MeleeMan and Seraphim Hit NetVegas

MeleeMan arrived on the net, giving his arms a good stretch and contemplating the battle before him. A smirk crept onto his face, which was the closest he ever usually came to showing any sort of mirth. "Ah, Seraphim. It's going to be great, fighting with a real warrior again instead of just Rania. Seraphim knows what a real battle's like and can cover my back if I get in a tight spot. This all reminds me a little of that casino movie," he thought to himself, beginning to get very much lost in his own thoughts. "The one where there's that one tough guy and that other tough guy and they run Vegas in the shadows and make all sorts of cash and nobody can touch 'em. That's going to be us," he concluded with a smirk.

All of this mental narration was a good way for him to block out Rania's voice, which he was beginning to find increasingly more annoying as she tried to cater to the little wheelchair girl. "Geez, Rania, take a hint. If you go fishing for compliments, you're bound to find the waters empty every once and a while," he muttered, tapping his foot on the floor impatiently as he waited for Seraphim. The smoke rising from his gauntlets was like a signal for his ally to track down as it rose higher and formed a smoggy, wavering, vertical trail across the sky.

((Waiting for Harbin))
Seraphim materialized several meters away from Meleeman, letting out a- well, it looked like he was sighing. No sound was coming from his mouth, though. He tried saying a couple words, but it seemed the mute function was still working.

"Well, I'm trying to get it to turn the mute thing off, but it doesn't want to. Maybe if you start busting, I can figure out what's irregular or something like that." Erin didn't want to shut down the wrong processes and unintentionally 'kill' her navi. It wouldn't just be cruel, it would also be very embarassing.

Seraphim frowned, but shrugged, taking it in stride as he pulled out his weapons from nothingness. He waved at Meleeman and held out his hand to be pulverized in a handshake from the much larger navi.

(Battle 1)
MeleeMan and Seraphim came across what looked to be a gigantic roulette table, checkered with black and red and multiple numbers. Along with the giant contraption, there was multiple viruses waiting for any navis to come by, set all over the table like a chess piece!

DarkMechA: 120 HP [3]
DarkMechB: 120 HP [7]
DarkMechC: 120 HP [12]
DarkMechD: 120 HP [16]

EarthDragonA: 200 HP [10]
EarthDragonB: 200 HP [24]

MettfireA: 100 HP [2]
MettfireB: 100 HP [22]
MettfireC: 100 HP [30]

Terrain: 100% Roulette Table

Quote ()

-Checkered, Numbered Terrain. No Effects
-Randomly generate Chip Pillars [50 HP Chips x 1-10] from the sky
-The Chip Pillars will disappear the beginning of the next turn and regenerate
-Chip Pillars can crush a target beneath of 50 Damage and inflict "Hold"

MeleeMan.exe: 300 HP [19]
Seraphim.exe: 200 HP [18]
Support Unit.SP: 80 HP [18]

MeleeMan decided to forgo the traditional handshake and go in for an even more devastating hard knuckle bump, which would theoretically result in smashing every knuckle and joint in the recipient's much smaller hand. Fortunately, right before the impact of the connection, viruses showed up and MeleeMan was forced to cut his greetings short. "This is the way I like it! Straight into the fray. A pretty poor showing to greet the grand arrival of my new and improved arsenal, though. With all of those pots floating around, I'm going to be like a bull in a china shop!" he laughed, crossing his arms across his chest.

"That's normally a derogatory term, though I doubt you really care. As the past has shown, you can mess up your use of popular cliches a lot worse than that," Rania sighed, feeling a little bit of regret as she slotted through chips for her navi. While sitting around with Seraphim's operator might be a nice and friendly thing to do, it sure wasn't going to make her popular with any of the studly male friends she was hoping to attract. Pushing that to the side of her mind, she felt thankful that she had another person whom she assumed was an adroit strategist to help her balance out her navi's muscle-headed thinking. "Well, don't worry about those pots for now. What I'm honestly most concerned about is those guys in the back. Their way of sort of hiding and biding their time is making me thing they're planning to unleash something big that we aren't going to like."

"Ha. Nobody's unleashing anything if Seraphim and I can get our hands around their scrawny virus necks," the navi smirked, ignoring the fact that a good many of the viruses were lacking any kind of neck to get his hands around. "I'm going to test out my new signature moves on these poor unlucky bastards. Try running away from this, you guys," he laughed, his smirk widening and his eyes flaming beneath his thick iron visor.

