Home Ground

A teleporter pad in the Yumlandian network shone yellow as it was activated, transporting the Navi, Terra.EXE into the area. Taking in a deep breath, she surveyed the area, smiling as she found it to be the lush and fertile land she was expecting it to be. Scarlet opened up a communication screen in front of her Navi, grinning. "How do you like it?" she said.

"Nice," Terra answered.

Scarlet responded with a smile in return as Terra walked forward in search of any adversary.

[Battle 1 - Ready]
The niceness of the scenery was soured by a foul aroma. Terra tried to walk away from it but ended up turning the wrong corner and running into a giant mound of something brown speckled with yellow flecks that looked like corn. Thankfully, she stopped short of actually running into it. It was an enormous pile of poo that was almost as tall as she was. It begged the question of what could have possibly made it and why she was still staring at it. The smelly mass suddenly jiggled and three BombCorns popped out.

Terra had a fight on her hands - A fight to suppress her gag reflex.

BombCornA: 70 HP
BombCornB: 70 HP
BombCornC: 70 HP
Giant Poo: 200 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Terra: 150 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
Terra walked quietly along the grassy fields of the Yumland network, silently appreciating the sprawling natural beauty around her. Her operator, Scarlet, started to take a walk herself around the Yoka Inn's flower gardens, keeping a holoscreen near her for some leisurely operating. The Navi inhaled the smell of freshly growing grass, savoring every little-


Suddenly, an unpleasant contamination made her immediately cover her nose and mouth with her hand. Attempting to back away only made the smell stronger for some reason, after which Terra halted quickly in her tracks. The horrific smell interfered somewhat with her ground-based senses, so she couldn't pinpoint the exact source of the olfactory offender. She knew it was very close to her, but she couldn't see anything in front of her. A realization struck her, and she immediately leapt forward and turned around.

There, behind her, was a huge pile of steaming corn-filled dump.

Having been conceived not a few days before, she had never seen something like it. She knew from the smell, however, that it repulsed her. From the looks of it, Terra assumed it wasn't something inorganic, but still, she didn't like it one bit. Bile rose in her throat, and she struggled to keep it down. It would never do to bother Scarlet with this kind of affair, she thought. Her mind worked on how to lessen the assault on her senses, and an idea presented itself as the best way.

Using her free hand to draw up some earth, she used it to make a small mask over the lower part of her face. Building up a defense against the smell, Terra could then breathe a little easier, and she didn't feel like throwing up any more. Terra could still detect the smell through small pores in the mask, and she was quite in a hurry to leave. She'd leave the... unpleasant sight behind her, and continue on her way to find some viruses.

Of course, that part of the plan was slightly put off when a trio of viruses appeared right in front of her. From her observations, they were of the same composition as some of the brown substance in front of her. Her eyes widened and she leapt quickly away from the group. Then, she realized what she was doing, and stopped; she was here to destroy some viruses, wasn't she? Why not destroy the ones that made the big mess in front of her?

Behind the mask, she smiled slightly. Accessing her newly recoded signature processes, she found a new process, named "Shock Pulse 1". Figuring anything was good, the attack was quickly loaded into her memory as she extended her hand forward. Focusing on the soil beneath the corn viruses, Terra caused the grass to wither away, leaving the soil beneath. Then, activating the attack in her memory, she picked a point in the middle of the viruses.

Terra then drew back to watch as the ground suddenly rippled from the point, erupting in a powerful sonic pulse. The Navi had positioned it as strategically as possible so as to reduce the potential poop flung in her direction, but she was ready to evade any of it that did go her way.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Scarlet was looking at her shoe with a look of disdain. "Oh, ew," said Scarlet. "Stepped in something."

[1] Retreat from giant dump [Dodge] [+5HP]
[2] Terraform: Fertile Soil @ BombCorn Area [Large Soil Terrain] [+5HP]
-- Geomancer @ Shock Pulse 1 [Soil: Wood]
[3] Terraforce: Shock Pulse 1 @ BombCorn Area [Wood 40 + Blast2 + Ground] [x2 Soil] [+5HP]
[4] Evade possible fecal aftermath [Dodge] [+5HP]
Fortunately for Terra, the Bombcorns hadn't scattered from their initial positions and were all caught by the isolated earthen tremor. The group was collectively assailed by the rampant growth of large briars and thorns that punched up before retreating back into the ground that spawned them. Unfortunately, the verdant explosion also hit the poop and sent a chunk of it flying into the air.

