Devil's Luck

Majinman shot off of the warp to the Net Square and looked around. No one here and he should have a few moments before the woman arrived, "Time to set up." He held a hand before him and beckoned towards himsel, "Okay, you worthless souls, hurry up and come to me." A light breeze blew his way, pulling two blue spheres towards him. When they arrived, each took a place beside the small, purple demon, "Alright, Hex, Vex, here's how its gonna go. We're in Net Vegas, a place where you can find all sorts of naughty things. However, a girl is coming along and it won't do for her to know that I'm a perverted little imp, so I'll need you two to be my eyes for me. If you miss any of the good stuff, you will be sent to Hell. Got it?" Both of them continued to just float, not really giving a response, though Majinman nodded his head as if they had both agreed.

Wes looked at the two of them, shifting his gaze back and forth, "So... these are like your pets or something?"

"Something like that. They aren't SPs, though, if that's what you were thinking." Majinman replied.

"I figured not... Will O' Wisps, huh?" Wes said, still studying the pair, "And you gave them names? You can actually tell those two apart?"

"I wouldn't be a very good master if I couldn't. If I couldn't, I wouldn't be able to tell which one to punish when one screws up, after all." Majinman said with a grin.

"Right, right, of course. Just make sure you lose that mind set before Capuchin arrives, though. You don't want to be found out this soon." Wes advised.

"Of course~!" the navi sang out, putting on the happy persona again.
Capuchin summersaulted from the air and landed on her two feet, planted together, gracefully on the ground. "Oh wow..." Capuchin said as she gawked everywhere around them, "So he chose net vegas....the only place where probably censorship is rare to find." Her eyes looked at the Majin man for a moment then a sigh of sadness escaped her lips. "Damn kid, I didn't even expect this...well I guess your at that age..."

"C-CAPUCHIN!" Aida gasped, "S-STOP THAT! Y-you make it sound l-like he's....h-he's..."

"?....fine fine." Capuchin rolled her eyes and arose from her slump. "But damn does netvegas hold alot of memories for me." Her eyes looked a bit hurt and painful as she stared at the bright lights. "Nothing really good happens to me when I'm here. No matter how many times I go to this area...I seem to find nothing good...." Her mind recollected to past things, "Like that poor navi experiment from the NetMafia....what a horrible way to live.....and to die....damn. I didn't want him to end up like that...."

"....C-Capuchin.....there w-was nothi-ing else we could have done...." Aida assured, "Y-you did w-what was b-best for him...." She looked at her with gentle warm eyes....that suddenly changed to confusion. "'ve been to netvegas before?"

Capuchin's painfull face changed as well to beat red from embarrasment as she attempted to laugh it off. "....uhhhhh w-well.....when I wasn't with know....THAT WAS YEARS AGO! IT DOESNT MATTER! HAHAHA!"

".....w-what exactly happened here?...."

"....uhhh eheheh, nothing important...that's a part of me I'd rather forget. I can't remember it alot...I was kinda experimenting with illegal upgrades.......and chips....and some glitches......and there was probably some strange jobs involved....sometimes with alotta dancing.......HAHAHHAHAHA! SO END OF DISCUSSION!!!!"

"...alot-tta da-"

Well that was an interesting tidbit of information. When he upgraded to a higher form, he'd really have to get her to show him some of her old places of employment. For now, though, they should really get going. Majinman began to rise into the air with the two wisps beside him. He looked to his left... then his right. Now where was the darkest looking place? After settling on a direction, he shoot off through the air, crying out, "Whee! Everything is so big and pretty! Let's go, Capuchin, let's go! This way! I wanna explore!"

"At the pace you're going, you'll leave her behind." Wes said.

"Oh, I'm not worried. I'm sure she'll catch up." Majinman replied. He smirked, "She's quite familiar with this area, after all." With a laugh, he kept flying right ahead, looking for fun... or enemies... or both, whatever worked.

((Battle 1))
"Wh-HEY! HEY!" Capuchin hollered as she turned to see Majinman already dashing off into the distance. "This place can easily get someone lost! We should stick together!"

