Looking for viruses

As Siren flew into another part of Netfrica, she lightly touched down onto the ground and looked around the area.

"Hmmm....i should find some viruses here." Siren said as she let her wings relax after flying through the net, she was still getting used to being on the nets.
"Should be a good place, get to looking around, we should find a few around here soon." Timmy said readying his battle chips to go.

Siren nodded and felt a sudden rush of energy come into her body. anger? addenilin? whatever it might be, she was pumped up as she started to walk through the net, to give her wings a little rest from flying so far.

(battle 1)

SpikeyEXA: 100 HP
SpikeyEXB: 100 HP
SpikeyEXC: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Siren.exe: 160 HP

"Oh god.....THIS is not how I wanted to break you in Siren, but this is gonna have to be a fight you need to take." Timmy said as he scanned the SpikeyEX's, knowing that this was gonna be a bit hard for siren.
"Fire types huh?" Siren said as she eyed the viruses. "I guess this should be a bit hard, but I can do this." Siren said.

Siren then covered her body with her wings, and as she did, her entire body started to be covered in shadows that they became a sort of armor to protect her as she strained to keep it around her body.

"I'm giving you some battle chips. Pheonixshot1, twinfang1, battle chips in and download." Timmy said as Siren heard two clicks from the PET.

Srien opened up her wings that she had surounded herself in and light broke open in her wings, dispelling the shadow that had surounded her body only for a second as the light died out and shadow overtook her wings once more.
Siren then flew up above the ground a few inches and flaped one of her wings and then black flames erupted from it, flowing down twords the Spikeys, attempting to burn them to a crisp and delete them thanks to the power of the grass terain. Siren then flapped her other wing and then two black fangs appreared out of thin air and rushed twords SpikeyEXA and B, attempting to cut into their heads should the pheonixshot not hit.
But as the fangs speed twords both spikeyEX's, Siren then flaps both her wings rapidly, giving the fangs of black a little speed boost and maybe make it more likely to hit the SpikyEX's should they survive.
Siren then looked on, as she flew high into the air and let out a horifiying screech that created large shockwaves that started to fall down upon SpikeyEXC, in an attempt to damage it if it, too, survives the attack.
She then lands upon the ground and looks around the area, hopefuly she had deleted the viruses.

1)Feather curtain of invisability (-30HP, 1 turn of shadow)
2)Pheonixshot1---->SpikeyEXA-C (70x2 due to grass pannels)
3)Twinfang1------>SpikeyEXA&B (70 to both)
*Gust:speed up twinfang1 attacks
4)High stunning note---->SpikeyEXC (30+stun)
5&6)wait around.
Two spikeys are killed form the attack, but one gets away from the fire to catch a tooth. It lobs back a fireball at Siren, only to pass through her phantasmal body.

SpikeyEXA: 30HP

Terrain: 60% Grass 40% normal

Siren.exe: 160 HP
(i should have lost 30HP with my shadow ability and i also recover 20HP while on grass pannels with me being level 10X2 for grass healing, am i on grass or not?)
"Heh, not bad mut, you avoided my fire, oh well, Timmy, if you would." Siren said as she looked at the spikey that had survived, still covered in shadows only for a moment more.
"Heh, you are realy getting into this, Aquaneedle1, Guard1, battle chips in and download." Timmy said as he downloaded the data while siren heard two clicks.

Siren's body accepted the data quickly as she closed her wings around her body again as the shadow effect wore off and the data floated around in her body. Siren opened her wings as the data went away, three blue needles then appeared in the air above the spikeyEXA, all of them in different positions around it's body, in attempt to skewer it. Siren then closed her wings around her body again and then activated the guard1 data, her wings glew with a sort of light as the data fused with her wings and they became hard as a rock, ready to reflect an attack back at the spikeyEX. As the data fled from her body from the use, Siren then flew slightly above the air and then attempted to land on a grass pannel as she stared to jump around the grass pennels in an attempt to heal her body from her signature attack last turn.

Aquaneedle1----->SpikeyEXA (40X3 due to elemental weakness)
Guard1 (reflect 1 attack and deal up to 60 damage to an enemy)
Jump around on what might be grass pannels/dodge
Siren suddenly feels the effects of her shadow move, but recovers somewhat as she moves onto a grass panel.
Oh, and she wins, too.


Terrain: 60% Grass 40% normal

Siren.exe: 150 HP

Prize: 350z
(Bleh, it's like any move that uses HP to activate, right when it is used.......)

"Whew, not bad...." Siren said as she picked up the zenny that was left on the ground.
"Not much, but it's a start, keep on going." Timmy said as the zenny had transfered to his PET.

Siren then took off into the net, looking around for more viruses.

(Battle 2)

VolgearEXA: 120 HP
VolgearEXB: 120 HP
VolgearEXC: 120 HP
NinetalesA: 150 HP
NinetalesB: 150 HP

Terrain: 60% Grass, 40% Sand

Siren.exe: 150 HP

(Sigh......i have a first barrier on in my navicust)
"More enemies. this should not be fun." Siren said as she eyed the VolgearEX's.
"Get rid of the Volgrars first siren. Bubbler, Phoenixshot1, Guard1, battle chips in and download." Timmy said as he slotted in the battle chips, while Siren heard four clicks in the PET.

