Raiden loses all of his armour, as well as his bodysuit. He is left with a human skin. His eyes become red, and his hair turns white, becoming long enough to reach his lower back, although it is bound into a ponytail. His teeth are filed sharp, and a single golden horn juts out from his forehead. Various large pendants and necklaces ornamented with a range of precious stones hang around his neck and obscure much of his chest, suspended on heavy gold, silver or brass chains. On his hands he wears navy gloves that reach halfway to his elbows, and are held down by thick golden bands around the wrists. A rope belt is tied around his waist. Suspended from it is a knee-length blue hakama, or a skirtlike piece of fabric worn by feudal Electopians. His yellow sideguards are replicated by a pair of cloth versions that go over top of the hakama. A red sash with golden tassels hangs most of the way down to his knees in the front. On his feet he wears thick ankle-socks with divided toes, and antiquated wooden and slightly platformed sandals. When Raiden speaks in this form, his voice sounds like thunder moulded into words.

This .GMO also creates a sword with a slightly hooked end, an Eastern-style round guard, and a number of coloured tassels tied to the end of the handle. This sword, sometimes referred to by him as the 'Cloud Brand' for some unfathomable reason, is immaterial. Raiden cannot strike a foe with it. If he attempts to do so, the blade simply passes harmlessly through the target. However, if he wishes, he can channel a Sword chip into the 'Cloud Brand', turning it into a useable blade. The 'Cloud Brand's' main function is to augment this .GMO's disguise factor.
... Oooh, true thundergod style.