In the blink of an eye, MeleeMan ignited the power systems in both his gauntlets and boots, bursting forward with his entire body surrounded by flames. Streaming a trail of orange and red sparks across the net, MeleeMan flew fist-first towards his target, intending to smash the Mettfire with the full force of his substantial body mass. Executing a roll as he finished, the navi ignited the thrusters once more and the pillar of flames leaped towards another Mettfire virus. "Suck on this!" he roared, bring up his iron fist, which was quickly encased in an even thicker, rock-hard shell. Bringing it down with tremendous force, MeleeMan moved on to his next target.

"Wow... It's like he hasn't gotten rusty at all," Rania said out loud, looking to her partner next to her. "He's adapted to the new attacks very quickly. He's really almost evolved in his fighting style. It's much more mobile." She opened her mouth briefly, thinking to ask Erin if she thought anything was different, but she somehow doubted that she would care how MeleeMan was doing.

Finishing his run up to the final Mettfire, MeleeMan dipped down one fist in a familiar knuckle drag. "Let's see if your fire can match mine, huh? SOUL FIST UPPERCUT!" he shouted, bringing the fist up for the closest equivalent of a chin that he could find upon the virus. "Alright, Seraphim. Let's see what you've learned while my operator was slacking off like a jackass," he muttered, turning his head to watch his partner.

1. Berserk Blitz self towards MettfireA [microburst to self, 140 damage]
2. Areagrab towards MettfireB
3. Golemhit1 to MettfireB [140 damage]
4. Dodge
*Passive: Red Rage to next attack (30 Strengthen)
5. Firehit1 to MettfireC [110 damage]
"Alright. Looks like your friend is off to a good start. Why don't you see if you can actually help him? Use your skills or something on him." Erin spoke in a somewhat derisive manner, after having seen Meleeman's performance, she slightly doubted Seraphim's ability to come up with something quite as dramatic or spectacular as that.

"..." Seraphim tried to speak once more, then closed his mouth, the silencing wasn't wearing off. Well, I suppose I'll take down them with my sword-- With that thought, Seraphim brought out his-

He couldn't draw out his sword?

The navi turned toward Erin, trying to pantomime eating a potato chip.

"...You want food?" She asked skeptically, looking at her navi with a puzzled expression.

Seraphim shook his head, pointed at his waist, then then made an 'X' with his arms.

"You can't use your-- weapons?" Erin just barely came to the correct conclusion, brought on by a serious knack for understanding her navi.

Seraphim smiled, rapidly nodding.

"Huh. Let me che-" It was one of the processes that she had closed. "Uh, it looks to be uh, an error. Your skills are rebooting. Probably a bug in the system."

Seraphim frowned, then jerked his head in the direction of the viruses.

"Yes, we'll need to do something about those... I guess we could use chips..." Erin stared at the analyzed values of the viruses. 'Earthdragon' struck her as seeming somewhat 'wood-like', where in a place that had fire, water, and probably elec of the same type of dragon, seeing as how its name was prefaced by that value.

"Okay. Slotting in your chips now." Seraphim nodded as she spoke, affirming that he understood as he swiftly retrieved his weapon. Now that he could actually fire it, with something besides that of his apparent duds, he made haste to do so. He looked down the sights at the two dragonic viruses, firing explosive bullets at the two of them with a flourish.

"Haha!" He exclaimed. "Hey, I can talk!" shortly followed after. He grinned, thinking of what this meant as he aimed his sword-mesh gun upward, firing a single shell. The magical bullet dispersed into a small field of shrapnel in midair, runes emblazoned on each piece. Lightning thundered down from the virtual heavens, hitting those who would stand before the main character. Especially as random encounters.

"Alright, let's finish this off!" Seraphim opened up the cylinder of his weapon, loading it with a single shell. He held his arm out, firing the weapon. He literally would have gone tumbling into the ground if his hovering boots hadn't caught him. As it was, he tilted dangerously back as he tried to regain his wits.

"Whew!" He spoke, then sheathed the gun-mesh-sword.

"Wait, you should make sure they're all dead." Erin commented, pointing at the viruses. It was hard to make out whether they were alive or dead, and Erin had given the navi an extra chip.

