just have him pretend to be thieving clothes for himself?"[color=b22222][/color] Aya commented. She turned to Lee, as DragonierMan was silent during this whole exchange, "What would you suggest?"[color=b22222][/color]
Lee's eyebrows shot up, both at the outrageous suggestions and the request that she help the three strategize. "You want me to help you guys think? I dunno, it's Yasu's plan... I'm really the point A to point B girl," she laughed, crossing her arms and smiling as if she were proud that she was not commonly relied upon for her thinking skills. "Our number one goal is for nobody to know who you are; changing your gender would take care of that, or a bizarre costume. I don't think it's going to work to pretend you need the clothes, because the girls might be nice and just let you have them, and we'd look like jerks for punishing them if we did. We also get pervs hanging around all the time, so that's fairly believable."

"... If you're going to be a woman though, does that mean I would need to be a man? Nah, I think I'll just wear some big armor with a voice modulator! I'm pretty sure somebody could hide their identity pretty well with something like that. We'll pretend I'm your hired muscle of something," she resolved, nodding with a satisfied smile. "What are you girls going to do?"
"See, told you that it was a bad idea,"[color=b22222][/color] Aya said with a smirk. "Aya, you just don't know anything about fashion,"[color=c71585][/color] Suzume said with a pout. Aya deflected the comment away with a wave of her hand. "So we are going with my idea, turning Master into a woman."[color=b22222][/color] DragonierMan nodded grimly. "Very well. I leave the design to you two."[b][/b]

Suzume began to lighten up a bit at the prospect before Aya cut her off. "Just remember, nothing flashy. And we can't use an existing organization as cover. If we do anything, it is for our own use. It could even be useful down the line for other infiltrations."[color=b22222][/color] Suzume nodded and became entrenched in thought. Aya turned to Lee. "We all don't need to change gender, but making yourself as far from your current form as possible would be best. We don't want those two to suspect anything."[color=b22222][/color]

As Suzume began messing with the .GMO for DragonierMan, Aya continued. "I think you two can handle this. Suzume and I will stay here and provide support if needed."[color=b22222][/color] Aya then pocketed the two unused SP.GMOs for later.

Some time later Suzume was finished and pressed the .GMO data packet into DragonierMan's Navi-Symbol. It flared for a brief moment like a candle as it accepted the data and began compiling. Finally with a jump, DragonierMan began to change:

Quote (Maiden.GMO)

Maiden is a foot shorter than DragonierMan and considerably less bulky. She has a feminine build, 36C bust, and long legs. She has long, straight hair the color of glittering silver and worn in a style that reminds one of a flowing waterfall. Her round eyes are yellow-gold and the plain bands that hold her hair are similarly colored. She has a Greek nose. And her skin is cream-colored.

Her outfit is practical and consists of a tight, one-piece sleeveless white silk dress with gold trim that ends at mid-thigh. This would show a lot of skin if it wasn't for a pair of similarly close-fitting, white-with-gold-trim silk dress pants. The dress is cut low so as to show a sensible amount of cleavage. There is no sign of a bra or similar support, but her breasts fill out the top of the dress in a gravity-defying way. Draped around her shoulders is a sparkling silver, silk cloak with white fur trim. The entire look tries to convey a sense of a blindingly-beautiful goddess stepping forth from a painting.

Aya had to shield her eyes a bit as it was hard to look at all that white, silver, and gold, even in the dark. The moonlight danced and glittered across the new voluptuous form as Suzume patted herself on the back. "Suzume you're a genius! This is sure to leave an impression on all those drabs out there."[color=c71585][/color] Maiden looked herself over, even copping a feel of her new "assets." "This... will need some getting used to,"[color=87871b][/color] she remarked in a silky, but quite clear voice with a touch of a Netopian accent.
"Yeah, I guess maybe too many cooks would spoil the broth on this one. Anyways, you look super gorgeous, Dragonier... er.... DragonierLady? Like Dee but without the skank! Although I don't get why she had to make your boobs bigger than mine," the red-armored samurai huffed . "Alright, I'm going to get mine on..." Quickly enough, she activated her new
GMO, creating a big, red suit of samurai armor that hid her figure completely, except for her eyes peeking out from the eye-holes in the scowling mask. She still carried her same weapon, which she must have figured the girls would be too unfamiliar with to place her identity by... Either that or she had just forgotten. "Okay, we are golden! Let's go heckle some newbies!" The voice sounded like a guy speaking from inside a steel coffin, but it still had her same pep.

With surprising speed, she clomped forward through the woods, swinging her arms as she swaggered. She gave Maiden no time to object.

"Someone there?" Kindle called out again. Lee fell back to allow her silvery friend to introduce them.