"D-Dont forget abou-out his experience." Aida informed, "I th-think he c-couldn't poss-ssibly get lost."

"Yeah suuuuure. And DNR is actually a qualified doctor..." Capuchin scoffed as she tailed the young navi child.

((BATTLE 1))
As the unlikely duo sets off into the Vegas of the nets, the pair come across...what the hell? Did time just shift to Halloween? Because, in front of them, they come across several viruses shaped like bags. Filled to the brim with large candies! GO OUR DYNAMIC DUO! FOR THE CANDY! Oh, and the area has a few traps set up for the players in the game of life...SNARE TRAPS THAT IS!

Bag 'O CandyA: 100
Bag 'O CandyB: 100
Bag 'O CandyC: 100
Bag 'O CandyD: 100
Bag 'O CandyE: 100
Bag 'O CandyF: 100

Majinman.EXE: 200 (Auto sukuraja...I mean Passive DecoyX2)
Capuchin.EXE: 160

Terrain: 70% Normal, 30% Snare

"Yeah! Candy! Let's beat them quick and maybe we can get some kind of candy chip!" Majinman yelled.

"Hey, scanners say there are snares planted all over the field. Want the Grasszone?" Wes asked, "It'll make movement easier and power up your fire attacks."

Majinman smirked, then spoke through a private channel, "Naw, it'll be fine as is. I don't have to worry about snares and this will give me a chance to see just how nimble my partner is. Also, I don't feel like using my special techniques on this level of foe. Just send me chips that do at least 100 damage a piece and I'll make due."

"Your attitude seems a bit precarious. Oh well, you're the one using the chips so I guess I'll just go with it. Now let's see..." Wes looked over his chips and picked out a handful that would fill the bill, "Okay, I can get you four that meet your specifications. Sending Magbolt2, Energybomb, Mistconv, and Quake1. Do as you will."

"That will work. Thank you." Majinman smiled as he looked accross the field. Magbolt first, huh? Well, this should prove appropriate. He reached out his hand towards one of the bags and putting out a stream of magnitism, attempted to pull it to him. As he was thus engaged, he began to ponder to himself. Here he had a chip that pulled a target in and then stunned them for a brief timeframe. Was taking down a bag of candy really its best use? After all, here he had a partner with nice proportions who wouldn't be expecting an assault and thus wouldn't be able to avoid it. By the time she realized what was happening, she would already be stunned, he could take a good, long feel, then use his flight capabilities to get away without any chance of being caught. Man, that was a great plan. Of course... he didn't know what these enemies were capable of, there were six of them, and he was still trying to work the kid angle. He would have other chances, perhaps better. It'd be a good idea just to focus on the battle for now.

Hoping that the opponent was now within his range, Majinman drew his hand back, then slammed his fist forward, hoping to pound the candy and scatter its sugar coated guts all about the field, "BAM! Smash it up just like a pinata!" Okay, that was one down... at least he hoped. For the rest, he'd want a better vantage point. Forming the energybomb in his hand, he called out to his partner, "Okay, now I go up so that I can throw better. Watch, watch!" He then leapt upwards, ignoring gravity and shooting off the ground about five feet. He scoped out his enemies and then muttered to his two wisps, "Okay, you two head down there and keep them busy. If they have enemies to shoot at... or whatever they do... down there, they won't bother looking up here." The pair seemed to hesistate, which made their master scoff, "Get going! You're already dead, so its not like you can be killed! Unless you'd rather go to Hell, do what I say!" With that, they shot down, floating about a foot off the ground, moving around in random directions, "Heh, good. Guess I'll need to make their position a bit more clear to them later." He then turned back towards the enemy lines and hurled the bomb in their direction. If he was lucky, the bomb would land inside one of the bags and there would be no getting away from the explosion.