Seraphim decided to make sure. He drew out his near-comically oversized sword and disappeared, reappearing behind the one that looked the most healthy, delivering a slash in its general direction. With a sword this big and the advantage of surprise, it was hard to miss.

1] Phoenixshot [EarthdragonA, B, 70 Fire Damage]
2] Phoenixshot [EarthdragonA, B, 70 Fire Damage]
*] aim @ darkmechs as a group
3] Elecreel Darkmechs, [80 Elec damage]
*] steady weapon and take proper aim
4] Flux burst [50*4,+Homing & knockback, 50 to each darkmech]
5] Stepsword @ any darkmechs remaining [120, teleport]
*] Take care not to get landed on by chips
6] Prepped dodge
MeleeMan thankfully forgoes his knuckle bump and opts to instead throw himself bodily at one of the Mettfires. The attack connects, decimating the virus before it even got a good glimpse of its foes. Right after, the Navi brought his powered up fist down on another Mettfire, and when he raised his arm again, nothing was there. Wait, looking over at the other Mettfire, there was one standing beside it. Looks like it teleported away. While MeleeMan was looking, he also witnessed three meteors flying his way. His dodge only took him far enough to avoid two of them, and he received the last flaming projectile in his chest.

That didn't stop him from charging up to his attackers and uppercutting one of them into digital oblivion.

Seraphim sprang into action moments after MeleeMan, raining down fiery death upon the EarthDragons. Sadly, they did not die. One of them managed to avoid taking too many hits and was better off than its partner. His next attack with ElecReel gave three of the DarkMechs a taste of their own medicine, but the other one was far enough away that the electricity didn't reach. His Flux Burst hit three of the DarkMechs again and deleted two of them, but the fourth one avoided it and certain death. The protagonist then moved in to finish off the DarkMech group, but by now the poor viruses were so scattered and disorganized that his slash only managed to reach and finish off one. As he did, the final Mettfire decided to bean him in the head with a meteor. The other two it fire flew past the Navi.

A chip pillar fell from the sky near Seraphim, but it didn't bother him.

DarkMechA: 70 HP [3]

EarthDragonA: 130 HP [10]
EarthDragonB: 60 HP [24]

MettfireA: DELETED
MettfireB: 100 HP [22]
MettfireC: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Roulette Table

Chipx7 (pillar): 50HP

Quote ()

-Checkered, Numbered Terrain. No Effects
-Randomly generate Chip Pillars [50 HP Chips x 1-10] from the sky
-The Chip Pillars will disappear the beginning of the next turn and regenerate
-Chip Pillars can crush a target beneath of 50 Damage and inflict "Hold"

MeleeMan.exe: 270 HP [23]
Seraphim.exe: 170 HP [16]
Support Unit.SP: 80 HP [16]
MeleeMan shrugged off the blow, beating his fist against his chest and turning to the remaining Mettfire. "You expect me to go down just because you hit me with one measly little flaming meteorite? Think again," he spat, bring his fists back up to bear and lowering his head.

"Most people wouldn't actually take a meteor blow to the body so well, so you can't blame him for trying. Anyways, we didn't take too much damage, but it seems that these viruses are of a higher damage dealing caliber than we were giving them credit for. Seraphim also took a gamble, no pun intended, with trying to take out those dragons that sadly did not prove beneficial," she muttered, devising a strategy and using complex words while looking utterly ridiculous in her brightly colored bikini.

"Yeah, we can't afford to let Seraphim incur too much damage. He's more fragile than I am, you know," her navi nodded, seeming to be stuck remembering a time where Seraphim was significantly weaker than he was now. "I'm going to punch the hell out of that sneaky magician guy. He'll wish he'd just sat there and ate that last one when I finish with him," he grumbled, requesting chip data with an impatient "hurry up" gesture of his right hand.

Rania nodded in confirmation, slotting through her chips. She was a bit taken back by how casually the other operator was working, although she mentally acknowledged that she simply tended to get to worked up about battles herself. In spite of that acknowledgment, her eyebrows arched as she intently focused her thoughts back onto the battle.

