Mission: Catastrophic Development

NAXA R&D Lab #6
Upon arrival, the first thing that surprises many of the visitors is the fact that the lab...doesn't look much like a lab. Instead, it looks like a gigantic metal cube with an orange number "6" sloppily painted over its top right corner. The entrance is guarded by checkpoints with security navis occupying each of the gates, heavily, but hastily scanning each of the navis entering the lab through a high-tech scanner. As crummy as the outside looked, it was safe to say that this was certainly a high-profile lab.

Before the checkpoint stood a stout, chunky female navi...almost spherical in her shape, wearing a dark blue lab coat and a thick-rimmed glass, walking up to the visitors to ask questions.

"Excuse me, are you here for the research participation?...Oh, I'm so sorry...E-excuse me, but are yo...No? I apologize..."

She was extremely agile in her feet, despite her appearance, talking with any visitors she could come across to find a single navi she was looking for...
Holo flashed into the NAXA serves already in the queue to get into the lab. By a stroke of luck, he wasn't in the back either, much to the chagrin of those behind him.

"Alright, Holo" Aelieth said, double checking the coordinates that were supplied via the BBS. "This looks like the place. There weren't really any other instructions though, so I guess try to find someone that can direct us to where we need to go."

Holo began to peer about, and while no one really impressive stood out, there was the one Navi going about and talking to everyone. Maybe she'll know where I need to go, he thought. He raised a hand, which was now comically large, and began to wave to get her attention.
As Holo's gigantic, projected hand stuck out like a sore thumb, the short navi still looked around and asked others before she finally found it. She quickly scampered towards the source of the large green hand and took a quick look over Holo's body

"...Oh, so you must be the one we request from GNA! Nice to meet you!" said the round navi as she adjusted her glasses. "I'm one of the experiment coordinator, Azimuth.EXE. You can just call me Azi." Azimuth took out her chubby, yet delicately 'cute' hands forward for a handshake, quick to believe that Holo is one of the requested navi without questioning.

"If you can come with me, I can give you a quick tour around Lab #6, or we can go straight to the testing if you wish?"
Holo shook Azi's hand... well, her entire forearm really, with his oversized one. Realizing after the fact, he have the appendage a little flick and it reverted back to its original size. He followed up with an embarrassed little wave.

Aelieth jumped at the chance to see more of the lab. "Getting to actually see the inside of a high-end NAXA lab? This'll be so cool! What do you say, Holo?"

Holo was briefly illuminated as a bright white refresh bar dressed him in a floppy hat, flower print shirt and a camera. He lifted up the camera and gave a little click, using the tourist garb to portray that he would indeed like a tour of the facility.
Azimuth blankly stared towards Holo as she watched his excitement in the form of a flower shirt, but she laughed it off as she directed her hand towards the lab entrance. "I guess you're not much of a talker. It's okay, talking isn't required for the testin...D-did I just say that out loud? I sometime lose track of myself...Aha..."

The round scientist was the first to step into the entrance scanner, causing a holographic ring to slide over the navi before the checkpoint guard gave her a quick thumbs up. "You're all set. Dr. Azimuth." But when Holo stepped in to get scanned, the same guard had to double check the monitor as he could only see the physical projector than the image that made the Holo's body. "...I guess you pass." said the guard as he scratched his head.

Past the dull exterior of Lab #6, the inside was far more extravagant than one could have imagined. The simplest thing like the map of the lab was futuristic, the main hall way was bright lit by a blue light, while all the visitors could see the ongoing experiments through a giant screen. As expected, most of the experiments was space related, but Azi turned towards Holo to start her small tour. "Welcome to Lab #6. This lab is specifically built for simulated space environments." she continued as Holo caught a glimpse of a navi slowly floating in the air as he spun in one of the experiment rooms. "...Though the digital world we live in is FAR from the real world, in terms of physics, chemistry,realism...Generally EVERYTHING, aha...We create a small space that mimics certain parts of the discovered universe!" Azimuth seemed really excited as she talked about Lab #6's purpose, adjusting her glasses while she began to walk further into the lab.

"Of course, branching off of it, we also research and develop new technologies that will benefit the Real World's planetary explorations through these simulated environments...I-it seems like I was talking this whole time. Do you have any questions so far?"
Holo turned into an imagined planetary Rover, complete with stalk mounted camera. He swiveled the camera around to look first at Azi, cocked it at a questioning angle, then turned to look behind him towards a second Holo who was still back at the room with the floating Navi, his face plastered against the screen. Upon feeling eyes upon him, he looked away from the experiment room and towards himself and Azi. He pointed, first to himself then to the floating room, with a quizzical look peering out from behind a newly materialized Astronaut's helmet.
Azi stared at Holo with a confused look on her round face, not quiet sure what he was trying to imply as she adjusted her thick glasses. "Well...That room, Experiment room #87, is one of those simulated space environment I just explained about. Right now, we're trying to create a better way to navigate through zero-gravity environment through various techniques...Speaking of which, take a look at that screen over there~"

She pointed towards another screen where it showed a muscular navi struggling to simply walk up to a goal. Each step he took seemed like it was making a dent on the floor, but the navi vigorously continued. "Experiment room #154. The effect on the human body in high-gravity environment. We have numbers of dedicated navis who even goes far as to change their entire system in order to fit the need of the experiments. We take our pride as the NAXA lab very seriously." Azimuth continued, leaving things on a "cool" note, but she passed by another screen that showed two navis having a race on snail-slow mechanical contraptions around an experiment room with what looked like people betting on them. "...M-moving on. Lets get to the reason why you're here!"

