Real, Serious Netpolice Duties

The coordinates received at the kiosk told Rhea and Eternalis where to meet their employer and corresponded quite clearly to the NP employee's cafeteria. The room was very large and very blandly colored, mostly pastels with some hanging landscape portraits and several cafeteria workers bustling about. It wasn't hard for the two to spot their employer, as only one person in the room really screamed "FASHION," even if it was just really bad fashion.

A man with a face like he'd undergone too much plastic surgery was sitting at a table, talking to another somewhat elderly navi. His hair was blond and curled, poking out from beneath the brim of a white bowler cap; a moustache matching the hair curled just above his thick, pouty lips. His eyes were covered by dark designer sunglasses. His outfit was just as ridiculous as his face, consisting of a pink sweatervest, black navi suit, and white scarf, along with white gloves and flat-toed shoes.

The other man seemed as though he'd stepped out of a golfing magazine; he wore a plaid golf cap, yellow sweatervest, and white slacks over his gray undersuit. His shoes and gloves were also white and he'd rested his brown leather golf bag and silver clubs next to the booth where he sat. His hair was black but flecked with encroaching gray. His classy smile made him look a little more pleasant than the other NP officer did, at least.

Rhea and Eternalis could hear bits and pieces of the conversation of the two navis as they entered the room. "I don't know about you, but I don't think the recruitment opening up is doing us a lick of good. All of the new recruits we get are uncultured savages, so poorly designed it hurts to look at them," the mustached man whined with a spiteful click of his tongue.

"If you say so. You know, we don't all have this eye for fashion or whatever it is that makes you want to dress that way," the other guy yawned in a lazy voice. "So, know anything about the two recruits you have coming in? I like new guys. Freshness is a good thing in this business!. Stick around too long and you get to be like me," he inquired jokingly.

"Not a thing. I just hope they're... tolerable," the man sighed, lifting his scarf end up and twirling it around one finger while he waited.
The petite and horse combo trotted into the cafeteria unceremoniously, ignoring the topic of conversation going on between the two employers. Harley and Rhea had to duck slightly in order to go through the entrance; but thankfully, the interior of the cafeteria was huge enough and high enough that they needn't duck throughout the duration.

"You knew you didn't have to make such a grand entrance like that," Harley huffed, Rhea still snugly secured to the saddle. She observed her two employers briefly, not recognising the concept of fashion.

Rhea also wondered about the lack of uniform and discipline amongst the NP, which was pretty surprising for an enforcement body.

"Rhea reporting for duty," ended her introduction, with a silly salute. Harley just snorted along with her introduction. Rhea then turned in her saddle back to the entrance, waiting for her blobby blue partner to come in.
"... Why did Rhea suddenly have the urge to ride Harley on the way here..." mused Eternalis, as they entered the cafeteria. Looking around, he thought it was a rather strange place for an official meet-up. However, it wasn't really out of the question. He guessed their supervisor was just a relaxed guy. After a bit of observation, it wasn't long before he spotted someone that fitted the name of "FashionMan" rather startlingly. Wow, that was some attire. "Is that really 'fashion'?" asked Aurora, who seemed to have had the same idea in her head. Sparky, on the other hand, was unconcerned with the objectively-dressed man, and focused the entirety of his attention on the smells that were coming from the cafeteria itself. Looking up, the puppy barked lightly at Aurora. "What is it, Sparky? Shhh, quiet," replied Aurora, patting down on Sparky's head.

"Eternalis, reporting," said the Navi, walking beside Harley's large bulk. It felt kind of strange to have to look up at Rhea, having the purple swordsman as the shorter one before.
"You two are my recruits? What an entrance, coming in here on a horse. It's a bit tacky if you ask me," the man with the mustache sighed, leaning his head on his fist. "I like your colors though. Both of you are well coordinated, aren't you? That sort of thing matters," he complimented them, although his frown hadn't left.

"FashionMan's a tough critic, huh? I'm GolfMan. He still wants me to match my cap with my sweater, haha," the old guy chuckled.

"The entire fashion world wants you to, it's not just me," he grumbled, looking offended as if somehow he'd done a survey of the entire fashion world to test the validity of the statement. He looked to Eternalis and Rhea, seeming to ignore their SPs. "Eternalis, Rhea. For now, consider yourself NP interns. Perform well and I will certainly give you the status you desire. As for your mission..."

He clicked his tongue around dryly, then looked with boredom and distaste at his empty cafeteria cup. "The cafeteria doesn't really know a thing about making coffee. I want you to go to Prima Java in Netopia Net and bring us back some gourmet coffee," he explained. "Get the order right and I'll reward you with entrance into the NP. It's that simple."

He said all of this as if it was perfectly alright to assign such a task to new recruits as a mission. "I'm going to give you the order details now, so be sure to write it all down," he continued, pressing his fist to his sculpted chin. "My favorite coffee is the white one, made with lots of milk and drenched over the top in a foamy cream. The cream is peppermint and scraps of chocolate bark speckle the top. Too many scraps will ruin it. The stripes of peppermint should compose no more than forty percent of the cream or they will ruin it. If too little milk is used, that will also ruin it. I'd like a dabble of caramel in as well, but not enough to change the color; if the color changes, they've ruined it. They hand out a variety of sizes. Get me the largest."