Maiden stepped out from behind her burly red protector and wrapped herself deeper in her sparkling winter cloak. "My, my," she said with a hint of amusement as she looked over the two NS recruits. "Aren't you two just lovely?" Maiden then looked over at her guardian and ran a hand across an armored shoulder. "Aren't they just lovely, my pet?"

She did a little fawning over Lee's new form before looking back at the two guards. Her face darkened and an evil smile played on her lips. "It would be a shame if something happened to those pretty..." Maiden took a step closer. "Little..." She took another step. "Faces." She stopped short of the guards' spears. She ran a finger across the spearhead of one. Her eyes were playing off the metal, and she slowly raised them to look at the two as she spoke. "Don't you think?"
"Yes! Their little faces would look much prettier with my big fists in them! I could slurp them up like a stew!" Lee announced from inside the armor, cackling in an utterly fake sounding voice that would not be recognizable but would also not be realistic. It didn't help that her evil intimidation phrases made no sense. "Who wants to taste the tip of my spear, poking the netherest unlit regions of their soul, huuuuh?!"

The effect on both of them was to cause them to immediately drop both spears. Their reactions, however, were completely different. Kindle almost went into tears, running to a safe distance and babbling about not wanting to start something. Capo, on the other hand, pulled out a gatling gun. "You wise guys wanna get fulla holes, do ya? What kind of crap-for-brains are you guys? Don't you know that this is a laundry shack?" she asked, menacing both of them with her tommy gun.

"Do not insult my brains, for they are weighty with evil resplendence!" Lee retorted, extending one palm and circling her head theatrically like a kabuki actor.
Maiden's eyes lit up for a second as Capo pulled out a gatling gun. "If this is a laundry shack, then why place two guards here?" She said as she unfurled a white silk fan and hid the lower half of her face with it. Her eyes smiled curiously from above it. "Heavily armed guards at that. No, I think you have something of value here. And I plan on defeating you and taking what's inside."

Maiden snaps her fan closed and moves to the side, leaving the path between Capo and Lee open. "Crush her."
"Dumbass, we're here cause we're rookies-hrngh!" Capo exclaimed as Lee followed instructions and wrapped both arms around her. The gun went off, but the bullets barely dented Lee's armor before Capo was forced do drop it. "What the hell are you doing? Who uses a bearhug?!"

"My angry little beauty, I will grind your bones and make them a bento box!" Lee cackled, applying more pressure than sounded comfortable.

Kindle scrambled all the way to the door and put her back against it. She seemed to be shaking, but also moved her back up and down against the door like she was scratching it. "Y-y-you won't get through! I-I'm not trying to start something, but you'll be sorry if you take one step closer!" she announced, stretching her arms out to block the sides; her breasts bobbed in an alluring way as she did.
Maiden tapped her folded fan against her cheek. "Pretty words little girl, but clearly you are at a disadvantage." She glanced sidelong at Lee and Capo. "Now, if you had stood together with your fellow soldier instead of running away and letting her take us on both alone, you might have succeeded. Doubtful though it may have been."

"So tell me... Why did you join this outfit? You don't seem much of a fighter to me. Was it because of her?" Maiden asks as she points her fan towards the restrained Capo. "You keep saying that you are 'not trying to start something,' but when someone is 'starting something' all you do is cower in fear? Is that what they teach you here? Is that how you deal with your problems?"

Maiden twirls her hand with the fan and it vanishes. Then she stoops down and picks up one of the dropped spears, showing quite a bit of cleavage. "I don't need to 'take one step closer' against doves like you." Maiden states with the lightest growl as she draws her arm back and hurls the spear at Kindle, causing the muscle in her arms to tighten and her breasts to sway with the effort. "You can die here, quivering."
"Kindle's never been any good in a fight! She's a reporter, that's all. The Neo-Shogun and his people are a bunch of dumbasses for thinking she has anything to offer as a soldier," Capo spat from her position, being bearhugged.

Lee squeezed tighter, breathing heavily from inside her armor. "I'm sure that your shogun had a good reason for putting her in that position... B-Because leaders don't make decisions stupidly, right? You're no leader! You're my bread pudding!" she cackled, trying to get back into character.

"Hrrrrgh! W-Well, okay, I admit, there's one thing she can do! I saw her do it last time we were in trouble like this!" Capo grunted, giving a meaningful look to her ally.

Kindle nodded, then faced towards Maiden, fixing her eyebrows and frowning as sternly as her cute face would let her. "Nobody taught me what I'm doing now. I don't want to rub you the wrong way, but I have a defense mechanism against people like you. This is iiiiit!" she cried, rubbing her back so hard against the door that everyone could hear the silk fabric of her shirt's back tearing against it. Fire began to spring from where she was rubbing and out, almost like lightning bolts. The sparks flew out and hit the wood and even the dry grass, setting it all on fire. Still, even as this occurred, she had to bend aside to avoid a spear coming right at her. "T-That's terrible! You were trying to skewer me!"