At the end of the hall way, Holo and Azimuth reached to a giant metal door that looked slightly outdated in comparison with everything else Holo had seen so far. With a scratched, partly erased #1 labeled on the front, the door was giving off an eerie atmosphere. "This is Experiment room #1...As you can see, aha. This is the reason why Lab #6 looks so shabby from the outside, lets take a look inside." With a quick swipe with her ID card, the door was unlocked and it slid open to reveal an empty darkness. Azimuth had no problem walking into the room as each of her petite step echoed within the room, but it wasn't long before light slowly began to light up.

The room was shaped in a giant sphere with metal walls, but it looked almost as big as the entire Lab #6. Lights were plastered on different angles of the wall, but the very top lights almost seemed too "fuzzy" to really make out. At the center, or at least, the center floor of the room, was a terminal with various holographic screens hovering around, just recently booting up as streams of texts and data was pouring down. Azi walked through the screens and stood at the center of the terminal, punching her fingers through some of the buttons that caused a low rumble to shake throughout the spherical room. "This is...To put it at layman's term, the most advance planetarium in the whole net-world. That said, it's a bit outdated, but its something that nobody else but NAXA can provide." The low rumble grew into a high pitch noise as the metal walls began to light up in a dark blue shine, projecting multiple, polygon spheres within the room, quickly rendered into planets that shaped into a miniature solar system.

"Welcome to our planet, I guess...Aha."

Azi tapped few more buttons that caused the planets to revolve around the sun, also causing the room to darken as distant stars began to fill the room. "Are you impressed? I hope you are, because this is where we need you for our testing." With a simple hop, Azi took flight and began to float towards the Sun. Of course, she passed right through the hologram without harm, and she began to revolve around it as well...Something to do with her shape, one could guess. "I'll be frank...This testing was to see how a normal "civilian" like humans would act in a different planet or a space environment. Though we could have used our other participants, they already have some training from NAXA, so they cannot qualify." The navi continued as she began to pick up speed from spinning around. "Then again, there are too many, different types of navis around...O-one such as you, Holo. So we simply decided to rework our testing into something else. Something that may benefit the Networld more than the real world." After picking up too much speed, Azimuth was thrown out of orbit, but because of the sheer size of the room, she was able to slow her self down enough from crashing...But all the while she continued to explain.

"Simply put. How can navis fight under strange, extreme situations of different planets? When someone first suggested such ideas, we of course tried to reject it...B-but we were quiet curious. We had the technology to simulate the environments, but we also wanted to see how non-trained navis work under such circumstances." As Azimuth kicked against the wall of the sphere, she began to make her way towards Holo, spinning in circles, yet not showing a single sign of being dizzy. "If you still have any problems about this, you're free to voice your opinion...If not, we can start right now...I-If you'd like to do so?"
One thing Holo had noticed, being unable to talk, was that he often didn't have a lot to say. Even with something as awe-inspiring as this highly detailed, intricate and, frankly, beautiful simulation of the small patch of the universe they all inhabited, the sum total of his feelings and thoughts on the topic were summed up by a rather enthusiastic thumbs up and a floating back flip.
"Oh, that's wonderful! Just wonderful!" Azi looked overjoyed by Holo's agreement to the experiment, gently landing on the floor as she made her way towards the center terminal. "We can get started on one of the four planets for now, but we can expand upon it as we go on." A holographic screen appeared just before Holo, listing four planets from the solar system. "Pick one, and we can get things started~"

Holo thought about the choices in front of him. At least, he struck a pose that indicated that he was thinking. His decision was made up long before the cleft of his fingers touched down on a newly formed chin, made specifically for the purpose of stroking with a thoughtful purposefulness. Mars was similar enough to Earth to be familiar, but different enough to be interesting. He reached for the second button from the bottom, slipped, and jabbed his finger into Neptune.
"Neptune? Oh my, what a bold choice!" Before Holo could even have the chance to tell Azimuth his mistake, she began to type furiously into the terminal. The neptune hologram on the solar system began to expand as if it was being zoomed in, until it had complete covered the entire room in a thick, blue (holographic) gas. "We need to change a few things around for Neptune, you see. It's a gas planet, so it doesn't have a solid surface!" Azimuth's voice rung out, with her location completely covered by the gas. "We're providing you with a solid surface, but all the other factors are still present...Hope you do well~"

With an audible "beep", the room's generator began to kick in as Neptune's features became apparent little by little. Holo felt like he became slightly heavier, but the strong winds that blew over him made him feel like he was going to get swept by it any time. "O-oops! I think I made it too strong...Even though we said we would like to see how navis fight under planetary conditions, there ARE limits of things for sake of safety. We don't want you to fight with 1000+ MPH wind blowing against you~" The wind toned down a bit, but the gasses still hindered the navi's sights and it was still stronger than the average wind.

