Magic mission

Stepping out of the portal to the Yumland network, Freya quietly looked around at the surrounding area as she took a few steps into the area, accessing the packet she was given so that she may find where she needed to go.
Freya found herself in a heavily wooded area of the Yumland Network. Data streams disguised as roots and foliage ran in every direction, diverging and converging again and again to form a lush, technological jungle. Freya's coordinates pointed her toward a small base of operations nestled in a clearing amidst the trees. Various Navi dressed in NetPolice uniforms were moving around the area with brisk, purposeful strides. One such Navi approached Freya as she neared the base.

"Halt," the Navi ordered as he held up a hand. He was dressed in standard NetPolice fare, complete with a helmet and visor that hid his face. The visor was highly reflective, allowing Freya to see her face within the glass. "This is a restricted zone and only authorized personnel are allowed beyond this point. Please state your Navi and purpose."
The name is Freya.exe sir. I have come to aid the Net Police so that I may join the ranks of the Department of Justice. Freya said as she gave a salute to the NP navi, a screen popped up next to her with Jack's face in it.

I'm her Netop, Jack Magi.
"Freya.Exe and Jack Magi," the officer repeated as a holographic image began to slide across the length of his visor. "One moment please while I verify this information."

A few seconds passed while the NetPolice officer verified Freya's information. The holographic image repeated its course along the Navi's visor. It was a white circle that moved at moderate speed back and forth. It seemed to be a visual cue that the Navi was processing information. The circle paused at the end of the visor and the Navi nodded to himself.

"Mhm, it looks like this all checks out. I'm sure the department representative will be happy to know of more potential recruits. You've arrived just in time for the mission briefing. Please head to the command tent immediately."

The Navi opened the path for Freya to enter the impromptu base. The other NetPolice Navi seemed to ignore her for the most part, trusting in the guard at the entrance to prevent any undesirables from entering.

The largest tent in the base, no doubt the command center, stood in the center of the clearing. A pair of NetPolice guards stood guard at the entrance, their eyes taking note of anyone entering and exiting the tent. A Navi clad in the usual uniform, aside from a crimson armband that most likely denoted some sort of rank, exited the tent. He nodded to the two guards and proceeded down a path to circle behind the command center. The guard at the entrance had told Freya to enter the tent immediately to catch the mission briefing.

Down the path to the left of the tent was a heavily armored Navi speaking with a small group. The armored Navi was regal looking, dressed in jet black armor that covered him from head to toe. His helmet was equipped with a crystalline visor that covered his entire face and a long cape hung down from his shoulders. His left hand clutched a long spear that was currently thrust into the grass panel beneath him. The other Navi in the group were not dressed in regulation NetPolice uniforms, nor did they seem to concerned with the goings on in the camp.

Along the path to the right of the tent, Freya could make out a secluded area devoid of the usual NetPolice traffic. A single Navi stood in the area. The Navi looked familiar, though it is hard to tell since the uniform is so similar and they all wear helmets with visors. However, a crimson armband adorned his left arm. The Navi glanced around him quickly before stepping into the woods and vanishing behind a few trees.
Interesting. Freya mumbled as she watched the police member run off into the woods, making a mental note of the arm band. What's wrong Freya? jack asked, looking around the area as best he could. Nothing of importance. Freya replied as she walked into the tent to catch the briefing.
As Freya moved toward the command tent, one of the guards murmured something into a microphone attached to his collar. Freya could hear a soft buzz in response and the guard nodded. He waved Freya forward and pulled back the tent flap so she could enter.

The inside of the tent was sparsely decorated, a single collapsible table and a trio of folding chairs set in the center of the space. Various Navi filled the tent, standing in a semicircle around the table. Two Navi stood behind the table, waiting to address those gathered in attendance.

"It looks like we have all arrived," said one of the Navi behind the table as Freya entered.

The speaker was a tall Navi dressed in a white bodysuit with black boots, gloves, chest armor and helmet. Platinum bracers were wrapped around each wrist, the metal seeming to flow and shift on its own accord. He held up a red folder in his left hand as he addressed the group.