"You almost became a sexy girl-kabob!" Lee laughed, then threw Capo aside. "Ku ku ku! You're brave to use flames against me! Almost as brave as foolish! No amount of flames will hurt me through my Hades-forged armor of evil!" she announced, spreading both arms. Even as she spoke, though, one of her pants legs was catching on fire...

"Kindle! Idiot! Can't you control your fire better?! One of the Shogun's girls is still inside the damn laundry room! You're going to roast her alive!" Capo complained, struggling up to her feet and collecting her gun. "Why isn't she running out?!"

"... I-I think she's barred it from the other side!" Kindle gasped, trying to push on the door. "S-She must have wanted some privacy. Hey in there, please, I don't wanna rub you the wrong way, but you've got to open the door! There's a fire out here!"

"A fire that you started, you bimbo!" Capo added.

"S-She's not calling you a bimbo, she means me! Just come out, okay?!" Kindle pleaded.

"Ku ku ku! What a twist of fate. The two of you have a dark god lauding over you, to have the displeasure of my acquaintance today, coupled with this fire!" Lee chuckled, apparently not realizing that her entire lower body and part of her sleeves were now on fire. "An ill moon weeps over your soon-to-be-corpses!" It was hard to tell if the priority at this point ought to be the original mission or not letting whoever was inside be burned to a crisp.
Maiden reached down to pick up the other spear. "Oh? So you're special talent is to destroy what you are protecting? With fire no less. Whatever it is you are guarding must be quite valuable to go to such lengths to protect it." Maiden pointed her spear at the door, raising her voice so Lee could hear her command. "Break open that door, quickly! I want what they are guarding."

Turning to face Capo as Lee went about her business, Maiden moves to point the spear at the guard. "I will have what I came for tonight. If you think you can stop me then give it your best shot."
"I don't want to rub you the wrong way, but... it's just laundry...!" Kindle gasped, resting back against the door as she mentally debated whether it was worth it ti try releasing more fire.

Capo got up to her feat, reached into the relatively flat slate that was her breastplate, an slapped on a set of brass knuckles. "You don't want to dance with me!" she informed Maiden. "I'll-! Uh... You sure you don't wanna take care of that first?" she asked, pointing towards the door.

After brushing Kindle aside, Lee had moved up to the door, as instructed, and was now trying to pry it open using both hands. The fire that had started on her legs, however, had now spread to immolate her entire body, such that her form was impossible ti make out through the flames. "I've got the door right where we want it! This too shall yield to our unwholesome whims! But I it is hot! Has Enma sent us to hell already?" she questioned, apparently still not realizing the situation.

Whoever was inside seemed to have realized the situation now and was working against Lee, both of them trying to wrong the gate out in opposite directions.
"I love dancing," Maiden said as Capo donned her brass knuckles. Then...

"Oh for the love of..." Maiden sighed as she raced over to the door and jammed her spear into the crux of the door. She reached over and pried the other spear out and jammed it into the space right above. Maiden then spoke to Lee. "Here, we'll use these as levers. You take the top one, I'll take the lower one." As Maiden took hold of her spear-lever she shouted at the occupant inside. "Take a step back, we'll pry it open from out here!"

Maiden then looked at Capo and Kindle, "Take one lever or the other, we'll deal with each other after we deal with this."
"Sure, you want to get into the laundry room and save one of our generals, why the hell not?" Capo sighed with a shrug. "I just got no idea why you would come in here looking to attack a laundry room, try to kill us, then try to rescue whoever's inside of there. You make noooo damn sense," she complained, pressing one finger to her left temple.

Lee assisted with the spears; once they were both in place, Kindle and Capo grabbed the left wedge and worked to pry the door open. Amusingly, it came open with very little effort once whoever was on the other side stopped trying to pull it open simultaneously. Smoke billowed from inside the room, though thankfully, the fire hadn't really crept in much just yet. Out from the laundry room came the familiar figure of Arch... especially familiar because she was wearing only the gold-colored bikini that she typically wore under her uniform.

"W-Why are you in your underwear?!" Capo exclaimed, holding out both hands as if begging for an answer.

"I was washing my armor with the door locked, since few people use the room..." she sobbed, getting up off the ground. "What's the situation?"

"We're being attacked!" Capo answered, pointing to Maiden and Lee. Maiden was very lucky not to have caught on fire at this point. On the other hand, Lee's figure was now fully immolated and she had begun to catch on.