Next up was the Mistconv. Concentrating on the panel beside his next target, Majinman caused a puddle to form. Moments later a large fist grew out of the liquid and lurched towards the bag, attempting to crush it. Majinman stared a few seconds longer, then materialized a small idol in his hand. He picked out his next enemy and drew back. He had already launched three attacks, so if all of then had hit then... He stopped. No, not now. If all his strikes had been successful, then that would mean that he had taken out half of the enemy forces. If that were the case and he took out yet another, then it would be an easy matter for his partner to clean up the remaining two. That wouldn't do for a first fight at all, "Okay, Miss Capuchin, beat them up! I won't steal any of your candy take out your three!" He then continued to float in the air, waiting for her to alunch her asault. He watched carefully, then yawned. Once it was over, he would see if there was anything left. If there was, he'd try dropping the Quake on their heads and finish them off. After all, testing Capuchin was all fine and dandy, just as long as it didn't hold him up. He was going for a one round-er.

((1.) Magbolt2, 110 Elec+stun, BOC A
2.) Take flight/dodge
*Decoys: stay below and float about
3.) Energybomb, 40x3, BOC B
4.) Mistconv, 100 Aqua, BOC C
5.) Wait/Dodge
6.) Quake1, 100+Impact, anything left after Capuchin attacks))
((It's been over a month, so if someone could mod this and give her all dodges... that'd be great.))
Majinman gets to work immediately as he draws in the first Bag 'O Candy with his Magbolt, whom shoots off a candy jawbreaker and wallops Majinman upside the head, but is inevitably turned into nothingness as it takes the full shock of the attack and is deleted. The second Bag 'O Candy then attempts to shoot Majinman, but he manages to dodge by taking flight and blows up the bag, scattering pieces of it's self all over the area before eliminating a third with a hand made of scalding mist. Capuchin, meanwhile...does absolutely nothing as Majinman then crushes a fourth with his weapon of choice, the weight of DOOM. The remaining two jump around before coughing up more jawbreakers, each passing through Majinman's wisps and one managing to conk Capuchin over the head.

Bag 'O CandyC: Fwssssss...
Bag 'O CandyD: CRUSHED...that had to lot.(A-D deleted by Majinman)
Bag 'O CandyE: 100 (5 candies remain)
Bag 'O CandyF: 100 (5 candies remain)

Majinman.EXE: 185 (Passive DecoyX2)
Capuchin.EXE: 145
((Thanks a ton, Dark. You are, most assuredly, the bee's knees.))

"Ugh... I got hit, "Majinman grumbled. He slowly turned towards his two wisps. Someone obviously wasn't doing their job if he got hit right off the back. Oh, they were going to get it. Of course, it wasn't nearly as bad as the one who stood around doing nothing. Now what course of action should he take with her? He paused, thinking it over, then recalled that he still had some sig points left over. Perhaps they could be the solution? Mulling it over a few more seconds, he smirked, then declared, "Wes, I have just created a special technique perfect for the current situation! Behold and worship me!"

"Huh? What do you mean? We only have two viruses left and neither of them should be much of a problem." Wes asked.

"Not that problem~ I'm talking about getting the deadweight to do her part," Majinman whispered, "this should at least get her to move." With a glint in his eye, Majinman swooped down, quietly landing on the floor behind Capuchin. He then bent down, clasped his hands together, and extended both index fingers, before taking a stab with them at the monkey's rear. If this didn't get her to move her ass, nothing would.

After he retracted his hands, he directed his wisps to get between him and where Capuchin landed. If it worked and she got pissed, he'd need something to buy him some time. Of course, it would still be a good idea to try playing it off as a childish prank. He waved to the other navi and called out, "Ms. Capuchin, are you awake now? If you just keep standing around like that, you'll get hit again and getting ouchies is no fun."

Wes blinked. He didn't actually expect that to work, did he? And who the heck uses words like ouchies? To him, it was a very obvious ruse to cover up the fact that he was getting back at her for slacking off. Normally he would care, but after the way she had treated Junior, he figured it would be okay to let it go, "Okay, you ready for chips?"

"Well... actually, I think I can take them on my own. Send me a Markcannon just in case, but otherwise, I'll be fine," Majinman answered.

"Got it," Wes replied, complying with the request.

"Stupendous," Of course, one thing that was still a problem was that he had already been hit. While he wasn't a fan of healing every tiny little wound, he really didn't want to have damage on him when he was only this far in. Reaching down, he tore small slab, about an inch thick, off of the panel beneath him and then stuck it on his face, creating a make-shift bandage to reverse the previous turn's blunder. He then took a step back and tugged at his ears.

