Do they have tennis courts here?

Tennisman's first steps into the world of Yumland Net were fairly pleasant. An aroma of exotic digital foods wafted through the air and a diverse crowd of navis gathered at what seemed to be the entry area for people jacking-in.

"Oh man... Tennisman." Desmond said.

"Yes?" Tennisman replied.

"This stuff is SOOOOO good." Desmond commented.

"What are you referring to?" asked Tennisman.

"Vif fop haf FWEE FAMPOFE!" said Desmond, his voice distorted from talking with his mouth full.

Tennisman wasn't sure how to reply and decided to walk around some more and see what this net had to offer. However, his expedition was cut short when he heard the sound of a navi crying for help. None of the other navis in the vicinity seemed to be bothered by it but Tennisman had to help if he could. He ran to the source of the pleas hoping that he could get there in time.

((Battle 1))
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Tennisman dashes towards the sounds of a navi in distress, and he sees a NormalNavi about 100ft away. The navi has been surrounded by a group of viruses! The Navi seems to have taken some damage, but otherwise okay. The viruses ignore Tennisman's approach and continue to tighten the circle formed around the Navi.

Viruses Identified!

BeeTankA: 50HP
BeeTankB: 50HP
BeeTankC: 50HP
Spikey: 90HP

NormalNavi: 60HP (surrounded by above viruses)

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Grass (the grass panels become more frequent as you approach the virus group)

Tennisman.EXE: 190HP

-<Battle #1. Save the Navi! Ready, Serve!>-
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Tennisman arrived at the scene just in time to watch as the group of viruses surround the navi. As much as he wanted to tear into them with balls blazing, there was a hostage and this needed to be treated relatively delicately. Fortunately, he had just the chip for the job.

"DESMOND!" Tennisman snapped at his operator.

"Whuh?" he answered.

"Send me the V-Gun!" Tennisman yelled.

Desmond moaned, "Buh whuh abou..."

"NOW!" Tennisman barked. He was intensely serious.

His arm cannon warped into the familiar Shotgun shape but had a different feel to it. Tennisman took aim at the Beetank directly in front of the navi and prayed that Desmond didn't load a Shotgun chip instead. He fired and heard a shriek. There wouldn't be enough of the navi left to save if he stopped to check what had happened and simply trusted his instinct that the attack hadn't harmed her.

"I require Minibombs!" Tennisman continued before calling out to the navi, "GET DOWN!!"

In retrospect of the situation, an AreaSteal would have been a better investment than a second Windracket. As an extra precaution to continue his assault, a pair of Minibombs were deftly served at both of the other Beetanks. In Tennisman's mind, only the Spikey remained.

Tennisman's voice changed, "Windracket."

"AW YEAH." Desmond exclaimed, the food finally cleared from his mouth.

Tennisman strode towards the Spikey with a sense of purpose. A cloak of wind engulfed him as he made his way forwards and charged his own racket with the chip data. The feeling of compatibility was phenomenal and he felt invincible as the air continued to churn around him. There was no way he would be ignored by the viruses now. He gripped the handle tightly as more data poured in and augmented his racket's innate powers to new levels. The gusts abruptly stopped and Tennisman knew it was ready. He stopped, pulled back his arm and lowered his stance as if to strike with a sword.

In a perfect unison of voices between both navi and operator, Tennisman dashed forward and swiped at the Spikey.


A furious explosion of compressed air burst around him sending dust and random fliers in all directions. Blades of grass were ripped from their roots and blown away along with the remaining smoke from the V-Gun and Minibombs. A veritable crater of cleaned panels surrounded Tennisman.

Tennisman breathed in heavily and checked to see if the Navi had survived the attack.

1 - V-Gun BeeTankB (50 dmg + V splash)
2 - Minibomb BeetankA (60 dmg)
3 - Minibomb BeetankC (60 dmg)
4 - Windracket Spikey (100 dmg + knockback)
The navi screamed as the lead BeeTank charges the navi. It was only a couple feet away by the time it was hit smack in the back with a V-Gun. The spray of metal shrapnel from the blast traveled diagonally outward from the virus in "V" formation, leaving the NormalNavi completely unharmed. The metal corpse of the virus exploded into harmless bits of data as the Navi dropped to the floor in fear. Two small minibombs detonate next to the other two Beetanks, destroying them both. The Spikey, realizing the Navi certainly wasn't as much of a threat as this unknown attacker, jumped over the Navi to charge at Tennisman. It ran about a dozen feet forward and leaped towards Tennisman, only to be blown out of the sky with the help of Tennishman's racket.