It was a good idea Terra decided to perform that extra dodge as it landed right where she had been standing. A Battlechip and some zenny were waiting for her to collect though she made a mental note regarding her rewards: "Wash before using."

Giant Poo: 120 HP [grass]

Terrain: 70% Grass, 30% Soil

Terra: 150 HP [grass]

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 300z + Cornshot1
Terra's face showed a bewildered look as the large mound of poop came flying towards her. Leaping to the side, she managed to evade it before it soiled any part of her. ...Nngh." She definitely saw the reward packet somewhere near the original explosion site, but she also didn't want to get anywhere near it; she wanted to get away from there as quickly as possible. Thinking for a moment, she thought of a pretty obvious solution. Forming one of her rock-fists, she carefully picked out the packets from a safe distance, then watched the packets transfer over to the PET. Then, she retreated well away, taking off her mask once she was sure she was far away enough.

Scarlet went to wash her shoes in the meantime, grumbling on how stray cats should be put to sleep and the like. She looked to the side at her operation screen, and saw that some reward packets had been transferred through. "Hey, Terra, you went through a battle without me," said Scarlet, slightly miffed that she had missed it. The operator did notice something else, too. "Also, uh, you have something in your hair."

Terra's face went blank as she frantically scampered through her hair.

[Battle 2 - Ready]
Terra stumbled across another strange sight as she explored the network: A group of pitch black navis bumbling around aimlessly. On closer inspection, Terra could see they weren't navis at all, but crude two dimensional mockeries. It took a moment but she recognized them as the performing acrobats from that odd RNG recruitment kiosk she encountered with Durandal earlier. It was strange to see them unchaperoned and so lethargic. Perhaps they had been abandoned by their owners. They continued to wallow through the dirt and mud unhindered and unbothered by the filth with some unknown agenda in mind. They were slowly spreading away from one another, forming an expanding pentagon. Terra wasn't sure if they whether they were a threat until one of them stopped moving and activated something, converting a huge section of the floor to... Glass? She looked around and couldn't see anyone else who might be orchestrating this but if she didn't do something, her beloved homeland was going to look a lot more foreign.

1D2A: 50 HP [Glass]
1D2B: 50 HP [Glass]
1D2C: 50 HP [Mud]
1D2D: 50 HP [Soil]
1D2E: 50 HP [Mud]

Terrain: 30% Soil, 30% Mud, 40% Glass

Terra: 150 HP [Soil]

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
Terra's hair was a veritable mess by the time she was finished running through it, and she had only found a rock and some dirt in it. It was a good thing Navis were made of data, as Terra now easily demonstrated by restoring her hair to its earlier state with a flash. She then got on her way, but not for very long as she stumbled on a few strange silhouettes.

"Hm, hey, I think I've seen these before," said Scarlet, pointing to the cutouts. Terra nodded in agreement; indeed, she had seen some of these sentient silhouettes back at the R.N.G. booth in SciLab, though what they were doing there was anyone's guess. She watched them waddle around in the mud pit with some slight amusement. She thought that as nobody seemed to be looking after them, and they were wandering around aimlessly, she could possibly have them for herself.

"You're thinking of something, Terra..."

Terra smiled sheepishly; her operator had her read like a book. She was about to walk up to one of them, when suddenly, she saw that one of them had stopped. She focused on that particular one, and suddenly, she sensed the initiation of a terrain-change process. Now peaked in interest, Terra observed as the 1D2 changed a large part of the floor to glass.

Confused, she thought the action strange, undirected. Perhaps it was some kind of strange plot? Scarlet was thinking along the same lines, and she mulled over it slightly. "Hey, Terra, try talking to one of those things, maybe like, wave an arm in front of them or something," said Scarlet.

Terra nodded, and walked up cautiously to one of the cutouts currently on dry land, and bent down slightly, waving her hand in front of them. "Um, hello?"

[1] Walk up to 1D2D, attempt communication, dodge if necessary
-- Turnsplice --
Terra's greeting managed to catch the attention of all the 1D2s as they simultaneously turned to look at her blankly for a few seconds. The farthest one seemed to lose interest faster than the others and resumed its apparent mission to mess with the landscape. A quick jolt converted another section of the terrain to a spread of red and blue magnetic plates. The others also seemed to waddle on at their own pace. The one closest to her activated a similar program but warped the dirt to a sudden scorching lake of lava!