"As some of you may know, the department of Justice is working a joint operation with Navi Prosecutions. We have intelligence stating that a high ranking member of a criminal organization has infiltrated a group of antigovernment radicals. This individual has been inciting the radicals into wreaking havoc on isolated areas of the Yumland network. Our job in this venture is to provide backup for a Prosecutions strike force while rounding up as many of the radicals as possible."

The tent flap opened once more and four Navi entered. Freya recognized them as the armored Navi and his small group from before. The speaker broke off as the armored Navi entered. He stood at attention and fired off a crisp salute. The armored Navi returned the salute and moved through the crowd toward the table, followed by his entourage. At this close distance, Freya noticed that one of the Navi was wearing a red armband just like the one she had seen sneak off.

"Hello sir," the speaker said. "I was just going over the details of the meeting."

"Carry on then," the armored Navi responded.

"For the benefit of the new and potential recruits, allow me to make introductions. My name is PhotonMan.Exe. I have been placed in charge of coordinating the Justice department aspect of this mission."

PhotonMan gestured toward a Navi standing off to his side. Freya had barely noticed the beige looking Navi. His lack of distinguishing features allowed him to fade into the background. In fact, for all intents and purposes, the Navi looked like a beige NormalNavi complete with plain bodysuit, helmet and buster.

"This is my superior officer and the assistant in charge of this joint venture, NaviMan.Exe."

"Hello," the answered in an offhand manner.

PhotonMan then gestured toward the armored Navi and his three companions.

"And this is Runeknight.Exe. He's the assistant director of the department of Navi Prosecutions and is in direct control of this venture. The three Navi behind him are Prosecutions recruits and make up the taskforce that we shall be providing backup for. Sir, would you like to say a few words?"

"No," NaviMan said, matter-of-factly. "Runeknight?"

"Aye," the armored Navi stepped forward to address the gathering. He took the red folder from PhotonMan and flipped it open on the table. "First, I would like to thank the department of Justice for their cooperation in this matter. You will be providing integral assistance in capturing a rogue Navi and the group of radicals that he is using. The Navi in question is designated as MorphMan.Exe. He is using a group of NetMafia flunkies in order to stir up chaos and wreck havoc. Make no mistake, all members of this group are criminals, responsible for multiple atrocities before and during the Net War. While my squadron and I make our way into the facility in an attempt to apprehend MorphMan, you all will be engaging the radicals in an attempt to capture as many as possible. We want these Navi off the streets and unable to deal harm to the innocent."

Runeknight stepped back and PhotonMan addressed the group once more.

"Alright everyone, please make your way to the staging area. You will be placed in groups of three. We will be placing a jack-out barrier over the target zone in order to prevent the escape of the priority target. In each group will be a full NetPolice officer. Once any suspects are subdued, this officer will transfer them to a cell for storage."

The Navi waved them out and the group began filing out of the tent and toward the staging area. Freya could follow them if she liked.
Watching the briefing, thoughts correlated in Freya's mind as the officers introduced themselves and the mission briefing it's self. Runeknight...I know I've heard that name somewhere before...but I just can't figure out where. Freya thought as she examined Runeknight from top to bottom before taking notice of the red armband. Shaking her head as she dismissed the thought of him being a spy or some such before the meeting was over. She quietly followed behind the group that had left the tent and waited for further orders.
Freya found herself grouped with a fresh recruit recently added to the ranks of the department of Justice and a veteran officer. The trio grouped up and began introductions.

"You're Freya.Exe, right?" the veteran asked. "I'll be your superior officer during the scope of this mission. I hear that you are applying for admission into the Justice Department. Good, good. I'll be evaluating your performance and submitting my recommendation, so do your best out there, alright?"

The veteran headed off, signaling for Freya and the new recruit to follow. The trio headed into the forest, moving from tree to tree. On either side of the group, other trios of NetPolice Navi were heading in approximately the same direction. Ahead of them was a large compound surrounded by a concrete wall line with barbed wire. A lone gate stood in the distance, closed and no doubt locked. Guard towers stood just beyond the wall at each of the four corners of the compound and cameras lined the walls at various intervals. As Freya neared the compound, she felt a wave of uneasiness wash over her, no doubt the jack-out barrier falling into place.

