Mission: Blow up the Roadblock!

Red beamed down with Myun in the flashy cityscape net of NetVegas. Her appearance attracted quite a few stares, but it seemed there was a lot of navi traffic.

"The Blockade must be just up ahead! Let's go Myun!" Red called, pumping her fist in the air. Her support unit did the same motion in unison as both entities let out a gutsy "Oh~!" before skipping through the crowd.

[Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210 HP]
[Myun.SP: 100 HP]
The blockade, as Red would find out, was a haphazardly constructed crystal fortress in the middle of the road. Calling it a fortress probably wasn't correct, more accurately it resembled a fortress. Made of crystal.

As Red approached, a Heelnavi wearing the standard armor with red crystals set into the eyepieces and joints rose out of the top, pointing an arm cannon at Red. "Hey kid, there's a toll to go past now," he said, talking down to the fairy tale navi. "10,000z. Or I can just kill you and be done with it if you don't wanna pay."
"Hmmm... hmmm... I'm not actually passing, so can I go inside?" Red called out to ruby-encrusted Heelnavi. "I think this is quite pretty! I hope the inside is as beautiful as the outside! Can't I just come in? You only said there's a toll to pass right? Then I won't need to pay if I'm not passing and really just want to take a look inside! Ok?"

"Is this logic even going to work?" Shin mused, leaning back in his office chair.

"Possibly," Myun replied, trying to clean out her ears.
The red-trimmed HeelNavi gave Red a dirty look in response. "Do you have a death wish or something, trying to infiltrate our base? We've got a business to run here, don't need a kid like you making a mess of things." The end of his arm cannon began to glow, but before he could fire off a shot a second HeelNavi emerged from the crystal structure, this one with blue crystal eyes and joints.

"Is there a problem?" he asked the red navi.

"This kid's trying to get me to let her into our base."

The blue trim navi turned and stared at Red for a very uncomfortable few minutes, before turning back to the...other red and saying several things under his breath, the only one of which Red could make out was "Hey, I think I recognize that little girl." Eventually, however, he said loud enough for Red to overhear, "Go ahead and let her in."

Both navis descended back into the structure. At its base, a facet of the material faded and disappeared, creating a doorway for Red.
"Do we... know them?" Shin wondered, scratching his head. "They do seem super sentai-ish colored, but other than that..."

"It must be our tournament win! Our popularity has spread across the net world faster than we could've imagined! This is great, Shin!" Red cheered, jumping up and down in joy.

"Infiltration... successful...." Myun affirmed, nodding.

"Well... I guess we should be thankful for more than money and rare chips from the tournament," Shin mused, spinning around once in his office chair before putting on a pensive pose. "But... I can't help shake the feeling I know them from somewhere...."

"Whatever! Let's do this thing! Woohoo~" Red exclaimed, skipping merrily with her support unit into the Crystal Fortress.

"Don't let your guard down..." Shin sighed, rubbing his face and setting his sunglasses aside and taking off his jacket, throwing it haphazardly over his bed..

"No problem, no problem!" the red-caped wonder replied cheerfully, skipping with a little more caution as she entered the base.
As Red entered, she found herself in a bizarre cavern of crystal, much larger than it was on the outside and with no real structural pattern. Faceted hills and spires rose from the floor and descended from the ceiling at random, each all covered with reflective surfaces tinted somewhere between red and purple. The walls, too, were of the same reflective material, giving Red the impression that distorted copies of herself were staring in at her from all sides.

Looking down, she noticed the crystal face she was standing on sloped downward, leading into a trail between two prism towers and presumably into the center.

Behind her, meanwhile, the section she had entered through reformed, blocking off her exit.
"Hmm... looks like you can't escape now," Shin mused, shuffling through his folder as Red and Myun made their way to the center by the path given to them.

"It'll be fine, no worries~" Red replied cheerfully, taking caution in her steps so that these random arrangements wouldn't catch her too off guard.