1D2A: 50 HP [Glass]
1D2B: 50 HP [Glass]
1D2C: 50 HP [Lava]
1D2D: 50 HP [Magnet]
1D2E: 50 HP [Magnet]

Terrain: 40% Lava, 30% Glass, 30% Magnet

Terra: 150 HP [Lava] [-1 action]

Terra suddenly realized that something very, very painful and hot was underneath her feet, and that she would be pretty screwed if she didn't do something about it. Trying hard not to burn her boots, she tapped on the melting ground with the tip of her boot, activating her terrain-change program. The lava then began to solidify into normal rock, which then broke down into soil at a rapid rate.

"Scarlet, some chips would be helpful?" requested Terra.

Now recognizing the 1D2 as harmful, Scarlet nodded and tapped her screen, selecting two of the tiny icons on her screen to send to her Navi for her use. As the data transferred, Terra recognized the Shockwave battlechip data from her earlier skirmish session with Durandal, as well as the old Ratton explosive-type ground chip.

She reached into her inventory space, and pulled out the old bronze mattock she had obtained from the Metool from her very first fight. Seeing her reflection in the extremely well-polished metal she had painstakingly taken ages to perfect, she felt a shame to use it, but lifted it over her head anyway.

Loading the Shockwave battlechip into the mattock, the tool-turned-weapon glowed with all of its original strength condensed into the tip. Terra then brought it down towards the ground with a powerful heave, sending a large shockwave towards one of the cutouts that had so very rudely turned her beautiful soil into burning lava. With luck, it would also hit another positioned near some glass, shattering it to deal more damage.

Without wasting any time, Terra left the mattock stuck in the ground and shifted her focus towards another one near some glass terrain. Gathering some dirt in her hand, she balled it inside a fist and thumped said fist on the ground. In front of her hand, a small hemispherical object popped up from the ground, along with two big silly rat-ears. It then scurried over to the 1D2 of her target, aiming to destroy it with a carefully-placed explosive.

[2] Terraform: Fertile Soil [Large Soil Terrain] {S}
-- Geomancer @ Shockwave [Soil: Wood]
[3] ShockWave @ 1D2C/B [Wood 40 + Line + Pierce + Ground] [Glass Shatter] {C}
[4] Ratton1 @ 1D2A [Null 40 + Homing + Blast1 + Ground] [Glass Shatter] {C}
-- End Turnsplice --
Terra reacted a second too late and was still burned by the lava before it cooled beneath her feet (10). The soil completely replaced all the molten terrain but stopped short of undoing any part of the glass or magnet panels. Terra's Shockwave ripped across the floor but just BARELY missed both the 1D2s she was aiming for, though she managed to crack up some of the glass terrain. What was worse, the act of aggression seemed to trigger a heavy response in the shadows as they all immediately turned on Terra and lost their sense of menial apathy. The two that she had aimed for both leapt through the air with a fair degree of accuracy, with only one landing on her (15). The other three attacked in tandem, soaring through the air. She unleashed her Ratton, but it could only scurry under the acrobatic enemies. Two of the 1D2s landed on top of Terra one after another (15)(15), but the third had been a bit off, slamming onto empty ground. The 1D2s swarmed all over Terra, restricting major movements ((purely fluff)) while trying to ready themselves for another round of berry frops.

Meanwhile, the Ratton reversed course and began to head back towards Terra and the 1D2s...

1D2A: 50 HP [Soil]
1D2B: 50 HP [Soil]
1D2C: 50 HP [Soil]
1D2D: 50 HP [Soil]
1D2E: 50 HP [Soil]

Terrain: 20% Glass, 30% Magnet, 40% Soil, 10% Broken

Terra: 95 HP [Soil]
Ratton: [Homing onto 1D2A]
Terra drew back when she saw the cutouts attacking, but she simply could not evade their advance, and got her face plastered with the paper-like people. They were soon swarming her with their own bodies, and making her quite uncomfortable. "Scarlet! Something here?!" she yelled over the comlink.

Scarlet was panicking, but posing an outward collected appearance. She figured something with a fair bit of recoil would stave off the strange things for a while before some other weaponry could be used. Thus forth, she transferred two chips into Terra's battlechip queue, hoping she would know what to do with them. "Terra, Shotgun, LilBomb, incoming," she said.

As soon as the chip set itself into her queue, she loaded it into her offensive processes and pointed her palm forward. "Get off," she murmured, before a small bit of dirt she had palmed in her hand exploded, creating a powerful concussion blast. Terra was driven back by the sudden eruption, and waved her hand around, as the glove she was wearing was searing with the explosive heat generated.