"Alright kiddo," the veteran said as he halted the trio just out of camera shot. "The various groups have their orders, but I think I'll let you decide how we proceed. We can attempt to storm the gate or scale the walls. How would you handle an infiltration of this sort?"


The compound is fairly large and surrounded by a reinforced concrete wall lined with barbed wire. There are four guard towers at each corner of the base, though no Navi can currently be seen. However, there are a number of cameras situated to scan the area immediately around the wall. There is a single gate leading into the compound, though it is closed and locked. The NetPolice are currently surrounding the compound and situated in assault groups of three individuals. Some of the groups are tasked with breaking through the gate, while the others are set up to scale the wall or fly over using various NaviCust Programs. There is an unknown number of hostiles within the compound, including the Prosecutions Department target, MorphMan.Exe.

Freya's current decision: How to gain access to compound
Hmmm...Lets see here. Freya mumbled under her breath as she examined the area from her position before coming up with something. Lets see...I'd say that we'd go in with the ground team that is supposed to blow open the doors to the compound. We can flank the enemy and divert their forces. I know how to create a couple defenses, so we shouldn't be bad off. Freya said to the officer before she shook her head. I'm no good with this sort of thing, so you may want a plan B in case anything goes wrong.
"Good, good," the veteran said as he mused over Freya's choices. "It is important to admit your faults. That way you don't get suckered into doing something you aren't equipped to tackle. However, in this instance, one choice is as good as another. Let's head over to the team hitting the gates."

Freya and her small group circled the compound, moving toward the gate and a rendezvous with the infiltration team. Two groups of three Navi stood a few yards in front of the gate. The groups were aligned in two parallel line and between them they held a large metal ram. The leader of the battering ram group nodded in recognition of the veteran in Freya's group.

"I was wondering if we were going to get any help here," the Navi said.

"Freya here thinks we can provide some cover for you and help keep those bastards from escaping," the veteran answered.

"Perfect, we'll smash the gates in and you guys stop and the those holed rats from overrunning us while we lug this ram about."

The six Navi wasted no time, charging toward the compound and allowing the massive metal ram to slam against the gates. It only took one shuddering impact for the gates to collapse in on themselves. The veteran Navi and the rookie charged forward while the ram crew backpedaled away to drop off their load.

Just inside the gates stood three Navi ready to face off against the raiding NetPolice. The two Navi on either side were equipped with what looked to be flamethrowers while the Navi in the center had a large metal canister strapped to his back and a hose with a nozzle in his hands. A black, viscous fluid dripped from the mouth of the nozzle and splashed onto the floor.

"Alright," the veteran said. "Here is your first real test. We need to incapacitate these radicals so I can transport them back to the holding server."

FlamerA: 150
FlamerB: 150
OilNavi: 120

Veteran: 150
Rookie: 100
Ferya.Exe: 120
Mask.SP: 80

Terrain: 100% Grass

Just three? Easy. Freya mumbled as she formed a barrier around herself as usual, but held out her hand towards the Rookie and formed an outer shell of sorts around his torso. That should protect you a bit, Rookie. Just don't do anything stupid. Freya said as she heard a couple clicks from the PET, she knew it was time to kick some ass.

What do you want me to do Puppet? Mask asked as she looked towards the trio of navis. Stay with these two, they could use the extra help. Freya said as Mask nodded slightly, understanding. Freya quickly set off towards the trio, looking to thin out the numbers.

Quickly accessing her chip depository within her core data, Freya's fist was set aflame by the data as she rushed up to the OilNavi with great speed as the grass crunched under her wooden feet before she pulled back her arm and sent a fist shaped ball of flame at the navi's face. Backpedaling a little ways away, Freya attempted to get out of the Flamer's attack range.

Quickly following up her previous attack, Freya's arm morphed with a sickening crack and splintering of wood, it had changed up into a single shot weapon resembling a wooden sniper rifle, although there was a laser sight instead of a scope. Taking quick aim at one of the flamer navis, Freya shot off a blast of energy as she aimed for the head, attempting to bring the navi down to size somewhat. Quickly morphing her arm back to normal, Freya jumped back away from the navis again and quickly attempted to circle them in a vain effort to not get hit.