"Gaaaah! The devil reclaims my evil flesh! Aaaaah!" she cried, keeping up the facade in spite of the very real problem of being lit on fire. She dropped onto the ground, creating a heavy thud due to her suit of armor, then started rolling to get the fire put out. Her helmet fell off somewhere in the process... Maiden had the unfortunate revalation that when the fires did indeed, go out, she was going to be recognizable, if her flesh wasn't burnt to a crisp.

"These... are the attackers?" Arch questioned, having already retrieved her bow and arrow.

"Y-yes..." Capo answered.

"Did they set the building on fire?" Arch inquired further, looking at Kindle suspiciously.

"Yes!" Capo answered again, pressing her hands to her hips.

"Are you sure? We've got security footage watching this area," Arch muttered, crossing her arms across her chest.

"... Kindle did it," she sighed, throwing up both hands. Kindle just sobbed and retreated further away from the scene, towards the forest. "But only cause she was trying to burn these two attackers! And look, it worked! The fat one's dyin' over there, we just need to fill him full of holes!"

"Which means that our priority now is to focus on the one that's still up," Arch nodded, turning to face Maiden. She started preparing an arrow as she spoke. "Who are you and why are you attacking us?" she continued. At this point, Maiden had several factors to worry about: her partner, the possibility of being taken down by an allied officer, or the possibility of mission failure. To circumvent being pinned down entirely, though, she was going to need to do something that resulted in Arch not pulling back an arrow and training it on her.
Maiden looked at Arch and put up a finger, "One moment." She kicked the helmet over to Lee. "Pull yourself together," she said with a hint of exasperation. "You are losing your head. Besides, you are of the fire element, a little fire won't hurt you or that bulky armor. Don't show them any vulnerability, they are all watching you now." Hopefully Lee got the hint and pulled herself together in such a way as to not show that she was Lee to the others.

Turning to direct her attention to Arch, Maiden stepped between her and Lee, trying to block their view of her ally. "Thank you. Now then, you may call me Maiden." She produced her fan again and gave it a little flutter off to one side before moving it in front of the lower half of her face, concealing her mouth and the bemused smile of seeing Arch again. "As for 'attacking,' well, the plan was just to take what was in this building and be off on our merry way. Beating up a few guards was just a means to an end." Maiden looks over Arch's shoulder at the burning building. "Although I guess at this moment there won't be much to take. Tell me, are you going to let your building burn all your treasures up? I noticed a stream a ways back, if you hurry you might be able to save this building. I would assume your commanding officer would be angry at you for letting a fine building like this burn down with all its treasures inside."
"You try being on fire and see how easy it is! Fire navis aren't immune to fire!" Lee sobbed, slapping her helmet on and keeping it there as she continued to roll to try and put out the flames.

"Maiden? I've never heard that name before," Arch remarked. "And we'll take care of the trivial laundry fire after learning who exactly is willing to attack the NS to... wait a minute... Kindle, Capo... I vaguely recall overheating a scheme of yours to hire people to pretend to attack you so that you could justifiably relieve your posts. I never reported or because I thought you two had backed out!"

"What!? No, that's not what's going on! These guys are real attackers!" Capo defended.

"We are as real as evilly possible! Our brand of vileness cannot be purchased in stores!" Lee guffawed. Besides her red armor, which looked fine, although glowing hot, Lee wore only shreds of the burnt undersuit. As such, her women's arms and legs were now visible; her skin was burnt too. Thankfully the shorts she wore underneath were. still basically okay.

"Subordinate Arch! We came as fast as we could! We'll put out the fire!" a couple of soldiers announced. Despite carrying large huge of water, they didn't seem to have fighting the fire on the brain. As soon as they got within range, they seemed preoccupied with looking over Arch's swimsuit / underwear.

"... Then please do it," she sighed. "Now, I know Yasu can't be happy about the lack of motivation you two have been displaying lately. I know you two are desperate to leave, but we need you to serve as officers now and devote your full attention to assigned tasks."

"I don't mean to start something, but really, those aren't actors! Those are the real bad guys!" Kindle panicked, realizing she was the only one still paying attention to the two attackers. Lee kept quiet, waiting for DragonierMan to make the call.
Maiden saw her chance and motioned silently to Lee with a tip of her head. They had a mission to complete after all. What they needed to do was to steal something from the Laundry Room. As quick as can be, Maiden causes her fan to vanish as she runs into the burning building. She then proceeds to take as much as she and Lee could carry, stuffing stuff into both of their arms, before running out of the building and into the bushes (through a back/side door either already a part of the building, or made through Maiden and Lee bursting a hole through a wall). Hopefully she could do much of it quickly enough without attracting too much attention. If she needed too, Maiden would throw some of the stuff in the Laundry Room at pursuers. As long as she could steal as much as possible, the better the effect it had on the mission.