NormalNavi: 60HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Grass (the grass panels become more frequent as you approach the virus group)

Tennisman.EXE: 190HP
Rewards: LilBomb, 50z
Tennisman extended a hand to the navi and asked, "Are you alright, miss?"

The navi looked around her surroundings and realized that she had been saved. She took Tennisman's hand in hers and got up off the ground. She took another quick survey of the area to make sure she was safe before suddenly hugging him tightly. Tennisman wasn't sure what to do and held his arms out like a mannequin while her arms were wrapped around him.

"Shenki! Shenki!" The navi cried.

"I am... Glad that you are unharmed." Tennisman replied awkwardly.

"Oh!" The navi said in shock, "You are not from Yumland? No?"

She had a heavy accent but was able to speak some English. Tennisman explained how he had merely just arrived and had come to her aid when he heard her cries for help.

"I is not as good? Yeah? Virus attack many times this week. Always trouble." She explained to the best of her ability, "Is not bad place, Yumland. People is too... Busy. Too loud."

"I heard you." Tennisman said.

She interrupted, "Not blame people! Please! Is good place! Virus too many now. But not always."

Tennisman detected a subtle sadness in her voice but didn't have enough information to know what why. He nodded at her words and slowly replied "I will do my best to delete viruses in this area."

Immediately, the sombre mood on her face disappeared and was replaced by a wide smile. Tennisman found himself on the receiving end of another hug.

"Shenki! Shenki tora!" She said again. Tennisman could only assume it meant 'thank you'.

When she let him go, Tennisman began to walk away and waved good-bye to the navi.

"Wait!" She said, "Your name?"

He looked back and answered, "Tennisman."

She smiled again and bowed, "Shenki Tennisman! I am Jadia! Please come see me again!"

Tennisman nodded and continued deeper in the grassy area, hoping to find the source of the apparently recent viral infestation.

((Battle 2))
Virus attack!

BoomerA: 60HP
BoomerB: 60HP
KilbyA: 90HP
KilbyB: 90HP
VineyA: 80HP
VineyB: 80HP

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Grass

Tennisman.EXE: 190HP
The next batch of viruses were merely roaming around in an empty part of the net. The terrain had gotten grassier and there were far fewer navis this far out. Tennisman wasn't entirely familiar with these viruses and that bothered him but they didn't look too difficult to deal with.

"LilBomb." Tennisman said.

The chip data materialized and he held it in his hand for the first time. It was a little smaller than a Minibomb but also heavier. He was curious how it would explode. Tossing it up and arching back his racket, he smashed the bomb forward right between the two bushy-looking virii. The explosion was definitely larger than what he was used to. A large fiery hemisphere engulfed the point where he had been aiming and dissipated as quickly as it appeared.

"Wow. Didn't expect that." Desmond noted.

Tennisman thought he saw movement in the dust shroud covering the Kilbys and readied an Ace Serve.

"Wait," Desmond said, "I upgraded Ace Serve while you were out. You can do 4 balls now."

Tennisman nodded and let the pre-programmed action take its course. True enough, another ball was queued up into the air and met with a flurry of perfect swings. Two pairs of tennis balls shot to each Kilby silhouette.

"These guys are all wood types." Desmond said, "I thought you would have wanted all the Heatshots."

Tennisman shook his head and uttered "Netpl-"

"WAIT! Waitwaitwaitwait." Desmond interrupted.

Tennisman paused and asked, "Did you reprogram Netplay as well?"

"....Yes." Desmond admitted, "Don't use it yet! You don't need it!"

It was hard to battle without knowing his enemies' abilities, but it was even harder without knowing his own. Tennisman rubbed his head and said, "Describe to me what you have done while you slot in Heatshots."

"Okay." Desmond replied.

The first Heatshot loaded and was directed at the Boomer. It snapped open its jaws to launch a boomerang prompting Tennisman to open fire in return.

