In a burst of light typical to Navis jacking in, SplashMan appeared in Yumland's Net once more. But this time was different, as this time he didn't have to do anything fancy. "Missions are good and all, but it's nice to be able to do what you want to do! And now we can!"

"Yep! Also, I did some chip selling. I sold all those HeatShot chips we've gotten for some cash and a MiniBomb. Not that MiniBomb's a really good chip, but it's got some uses! Or at least I heard it any rate, at least I might actually use it!"

"All right! Hey...that means our folder isn't full anymore!"

"Yeah, but we also got rid of chips we never use! And if we're going to have a full folder, it might as well be with chips we actually don't mind using!"

"Good point!" The Aqua Navi began to walk forward, looking left and right for viruses to oppose. "I'm gonna look around now! Wish me luck!"

(searching for Battle #1)
This is delicious!


ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
MagtectA: 90 HP
MagtectB: 90 HP

Splashman: 140 HP

"There we go! Time for a nice, lag-free battle!" SplashMan clenched his fists, readying himself for the battle. "Uh...there's more of those MagTect things here..."

"...Yeah, we're going to have to see if we can take them out quick!" Sabrina wasted little time in grabbing a chip and inserting it. "You know what's first! Battlechip, WideShot! Slot in!"

"Yep!" The wide mouthed water gun appeared on the Aqua Navi's left arm, and it became pointed at a pair of MagTects and a Champy. After a moment of making sure his aim was correct, he launched the water attack at the viruses. "Wait a sec...that wouldn't work even it did hit! I need something to finish them!"

"I'm already on it!" Another chip got slammed into the PET's top slot. "Battlechip, Vulcan! Slot in!"

The water gun vanished, and was replaced with the machine gun. Starting from the far side, SplashMan began the rapid fire attack, moving his arm along to make sure both MagTect were at least shot at. "Whew, I hope that did it!"

"Don't relax now, there's still those Champy things there! Here, use this!" The third different chip of the turn became a used chip. "Battlechip, Bubbler! Slot in!"

And so, the lesser machine gun made way for a water hose. "Right! Gotta hit them both..." The Navi closed one eye, and did his best to lock onto the fire boxers before releasing a single bubble shot at one of them. "There, I hope that did it..."

"Well, here's a little something just in case something messed up!...Which is possible..." A 4th chip was used; it was also the 4th different type used in the single turn. "Battlechip, Guard! Slot in!

As the yellow shield appeared in front of him, the Aqua Navi ducked behind it, so he wouldn't get wailed on...or at least as much as he would've been otherwise.

[Order of Turn:
1-WideShot chip attack on ChampuC, MagTectA, and MagTectB (80, Aqua)
2-Vulcan1 chip attack on MagTectA (10x2, may hit another virus) and MagTectB (10x1, may hit another virus)
3-Bubbler chip attack on ChampuB (50, Aqua, may hit another virus)
4-Guard1 chip attack (60-, Reflects damage)]
A wide torrent of attacks delete the viruses one by one until none are left.


Splashman: 140 HP

Get: Magbolt1, 300z
"Well, that was quick..." SplashMan, a bit surprised that he actually pulled that off flawlessly, meandered towards the remaining data, and began analyzing it. "Hmm...well, there's some cash here...oh, and a chip!"

"A chip? Well, it's probably not one we're interested in, but it's better than nothing. Send it over!"

"And...done! What is it?"

"Let's see here..." A picture of a MagTect appeared on Sabrina's PET screen, along with the name of the chip. "MagBolt? Never heard of's Elec element, so we won't be using it much. Pretty powerful, though...I wonder if someone else would want it if I put it up for trade?" The young woman placed a blank chip in, and removed it a few moments later as a MagBolt1 chip.

"You should find out! Anyway, since we're all settled, I'm going to keep looking, okay?"

"Knock yourself out!"

"Okay!" SplashMan ventured deeper into Yumland's Net, into territory he had never entered...well, never entered at regular speed, anyway...

(searching for Battle #2)
More viruses.

KilbyA: 90
KilbyB: 90
KilbyC: 90
MetoolEXA: 70
MetoolEXB: 70
MelodyEXA: 110

Splashman: 140

-You ready for this?-
Upon discovering the group of viruses, SplashMan looked over them, uneasy at the prospect of battling them all. "This is gonna be tough, isn't it?..."

"No kidding. Look at those HP totals...this'll be annoying even if we pull everything off that we want to. But, we wanted a fight, and we got one! Ready, SplashMan?"

"As I'll ever be...!"

