Mission: Lethal Blizzard Chase!

It was the typical time in the Icy Sharo: a heavy blizzard was upon the net, covering the grounds with thick snows and frosts. Within the thick weather, one could barely see three figures next to what is simply explained as a miniature mountain. On closer inspection, it was the three netofficers waiting for the arrival of Bard and WolfMan...

"Fuck! It's fuck fucking cold!" A loud, annoyed voice single handedly shattered through the whirling winds. It was a NormalNavi entirely covered in red and flame streaks, but it was shivering like none-other as it couldn't take the Sharo's unforgiving cold.

"Calm down man. Why did you even sign up for this mission if you're a fire type!...*sigh*...What an idiot." This time, the voice was much more softer than the last, but the tone of voice was simply...insulting. It was another NormalNavi, but it was a female model dressed in a snowcoat, completely unaffected by the terrain.

"Hey! Take a hike and fucking die! Shit it's cold! Capt'n! When the hell are the two civvies coming!"

"..." On the side was the lone custom navi, dressed fully in what looked to be jacket made fully out of furs of multiple viruses, especially layered in silver Spikey coats. "Just hold on for a little while..."
A piercing howl cut across the area as a shaft of moonlight struck the earth. Wolfman appeared within the pillar of soft light, materializing in Sharo Net with his humanoid GMO already in place. He raised a hand to shield his glasses from the swirling snows and glanced across the area.

"Victor," he asked his NetOp. "Where is the rendezvous point?"

"A little north of your current position. I have placed you within a hundred yards of your escort, but these conditions may be hindering your vision."

Wolfman nodded, closing his eyes and allowing his other senses to take over. He could hear voices amidst the howling wind. They were faint, but confirmed Victor's estimation. Smells reached his nostrils and his nose wrinkled in response as he drew in all of the sensations. There were three Navi waiting for him; two males and one female. There were some other odors as well, things that Wolfman was unable to immediately identify. He shook his head and opened his eyes.

"Should I head out?" Wolfman asked.

"Yes," Victor answered. "There is no point in prolonging the meeting. Be sure to make enough noise to alert them to your presence. We don't want them spooked."

"Alright," Wolfman answered.

The Navi moved forward toward the group that he was supposed to meet. He made sure to labor his breath and to stumble in his movements, making enough noise to alert his new companions to his presence long before he came into sight through the falling snow. As he neared the trio, he slowed and raised a hand in a placating gesture.

"Greetings," he said. "I am one of the Navi sent to aid you in couriering supplies. My Operator is Victor Ulric and I am designated as Garou.Exe. It is a pleasure to be working with you all for this mission."
A music note floated down in the icy winds and landed on the ground. With a quick playing of a music file, and the flash of light, Bard was in the nets. She was in her normal outfit, and as thus was cuddled up in a ball ontop of her disk, shivering in the cold. "I am really really sorry," Leo said for the fifth time. He felt really bad for his navi in this case. Bard could barely move to play her instruments, the thin clothes she normally wore weren't enough to sustain her in his weather. The only thing she could hope for is that the netpolice she would be with would provide her with some better clothing for this adventure.

Bard quickly pulled the piccolo to her mouth and played the song to start her disk. "Tell me which way to go now!" She demanded afte playing the spell.

"To your left about 50 feet!" Leo said, praying that the netpolice would have something to offer her. Bard quickly moved her disk that direction, quickly running into the group of four navi's. She quickly introduced herself and looked at the faces. "Which one of you is my acutal busting partner?" She asked through jittering teeth. "And you nice net police people, do you happen to have anything I can wear thats warmer? Please Please Please?" Bard hoped that had something, this would be the worst mission ever if they didn't.
"That would be me," Wolfman said as he offered Bard a pleasant nod. "You must be Bard. I am Garou.Exe. It is a pleasure to be working with you, though I must say that you are under dressed for this particular assignment."

He turned to the trio of Navi that were to be their escorts.