Siren started her attacks by......not attacking, she flew high into the air and when she reached the peak of her fight, she sung a little tune that sounded as though nature it's self was createing grass where the sand was at, attempting to get rid of the sand. After she was done singing her tune, she landed and then her body became filled with the chip data from Timmy as her left wing became blue as the sea and her right wing red as a sunset before combusting into flames that started to heat up her body like crazy. She flapped her right wing harder than normaly when she were to fly and as the flames died out on her wing, a phoenix appeared overhead, looking at the volgearEX's and then swooped high into the air and as it flew over the Volgrars, it crashed into the ground, in a attempt to delete them with the grass that had sprung up. But after the bird crashed into the ground, spewing fire everywhere, Siren brought up a small gust of wind in a attempt to spread the fire and maybe hit the Volgears while them being on grass. Siren then flapped her wings once more, but this time, a large blast of water flew out, attempting to smack VolgearEXA in the face, should it still live after the phoenixshot attack upon the grass.

She then flew up high into the air, looking down at NinetailsA with a slight glare on her face as her voice once more returned, a loud, shreeking noice bellowed out of her mouth, heading twords the Ninetails in an attempt to hit and stun it, making it unable to attack when it should. Siren landed onto the ground once more, raiseing her wings up to her body and covering herself in them, hardening them in a way she could guard against an attack as feathers readied themselves to shoot back to the enemy. Siren then started to fly around, sightly above the ground, in a attempt to dodge the enemies attacks, should they fight back as per battle rules.

Siren's call (create a large area of grass pannels in an attempt to over-right the sand pannels)
Pheonixshot1----->VolgearEXA-C (70X2 if on grass pannels to each)
*use wind to spread the flames
Bubbler---->VolgearA if it survives, splash at another volgearEX (50X2+splash1)
High stunning note----->NinetailsA (30+stun)
Guard1 (reflect up to 60 damage to one enemy)
Siren eliminates all but a small portion of the Sand panels with her call, only making the rest of the grass thicker. She then goes on to blast some of the flames away, along with the Volgears, leaving only the final Volgear alive, which she blasts with a bubbler to cause severe damage, leaving it floating woozily about. She also stuns a Ninetales virus, and reflects a hit of the other before it grows a second tail.
The first one sprouts a tail, likewise, but is to stunned to swing it.

VolgearEXC: 20 HP
NinetalesA: 120 HP <STUN>
NinetalesB: 130 HP

Terrain: 75% Grass, 10% Sand, 15% Normal

Siren.exe: 150 HP <Barrier10>
(Are i on grass or not, siren heals if on grass)
"Heh, one escaped, but it won't live for long." Siren said, with a grin on her face.
"Delete 'em. Aquaneedle1, Heatshot, Ringlog1, battle chips in and download." Timmy said, as three clicks could be heard by siren.

As the data flooded to her body, three large blue needles appeared above the viruses, one above VolgearEX while the other two appeared above NinetailsA, all three of the needles then quickly fell down upon the viruses, attempting to skewer them, painfuly. As the Needles fell, Siren's right wing started to glow with heat before it burst into flames, oddly not hurting the navi as she hurled the fire into a condenced ball twords the Ninetails that she had stunned and hoped that the attack would splash upon NinetailsB. Then as the ball left her wing, a large brown log appeared out of nowhere as it rolled quickly twords NinetailsA and NinetailsB, attempting to barrel into them as the log glew a little, must be the same type bonus. Siren then flew up into the air, letting some of her feathers on the underside of her wing as they became hard as a rock into a large clump as Siren the ripped the feathers off of her wing with her beak, as the feathers were released, they fell down twords NinetailsB, attempting to crush it like a bug under a bolder. Siren then landed upon the ground and then looked upon the sand 2)pannels that had been left in her song, she came up with an idea as she started to kick up a lot of wind with her wings, attempting to make NinetailsA go blind with the wind and the sand.

Siren then heard yet another click from her PET as her entire body felt like it should, shreek out in pain, yet she was not hurt, so she let out that shreek of pain that started to hone in on NinetailsB, it was the markcannon that Timmy had. Siren then jumped up and as she hit the ground, she started to run like crazy, hopefuly she could avoid being hit by the enemies attacks, if they could see through a sandstorm, she was in hot water.

1)Aquaneedle1---->VolgearEXC&NinetailsA (20X2 to volgrarEX, three splitable hits, aqua, two attack Ninetails, one attacks VolgearEX)
2)Heatshot---->NinetailsA, Splash at NinetailsB (40X2 if on grass, splash1)
3)Ringlog1---->NinetailsA and NinetailsB (65 wood to both)
4)Feather shot---->NinetailsB (80 wood damage)
*Gust:Use sandpannel to cause blind to NinetailsA.
5)Markcannon1----->NinetailsB (70+lock on)
They die.

NinetalesA: DELETED
NinetalesB: DELETED

Terrain: 75% Grass, 10% Sand, 15% Normal

Siren.exe: 160 HP

Get: Flameline1
Siren picked up the chip data that had been left from the viruses, sending it to Timmy quickly as she flapped her wings in victory.

"Good job Siren, but I think it's time we left the area for now." Timmy said as he downloaded the chip data into a blank chip.
"Why? I'm having so much fun." Siren said as she streached out her wings, even though she has been having a good run.
"Because of all the fire viruses, they get stronger from here on out, so I think that it would be better to leave the area for now and get into a net that you could realy get a hang of." Timmy said as he was trying to urge siren on to leave for now.
"Well, ok, if you think it's best, where should i go then?" Siren asked in a curious tone.
"Just follow my directions Siren, you will land in where you need to." Said timmy.

Siren then left through a portal that headed twords netcity, another transition for Siren.

(Hehe, i'm switching every place, oh well.)