*Marksmanship (+1 Accuracy to shot type attacks)
*Snipe (can add seeking to one attack per turn)
*Magic Armor (Passive 20 HP casing) Target: Rookie
*Wooden Exterior (Passive 20 HP Barrier) Target: Self
*Scope Attachment (Passive Take Aim1)
*Program Drain (Passive 5 HP Drain) Target: FlamerA
1: Firehit1--->OilNavi (60 Fire+Impact, X2 damage due to Grass Terrain)
2: Dodge
3: Magic Bullet--->FlamerB (70 Wood, Shot Type, Take Aim1)
4: Dodge
Freya buffed herself and her companions before taking the fight to the trio of renegade Navi. Flames licked her wooden frame as she attempted to deliver a fiery uppercut; however, the OilNavi dodged the strike with ease. One of the Flamers countered Freya's rush with a blast of flame, bathing the wooden Navi and the Rookie in a long line of fire. Luckily, their defenses held up as the flames washed over them. The Flamer launched a fireball at Freya, but she was able to dodge aside and the flames exploded harmlessly against the wall.

Freya fired a mystical bullet toward the second Flamer, but the Navi managed to dodge away. He avoided a cannon blast and shotgun spray fired from the Rookie before taking the Veteran's MarkCannon shot to the chest. The first Flamer unloaded his flamethrower again. Freya and the Veteran managed to dodge, but the Rookie took the full brunt of the flames. The Rookie fired a second cannon shot in retaliation, hitting the OilNavi in the shoulder. The OilNavi launched three blobs of oil from his nozzle, the thick fluid slowing Freya and Mask to a crawl.

"Damn," the veteran muttered. "These guys may be the bottom of the ladder, but we can't underestimate them."

FlamerA: 145
FlamerB: 80
OilNavi: 80

Veteran: 150
Rookie: 1
Freya.Exe: 80 (Hold)
Mask.SP: 40 (Hold)

Terrain: 60% Grass, 40% Normal
Oh really Commander? Never *ungh* would have guessed. stupid oil... Freya said before mumbling under her breath as she attempted to get herself unstuck from the oil that covered her feet, sadly though, she was rooted right to the ground with little hope of getting to back away from the fight to fight long range, she looked towards her companion, who was also rooted to the ground and unable to escape.

Fine mess you got us into Puppet. Not only are we gonna die, but so will these nice Net Police folks. Mask said in her usual sarcastic tone, attempting to get her feet unstuck but failing to do so. Leave the sarcasm behind for now Mask, we've got a fight to finish. Freya said as she looked at the opposing forces and then to the rookie, who had just got away by the skin of his teeth with his Undershirt.

Inwardly sighing to herself, Freya quickly traced a symbol in the air with her finger as some strings slowly fell from the sky onto the Rookie and started patching his major wounds up, although it wasn't much, it should be enough to get him moving again. Better fall back Rookie. Unless you have something good on ya to keep ya from dieing, you'll be better as support. Freya said as she turned her head to the forces in front of them, good thing she was good with not moving from her spot when fighting.

Jack! Send chips! Freya yelled at her netop as her defenses came to life around her and heard the clicks of chips being entered into her PET, it was her time to shine, she'd never live down being beaten by these minor annoyances.

Forming a rapid fire cannon turret in her hands and pointing it towards the foes as a sort of wide mouthed "funnel" appeared on the front so that the bullets wouldn't fire so randomly at her targets, with a little aiming and her natural intuition for guns and spread fire, a small click emanated from the weapon before the bullets went flying, her arms inching across her body. Slowly inching the weapon across the enemy territory, bullets spraying everywhere, as she attempted to fight against the recoil of the weapon in her hands and keep the bullets on target.

With an echoing click, the gun's clip had emptied out entirely. With a single movement of her arms, she detached the weapon from her arms and set the empty weapon to her side as she quickly produced three needles made from ice behind her back, deftly grabbing them as she calculated their trajectory and threw the three needles at her foes in a faint hope they'd connect with the enemy troops and maybe deal double their normal damage.

