Name: Patrick
Age: 16
Gender: Male
A boy with dark clothing and red gloves on his hands, and a sword for self-defence

Personality: Patrick keeps to himself alot. He considers himself a loner.

PET Modifications:White and Green Colour scheme. With a comfort grip, and a laser scope for precision jacking. both acceseories make the PET resemble a gun.

Name: Amita X-00
Gender: Male
Element: Wind
Type: Sword

A navi who enjoys his lifting, a snowboarding-like sport that allows the user to glide on air. He is highly obsessive about it, and alway's takes it seriously.

Amita keeps to himself, and can calmly think out strategies. but when he is lifting, he is very energetic and enjoys it at all times.

Custom Weapon:
Lifting Tricks: Amita gets on his board and pulls a variety of tricks with twin daggers. the tricks all do the same damage, but can be performed differently in a complex array of movements.

Signature Attack:
Cut-Back Drop Turn-
hits the enemy up into the air, and performs a complex array of movements dealing damage each time he passes the enemy. For a closing finale, he performs a loop in the air, and falls down, slicing the enemy in half.
No rip-offs. I may not watch Eureka 7, but I sure know what the heck the mech from it looks like.
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Gonna ask that you reread the rules, since it is kind of written there in caps.
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That up there is the rules forum. If you read those carefully, you'd find a lot wrong here.

Here's just a few things:

-Sig attack needs Damage and a Cooldown

-No Real-world weapons (IE: The navi can have a weapon, your Operator CANNOT.)

-Needs more details. Lots more. Also needs a full text description to go along with the pictures.

-Get rid of the Gaia avatar, please.

Yeah... I'll look at this more after you handle that.


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-Rockman X sprites are a no no.