"Well, if you say so," Shin grumbled as Red and Myun approached the towers.
The path took Red in a weaving route through several more crystal hills and spires before depositing her in a faceted cone-shaped valley between several hills. If it had been higher up, Red would have been able to see the entire inside of the structure, but instead from her position she could only see the rigid hills on all sides and the trail leading back the way she came, as well as a single out-of-place outcropping of crystal at the top of the hill to the northeast.

Meanwhile, as Red arrived in the center, the blue-trim navi from earlier approached from the north, stopping at the crest of the crystalline rim. "Yes, I definitely recognize you now," it said, raising its own arm cannon to point at Red. "You gave us a lot of trouble awhile back." From the other cardinal directions three more navis emerged from behind the rim, also aiming in at Red.

"Shoulda just killed you on the spot and had the satisfaction to myself," the red-trimmed navi from earlier quipped from the east. "I guess I can accept this too, though."

"You saved us the trouble of hunting you down again, interloper. Did us a favor. You're famous now, see. Otherwise we might have actually forgotten about you." The speaker this time had appeared from the west, and was marked by yellow-crystal-trim.

The fourth, the heelnavi with green crystal joints, rounded the group out by saying "We are the Elite HeelNavi Squad. Make your peace with your operator and whatever higher power you might believe in, because this is where you die."

That's not good.

--Elite HeelNavi Squad--
EHS Blue: 300 HP (High Ground) (To North)
EHS Red: 300 HP (High Ground) (To East)
EHS Yellow: 300 HP (High Ground) (To West)
EHS Green: 300 HP (High Ground) (To South)

Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210 HP (Low Ground) (In center)
Myun.SP: 100 HP (Low Ground) (In center)

Surface: 100% Glass
Beneath: 100% Metal
(Glass forms a thick but breakable layer of crystal over a solid, unbreakable interior.)

Special: Uneven terrain: Accuracy may be higher or lower depending on position.

Prism: 10 HP (To Northeast)

"It sure is tough being popular~" Red sighed wistfully, boasting a bit too soon.

"Well, at least we know what they're like now. Man, they really are kind of a cockroach," Shin mused, slotting in four chips. "Well, good luck to ya."

"Righto!" Red cheered, as Myun bounced toward her master and held her around the midsection. "Hope we're not too heavy. Time to fly!"

((Guess some speed is required.))

Rocketing into the air with a well-placed jump, the wind mistress decided the best thing was to break all the glass and make the battlefield kind of an even ground. While Red fed electricity between her hands, Myun charged some more destructive energy into the attack with her natural force.

"Bombs away~" the crimson crusader giggled, firing a highly accumulated cluster of lightning bolts at the glass ground, hopefully spreading the destructive energy throughout the terrain and shattering it completely, dealing damage to anything standing on it.

On a smaller note, Red activated a RiskyHoney barrier around herself before mutating her arm into a ferocious bear claw, nodding to Myun, who nodded back, and throwing the support unit straight at the red Heelnavi, hopefully inflicting some major damage.

Grinning madly, the red-caped wonder activated the Areagrab chip next, appearing behind the Blue Heelnavi and swinging with stealthy ferocity with her Rageclaw at the navi, hoping to deal some lasting wounds. She kind of felt a sugar rush coming on from the destruction.

Myun, meanwhile, dived headfirst at the red Heelnavi, attacking with both ears before landing and delivering another earth-shattering punch at the navi's legs. Decidedly not finished, the boxing bunny dealt a powerful backhand at the same navi before bouncing away from any incoming attacks.

"And that... is how we like it," Shin grinned, sipping on some soda.