Removing his earrings, Majinman scoped out the field, looking beyond Capuchin and his two wisps, fixing his gaze on the two remaining bags of candy. It was easy to see how he should divide his attack. He then pitched both rings forward, causing each to expand in size so that they were both about the size of a hullahoop. Directing their paths with hand movements, each ring race towards a bag, aiming to slice through the virus. After completing their first pass, they then looped around, crossing paths and switching targets, trying to finish what the other had started. With their cycles complete, they flew back to Majinman's hands who place them back on his ears after they had reverted to their original size, "Not bad... Well, no point on staying grounded any longer." With that, he took to the air, keeping his guard up, "Okay, now for clean up." Pulling out the Markcannon, he pointed it back down at the ground, searching for anything that might have lived so he could finish it.

((1.) Imp Koncho, move behind Capuchin, Bug and Microburst to Capuchin
*Will O'Wisps: (Decoysx2) Get between self and Capuchin
2.) Alien Patchwork, 60 Heal, self
3.) Iftrit Enchanted Rings, 60x2 Fire Slashing, BagE/60x2 Fire Slashing, BagF
4.) Take flight
5.) Dodge
6.) Markcannon1, 70+Lock-on, whatever's left))
"W-wow!" Aida gasped as she saw all of the wrekage that Majinman had done. "l-look at all he's d-done!"

"...uhuh..." Capuchin only looked at the boy with boredom in her eyes as she saw him defeat one after another.

The netop only seemed to get more influenced to battle even more now as she held up a chip. " should get into the fray too!"

The monkey navi just gave a loud huff at this "Feh...why should I go an battle?"

"?!...w-what do you mean?"

"....he seems to have fun doing all of this. Heck, he's just grabbing everything he sees and just goes flailing. No room for me to barge in to. It would be a waste..." She said this as she extended her hand to the sky, making her pole materialize. She gently gripped it in her hands and let the bottom touch the ground ever so slightly. Her face just stared at the destruction on boredom as well. "There's no use for me to fight...the kid wants to do it all himself..."

"??...C-Capuchin! Why are you actiung th-this way?"

"Meh...its all over...there's nothing for me to do...heck...I havent done crud cause ever since he jumped into the fray, it was a one man show." The monkey navi gave a groan at this as her pole gently lifted from the ground. "Gawd...your were right...he's pretty experienced..."

Her eye glimmered faintly as sheside stepped out of Majinman's way and lifted her pole into the air. It quickly extended as it was haisted into the air... "Some little brat needs to learn about RESPECTING HIS ELDERS. I say a SPANKING IS IN ORDER!" Her hands gripped to the data formed red pole tightly as they swung downward. It was like someone swinging a golf club, clean, precise...yet this swing was given more power and instead of a golf ball she swung it straight at Majinman's behind. This was directed right toward one of the last big o candies left. If this was sucessful, Capuchin would be able to take a smack out of a virus along with a trickful navi child.

"Deadweight eh?" Capuchin laughed at the child like navi, "Have you ever heard of the term SHARE? You seem to hog up the viruses all to yourself...*yawn* Just seems like a better time to take a nap than anything for me than just to gain some busting..." Her yawn was loud enough to be heard by all as she gently padded her mouth for a moment and let her pole vanish into nothing.

Aida stared at her PET with her mouth open and her eyes wide. "C-Capuchin! A-Apologise!!! Th-tha-at is rude! Y-you should h-h-he-elp him!"

".....psh...fine fine fine...." Capuchin gave a groan at this as she scratched her headband a bit. "This will be a total honestly think I will get any kills today?" Her left hand extended in a 'gimme' manner commanding Aida to let her recieve some sorta chip. "Just hand me something to finish the job...not like it will matter...feh....the kids pretty much fine without me."

"Ooooooh! I-I swe-ear capuchin...y-you are r-really acting h-horrid!" Aida snapped with a stutter still in her voice. Though she wasn't going to let Capuchin just stand there like an idiot like she had been for quite some time. Capuchin had such an attitude. If she didn't like something, there was a very awful chance that she would not participate at all. "J-just please...g-go and help!" Her hand quickly slotted in two chips to get the job done. "Y-you really can't just do what y-you please..."