GolfMan cleared his throat and smiled. "I'll take an espresso."

"I would like a pastry to go with it. Please select something dignified. I leave it to your choosing; consider this part of your duty as well. I'll give you money for the coffee and pastry, but I expect change," he finished. Looking down at the table top, he prepared a data packet with 2000z and handed it over. "Oh, and be quick about it."

The data packet also contained coordinates for Netopia Net. They assumed that's where the coffee shop would be located.

*coordinates and 2000z given*
It seemed as if a tumbleweed would roll through the cafeteria at any moment, given the silence that pervaded as FashionMan ended his order. Eternalis was just sort of staring forward, while Aurora blinked a couple of times. "... Interesting choice of task," said Aurora, breaking the silence as various notes on FashionMan's order appearing on her visor one by one. "Quite the beverage connoisseur."

Quote ()

Order [FashionMan]
-- Location: Prima Java
-- Type: White, Largest
-- Milk: Heavy amounts
-- Cream: Drenched over top, <40% peppermint, speckled with chocolate bark scraps in small amount
-- Caramel: Small dabble, before color changes
-- Pastry: Survey choices with supplied zenny

Order [GolfMan]
-- Type: Espresso

"I've noted down everything. Shall we head out?" Aurora asked, as she walked past Eternalis, stored the zenny data, and turned towards the exit. Eternalis followed suit in a bit of a daze, then snapped to his senses after a couple of seconds. "Wait, wait, wait, why are we actually doing this?" asked Eternalis, puzzled that Aurora was taking this joke of a mission so seriously. "We accepted the mission offer. There is no termination," she explained, stopping halfway to wait for Rhea and the others.

"... Well, whatever. Rhea, are you coming?" he asked.
"Ah. A task appropriate for an intern, definitely," Harley mused, turning slightly to see Rhea making manual notes on digital paper. Once it's done, Rhea tucked the paper into her waist pack, turning herself (and Harley) to face Eternalis.

"Of course," Rhea responded promptly, heading/ducking towards the exit, and off to Netopia Net.

Eternalis, Rhea, and the crew arrived at the NP cafeteria once again, in order to deliver the order that they were given. Along the way, Eternalis had gotten out of his Soul Cross mode, shifting back to his original appearance. In addition to that, being the carrier of the all-important mission objective, Aurora was hounded, quite literally, by Sparky, who Eternalis had neglected to hold for the entire trip. Eternalis had tried to get it under control, but Sparky's speedy moves simply had the Navi grasping at air every time he attempted it.

"Sorry, I can take it if you want," was the only thing he could say, after about a dozen or so tries, to an exasperated Aurora, who nonetheless refused the offer, wanting to do something more useful for once. "Oh God, we're here," said Aurora in relief as her feet stepped on the white flooring of the cafeteria. She was getting pretty tired of holding the coffee up above her head to get it away from Sparky's playful jumps. The fact that she knew Sparky could simply fly up to her hand made it worse; the dog was only toying with her. Approaching the table where FashionMan and GolfMan were seated earlier, they presented the results of their work.

"Here's the order, sir," said Aurora, handing them over and glad to be ridden of the curse that had Sparky all in her hair.
Much like their first entrance, Harley and Rhea re-entered into the cafeteria with Rhea on Harley's back, trying to look all imposing with the purple Navi's tiny figure on a giant horse. She dropped off the giant equine soon after, taking her position next to Eternalis, awaiting response from FashionMan and GolfMan.
FashionMan and GolfMan were still sitting right where Eternalis and Rhea had left them, engaged in some quiet conversation. Noticing the return of his new wards, FashionMan turned his head and smiled. "It took you a while, but I guess Prima Java was never known for their speed," he muttered. "I see you have the order, however. And my, doesn't it look pleasant? I could hardly have ordered those laborers better myself," he chuckled, looking as pleased as his botox'd face would allow him.

"I hope you folks didn't run into any trouble. Apparently, the guy he sent out to check on you is having some car problems," GolfMan asked, raising one eyebrow.

"That fellow's always getting in to trouble," FashionMan sighed, leaning one pronounced cheek on one effeminately open hand. "A honey croissant will suffice. Here is your espresso."

"Gee, thanks," GolfMan balked with a good-natured smile, taking the drink from his friend.

"What was it that you two wanted, again?" the scarf-wearing man asked, pursing his lips and nearly making their hearts skip, as it seemed like he'd forgotten why they were even there. "Oh, you guys wanted to be in the NetPolice, right? I'll pull a few strings, get you where you need to be. Which departments? You brightly colored fellows do remember the departments, right?"

