Rafael talks to his Navi, Lavaman, before jacking into the port closest to him. He hopes that nothing will go wrong.

"I'm in, Rafael," says Lavaman as he appears in the middle of a plain.

"Now we just have to wait for some action," replied Rafael. "Don't slash yourself this time."

"Don't download Canon and say Shotgun this time," says Lavaman cheekily. "I get ready for a little shot and get blasted against the wall."

"Touche," admits Rafael, and waits.
As LavaMan stood there, talking to Rafael, a trio of fire virii snuck up on the Navi.

Virus Attack:

ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
ChamouC: 60

Lavaman: 100

Battle 1. Start!
"Ah!" says Lavaman as he notices the virii seemingly appear from nowhere. "Looks like we have company!"

"Victims, more like," replied Rafael. "I'm sending in Rageclaw. And yes, I'm sure it's rageclaw."

Lavaman raised his left arm as a furry bear's claw appeared there, looking very out of place next to his armour. Lavaman ran hard and swiped at the first Champu, in a very dramatic way. First, he began to run, then he jumped quite high, and then came down like a ton of bricks on the virii. (Trying not to make this sound like an autohit)

Afterwards, he ran a little and then jumped, laying down on his stomach with his claw aimed directly at the next Champu, and sliding. As soon as he could he rolled out of his line of sliding and readied himself to dodge any attacks.

Rageclaw at ChampuA (40)
Rageclaw at ChampuB (40)
The rageclaw connected with both of its targets, who reeled back in pain from the hits. The remaining one threw a punch, but LavaMan was ready to get out of the way. The flame showed in the Champus' eyes as well as on their fists: they wouldn't let LavaMan get away with it again.

ChampuA: 20
ChampuB: 20
ChampuC: 60

Lavaman: 100
Lavaman's digital eyes shined with glory as he watched the claws sig into his victims, then grunted in triumph as he dodged an attack. Rafael's words sent Lavaman's body into motion.

"Throw them," he said. Lavaman rushed towards Champu A and gripped the little thing severely and painfully hard with his bear claw, launching it towards ChampuB.

"Now, Lavaman, Lavabind!" Rafael said enthusiastically from the real world. Lavaman stood stock still and raised his arms, and at the same time red, glowing arms reached up from the ground and grabbed ChampuC, slamming it into the ground. Without being told, Lavaman jumped towards ChampuC and slashed with all his might, still with his Rageclaw.

Throw ChampuA at ChampuB (20)
Signature Attack - Lavabind at ChampuC (40)(Bind)
Rageclaw at ChampuC (40)
((I know it's tough with Rageclaw, but try not to say you're attacks hit immediately in your post. I'll ignore it this time.))

The Champus seemed to be looking out for Number One: as its ally was chucked, the targeted Champu drew back and uppercutted the incoming virus before it could connect. The unscathed Champu was bound, but the Rageclaw seemed to be to dulled to do any more damage and broke upon impact.

ChampuB: 20
ChampuC: 20 (bound)

Lavaman: 100
(( I tried to make it sound like it was an attempt, sorry. And the bind only lasted a turn, it's gone now ))

Lavaman looked in horror as his rageclaw exploded and the bind was undead, and then grinned as he saw ChampuA was destroyed. Rafael spoke to Lavaman through the PET.

"Throw him, and this time, it's OVERKILL!"

Lavaman reached towards the small virus in front of him and again, launched him across the ground in the direction of ChampuB. Without looking if they connected, Rafael downloaded a battlechip.


Lavaman ran towards his targets, head down. He let off two shots in quick succession, hoping they would land if his throw was off.

Throw ChampuC to ChampuB (20)
Shotgun in the direction of ChampuC and B, alive or deleted. (40)
Shotgun in the direction of ChampuC and B, alive or deleted. (40)]
Both are destroyed.


Lavaman: 100

Rewards: 500z

((Also, Shotguns can only be used once in a battle, unless you have duplicates, of course.))
(( I'll remember that. ))

"Ohh..." said Lavaman. "That felt good. You have time for another round, Rafael?"