"Then quit shaking and stand up straight, and let's bust some viruses!" Sabrina reached into her folder and took out a well worn chip, which she promptly placed into her PET. "Let's start strong! Battlechip, WideShot! Slot in!"

The weaponry for the water attack appeared on the Aqua Navi's right arm, which comforted him a bit. "Just focus on attacking...just focus..." He pointed the wide mouthed gun at the trio of bamboo viruses, and let out the Aqua arc towards them.

"Step 1, done. Now finish them off!" Another chip made its way into the place of insertion. "Battlechip, Vulcan! Slot in!"

"I'm on it!" The WideShot made way for the machine gun of non-epic proportions, which soon found itself firing a shot at each of the three Kilby, preferably each of the three weakened Kilby. "There, hope that did it!"

"You know, that Vulcan chip's more useful than I thought it'd be when I got it...wonder how powerful the higher level ones are? Eh, I can worry about that later!" A third chip became the latest to become used. "Battlechip, Sword! Slot in! Take out the Mettaur with it! If they try to hide, flip them over and nail them in one motion!"

The machine gun, much like the water gun before it, made way for a small, yet deadly, blade. Now properly armed to deal with the helmeted ones, SplashMan rushed towards them, and gave them both a lesson in what a Navi with a sword on his arm can do...whether that resulted in deletion for them was yet to be seen. "That's that! So, what do we do with that music note thing?"

"The Melody? Right now, nothing. You'll have to take whatever it does..."

"...I was afraid of that..." The Aqua Navi braced himself, in anticipation of the ensuing pain he would probably feel...

[Order of Turn:
1-WideShot chip attack on KilbyA, KilbyB, and KilbyC (80, Aqua)
2-Vulcan1 chip attack on KilbyA (10, may hit another virus), KilbyB (10, may hit another virus), and KilbyC (10, may hit another virus)
3-Sword chip attack on MetoolEXA (80)
4-Sword chip attack on MetoolEXA (80)]
In a grand display of long-range and short-range attacks, Splashman successfully deleted each of his targets. The Melody bounced around and finally slammed its body right on the water navi's head. Ouch. That's gonna sting later. The impact caused Spalshman's sword to shatter as well.

MelodyEXA: 110

Splashman: 110
"Ahhh..." The force of the Melody's attack caused SplashMan to get knocked clear to the ground. "Ahhhhh..."

"Ouch...that looked like it hurt. Are you all right?"

"Ahhhhhhh...I think so..." The Aqua Navi slowly stood up, only to clutch his head once he did so. "Ow, that smarts!"

"Well, you know what always helps with that? Revenge!"

"How does that help?"

"...I dunno, just work with me here!" Sabrina removed a pair of chips from her side, then slammed them into her PET. "Here, you won't need to use your head much for this! Battlechip, MarkCannon! Double slot in!"

"Good!" The green cannon took form onto SplashMan's right arm, and emitted its usual cursor. Once it seemed to be over the music note virus, a pair of blasts were fired at it, for the sole purpose of deleting it. "That should do it, but what if it doesn't..." He fell back onto the ground, face up.

"You don't have to run or jump to move! If it tries to attack you, just roll or something!"

"...Okay..." The Navi rolled to where he could more easily spot the remaining virus if it remained, in preparation for any extra rolling that may be needed.

[Order of Turn:
1-MarkCannon1 chip attack on MelodyEX (70, may lock on)
2-MarkCannon1 chip attack on MelodyEX (70, may lock on)


Splashman: 110

Get: Guard2, 400z
"Hooray, it worked!...OW!" SplashMan clutched his head, struggling to get up due to a sudden influx of pain. "I'm feeling that attack now..."

"I bet you are...go get our victory data and I'll jack you out, okay? I'll have the PET analyze it, so you don't have to. It's not like we'll be in a hurry, anyway."

"'s okay, I can do it..." The Aqua Navi, still with his hands on his head, slowly walked towards the victory data, then moved his hand onto it, and commenced his analysis. "Okay, let's see...ow...ow...there's chip data in here! Ow! Also cash, ow!"

"Send it over! I'll see what it is!"

"Okay! It seemed like a Guard, but it wasn't..." The data left the Net, and entered the PET uninhibited.

"What? That makes no sense whatsoever..." It did, however, make sense once the chip data's ID showed up. "Guard2? Ohh, so that's why you didn't recognize it! It's an upgraded version of Guard!"

"Really? Neat! Ow...can I jack out already?"

"Go ahead!"

"Thanks!" And so, SplashMan suddenly vanished from Yumland's Net without a trace. Who knew when he'd be back...

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