The final chip in her arsenal was a small one, but it would do the job nicely. Putting her hand out, a large bow appeared in place of her hand, string and all, as two arrows appeared in her free hand, she quickly loaded them into the bow. Pulling the string and arrows back, she quickly checked her aim and let loose her arrows upon the poor Flamer that she had yet to try and delete as her only hope was that her arrows would hit home. Mask, however, could only curl up and brace for any attacks that would come at her from the opposition, should they survive.

*Marksmanship (+1 Accuracy to shot type attacks)
*Snipe (can add seeking to one attack per turn)
*Magic Armor (Passive 20 HP casing) Target: Self
*Wooden Exterior (Passive 20 HP Barrier) Target: Self
*Scope Attachment (Passive Take Aim1)
*Program Drain (Passive 5 HP Drain) Target: FlamerA
1: Magic Weave @ Rookie (60 HP recovery)
2: Machinegun1--->3 bullets at FlamerA&B and OilNavi (30X9 shots, Spray Fire, TakeAim1)
3: Aquaneedle1--->FlamerA&B and OilNavi (20 Aqua to 3 targets)
4:Double Needle--->FlamerA (50X2)

1: Defend
Despite their earlier setback, Freya and her companions renewed their assault. The rookie took Freya's advice to heart, falling back even as the wooden Navi applied her healing arts. The rookie fell into a supporting role, crafting a trio of transparent shields that formed in front of the three Navi. It wasn't much, but it should be enough to deflect at least one attack.

The Veteran and Freya went on the offensive, firing off a number of attacks. The radicals were intent on taking advantage of the oil strewn across the battlefield and thus forwent defense in favor of attacking. Unfortunately, this would prove to be their undoing as the NetPolice were better prepared this time around. The searing heat from their flamethrowers was deflected by the rookie's shields, leaving Freya and the veteran to take full advantage of the opening.

The three radicals were knocked to the ground, allowing the veteran and rookie Navi to advance and apply what looked to be some form of handcuffs. A surge of blue light surrounded the three captured Navi and they vanished in flash of light.

"That's three," the veteran panted. "We've got their data frozen in stasis for now. It'll allow us to question them before the higher ups decide what to do."

"That was close," the rookie admitted. "But we turned it around in the end. Shall we move further in?"

FlamerA: Capture'D!
FlamerB: Caught'D!
OilNavi: Tooken'D!

Veteran: 150
Rookie: 91
Freya.Exe: 120
Mask.SP: 70

Terrain: 60% Grass, 40% Normal

Rewards: Firehit1, 200z
Picking up her rewards from the fallen foes, Freya could only help but nod at the conversation, the only thing she could have added to it was Lets get going then. More evildoers to capture, more people to save.
"Sounds good," the Rookie responded. "I want to catch as many of these crazies as possible."

"Just be careful," the Veteran warned. "It seems obvious that these guys are packing serious heat. This could turn into a war zone if we don't handle this correctly."

"Where do you think these guys got all their weapons, anyway?"

"Mafia most likely. They are supposed to be backing this group."

"These bastards don't even realize that they are being used. All of their passion is being manipulated to drain our resources so the Mafia can move easier."

"Well, that's why we are cutting off the head here and now. This way we won't have to deal with a bunch of small pockets of terrorists. And if we can capture a major Mafia player? All the better."

The group continued deeper into the base, chaos raging around them as NetPolice Navi battled with groups of radicals. To their left, Freya could see a lone radical slip into a large building, a metal door sliding shut behind him. The lone Navi didn't seem important, just someone trying to escape the fighting. However, there was no intelligence on what was contained in the building. To her right, Freya could see two NetPolice officers escorting another radical between them. The group was heading toward the gates that lead outside the compound. The criminal was bound with a pair of cuffs and looked rather weak. Freya noticed that the two officers were wearing the same crimson armbands she had seen earlier. A building stood about ten yards in front of Freya. She thought she recognized a Navi crawling along the top of the building, moving silently toward what looked to be a skylight. Freya might recognize the Navi as a member of the Prosecutions taskforce.
Watching the navi duck into the bunker, Freya couldn't help but feel like something was going on, but she couldn't ditch her squad to find out and possibly be deleted in the process. She'd have sent Mask after the navi, but she wasn't strong enough to hold her own in a battle, even if it was a 1 on 1 battle with a navi.