Turn Summary:
*Myun: Run Myun Run - Hold onto Red
Red 1. Airstep to High Altitude
*Myun: Smash - Add Break to next attack
Red 2. Break Elecreel the Glass Terrain [80 Elec Break DMG + ??? Glass Shatter DMG To-All Standing on Glass?]
Red 3. RiskyHoney1 [Block and Counter 1 Hit for 5x10 +25 Wood DMG]
Red 4. Rageclaw1 throw Myun at EHS Red [20 DMG + Impact]
Red 5. Areagrab behind EHS Blue [Teleport, Movement, Dodge, +1 Accuracy]
Red 6. Rageclaw1 to EHS Blue [40 DMG + Slashing]
*Red: Innate Sugar Rush - Heal 30 to Red

Myun's Actions continued.
*Rhythm Boxing to EHS Red [2x10 DMG]
1. Attack EHS Red [50 DMG + Impact]
2. Attack EHS Red [50 DMG + Impact]
3. Dodge
Red jumped just in time to avoid a log rolled down into the pit by the green heelnavi. Unfortunately, this placed her within a clear firing range for for the other three, who opened up on the fairy tale navi with prism-shaped energy shots as she charged up and unleashed the elecreel. About two thirds of the weak rapid shots hit, with the remainder striking Myun, dealing minor damage. Red countered with the devastating elecreel attack, hitting all four heelnavis and smashing the outermost layer of the crystal battlefield. The outcropping that had seemed out of place before was shattered as well, to little effect.

Red then set up a beehive defense as she landed and flung her bunny support unit at one of the navis. The impact did, in fact, deal some damage to the red-trimmed HeelNavi, but also to Myun as well. Meanwhile, the green navi did the other three the favor of attacking the beehive-defended Red, firing off his own burst of prism shots. He slid down the far side of the hill after firing, resulting in him only taking the first and strongest of the retaliatory bee stings.

Red teleported behind the blue navi as her defense fell, catching him by surprise as she slashed at him with a giant bear claw. However, giving some credibility to the "elite" part of the "Elite HeelNavi Squad," the heelnavi recovered almost instantly and retaliated with a Marublaster shot, catching Red square in the chest.

In the few seconds afterward, the yellow navi fired off a zapring, which also hit despite appearing to be slightly off the mark. Red managed to heal some of the damage, but was still stunned by the aftereffects of the zapring.

Myun, meanwhile, smacked the red navi with her ears before landing on the shards left over from the elecreel attack, then punched him again. Twice.

"Smartass bunny," the HeelNavi growled, drawing a knife wrapped in flames and swiping at Myun. Myun dodged, barely, and began sliding back down the hill.

--Elite HeelNavi Squad--
EHS Blue: 78 HP (High Ground) (To North)
EHS Red: 78 HP (High Ground) (To East) (Equip: FireKnife)
EHS Yellow: 198 HP (High Ground) (To West)
EHS Green: 163 HP (High Ground) (To South)

Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 102 HP (High Ground) (next to EHS Blue) (Stunx1) (Glitch: Damage Magnet - One attack of 50 damage or less against Red gains S-rank accuracy)
Myun.SP: 59 HP (Slope) (Near EHS Red)

Surface: 100% Broken
Beneath: 100% Metal
(Glass exterior broken.)

Special: Uneven terrain: Accuracy may be higher or lower depending on position.
Shards: Actions spent touching the ground deal 2 damage each.

Prism: Destroyed
"Ngh... Guess I should've blown him away too," Red winced as she was hit by two electrical looking attacks. While she found out that she couldn't move her limbs and that she was standing kind of close to her opponent, her face paled and her mind rushed before her muscles were able to twitch again. Taking this opportunity, Red let out a small "pah!" at the Blue Heelnavi, blasting a powerful gust of air at her opponent, hopefully enough to knock him out of her face.

"Looks like you can move again. Give these suckers what-for!" Shin grinned nonchalantly, a bit too optimistic about the situation as he slotted two Boomerangs in, a slight sugar rush built up in Red's systems in the meanwhile.

"Right! Can't let this get me down! Here we go!" the crimson crusader exclaimed, drawing out two Boomerangs from her picnic basket, twirling around, and throwing them fiercely at the other high-grounders, the spinning wooden scythes emanating a low humming sounding disturbingly like buzzsaws as they made their way around the high ground, attempting to cut through the Elite Heelnavi squad.