It seemed a little odd; FashionMan hadn't asked them to do anything demonstrating any kind of competency, and yet he seemed content to put them into whichever individual departments they chose. Seeming to sense that they might be wondering about that, he drew his lips into a tight smile. "I should mention, I'm a good guy to be friendly with in this business."
"Oh, yeah, we were in this for that, weren't we? What was the department again..." said Eternalis absent-mindedly. Aurora's expression at that moment turned into a blur of confusion and rage. Before Harke could remind his Navi, a small shock flew from her finger to Eternalis' torso, jolting the fluid fighter up a little. "Ow! What was that for?" he exclaimed, jumping away from Aurora.

"Cycling your memory," grinned Aurora, blowing off a stray spark off her finger. "That didn't help any," snapped Eternalis, looking down at the blown-off chunk of fluid on his torso, which immediately filled itself in within moments. "Department of Technology," reminded Harke, who had mostly been silent all the while. "Well, someone decided to be useful," quipped Aurora, rolling her eyes with a tease of a smile. "Least I could do," replied Harke with equal amounts of snark.

"We're going for the Department of Technology," repeated Eternalis, turning to his partner afterwards. "Rhea?"
"Yeah, Rhea should be opting for Navi-"

"Public Safety."
"Public Safety for this missy."

"... Wait, what?"

"I will be able to do more jobs in the open and meet more people with Public Safety," Rhea said, one hand reaching up to twirl her long hair absent-mindedly. Harley snickered, though, knowing that wasn't the main reason Rhea had a sudden idea in change of departments... "See, this little missy here wants to do some heroic business, and thought that Public Safety will be just that," Harley hollered, and trotted out of Rhea's slapping range just in time. Red-faced, Rhea just crossed her arms and reiterated her choice. "... P-Public Safety."
"Technology, hm? Not my cup of tea. There's a lot of folks in there fiddling with NP technology who don't exactly understand the scope of what they're working with," FashionMan replied, almost sneering. "Some people who don't realize how much they owe to certain facilitators. But enough about that. You can help those fellows get their heads screwed on right," he finished, adjusting his shades before turning to Rhea.

"And you... Public Safety? Well, you'll get to meet people, I'll give you that. I'd rather not deal with that aspect of the job myself," he sniffed, suddenly dabbing his hands against his kerchief as if he'd touched something unpleasant. "Still, Public Safety is a vital branch of our organization. You could call it the digits, with which the Netpolice interacts with the world around us."

"Public Safety's my department. Good work, Public Safety. Steady and honest, for the most part," GolfMan butted in, grinning slightly before pressing his lips to the lid of his espresso.

"You two have performed admirably, I'll see to it that you go where you wish. Oh, and... I'll offer one last suggestion. Not from the Netpolice, but from me. The ones who advance in our prestigious organization," FashionMan continued, nibbling off a hideously tiny piece of his croissant, as if he didn't have the freedom of jaw movement to bite off any larger, "are the ones who follow their orders, respect their superiors, and don't ask stupid questions. Thus far, you all look like you have a future here. See that you stay the course."
"Of course," said Eternalis, while wondering why he was coaxed into the department in the first place. From what he read earlier, Justice sounded like a much more exciting department. He wondered if he was going to regret the decision, then diverted his thoughts to lasers and explosives that they were likely to have. Probably test. On him. Probably. Aurora, meanwhile, was quite curious as to what would they encounter in the new faction. Sparky just sort of sat there and looked cute.

Back in the real world, Harke sat back and watched contentedly, yawning after a little bit. Looking at the clock, he realized that it was time to make dinner. Or, well, an hour or so before that, but Karen got cranky if she went hungry for any amount of time. "Ah, guys, I'm going to jack you out for now. It's getting a bit late," he said, packing up the chips that he had laid out. Eternalis and Aurora nodded in affirmation.

Turning to Rhea, Eternalis once again delivered their signature thumbs-up sign. "Well, it was pretty fun this time around, Rhea. Let's meet again sometime," he said. Aurora managed to crouch down and swipe Sparky off the floor, holding the excited little puppy in her arms. Looking at the equine companion beside Rhea, she smirked and said, "Make sure you don't step on anyone's face when you're in there, Harley. I don't think that falls under 'heroic business'."

Opening up a communication screen, Harke also got into the goodbyes. "Was a good fight, guys. Oh, and say hi to Cam for me, Rhea," said Harke, as he initiated the jack-out sequence.

[Mission Cleared - Jack Out]
Rhea solemnly nodded her head in response to the feedback given by the two NetPolice personnel, giving herself and Eternalis a slow, deadpan clap as a form of congratulations.

Harley scoffed. "What you need is some happy coding, girl," the equine snorted, then shifted his head to the trio that were making their leave. "Leaving already? Alright," Harley said, raising a hoof as some sort of a wave. Camillia reached for the open communication screen as well. "Thank you for your help, guys. Have a good night," the operator said, and jacked out the mechanical duo as well.

[Mission clear - Jack out]
((The following rewards are obtained:

Eternalis is now part of the NP Department of Technology.
Rhea is now part of the NP Department of Public Safety.

Eternalis/FashionMan: 3 FXP
Rhea/FashionMan: 3 FXP
Eternalis/Rhea: 10 FXP))