"You know the old Netplay bounced back damage, right? The NEW Netplay can only block one shot BUT! But. Listen. It takes that energy and HEALS you!" Desmond explained.

Tennisman wasn't pleased to hear that his signature move, once defensive and offensive, had now been weakened to sustain only a single hit and was incapable of returning damage at all. The second Heatshot loaded.

Desmond continued, "Also: you can return attacks."

This caught Tennisman's interest. He aimed at the Viney. It looked back at him with blank eyes as it wriggled.

"Like anything that tries to hit you, you can just return it with your racket." Said Desmond, "Oh! Even better, you can use a junk ball to steal health but it won't be as strong as if you just used a reflex volley."

"Understood." Tennisman replied as he unloaded the Heatshot.

1 - LilBomb between KilbyA and KilbyB (50 dmg + blast 2)
2 - Ace Serve KilbyA and KilbyB (2 x 20 dmg each)
3 - Heatshot BoomerA (40 dmg x 2 + spread 1)
4 - Heatshot VineyB (40 dmg x 2 + spread 1)
The LilBomb/Ace Serve combo KOs the two Kilby viruses and he fires off a HeatShot directly at the Boomer viruses. The boomers appear to be soon-to-be clumps of ash, but the Heatshot ricochets off the Boomer's large metal boomerang out in front. That must be some tough material! The second Heatshot does a better job by torching the Viney viruses with no problem. Both Boomers fire their boomerangs, striking Tennisman with their sharpened edges. Ouch!

BoomerA: 60HP
BoomerB: 60HP

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Grass

Tennisman.EXE: 170HP
"That virus..." Tennisman said while nursing his wound, "Can only be hit with a counterattack?"

"HAH!" Desmond laughed, "This is PERFECT! Try to use a Reflex Volley on one and Junk Ball the other!"

Tennisman agreed and accessed the new abilities Desmond had just described. Something in his mind clicked and he felt his reaction time improve dramatically. He could almost 'see' the maximum range of his racket wrap him like a bubble. If anything entered this sphere, he was sure he would be able to return it.

"Cannon and Shotgun." Tennisman said.

"Yep!" Desmond complied, "I can't wait to see this in action!"

1 - Reflex Volley (1-hit barrier + 20 damage)
2 - Junk Ball (1-hit barrier + 10 drain)
3 - Cannon the weaker one (40 damage)
4 - Shotgun the stronger one (50 damage + spread 1)

((They actually block all attacks directly in front of it, ergo you could flank them, but I guess a counter attack would work too.))

The two Boomers attack, having both attacks bounce off two consecutively raised barriers and dealt two specialized tennis ball-based attacks. Before the boomerangs could return, they were quickly deleted by a cannon and a shotgun blast.



Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Grass

Tennisman.EXE: 180HP
Rewards: Boomerang1
"I forgot to tell you," Desmond added, "You can make it sandy or grassy in a pretty large area. I call it 'Court Change'."

Tennisman thought about all the different innate attacks that were now at his disposal in addition to his collection of chips. The Boomers had succumbed to his return shots but as he suspected, his retaliation was only as powerful as any one of his Ace Serve balls. At the very least he was able to restore himself with the second shot.

"Hey, is that new chip data?" Desmond asked.

Tennisman looked over and saw a glowing green core from where the last Boomer had been hovering. Indeed, it had left behind something in its wake. Tennisman picked it up and analyzed it.

"Boomer1." He said.

Tennisman could hear Desmond clap twice, "NICE."

There was nothing left for him here and he still was no closer to finding the source of the viruses, but at least he was steadily dimishing their numbers. He treaded off to look for more clues.

((Battle 3))
Tennisman continues forward, and encounters a group of viruses. Wait, are those fire viruses?!?

Warning! Viruses Identified!

BombCornA: 70HP
BombCornB: 70HP
BombCornC: 70HP
NeedlerA: 70HP
NeedlerB: 70HP
NeedlerC: 70HP
DragrinA: 120HP
DragrinB: 120HP

Terrain: 98% Grass, 2% Normal (Both Dragrins have already burned away the grass below them.)