Myun, slid down the slope faster, approaching the possibly knocked down Blue Heelnavi and brought back a fist before throwing out a powerful left straight at the opponent before whacking at him with her ears, hopefully spelling the end of him for the moment. Just in case though, Myun brutally slammed her foot toward the navi, possibly breaking him into pieces. Sensing her position to be a bit unsafe, Myun dropped to the ground and barrel rolled to the side as a means to dodge an oncoming attack.

Snapping her fingers, the red-caped wonder summoned up a DBLCube, the virus making its usual roulette of red and blue, making a favorable choice no matter what happened. At any rate, this situation demanded any of the Cube's effects.

"Now what?" Red wondered, flexing her Rageclaw.

"Now we wait," Shin grumbled, planning meticulously as he sent two Guards in that formed a Shell around Red to protect her from oncoming attacks.

"Hey! This is Mr. Piano's trick! All that tournament experience did pay off!" Red giggled as she hid in the Guard Shell.

"You learn a lot from fighting other navis I guess," Shin commented admiringly.

Turn Summary:
*Red- Gust: Knockback to EHS Blue
*Myun- Run Myun Run: Get in Melee range of EHS Blue
Myun 1. Attack EHS Blue [50 DMG + Impact]
*Myun- Rhythm Boxing to EHS Blue [2x10 DMG]
Myun 2. Attack EHS Blue [50 DMG + Impact]
Myun 3. Dodge
*Red- Innate Sugar Rush: Heal 30 to Red
Red 2. Boomerang1 to EHS [60 +15 Wood DMG]
Red 3. Boomerang2 to EHS [60 +15 Wood DMG]
Red 4. DBLCube1 [(Red) 40 DMG To-All Enemies or (Blue) 30 Heal To-All Allies]
Red 5-6. Guard1 Shell [Block 2?-Hits and reflect up to 60 DMG]
In the time Red was stunned, the green-trim navi threw a boomerang over the rim, which hit the immobile fairy tale navi but missed Myun. Afterward, Red recovered and spat a puff of air at the blue navi. Strangely enough, the 'pah' worked and knocked the HeelNavi back to send it sliding down the hill. Before it could recover, Myun had closed the space between them and delivered two powerful melee attacks, deleting it.

What she hadn't counted on was the red navi following her, and once again only barely managed to dodge a FireKnife attack. Dodging this, however, put her right in the path of a less dangerous but still painful Vulcan attack from the yellow navi.

Meanwhile, Red unleashed a pair of buzzsaw-like Boomerangs on the entire field, both of which managed to hit all three targets. The until-then almost completely unharmed yellow navi was deleted almost instantly, as well as the red navi. The green managed to hang on as the DBLBeam landed on blue and healed Red and Myun, but did not attack the now-guarded Red.

"Well well, it seems that we lost again," it said, watching the remains of the other three navis fall into the center. Seeing that Red wasn't about to attack, it slowly walked over the hill and into the center of the battlefield as well to join its fallen comrades. "Though I'm sure you know what's coming next, don't you?" The green-trim navi then...exploded in a bright flash of light.

--Elite HeelNavi Squad--
EHS Blue: Deleted
EHS Red: Deleted
EHS Yellow: Deleted
EHS Green: Deleted?

Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 82 HP (High Ground) (Equip: Guard1 x2)
Myun.SP: 53 HP (Slope) (On opposite side from Red)

Surface: 100% Broken
Beneath: 100% Metal
(Glass exterior broken.)

Special: Uneven terrain: Accuracy may be higher or lower depending on position.
Shards: Actions spent touching the ground deal 2 damage each.

Prism: Destroyed

Before Red could recover from the aftermath of the battle, however, the remains of the Elite HeelNavi squad began to move again, piecing themselves together into a large conglomerate with a vaguely humanoid shape. Having seen this before, Red could easily guess that this was what the green navi meant. Once it finished putting itself together, the new form put a head on its shoulders, one consisting of all four of the Elite HeelNavi Squad's heads stacked on top of each other. It raised its arm cannon, a four-barrel gun, and fired off a shot at Red.

Of course, it missed this time.

