Frag can't do GMO files normally. His separate parts just make it physically impossible to spread a new image file over everything. To compensate, Joseph programmed the ability to reform his blocks into something else.

The simplest form that this could take?

A giant block. Yup. Frag just separates into his component blocks, which stack together into a cubical block. He can change the color as he wishes, and often the color chosen is a dark cardboardy brown.

At least it's good for being inconspicuous... At least, that's what Frag keeps telling himself.

Eeeeep. Just realized I had no idea on how Frag would fight in this.

Soooo... I'm thinking that he:

Gun Chips: The opening widens, and a barrel sticks out of it to fire.
Sword Chips: A blade sticks out of Frag's side, and he spins to attack.
Bomb Chips: Same as Gun, except no barrel--just a bomb is launched out of the opening.
Other Chips: The opening widens to adapt, and the attack is released out of the opening.
Far Fist: A fist is fired from within. (The arms are kept inside) Still can only be used twice.
BattleBots! >: D

I mean-