"Heh...really?" Capuchin laughed as her hands dematerialized into two different cannons. One was filled with two shots of a twinfang and the other was equipped with a bubbler shot. Her feet gripped to the group below her as she gave a small grin while giving a monkey like laugh. "Ekekekeke. Guess I have nothing better to do than just beat the data out of the last it matters though..."

The left, equipped with the twinfang, was the first to be shot. FIrst round went soaring at the furthest virus, letting it soar through the air without a single problem and sink itself into the body of the virus. The second round was then launched stright at the OTHER virus on teh field. Like the previous one, made a small wind like noise as it sped to its opponent then attempting to make contact with it.

Her final equipped hand, the right one with the bubbler glided to the previous virus. Her left cannon quickly dematerialized and reformed back into her palm and fingers, wich she made use of gripping calmly to the right cannon to hold it steady. Her golden eye gave a small glimmer as she locked on teh target and a grin appeared on her face. The sound of popping bubles came loudly across the field as one single bubble shot was fired. Small suds seemed to leave a tiny trail as it flew its way to the lone virus, and after making contact, would immediatley spew all over the second.

1. Move out of Majinman's attack
2. Sig attack Pole Strike (60) to Majinman (maybe throw him on a virus :3)
3. TwinFang (70x2) Bag 'O CandyE & Bag 'O CandyF
4. Bubbler (50 Aqua + Spread1) Bag 'O CandyE & Bag 'O CandyF
Majinman turned against his own ally, in an attempt to "get her moving" sending her monkey ass flying, causing her to miss her attack against her comrade and making her fall from several feet...the glitch had a strange effect...causing her next chip attack to...double in attack power!? Yes. Her Twinfang doubled in size and struck BOTH Bag 'O Candies, ending their reign of terror and causing them to delete and the other attacks just hit some random passerby...oh wait, that would be mean, it just hit random billboards and caused them to explode into nothingness. Majinman's attack on the other hand just hit the air. Oh. And Majinman healed himself by taking from the terrain.

Bag 'O CandyC: Fwssssss...
Bag 'O CandyD: CRUSHED...that had to lot.(A-D deleted by Majinman)
Bag 'O CandyE: Uhhh...ouch?
Bag 'O CandyF: Ow...right in the face...

Majinman.EXE: 200 (Passive DecoyX2)
Capuchin.EXE: 145 (GLITCH:Attacks deal X2 damage this turn)

Majinman rewards: 900z
Capuchin rewards: (I didn't want you getting shafted for this battle) 230z
"Yay! It worked! We won! And I got candy!" Majinman yelled, flailing about excitedly in the air. Still, he couldn't believe that worked. Not only had his little prank got his partner moving but it had even powered her up enough to take out some of the enemies. Plus, he had gotten a pretty nice feel of her butt. His new technique was manificient. Of course, for now, he had better remain out of reach, "C'mon, Miss Capuchin, let's keep going! Let's beat up more bad guys!" With that, he dashed furthur into the net, being sure to keep a few yards up into the air so that Capuchin wouldn't be able to hit him.

((Battle 2, on Lunar's signal))
(( do it yerself!))

Capuchin arose looking at the child with a new distaste for him. She gave a grunt as she stood glaring at him as he dashed away. "Go ahead..." She called out to him, "Go on, I'll see you..." She began to dist off her knees a bit and once he was almost out of sight...she turned around.

" next battle is that way..." Aida stuttered attempting to move her navi along. "W-we should hurry or Majinman will start w-without us...."

"...who said anything about staying?" Capuchin asked with a small evil grin. "I vote we just get the hell outta here."

"?! W-what?! B-but you said you would see him!"

"Yeah...but I didn't say when..." Capuchin replied with a bit of a smile across her lips. Her hands swung behind her and she gave out a yawn. "No manners, doesnt share, and is a shallow little rat...I really think he can handle things on his fact...why even bother hanging here? He'll just hog it all..."