--Elite HeelNavi Squad--
Elite HeelNavi Chimaera: 750 HP

Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 82 HP (High Ground) (Equip: Guard1 x2)
Myun.SP: 53 HP (Slope) (On opposite side from Red)

Surface: 100% Broken
Beneath: 100% Metal
(Glass exterior broken.)

-Uneven terrain: Accuracy may be higher or lower depending on position.
-Shards: Actions spent touching the ground deal 2 damage each.

Prism: Destroyed

Chips not refreshed. FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!
((Let me say this to start, I'm pre-tt-y strong!))

"Tch, they fused like last time," Red growled, putting one Guard on the ground and equipping the remaining one on her left arm, shrinking to fit.

"Let's do a full-frontal charge from here! Slide and throw! IceZone time!" Shin exclaimed, sending in the chip.

"Man oh man, our strategies are getting more demanding by the second," Red giggled, picking up some glass shards with her rageclaw before converting the immediate terrain to a thin sheet of ice. Giggling again, the red-caped wonder hopped on the Guard set on the ground, which acted like a surfboard at the moment, and pushed herself off the high ground with a punch of wind to slide down the icy slope.

Grinning as she slid along, Red raised her left arm, Guard-equipped, in front of her in case the Conglomerate decided to attack at that moment. The plan was a bit too crazy that maybe some sugar got to her head.

Gripping the previously picked up shards in her Rageclaw hand, the crimson crusader eyed her opponent over the Guard and took a mighty throw at the Chimaera, the glass shards flying through the air, trying to do some damage to the opponent as she reached her destination.

Myun, in the meanwhile, took quick boxing steps toward the Conglomerate and punched at its legs. Two rapid slaps from her ears followed quickly after while the racy rabbit pulled her left fist back to build up her power. Her final move unleashed a crushing blow at the opponent's legs before she bounced back, away from the fused navi.

==Turn splice==
Red's Actions:
1. Pick up Glass Shards & Set Down Guard1 Surfboard
2. IceZone [Create Medium-Sized Ice Terrain centered on Red]
3. Get on Guard1 surfboard, hold other Guard1 up front.
*Gust: Knockback to Guard1 Surfboard to slide down slope
*Innate Sugar Rush: Heal 30 to Red
4. Throw Glass Shards at Elite Heelnavi Chimaera [??? DMG]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to get in Melee Range of Chimaera
1. Attack Chimaera [50 DMG + Impact]
*Rhythm Boxing to Chimaera [2x10 DMG]
*Smash: Add break to next attack
2. Attack Chimaera [50 DMG + Break + Impact]
3. Dodge
Red picked up some glass shards and set up a guardboard before freezing most of the battlefield, restoring the glittering finish to the crystallized ground. The massive combined navi simply watched as she did this and pushed off, holding a second guard in front of her to absorb incoming attacks that never came.

It wasn't until the conglomerate was hit by glass shards that it responded. The eyes of the green head flickered for half a second before it raised its non-gun-arm and materialized a weapon in it...

That's a LongBlade.

The combined navi swung at the guard Red held and obliterated it, damaging it but also sending Red flying back away and up the slope where she slid to a stop at the peak again and her guardboard disappeared.

Meanwhile, Myun punched at its legs for some damage. The navi responded by turning around and firing a series of prism-shaped blasts into the bunny SP.

--Elite HeelNavi Squad--
Elite HeelNavi Chimaera: 540 HP (Equip: LongBlade, 1 use remaining) (2 actions remain)

Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 112 HP (High Ground) (Turn splice, 2 actions remain)
Myun.SP: 23 HP (Low Ground) (In center behind Elite HeelNavi Chimaera) (0 actions remain)

Surface: 60% Ice (Centered on Red), 40% Broken (On opposite side from Red)
Beneath: 100% Metal
(Ice forms thin layer above metal, where glass terrain was.)

-Uneven terrain: Accuracy may be higher or lower depending on position.
-Shards: Actions spent touching the ground deal 2 damage each.