She knew the Shotgun's ability was not very powerful, and loaded up the Little Bomb battlechip into her processes next. Gathering the chip's force in her foot, she stomped on the ground hard, causing a chunk of earth to pop up. The chunk quickly shaped itself into a rough ball shape, which hovered briefly in the air. The ball did not last in that state, as Terra placed a well-positioned kick and sent it flying towards her enemies. Upon contact with the ground, the ball cracked and shattered explosively into a few thousand shrapnel pieces and a plume of smoke.

As the smoke began to clear, Terra scouted for any survivors of her attacks, and readied herself to dodge and counterattack if need be. Her hand was already balled up into a fist, tensely waiting to show up any persistent resistance with a surprise landmine-esque explosion.

[1] Shotgun @ Any Swarming 1D2 [Null 50 + Spread1] {A}
[2] LilBomb @ 1D2A-E [Null 50 + Blast2] {C}
[3] Dodge [Soil Move Boost]
-- Geomancer @ Shock Pulse [Soil: Wood]
[4] Terraforce: Shock Pulse 1 @ Survivor [Wood 40 + Ground + Blast2] [Soil x2] {B}
From an external perspective, the wriggling black mass of 1D2s was penetrated by a powerful piercing light coming from within that left a gap for Terra to see through (50). With that small space, she created and kicked a bomb that cleared her out of her predicament with a bang. The explosive ball struck one of the shadows surrounding her, engulfing the rest of them in a cleansing light (50) (50) (50) (50). However, in such close proximity, Terra was also caught in the blast (50) and suffered greatly for her escape. She wobbed out from the cloud of smoke, her clothes singed and covered in ash. Still under the impression she was being assailed, she attacked empty space in a daze before falling over.


Terrain: 20% Glass, 30% Magnet, 40% Soil, 10% Broken

Terra: 45 HP [Soil]

[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 750z
When did the floor get to her face?

Currently smoking on the ground from an explosive blast was Terra, feeling very, very terrible about herself. She had not expected the blast radius of the bomb she had thrown to be quite that large. She propped herself up slowly, looking around. There seemed to be no more of the malicious cutouts, and Terra was out of harm's way for the moment. She sighed, and started to stand up.

"Terra, you okay?!" blurted out Scarlet over the communication link, causing Terra to lose her balance momentarily.


"-- What?"

"Too loud," said Terra, sticking a finger into her ear.

Scarlet sighed, and chuckled slightly at Terra's remark. "W-Well, anyway, seriously, are you okay?" the operator inquired.

"... I'm fine," said Terra, before stumbling slightly on her feet. "... But a break of a few minutes would be appreciated."

"You sure? I could just stop, I mean, if you don't want to continue," interjected Scarlet, worried.

"... No, continue," said Terra, in a rare act of protest. "Transfer out and back in."

Not wanting to start a fight, Scarlet relented, and transferred the Navi out of the network to her PET, ready to be repaired for her damages.


After a few minutes of reparation and recovery, Terra beamed back down at the original area she was in earlier. Nodding to Scarlet, she walked out towards the unknown, making sure she was not going back to the site of her first battle and avoid a rather unpleasant return. "Careful out there, all right?" her operator cautioned, to which she displayed a thumbs-up of assurance.

[Reset Battle Counter, Full HP Recover]
[Battle 1 - Ready]
Terra soon found two small bear-like viruses rubbing an Elmperor, maybe in an attempt to coax out a genie. The Elmperor, unable to move and unwilling to retaliate, sat their and took their abuse. It was kind of an awkward moment when the Teddys realized they had been discovered by Terra.

They brandished their claws as if to say, "No one must know about this..."

Elmperor: 100 HP [lava]
TeddyA: 100 HP [grass]
TeddyB: 100 HP [grass]

Terrain: 95% Grass, 5% Lava

Terra: 150 HP [grass]

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
Stumbling on a strange sight, Terra decided to observe it from a safe distance. It seemed that the bear-like viruses were trying to coax something out of the lamp-shaped one. She figured she could engage the viruses with an advantage in surprise, but that was thrown out of the question when the Teddy viruses spotted her and started to approach her.

"Scarlet?" inquired Terra.

"Corn Shot, Little Bomb. That all right?" replied Scarlet.