"C-Capuchin!" Aida stuttered, "Y-you accepted to join this battle, stick with it..."

The navi didnt even face her netop. In fact, her face showed a bored expression as she said "no...I dont care to..."




"nuhuh....besides....I bet your wonderful 'grandmother' will be ever so pissy at you....since we have dadled for longer than expected."

"?!.............uhhh......" Aida quickly checked the time but became quickly silent staring through her teh end, she gave out a sigh "fine....jack out...but you've been very strange lately..."

ANd with a quick beam of light...capuchin vanished.

"Huh. She bailed," Wes stated. That was probably best for now.

"Sheesh. Even I didn't think she'd be this worthless. Oh well, she just better not pansy out on the mission whenever we get one assigned," Majinman said, "If she does, the consequences will be worse than just a simple koncho."

Wes blinked. Did he mean worse pain, humiliation, or inappropriate-wise, "Wait, what do you mean by that?"

"Let your mind wonder," the navi replied, picking up speed again as he headed into Net Vegas, "In any case, I have need of her abilities. While I'm as strong as all hell, even I'd have some difficulty facing Aqua types. I need a neutral cross to cover myself and the way I see it, she volunteered herself. If she tries to run, I'll consider that going back on her word," Majinman smirked, "Of course, I doubt we'll have to worry about that. We are friends, after all."

Wes sighed. He did realize that just saying you're friends because its convinient didn't necessarily make that the case, didn't he? With this guy, it was hard to tell. Oh well, better to just let the issue drop for now.

((Next battle... formation changed, so I assume I'm back at 1.))
As Majinman walked through the net without his pissy partner, he comes across a few viruses. Two of which looked like they were humanoids on some sort of railgun system as they rolled around a couple of candle-like viruses before spotting Majinman and having battle routines kick in. Unfortunately, the terrain begins to fluctuate and change into different types of terrain, even ones that aren't in this network, but it seemed he was sharing a patch of normal terrain with the candles while the gun toting enemies were on much different terrain.

HntdCandleA: 100 (Normal)
HntdCandleB: 100 (Normal)
CirkillA: 110 (Metal)
CirkillB: 110 (Magnet)

Majinman.EXE: 200 (Passive DecoyX2) (currently on normal)

Terrain: 25% NORMAL, METAL, MAGNET and SPARK (changes to 25% of something else (for each patch of 25%) next turn)
"The floor's all weird," Majinman commented, "not that that matters if you aren't stepping on it. Of course... there seem to be some sort fire viruses. If they give out a chip, I want it. Send me a GrassZone and another fire chip of your choosing, please, and I'll wipe this lot out with all speed."

"Fine. Sending GrassZone and Pheonixshot1, as requested," Wes replied.

"Excellent," Majinman smiled at the small group of enemies. They each had high HP but if he could double the power of his attack, then they were nothing. Reaching out a hand, he summoned a large patch of grass from the ground, hoping the encompass the whole of his enemies. He then leapt into the air to gain a better vantage point. He looked over the field and observed the position of everything. It should work. If he held his concentration, it should work. He'd burn the robotic enemies into charred husks and melt the candles down until they were unrecognizable stumps.

He reached up to his head and plucked the rings from his ears. He then threw them forward, expanding each into a wide hoop which raced along a few feet from the net floor. Controlling them with gestures, he directed each of them to slice through a candle, hoping that his movements would be precise enough for his weapons to reach his aim. He then had both rings turn around, their flight paths looping back and swooping towards the Cirkills he had previously neglected to target. Once they passed, they made their way back into his hands, returning to their original size. As he replaced them on his ears, he glaced down at what remained. He slowly pointed his arm downwards, the appendage being surrounded in flames, "Seeya," he muttered with a smirk, as he shot off the fire, the attack gaining a wide wingspan as it approached its targets.