Utilizing the chip that Rania sent him, MeleeMan equipped an even larger sturdy iron fist over one of his arms. "Yeah, this thing looks fun. Time to go to town," he smirked, closing in on the remaining Mettfire with his bob and weave technique. "Open wide," he smirked, bringing the fist out, drawing in quickly, then slamming it forward again, hoping to pummel the virus into a fine digital powder. "Hang in there, buddy," he called out to Seraphim, moving to his ally's back and holding position there. "I'll mop up those robots for you, you can focus on the dragons," he told his ally, moving in to guard the navi's back. He set up a shield, then watched for any sign of enemy attack. When he judged the coast to be clear, he left the guard standing and charged out towards the surviving Darkmech, preparing to nail the virus with his over-sized metal fist.

1) Flawless Weave [dodge x2 + haste]
2) Gutpunch to MettfireB [70]
3) Gutpunch to MettfireB [70]
4) Guard1 left to guard Seraphim's back
5) Gutpunch to DarkMechA [70]
Sliding the sword back into its alternate holding space Seraphim called 'his inventory', the Navi drew the sword-mesh-gun once more. He'd have to take the viruses out as swiftly as possible so that his ally wouldn't get hurt for giving up the shield to him.

"I suppose I'll just have to take a gamble!" Seraphim spoke confidently. "It's like one of those uh, machines where you have to line up the rows! For a minigame!" His enthusiastic speaking slightly confused Erin, who attempted to decide which chip she should hand over to most efficiently provide him with a means to taking out his foes.

"Alright, I'll throw you uh, the Mark Kanon skill. It'll allow you to take out two of the enemy with it-- And those Earthdragons haven't taken any increased damage from those fire attacks? Maybe we should try another element. Couldn't be aqua... not elec either, so I think I'll throw you an icewave. See if it works." Erin frowned, then attempted to slot all three chips in as she looked around for other threats on the battlefield.

"That'll work for now, Erin. I guess I better get to work." Seraphim said as he glanced about the arena for his foes and tried to figure out which target would be best to hit up first. Biting his lip, he loaded two rounds into the weapon as he glanced at either foel.

"Alright. Darkmech first." he decided with a whisper. Taking careful aim, he fired a quick shot. As his gun spat out the muzzle flash, Seraphim shifted targets, coasting until he came to a stop on the next target. Licking his lips nervously, the navi fired once more.

The weapon fired once more, then Seraphim frowned. no more bullets. He'd have to do this the annoying way. He slammed his weapon against the ground, forming a cresting arc of ice that spiraled into the air and then proceeded to crash down into the panels before him before repeating the process as it swiftly approached the designated target.

"Alright. that should be it. Any ideas, Erin?" The navi spoke, glancing about the field.

"No, none that I can think of. Just grab the guard and keep Meleeman alive as best you can, I guess." Erin spoke tentatively, wondering if they should make sure all the viruses were dead.

"How forgetful of me! I don't have the meatshield class, but that doesn't mean I can't block for a friend!" Seraphim grinned, picking up the shield and rushing to his companion's aid.

*] Position self and ironsights to hit Darkmech better
1] Markcannon [70 Damage] [DarkmechA]
*] Shift aim and target EarthdragonB
2] Markcannon [70 Damage] [Earthdragon B]
*] Cast time
3] Icewave 2 [100 Aqua Damage] [Earthdragon A]
4] Pick up guard
5] Rush to meleeman's aid
6] Stay out of the way of chips/push meleeman out of the way of chips
Bumpity bump.
Meleeman advances on the Mettfire with much speed, slamming two punches into it while Seraphim unloads a shot into a DarkMech. The deletion is swift enough that even the quick Mettfire had no time to recover.

Meleeman leaves a Guard to help his ally, seeming to give power to their bonds as Seraphim blows up an EarthDragon with a second MarkCannon shot.

Having no other target, Meleeman punches the EarthDragon while Seraphim blasts it with ice.

The chip pillars fade and the roulette table comes to a stop.


EarthDragonA: DELETED
EarthDragonB: DELETED

MettfireA: DELETED
MettfireB: PANCHED
MettfireC: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Roulette Table

MeleeMan.exe: 270 HP [23]
Seraphim.exe: 170 HP [16]
Support Unit.SP: 80 HP [16]

Seraphim GET: Machinesword, 1250z, 44 Bugfrags
Meleeman GET: Meteor 9, 500z
FXP: 4 Static
2 Specific (Protecting and Comboing)
((Jacking out, story continued in "Rania Hits the Beach."))