Guys. I just saw a navi duck into a building. Freya said as she pointed at the metal door the navi ducked into. I'm not sure if it's worth checking out or not however. Something tells me something big is going to happen soon.
"That sounds promising," the Veteran remarked as Freya outlined what she witnessed. "Maybe there is a secret escape route in the building, or perhaps some important documents."

"Maybe we'll even find MorphMan," the Rookie chimed in.

"I hope not. We are no match for him without backup from the Prosecutions squad."

The trio plus SP moved toward the building. No one seemed particularly interested, preoccupied by their own battles as they were. The veteran and rookie stood at either side of the door, weapons drawn. The rookie grabbed the handle and twisted, throwing the door open and stepping back so that the veteran could enter. With no immediate reaction from within, the two NetPolice officers entered the building.

From the doorway, Freya could see that the building was a warehouse of sorts. It was filled with stacks of boxes that created a maze within the dimly lit room. No doubt there was some important data stored in the room. There was a sound off to the left and Freya thought she saw a shadow disappear behind a stack of boxes. There were multiple aisles that made their way through the stacks and the shadow disappeared into the aisle closest to the left wall. The other aisles might lead to the same spot, though there was no guarantee considering the size of the bunker and the amount of shadows. Of course, it was also possible to scale the boxes and use the height as a vantage point.
Hmmm...interesting. Freya mumbled as she looked over the area, crates stacked high up, a nice vantage point for her to act as lookout. But, with Morphman running around, they couldn't be too careful. I'll act as Lookout, these crates are a good vantage point. Commander, I think you and Rookie should take a look around together, but, we should have something to identify each other should Morphman be here. Freya said. She waved her hand a little and out of thin air, two, smooth, wooden armbands with the symbols for Nature carved into them, easy for Freya and her cohorts to identify. Wear these. It'll be easy to identify each other this way should Morphman think he can copy our appearances. Freya explained as the same symbols appeared on her left arm, freshly "carved" into her arm.

What about me Puppet? Not that I think your plan is going to work or anything. Mask sneered at her owner, waiting for Freya's comeback. You get to stand guard here. And I don't intend to leave you defenseless either. Jack, Rageclaw2 if you please. Freya said before asking her netop. A swift click from her PET indicated the slot-in, Freya then put her hand on Mask's head and transferred the data into her body. Use it if you get into trouble. Alright, I'm going to my position, contact me if you find anything. Freya said as she sent some info towards the two so they could contact her if need be as she began to climb and jump up the stacked crates in an attempt to get to the top, Mask went to her position and proceeded to wait.
Freya headed up top, climbing onto the boxes in order to afford herself a better view. Mask stood guard, harnessing Freya's loaned battlechip data as a weapon. The veteran NetPolice Navi and his rookie partner headed into the stacks, each taking a separate aisle while keeping Freya's pile between them.

Freya could see the area immediately around her down both isles. The darkness still prevented her from piercing the shadows deeper in the building. Was that movement within the darkness ahead of the veteran? Was that a rustling behind her?

"Heh," the voice seemed to come from every direction. "I didn't think anyone would willingly walk into this room. I applaud your courage."

It was a man's voice, though soft and with a sinister edge. Freya couldn't see its source, though she had to assume it was coming from within the shadows.

"Heads up rookie," the veteran warned.

"Got it," the rookie responded. "What do you thi-"

The rookie was cut off by a obsidian bolt of energy that shot out of the darkness. The rookie barely dodged the beam, slamming his back against the wall to his right. He responded by firing off a few rounds into the shadows. The flash from his gun muzzle revealed still move boxes, but the assailant was no where to be found.

"Damn it," the rookie muttered. "Where the hell is he?!"

???: ???hp

Veteran: 150hp
Rookie: 91hp
Freya.Exe: 120hp
Mask.SP: 70hp [RageClaw2 Equipped]

Objects: Various walls of boxes situated into aisles. There are five aisles total and they reach deep into the building. Freya is situated on one such wall while the NetPolice are standing in the aisles immediately to her left and right.

Terrain: 100% normal; however, the room is dimly lit. Visibility is reduced beyond a 10 foot radius.