Prism: Destroyed
Wincing against the impact of the blow, Red stopped to catch her breath as she was knocked back to where she was before. Though she didn't feel a chill, she knew she was safe...

...but Myun wasn't.

Struggling to find a solution to this problem, the answer came to her in the form of a familiar tactic she used on the Conglomerate once before.

"Get ready to fry, four face!" Red yelled, her actions having nothing to do with frying anything at all as she whipped out a metal canister from within the depths of her picnic basket and slammed it firmly into the ground.

The area trembled with increasing magnitude before bursts of caramel erupted from beneath the metal surface directly below the Chimaera, swarming the monstrosity and attempting to envelop it in place in order to distract and bind the enemy at the same time. This would hopefully take attention away from the support unit at the time and have the Chimaera focus on Red instead.

"That's a risky maneuver, but always useful," Shin commented, accessing some BBSes during the fight.

"Yeah yeah, I just hope Myun holds out for a bit," the red-caped wonder grimaced, imagining the LongBlade cutting through her precious friend in one fell swoop. The rapid-attack rabbit hadn't had good luck with swords at all lately.

Though, if the plan worked, the crimson crusader had to take precautionary measures.... such as sitting on the ice floor and pushing herself forward so she could slide down the slope and dodge a straight attack.

"I really wonder how we won the tournament," Shin facefaulted, seeing his navi's tactic.

"Exactly with tactics like these~" Red giggled, sliding along.

Turn summary
-Splice Over-
5. Caramel Stickiness to Chimaera [Hold 1]
6. Slide Down Slope [Dodge]
((4 day bump))
Apparently, the "four-face" jab triggered something in the combined navi, as once it was covered in caramel and slowed to an almost complete stop, it finally reacted...

...by flinging excess caramel around the battlefield and yelling.

"Four-face? Was that supposed to be insulting or something? Am I supposed to act offended and fly into a rage and--no, that's my job. Just stick to pretending you're in charge."
"You'll have to excuse Blue, he's terrible at witty banter. Allow me to offer a rebuttal in his place:"

The yellow eyes flashed as the body began moving again, but only from the waist up as its lower body failed to remove itself from the caramel. It offered its rebuttal by firing at Red, who dodged by sliding down the slope...right into the range of its longblade. The conglomerate attacked again, but the blade got caught in the caramel at its feet and shattered.

"No more 'rebuttals' from you, Yellow."

--Elite HeelNavi Squad--
Elite HeelNavi Chimaera: 540 HP (LongBlade broken) (Hold)

Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 112 HP (Low Ground) (In center in front of Elite HeelNavi Chimaera)
Myun.SP: 23 HP (Low Ground) (In center behind Elite HeelNavi Chimaera)

Surface: 60% Ice (Centered on top of hill where Red was), 40% Broken (On opposite side from Red)
Beneath: 100% Metal
(Ice forms thin layer above metal, where glass terrain was.)

-Uneven terrain: Accuracy may be higher or lower depending on position.
-Shards: Actions spent touching the ground deal 2 damage each.

Prism: Destroyed
"But we got you..." Red grinned, flexing her Rageclaw as she rushed toward the Chimaera.

"Right where..." Myun grumbled, going in for a pincer attack as Red intuitively shot some healing energy toward the bunny.

"...we want you!" Shin finished, preparing another chip for use.

Navi and support unit worked in tandem, the fairy-tale fighter delivering a fatal slash with her Rageclaw while the boxing bunny sent one of her powerful punches at the base of the Conglomerate, both twirling like graceful dances in tandem, elegantly performing to avoid attacks while moving to the side. Two good whacks from Myun's ears and another ferocious claw attack from Red had the two battlers going again, this time the mutated arm lost steam and converted to normal, but the duo's fiery assault wasn't over yet.

"Burn 'em up. Firehit, let's go!" Shin whooped, sending the chip into his PET with enthusiasm.

"Read 'em and weep!" the crimson crusader grinned, clenching both of her fists as they burst aflame with burning power. Myun charged up her own little whirl too, and the fists went it. One of flame, and one of destruction, the two powers went for the same target, the Chimaera, and hoped to deal some major damage.