Tennisman.EXE: 180HP

-<Battle #3. Fire on the plains of Yumland! Ready, Serve!>-
"Oh crap," Desmond said, "Watch out for those seahorse guys. 120 HP and we don't have any aqua chips."

What had really caught Tennisman's attention was that the field was now completely covered with grass, working to the Dragrins' advantage. He couldn't risk getting hit by their attacks here and their agile movements made it hard to predict where and when they would attack. The other viruses needed to be dealt with quickly as well or could otherwise prove themselves as more than just a nuisance. But which to deal with first?

"Hello?" Desmond said.

Tennisman was idling too long contemplating strategy. He needed to act. The first thing he could do was access his momentary speed up. He envisioned returning the next attack that came at him, be it a piece of corn, a needle or even a burst of fire. He would be ready for it.

"Heatshots." Tennisman said.

His arm cannon warped and was stocked up with two rounds of explosive fire bolts. He looked to the BombCorn and Needlers and opened fire. The grass beneath his targets burned vigorously and charred the area in a short blaze. Smokey would have been proud.

"The Heatshot chips feel warm," Desmond said, "And by warm I mean they're burning my fingers. We probably shouldn't use them so much."

"We should have four," Tennisman reminded his operator, "If you alternate between pairs, they should have enough time to cool down."

"Mmnmnmnmm..." Desmond grumbled.

Tennisman sighed, "Ringlog."

"What really?" Desmond asked.

"Now." Tennisman replied in a stern voice.

The Ringlog data loaded and took the form of a log; a large cylindrical mass of wood with a small twig sticking out of it. It was no wonder he didn't use it more often. It looked pathetic but at least it would come in handy now. Tennisman had noticed the Needlers traveled in straight forward patterns. If he could stop them from advancing with the log, it would at least buy him a little time to take care of the rest of the viruses. It was worth a shot, specifically a Heatshot in this case.

1 - Reflex Volley (1 hit barrier + 20 damage)
2 - Heatshot BombCornA (40 damage + spread 1) x 2
3 - Heatshot NeedlerA (40 damage + spread 1) x 2
4 - Ringlog NeedlerB (50 dmg)
The two HeatShots explode into a pair of fireballs, enveloping a total of 4 viruses and deleting them. The RingLog rolls across the area and collides with the Needler virus and knocks it to the ground. The two Dragrin viruses stay where they are and launch two spirals of fire towards Tennisman.

His barrier takes the first hit and he counters by plinking the virus in the face with a well-placed tennis ball. As the flames bounce off his barrier, the grass harmlessly burns away. The second heat spiral hits our hero, giving him a good roasting. The last BombCorn fires a large corn kernel that explodes on Tennisman's shoulder.

BombCornC: 70HP
NeedlerB: 20HP
DragrinA: 100HP
DragrinB: 120HP

Terrain: 97% Grass, 3% Normal (Both Dragrins and Tennisman are on the only Normal panels)

Tennisman.EXE: 120HP

The force of the two attacks were painful but he was satisfied with being able to block the Dragrin's spiral of fire. His doubts that his racket wouldn't be able to handle it were wiped clean and only confidence filled his being.

Tennisman brushed himself off and made a swiping motion with his free hand while he spoke, "Netplay."

His springy net popped up from the ground. He thought it looked exactly the same as the old Netplay except the posts that held it up looked thinner and more metallic. He shook it off as merely aesthetic changes that wouldn't interfere with its functions.

"What chip do you want?" Desmond asked.

"Ready the Windrackets." Tennisman replied.

"WindracketS?" Desmond repeated, "BOTH of them?"

Tennisman nodded and activated his Ace Serve program.

"This is gonna be sweet..." Desmond trailed off.

The first tennis ball was aimed at the straggler Needler, knocked over by the Ringlog; he hoped it wouldn't be too hard to hit. The second and third balls were served to the last BombCorn that had managed to hit him with a stray kernel. The attack wouldn't be enough to finish it off but he needed to focus solely on the Dragrins next or his plan wouldn't work. He needed more power. The fourth ball descended from its apex and was struck by Tennisman's racket.

