Tech support?

A beam of light shot from the sky... It struck the ground, then widened suddenly... The beam pooled into a mass of light, which then resolved itself into the battle form of Broadside.EXE...

As soon as Broadside was in the network, Jared spoke to him with his instructions, "Broadside. Just remain in the area, and maintain the signal-link from Erin's PET to her Navi in this area. I just need you to hold the signal steady for about 40 minutes while I install the new upgrades to ger NTC-3 com box."

Broadside nodded, but asked Jared a question in return: "Acknowledged. However, do I have permission to engage the viruses in this area in order to acquire battle data on my new weapon systems while I am here?"

"Absolutely. See if you can pick up some new battlechip data while you're at it." Jared paused for a moment as a worried expression crossed his face... "We'll probably need it now that we've made ourselves public enemies of the Mafia. I hate to say this, but we are going to need all the firepower we can get. So, knock yourself out."

Broadside didn't hve to be told twice. He activated his newly installed radar, picked up a viral signal nearby, and moved towards it...

((requesting Battle 1))
He finds some plants.

CactyA: 70
CactyB: 70
CactyC: 70

Broadside: 140

As Broadside approached the Viruses, cruising along with his Ground Dash system active, he received some chip data from his Net-Op... and frowned. Somewhat distracted by his work in the real world, Jared had only sent Broadside a single TwinFang1 battlechip... Broadside took things in stride and deployed the twin-barreled frag-shot cannon, loading it with the Twin-Fangs data as he did so. He aimed at the nearest Cacty, and fired a steel-spike at the prickly green virus.

Shifting his weight slightly to one side, Broadside made a high-speed right-turn, using the change of direction to bring the weapon into line with the second Cacty... He fired the cannon a second time, then leaned into a sharp left turn that quickly became a direction reversal... Hopefully the rapid change of direction would buy him a few seconds time to launch his next attack...

Which came almost immediately as the third Cacty came into view... Broadside opened his missile batteries, light the virus up with 18 missile locks, and fired... His torso erupted into a double swarm of missiles that sought out the cactus, carrying death upon swift wings... Broadside's torso rotated around to face forward once more, and he kicked in his second stage afterburners and poured on the speed, determined not to leave himself a target for anything that may have survived...

1: Twin-Fang1 @ Cacty A & B (70 Null x 2 targets)
2: Dodge
3: Missile Barrage @ Cacty C (5 Elec x 18 Missiles + Homing Attack, 3 TCD)
4: Dodge

Sig Status
Towering Guard: 5/5 Blocked attacks (3 TCD, Delayed)
Missile Barrage: Attacking (3 TCD)
Poof, they dies.

Reward: 450 zenny
Broadside acquired the Zenny data from the virus' remains, and moved on from the battlefield, searching for more viral signatures... It didn't take him long to pick up 3 stronger viral signals and a trio of Navi signals nearby... "Jared, I'm detecting a group of viruses and Navi signatures nearby. I'm moving to investigate."

Jared never did reply....

A few minutes later, Jared spoke to Broadside suddenlly: "Alright, Broadside, we're done. Jack-out." Broadside nodded, and replied in his normal unreadable tone: "Affirmative. Logging out."

Broadside's form dissolved into a mass of light... The light then shot skyward as a data beam as the Mecha Navi exited the net.