But this wasn't the end, oh no. Gathering wind around her left arm, Red lunged in for the next attack, swinging forth a powerful blow that even her old acquaintance Meleeman might've been proud of, it had all the power of a burning warrior's spirit, and all the force of a mighty hurricane. The blow might've made the Conglomerate move... if it hit... and if Red hadn't glued them to the floor.

Slamming her hand on her chest, the confectionary combatant churned up those deadly toxins once again, the threatening liquid boiling up from her insides as she ejected a flood of scalding hot chocolate at the Elite Heelnavi Fusion. The sight wasn't pretty, nor would be the lasting marks it would leave on the opponent as they could potentially induce 3rd degree burns. And so the chocolate torrent swashed along...

"I really have to fix that," Shin grimaced as his navi licked the leftovers from her lips, eyes glistening mischievously.

Turn Summary:
Myun*: Run Myun Run - Movement to get in melee range of EHS Chimaera
Red 1. Rageclaw1 to Chimaera [40 DMG Slashing]
Red*: Innate Sugar Rush to Myun [Heal 30]
Myun 1. Attack Chimaera [50 DMG + Impact]
Red 2. Dodge to side
Myun 2. Dodge to side
Myun*: Rhythm Boxing to Chimaera [2x10 DMG]
Red 3. Rageclaw1 to Chimaera [40 DMG Slashing](Shattered)
Red 4. Firehit1 to Chimaera [60 Fire DMG + Double Attack]
Myun 3*. Smash Attack to Chimaera [50 DMG + Impact + Break]
Red 5*. Gust Firehit1 to Chimaera [60 Fire DMG + Double Attack + Knockback]
Red 6. Demonic Chocolate Maelstrom at Chimaera [100 DMG, then 20 Delayed Damage for 2 turns]
((5 Day Bump....))
"Catchphrases, catchphrases, always catchphrases!" The eyes of the red head flickered as the navi spoke, its caramel-locked body unable to avoid the attacks of the fairy tail navi and her pet bunny. Both managed to hit the navi before the red head spoke again. "Fine, you want catchphrases? I'll give you catchphrases." The navi let out a roar as its arm cannon began surging with energy.


The already empowered arm cannon of the navi began charging even more as the chimaera navi's enemies followed up with ear slaps, a claw slash, flaming fists, non-flaming fists, and a spew of boiling chocolate that covered what of the navi was left un-caramelized from earlier.


Somehow seeing through the scalding chocolate, the navi aimed down at Red. The four barrels of the arm cannon began spinning before erupting into a powerful rapidfire burst. What's the matter? Spout some more crap now!" the red head taunted as several of the shots tore through both Red and Myun. It continued laughing even after the arm cannon expended the clip and the piercing *bang*s of before were replaced with *clicks*. If one were to look closely, they would notice that the red head was smoking as well as the barrels of the arm cannon.

The head continued laughing for several more seconds before being interrupted by an electronic snapping sound, after which it spoke in a monotone: "CRITICAL ERROR."

"At least my incompetence didn't break us," the yellow navi grumbled. "Shut it down."
"Damn it, Red..."
There was a second electronic snap, then "FORCE SHUTDOWN IN THREE...TWO...ONE..." The eyes of the red head went dark, and for several more seconds the navi went silent.

As though through a radio link, the green head broke the silence with a short remark: "You see, this is why I sit back and try not to get involved."

--Elite HeelNavi Squad--
Elite HeelNavi Chimaera: 120 HP

Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 52 HP (Low Ground) (In center in front of Elite HeelNavi Chimaera)
Myun.SP: 33 HP (Low Ground) (In center next to Red)

Surface: 60% Ice (Centered on top of hill where Red was), 40% Broken (On opposite side from Red)
Beneath: 100% Metal
(Ice forms thin layer above metal, where glass terrain was.)

-Uneven terrain: Accuracy may be higher or lower depending on position.
-Shards: Actions spent touching the ground deal 2 damage each.

Prism: Destroyed