Then, a small transfer of energy occurred in that short moment of contact. His desire to win and will to survive channeled into the ball within a fraction of a second. The ball shifted colours and rocketed directly at the virus with a sudden speed boost, leaving behind a neon green trail. He recognized this ability but never wanted to depend on it, worried of what long term use would do to him. Sadly, he was rarely in control of when it activated.

Tennisman moved up to close the distance between the Dragrins and himself. He stepped off his freshly cleared panel and back onto the soft cushy grass. As a calculating tactician, he had already prepared a Junk Shot to take care of the next incoming attack and was willing to take out his own net if necessary. This next attack would end it.

1 - Netplay (1-hit shield + 60 heal)
2 - Ace Serve NeedlerB (20 damage), BombCornC (3 x 20 damage + 10 untapped potential)
3 - Junk Shot (1-hit barrier + 10 drain)
4 - Move in closer
Tennisman heals himself and puts up a barrier before deleting both the Needler and BombCorn with his Ace Serve attack. The two Dragrins attack; the first attack destroying his barrier, the second was countered with a tennis ball strike. Tennisman then advanced on the remaining two viruses.

DragrinA: 100HP
DragrinB: 100HP

Terrain: 97% Grass, 3% Normal (Both Dragrins on Normal panels)

Tennisman.EXE: 190HP
((The DragrinB should be at 110.))

"Windracket's not enough!" Desmond said, "One of them'll live and hit you back!"

Tennisman ignored his operator's warnings and maintained his rush, leaving the relative safety of another cleared panel and trampling over the grassy plain. With his racket held tightly in his grip, Tennisman pulled it back and stabbed the ground.

"Court change!" He called out.

A sudden transformation of the field occurred. The greenery all around him began to dry up into a barren brown. Blades of grass shriveled and crumbled under their own weight to give rise to a localized wasteland of digital sand beneath himself and the Dragrins.

Immediately after, Tennisman activated his Windrackets simultaneously. Again, intensifying gusts enveloped him and tossed up grains of sand. He was now within striking range of the viruses and there was nothing left to analyze.

Trails of air and sand churned around his racket in visible patterns as he cried out, "WINDRACKET!"

Tennisman sliced the air cleanly with his racket and brought it full swing against the first Dragrin, sending a crushing torrent of sand and small rocks in its direction. Completing the swipe and continuing his chain of attacks with the second Windracket data, the desert landscape was literally torn up and sent blasting at the second Dragrin with an overkill of power.

The winds circled around Tennisman in a small funnel that quickly exploded in size. A sandy vortex rose high above the land and reached into the sky, barely touching it before completely losing its momentum and shattering. The sand data shattered into nothing as it fell back down to the ground in a disintegrating precipitation of dust.

"...Holy. Panels." Desmond said.

Tennisman was worn out and tried to control his breathing. He didn't want to admit to the ever-present nagging feeling that his attacks missed but always prepared just in case. He felt he had enough power to use another Reflex Volley but wasn't sure if he could handle anything else after that display of power.

1 - Court Change clay (sand zone)
2 - Windracket DragrinA (100 damage) x 2
3 - Windracket DragrinB (100 damage) x 2
4 - Reflex Volley (1-hit barrier + 20 damage)
((My mistake.))
The two Dragrins are blown away by the twin WindRackets.



Terrain: 97% Grass, 3% Normal

Tennisman.EXE: 190HP
Rewards: 500z
"Yeah, they're all gone." Desmond said.

Tennisman sighed a breath of relief and disengaged his Reflex Volley. He decided that he wouldn't try that again unless he was very desperate. After a moment's reprieve, Tennisman got back up and was on his way again, rejuvenated by his new healing abilities.

((Battle 4))
More viruses, and they are all fire elementals! This is getting ridiculous!

Warning! Viruses Identified!

TotemA: 80HP (Red Side)
TotemB: 80HP (Red Side)
TotemC: 80HP (Red Side)
CanDevilA: 120HP
CandleA: 40HP
CanDevilB: 120HP
CandleB: 40HP
CanDevilC: 120HP
CandleC: 40HP
DragrinA: 120HP
DragrinB: 120HP
DragrinC: 120HP

Terrain: 90% Grass, 10% Normal (All viruses and candles on Normal panels)

Tennisman.EXE: 190HP

-<Battle #4! The flames get closer! Ready, Serve!>-