Majinman then shot his attention to his two decoys, "Okay, you two, cover me. The point of being Shadow type is not getting hit. Fail me again...." The two pale flames rushed off, in a panic to follow the orders given. Seeing that his will was being obeyed, Majinman then concentrated on his own safety, moving about in the air to avoid getting nailed with any attacks, "Huh... those Cirkills look pretty mechanical. I wonder if they can even tilt their guns up here to fire on me. And those candles... I'm actually not sure how they attack. If they throw wax, that might be dangerous. If they just make their flames bigger, I should be fine if I just stay away. Oh well, if I missed them earlier, I should find out soon enough. It should be interesting."

((1.) GrassZone, turns large area to Grass
2.) take flight
3.) Ifrit Enchanted Rings, 60 Heat/Slashing, once to each
4.) Pheonixshot1, 70+15 Heat (up to three), anything left
*Wisps: decoys to draw attention
5.) Dodge
6.) Dodge))
(Majin, please check your rewards from the last battle. I had to change them because of the unimplemented battle chip. I belive you get an additional 600z)

Majinman changes the terrain to his favor as he covers the area with grass and then takes flight, evading BOTH of the HauntedCandles attacks since they were unable to reach his altitude. He then attempts to eliminate all the viruses by sending several blades down. They hit the candles, but nothing happened...I guess it's a special ability or something. He does manage to nail the Cirkills though, deleting them without any trouble as he then attempted to finish the HauntedCandles with his Phoenixshot, but all he does is just burn more grass. He should make a note that he shouldn't attack candles with will do absolutely FING NOTHING. The candles then just laugh at the navi for his futile efforts.

HntdCandleA: 100 (Normal) (laughing at Majinman)
HntdCandleB: 100 (Normal) (Laughing at Majinman)

Majinman.EXE: 200 (Passive DecoyX2) (currently over grass)

Terrain: 50% Grass 40% Normal 10% Glass (changes to other terrain next turn)
"What kind of wax monsters doesn't melt into a puddle of goo when you hit them with enough fire to turn Sharo into the tropics?" Majinman complained.

"That... metaphor seems kind of lame," Wes commented, "though I guess only you and me heard it, so that doesn't matter too much. In anycase, sending...."

"Yeah, yeah, well I write my own material, no editors, so EXCUSE me, if I drop of a dud of a joke every once and a while," Majinman shot back, then glared down at the laughing candles, "And you, yeah, so you might be immune to fire, but with me all the way up here, are you're attacks any more effective? Plus, that still doesn't change that fact that you two are just a couple of viruses that are stuck to the floor. Given that observation, let's see you dodge this!"

Waving an arm in front of him, Majinman generated a long wing of water, which floated in front of him. Pausing one moment to adjust the angle of the attack, he then slammed his hand into its back, sending it shooting off towards the ground, colliding with a loud, messy splash. Then, to cover his bases, Majinman focused on the puddle of water his attack left behind and raised a large, steaming fist of water from its center, which he would use on either of the viruses that might have been left unharmed from his previous attack.

"So, you want anything else after that?" Wes asked.

"Naw, I'd rather not overdo it too much. After all, what if all my flashy attacks attracts a stronger opponent who decides to strike before we have a chance to recharge our chips? No, the added Mistconv is all the extra assurance I need. What I have done so far should be sufficient," and if not, his aim and calculations really needed some work. Oh well, if anything was still alive he was prepared to dodge, though since he had no idea what kind of situation he might be left with, he decided not to give his wisps any furthur instructions. As long as they simply stayed between the viruses and himself, that would suffice.

((1.) Line up shot
2.) Wideshot1, 60 Aqua+wide attack, HntdCandleA/B
3.) Mistconv, 100 Aqua, anything left
4.) Dodge
5.) Dodge
6.) Dodge
*Wisps: just idle))
The heckling viruses was soon met with certain end when the wideshot made a clear shot on the two. The candle on top of their heads sizzled as they deleted, leaving only a handful of Zenny for Majin.

HntdCandleA: DELETED
HntdCandleB: DELETED

Majinman.EXE: 200 (Passive DecoyX2) (currently over grass)

Terrain: 50% Grass 40% Normal 10% Glass

"And that's another win," Majinman stated, "We should be able to afford another Process Upgrade soon, not that I have anything in particular in mind for it. Oh well, regardless, it can't hurt. Better get a move on." With that, he headed off again.

((Battle 2))