Rafael was kicking himself for overusing the RageClaw, but he got over it pretty quickly.

"Bingo," he said. "We can take anything! Bring it on!"
Virus Attack!

PowieA: 60
PowieB: 60
MelodyEXA: 110
MelodyEXB: 110

Lavaman: 100

Battle 2 Start!
"Whoa," said Lavaman as he surveyed his new enemies. "Tough ones."

"We can take 'em!" said Rafael enthusiastically. "Rageclaw!"

Lavaman watched his arm trandsform into a massive bear's claw again. He flexed his new nails abd imagined them ripping virii to shreds.

"Now, take on the big one!" said Rafael with a brand new lust for deletion.

Lavaman ran evasively in the direction of MelodyEXA, swiping hard before moving back and listening to Rafael's directions.

"Maybe Lavabind can help?" suggested Lavaman.

"I was just thinking that," replied Rafael. He watched through his PET as Lavaman performed the same ritual as the previous group of virii. The same virus he had swiped at was instantly bound to the ground. Lavaman used his last action to swipe once more at the binded virus.

Rageclaw MelodyEXA (40)
Lavabind MelodyEXA (40) (Bind)
Rageclaw MelodyExa (40)]
The Melody hoppes out of the way of the first attack, but suddenly two arms reach out of the ground, holding it in place for a follow-up move. Its partner then attacks, jumping on Lavaman.

PowieA: 60
PowieB: 60
MelodyEXA: 30
MelodyEXB: 110

Lavaman: 70
"Dammit!" shrieked Rafael from the real-world Yumland. "I hate it when they hit us."

"We should have done that in a different order, Rafael," said Lavaman. "Let's get it right this time."

"Alright, Lavaman. Try and take that thing down, then we'll go for the other biggy."

Obeying his owner's commands without doubt, Lavaman stalked up btowards MelodyEXA with a very angry look on his face and swiped extremely hard. Whether he hit or not was a different story.

"Canon!" said Rafael, and Lavaman's other arm formed in the shape of a canon which he used very explosively onto PowieB. He then readied himself to move in case of an attack.

Rageclaw on MelodyEXA (40)
Canon on PowieB(50)
Both of Lavaman's attacks strike a virus, deleting the Melody and wounding a Powie. Another Powie attempts to crush Lavaman, but the Navi leaps out of the way just in time. Lavaman was safe for now, but all of the virii had moved into range for a devastating onslaught.

PowieA: 60
PowieB: 10
MelodyEXB: 110

Lavaman: 70
[[ Oh my god. If you were a real life girl, I'd kiss you. TWO MODS IN ONE DAY! WOO! ]]

Lavaman watched as the remaining virii made themelves into a kind of formation, ready to strike. He ran forward and swiped at PowieB, before running back after he saw the looks on their digital faces.

"Whoa, Lavaman, they look ticked," said Rafael. "Take out the little ones and then we can worry about big dude."

Lavaman nodded in agreement and run right up close to PowieA, held the canon on his left arm in the direction of his head and let loose, but before he could see if he managed to hit or not he ran back and readied himself to dodge yet again.

Rageclaw at PowieB (40)
Canon at PowieA (50)
((Needs a summery. Also, only melee weapons can be used more than once and you've already fired the cannon.))
[[ Editing now.

And I used the shotgun this time, this one is the canon, so I won't be editing that one ]]
Whilst waiting for the virii to move, Lavaman thought very carefully about his next manuevres. He could go in there, maybe behind there... He flexed his hand and waited.
Both Powies are struck. One appears over top of Lavaman, but he manages to jump to the side.

PowieA: 10
MelodyEXB: 110

Lavaman: 70
Lavaman jumped to the left, narrowly evading the aerial attack. Trying to keep up speed, he struck out in a stab with his claw towards the midair Powie, then backflipped towards MelodyEXB. About halfway he kicked off from the floor as hard as possible, then waited until his head was directly above MelodyEXB's, and swiped as hard as possible. When he landed he readied for another evasive backflip.

Rageclaw at PowieA (40)
Rageclaw at MelodyEXB (40)