"Okay, deploying test-bots!"

Three figures rose from the ground with only their silhouettes shown through the thick gasses. Fortunately, their bright white eyes lit up for Holo to get a good feel of their location, but it was still very tough. "They won't hurt you...as much. Their motion will be that of a humanoid navi, so don't worry about some freakish maneuvers or something. Ready?...Start!"

Azimuth was way over her head with all the experimenting, unable to see how much things would have overwhelmed Holo. The test-bots began to move forward with their hands forward, loading themselves up with (test)guns and (test)swords! This is already getting out of hand!

S-01 A: 100 HP [East(?)]
S-01 B: 100 HP [East(?)]
S-01 C: 100 HP [East(?)]

Gravity: 1.15x Earth
Surrounding: Thick blue gas
Terrain: 100% Normal
Special: Wind! [Northern]

Holo: 140 HP [South]

"Neptune? I can hardly see anything through all this gas..." Aelieth said, bringing the screen of the PeT only inches from his face and squinting into the window that showed him an angled aerial view of the area around Holo. Even with the screen this close, he could only make out a teal glow where the light from Holo's projectors hit the gas and diffused and the six pixels of light from the test-bots' eyes. "Hmm... without being able to properly see.... I guess the best plan is just to throw what we can with the biggest effect and hope it hits..." he shrugged. The excursion to Hades Isle had netted him and Holo some new chips, one of which seemed ideal for the situation.

Holo shrugged, the movement not registering a whole lot in the fog. Two chips suddenly loaded into his registers: one of the new ones, and one he was intimately familiar with. Splitting up, Holo (now in the plural) shifted sideways in opposite directions. Mirrored steps noiselessly hit the ground as the two projections circled the trio of test-bots. The points of light were their only point of reference, and the glow from the Holos' combined luminescence made it more difficult to keep an eye on them. Once the Navis were about twenty feet apart, a burst of white light flashed from each teal blob as Holo loaded his first chip. Two large fuel canister strapped to their back, a bandana on their head, a cigar in their teeth and a four foot wand sporting a tiny pilot light in their hands, the Holo's hefted their flame throwers and pulled the trigger.

"I really hope that gas isn't flammable..." Aelieth murmured.

Gouts of flame erupted the tip of the wands, blossoming forward in twin solid walls of rolling fire. The twin infernos washed over the ground the glowing lights seemed to occupy, combining to form a funnel of flame. Holo threw the wands aside, which shattered into motes of light, and then threw themselves as well, rolling to avoid a possible counter attack. As the spew from the FlameLine died out, two blocks of glowing light faced the dying inferno, standing between it and two smaller glows.

--HLR: 20 HP barrier
1. Double Vision (1 Decoy, lasting 2 rounds + Delayed Damage (Decoy ceases to exist): 20 damage + Elec + Shot. 2 TCD)
2. FlameLine (Targeting S-01 A, S-01 B, S-01 C. 70 damage + Fire + Ground Attack + Wide Attack)
--VHP:MI (Targeting S-01 A. 20 Elec Damage)
--VHP:MII (Targeting S-01 B. 20 Elec Damage)
3. Dodge
4. Guard (Reflects one attack, up to 60 damage)

*Signature Attacks*
Hardware Upgrades
--Variable Hertz Projector: Active
--Hard-Light Retrofit: Active

Projector Adaptations
--"Deer in Headlights": READY
--"Double Vision": READY IN 2 TURNS
((Bump 2))
As soon as Holo deployed his decoy, the testbots began to move within the thick gas, hiding their presence altogether. Everything was dead quiet...except for the howling winds, but the bots made their first move as gunfire echoed throughout the planetarium. Luckily, the bots fired their gun towards the decoy, destroying it and getting harmed by it in the process.

Taking notice, Holo launched his walls of fire towards the decoy's last position, landing a solid hit on one of the bots. The navi launched two more of its electric shots, but it wasn't enough to finish off the the heavily wounded enemy. Vice-versa, the testbots were able to get a solid lock on Holo's location and began to open fire towards his general direction. Through a series of gunfire, Holo's barrier and guard was destroyed, but still leaving him unharmed. The counter-shockwave from the guard traveled towards west, hitting the testbot with its own attack!

S-01 A: 80 HP [West (?)]
S-01 B: 10 HP [North(?)]
S-01 C: 100 HP [?]

Gravity: 1.15x Earth
Surrounding: Thick blue gas
Terrain: 100% Normal
Special: Wind! [Northern]

Holo: 140 HP [South] [Barrier Destroyed! / Guard Destroyed!]
Decoy: SHOT-UP