"Yes, would you happen to have something warmer for my companion to don while we undergo this trek?"
Bard looks to her new teammate. He stood much taller than her, even when she was hovering on her disk. She had to bend her neck upwards to look at him. "My name is in-indeed Ba-Bard." She stuttered through the cold. She looked at her clothes and said, "Not much I can do about my dress, we have never been anywhere near here before. No time to prepare anything warm to wear!" She eyed the navi up and down a few times. He didn't seem to be wearing much that was warm either. "You don't seem to be wearing very warm clothes," She commented.

Bard looked to the netpolice escorts and said, "It really would be nice if you had anything else for me." She didn't wait for a responce as she turned back to Garou. She was addressing everyone when she said this but looked at him, "Don't let this clod shaking exterior fool you, I can more than hold my own."
"I don't doubt it," Wolfman laughed as he spoke. "I have heard of your capabilities from Cypher. As for my own defense from the cold, um, let's just say that these clothes are warmer than they look."

Wolfman turned to the rest of his companions, eyes gazing across the area in the process.

"So, I was told we will be aiding you in transporting cargo. Is this correct?"
"Why of course."

The coated navi walked towards Bard with one of his arms stretched forward, materializing a pair of comfy snow coat similar to the one that the netofficer was wearing. Once giving the navi the time to wear it, the "Capt'n" navi began to talk with a gentle voice. "So you are the two civilian navis from the GNA. I thought it was strange for them to get people like you involved in this type of mission...but it is harsh times and us Netpolice needs all the help we can get."

He placed his right hand towards the two and let out a small smile underneath the thick hood. "We apologize that we didn't introduce ourselves. However, this mission is very classified and the three of us are using different aliases along with a GMO...For the time being, just call me Captain." "Crimson." "Ocean."

"How about we go inside for now. The weather isn't going to be better anytime soon." Captain widened his left palm to bring up a holographic circle with a picture of a key depicted on the middle. He spun it with his right and caused the grounds to shake for a good second or two, opening what looked to be a black hole just behind the navis. "Fina-fucking-ly, Capt'n! Hey! Get inside before my ass falls off from frostbite!"


Inside was completely dark and almost creepy, but it was definitely better than the blizzard outside. One could barely see their own hands within the darkness, but a sound of a clap turned on the light and revealed a large storage room, piled with almost unlimited data cards. "This is only the storage room, let's go up to the real room, shall we?"
Bard quickly grabbed for the coat and slipping it on quickly. As she zipped it up, the expression on her face slowly melted away as her boy heat was collected and warmed her quickly. She looked to the navi which gave it to her, and a huge smile crossed her face. "Thank you so much! This is already so much better." Bard studied each face as she listened to the navi talk. What kind of mission did I get myself into if it is so classified that the netpolice officers have to wear GMO's? Bard learned each of their names and carefully studied their fake faces in the process in case she needed them for anything. Her eyes glanced back to her new partner, and then to the key as it opened the new area.

"Wow, this is intense," Leo said over a private chat upon seeing the room. "A hidden area in the middle of Sharo with a ton of data cards." Leo kept his eyes closely upon the screen, wondering what was next in this odd mission.

Bard moved inside on her disk, and looked at the area. It was rather plain, hopefully the upstairs would provide more visual interest for the artist warrior. She waited for them to head up the stairs, and would start following them as soon as they moved up the stairs.
Wolfman followed his escorts down the stairs and into the total darkness. He wasn't sure what his NetOp had gotten him into, but it seemed like it was going to be big. This was a mission of such secrecy that the NetPolice officers were forced to wear GMOs and take up code names. It was strange, and a tad worrisome, though he was confident in his ability to fight his way out and lose himself in the snow if it came down to it.

Wolfman heard a clap and the lights flickered on to reveal the room around them. He found himself in a storage room filled with data cards. He glanced around, wanting to take a better look at the devices around him, but the captain was drawing them further in. Wolfman wondered what this "real room" would have in store for him and if he would be able to discover the purpose of his mission.
The flight of stairs was much longer than anyone could have expected. Spiraling back and forth with long, dark halls in between, it was nearly felt like they were delving into a complex building. While WolfMan and Bard was walking, they just couldn't ignore the loud noise of machines clanking, beating, and pumping, but the three Netofficers had no problem with these. Finally, they came across a large door that finally revealed where the "real room" is.