Terra nodded, and the operator sent in the chips without much fanfare. "Transferring," she informed. Activating the Corn Shot data, the Navi began to backpedal very slowly, gathering some earth in hand. Concentrating it into the shape of a bullet, she formed a mock gun with her right hand, two fingers forward, and pointed it at the Teddy viruses. Then, pulling an imaginary trigger, she sent the dirt mound in her hand flying, a gunshot sound cracking forth from her hand.

Meanwhile, with her left hand, Terra discreetly formed another weapon, this time in the shape of a round flat cylinder. She then pressed a button on top of it, causing a small pulsing red light to appear at its center. Quietly, she dropped the explosive she had formed on the ground, making sure it was hidden in the tall grass.

Remembering her last escapade with the Little Bomb battlechip, Terra then started to speed up her backpedaling, to the point of a fast walk. If she timed it right, by the time the Teddy approached that spot, the bomb would either detonate from underneath them, or behind them, depending on how fast they moved.

Observing the battle, Scarlet noticed that they had completely forgotten about the lamp-shaped virus earlier. From its stand on lava, it might be a foreign virus, and thus more powerful. It also didn't help that lava was of the fire element, which could potentially mean disastrous consequences for her Navi. "Hmm... What about that virus in the back, Terra? You want to give it a shot?" she asked.

"MarkCannon," replied Terra, nodding in return.

"Quite the strategist, aren't we," commented Scarlet, chuckling as she sent in the MarkCannon2 battlechip. Terra stopped in her running, and pointed her hand towards the lush grass on the ground. She incited an unnaturally fast rate of growth in the grass, which flowed around Terra's hand, forming the large barrel of a hand-cannon. Pointing it at the Elmperor behind it, the grass bent to her will, locking on to the virus with the MarkCannon's innate enemy-seeking ability. She then fired a large cannonball at the lamp virus, and released the grass from her hold, letting it regress into the ground.


[1] CornShot1 @ TeddyA/B [Wood 50+5 + TrickShot1] {A}
[2] Boobytrap LilBomb @ TeddyA/B [Null 50 + Blast2] {C}
[3] FIRE IN THE HOLE. [Dodge backwards]
[4] MarkCannon2 @ Elmperor [Null 100 + Lock-On + Seeking] {A}
((Even after a 1 rank all around increase for RP, you continue to be the victim of insanely bad rolls.))

Terra's Cornshot zipped by the first Teddy's head and landed in a patch of grass behind it. The special warhead seemed to activate from the impact and rocketed towards the other Teddy, only to zip past its head as well. The two bears ignored the attack and stalked their way towards the navi, who had meanwhile activated a bomb to trap them. She leapt back as it exploded but neither of the Teddies were in range of the relatively small blast either. Both bears pounced with their claws and fangs bared but Terra was well out of range by the time they landed. The Elmperor, relieved to have the Teddies off of it, thanked Terra by shooting a jet of flame at her. It scorched a strip of grass to cinders but stopped short of reaching the navi. Terra countered with a MarkCannon but somehow, a careless misstep caused her to stumble and waste the powerful round.

At the end of the brief exchange, neither side was better or worse than when they had started.

Elmperor: 100 HP [lava]
TeddyA: 100 HP [grass]
TeddyB: 100 HP [grass]

Terrain: 80% Grass, 20% Lava

Terra: 150 HP [grass]
Scarlet looked on at the battlefield with a look of disbelief. All of Terra's attacks had missed in a cruel twist of fate. Perhaps some higher power deemed her unfit for battle- No, of course not. That would be a silly train of thought. Of course, it should be something wrong with her Navi. Pulling up the analysis screen on her Navi, however, revealed nothing of major note. It was not surprising, since the PET's repair systems were expected to bring her up to speed pretty efficiently. Still...

"Terra, is there anything wrong?" asked Scarlet.

"... Nothing," said Terra, in her usual flat monotone. "MarkCannon, please."

Scarlet's face turned serious, as she started to reach for the battle routine disengage button. Even though the vitals screen showed Terra to be at full 100% fighting capacity, Scarlet distrusted that, as she saw how poorly the Navi was doing. "Er- you sure? 'Cause you still look like you're pretty beat up from that battle," she started, her tone of voice showing that she was quite honestly worried about her Navi.

Her Navi's response was less than accepting. Completely disregarding her operator's concern, she continued to state her request, as if nothing had been said. "Scarlet. Mark. Cannon," repeated Terra. Pausing for a bit in thought, she added, "Pulsar and Shotgun, while you're at it."

Scarlet was more than a little irritated, attempting to interpret Terra's stubbornness as mere determination. A tough Navi was a good Navi, she told herself. Even with all that, though, she still couldn't help but be worried as she tapped the three keys to send in the chips requested.

Receiving the chips, Terra eyed the Teddy in front of her with a cold appraisal. Drawing up a large chunk of rock from the ground, she shaped it into a long pillar of earth. The middle then narrowed down to form a ball-and-socket, while the top elongated into a turret head, complete with generously-sized barrel. After making sure its formation was complete, Terra placed her hand on it and transferred two battlechips into it.

The turret then sprang to life, spinning around to meet the Teddies. Terra left the turret to its own devices to try and circle around the Teddy, as it began to lock onto them. Finishing its targeting sequences, it loaded up its first shot; a large cannon round was fired at one. The other was not forgotten, the turret sent blasts of high-intensity sonic waves towards it before disintegrating back into a pile of dirt.

Meanwhile, Terra had her Shotgun data loaded up as she circled the Teddy. Watching the viruses, she stopped in her tracks once they were lined up in front of one another. Pointing her imaginary finger-gun at them, she fired a very real round of buckshot made of dirt, which, despite its humble origins, would probably punch through most viruses.


[1] MarkCannon1 @ TeddyA [Null 70 + Lock-On + Seeking]
[2] Pulsar1 @ TeddyB [Null 70 + Object-Activated Blast2]
[3] Circlestrafe Teddy [Dodge/Align Teddy]
[4] Shotgun @ TeddyA/B [Null 50 + Spread1]
Clearly not pleased with the results of her last assault, Terra waited with impatience for her operator to provide her with more battlechips. When she got them, she promptly formed an earthy turret and began another assault.

In the middle of her strafing run, Terra watched as the turret blasted the first Teddy and nearly knocked it off its feet, though it survived the attack. The subsequent sonic blast dealt similar but less forceful damage and left both viruses in bad shape. Terra moved to personally finish them off but was thrown off by a violent flame engulfing the grassy square she'd just occupied. The earth shotgun's blast managed to clip one of the targeted viruses, but it missed the other completely.

A quick glance at the Elemperor showed that it had been feeling neglected after Terra's attacks. Luckily it would have her full attention in just a moment.

Elemperor: 100 HP [lava]
TeddyA: 30 HP [grass] [enraged]

Terrain: 79% Grass, 21% Lava

Terra: 150 HP [grass]

Proud of her achievement, Terra smiled as she lowered her hand, a graphical trail of smoke emitted from her index finger. She noticed the Teddy coming in with quite the enraged face, and drew back slightly. Now that only two remained on the field, she would finish the battle on a much better note than how she had started it. "Scarlet, Sword," she requested.

Now that her Navi looked to be in much better shape than before, Scarlet had no problem obliging Terra's request, sitting back and sending the chip to her. The Navi smiled as the battlechip was loaded into her systems, pointing her hand forward. Earth gathered at the base of her arm, slowly building up to a long and possibly quite sharp object; a lightly-built arm-mounted blade was brandished not a few moments later.

Terra then dashed forward towards the Teddy, and executed a spinning slash towards the virus with her armblade. Using the spin as a source of momentum, she continued to circle aroudn the Elmperor in her sight, slowly closing in on it and making sure to watch out for any signs of the virus's lava-creation attacks.

Soon, she was within range of the lamp virus, which was, of course, her cue to start up a few spincut techniques, turning it into a sort of swords dance. Graceful and deadly, Terra leapt about with her weapon, waving it about with a serene look on her face.


[1] Sword @ TeddyB [Null 80 + Slashing] [5/6]
[2] Continue circlestrafe inwards to Elmperor [Movement]
[3] Sword @ Elmperor [Null 80 + Slashing] [4/6]
[4] Sword @ Elmperor [Null 80 + Slashing] [3/6]
The snarling Teddy lunged at Terra as she charged forward to intercept. A quick spin distracted the Teddy's aim just enough for Terra to strike first and delete her target. She set to work on the Elmperor next and lashed out with her blade, dealing significant, but not deadly damage to the virus (80). The Elmperor was quick to retaliate and blasted a jet of flame at Terra. She wasn't fast enough or wary enough to avoid it and endured a heavy blow, enhanced by the terrain and her natural elemental weakness (20 x 3). However, before the lava could set in and scald Terra even more, she moved away and delivered the finishing blow to the Elmperor.

Elemperor: DELETED

Terrain: 74% Grass, 26% Lava

Terra: 90 HP [lava]

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 400z + ElementalRage1