Upon entering, one could immediately recognize that it was a control room of some sort. With couple of monitors and control panels on the side, a long panning windows all across the wall, and even a vintage steering wheel was present right in the middle of it all. Captain walked up to wheel, turning and arranging something on a panel besides him, and the other two followed up by doing the same right next to the navi.

"Well...We forgot to introduce someone again." Captain's eyes was fixed towards the holographic screen in front of him, but he began to speak to Garou and Bard. "This is the storage vehicle, PT-99000. If you haven't figured it out by now, this is no ordinary vehicle..." He proceeded push couple buttons on the holograph, causing something to appear right out side of the windows...
"So," Wolfman mused. "This entire complex is a vehicle of sorts?"

"It seems so," Victor responded. "Most interesting. I was not aware that the NetPolice had mobile structures of such size. This does perk my interest as to what sort of cargo it contains."

"Yes," Wolfman paused and turned to include his companions in his next statement. "Though, I do wonder why you three would need the aid of Bard and myself to transfer these data packages when you have this vehicle."

Wolfman paused as he caught sight of something outside of the window. He focused his attention to the image, wondering what it was.
As they walked the stairs' length didn't bother Bard at all. The machines did. She kept covering her ears as she passed a new whirling machine to try to block out the unpretty noise that was being created by them. She even started to mutter "La la la la la," To try and block and out the noise further.

Bard looked around the complex in awe as she moved into the control room. Once in the control room she took her time and looked carefully at each moniter. Through the aid of Bard and Leo, she figured out what exactly this place was. "Wow this is practically a mobile fortress!" bard said while still letting her eyes jump around from side to side.

"The cargo of this place must be really top important to need this and us," Leo said to bard of Private chat.

Just as she was about to question the cargo as well, something caught her eye outside the window. Bard moved over to look out side, trying to see through the snow.
"The PT-99000 has a nickname..."

Eight metal pillars rose from outside and began to create a thick heatwave that melted away any snow that was coming near. "Are you familiar with the mythical beast called 'Tarasque'?" Soon, the pillars opened up to reveal state-of-the-art turrets and cannons, all neatly positioned on each side. It automatically loaded the ammunition into the barrels and prepared for combat.

"A dragon that has six short bear legs..." Crimson began to type through a sophisticated line of command into his terminal, causing the machines to roar twice as louder than before and the entire fortress began to slowly pick up speed through the harsh snows.

"An Ox-like body, covered in a thick, spiked turtle shell..." Ocean also worked on her own terminal, but this looked much more complicated than Crimson's. Before Bard and Garou knew it, there was little to no trace of the snow out side of the window and the blizzard was gone. Upon inspection, there was a gigantic, hexagonal shields that warded off the snow, but it was obvious that the it wasn't deployed for that reason.

"A scaly tail that ended in a scorpion's sting..." In the middle of everything, the floor began to split and something began to rise slowly. It was yet another metallic pillar but it had a small hole on top that soon expanded larger as the pillar transformed into a flatter, oval shaped barrel. At the base of the pillar was pipes, cables, tanks, and more than anyone could ever imagine was all mashed together; except a cartridge slot that was waiting to be loaded.

"Finally...It had a head of a vicious lion." Captain grabbed onto his virus coat and threw it behind him, revealing a statue head of a lion placed right on the navi's torso, with its mouth wide open, crazed mane, and a murderous glare.

"Welcome to the 'Tarasque.'"

PT-99000: "Tarasque"

2,000 HP

- 10-hit shield on every side (Front, Back, Sides, and even top)
- 250 HP Casing Beneath the shields
- 100 HP Turrets x4 (2 Per Side) [50 Damage x 4 Shots / 3 Use till CD / 1TCD]
- 75 HP Cannons x4 (2 Per Side) [150 Damage / Blast2 / 2 Use till CD / 1TCD]
- 300 HP Distortion Catapult: "Scorpion Sting" [500 Damage / Blast3 / Break / Impact / 5TCD]
- 3 Distortion Shells

For the Distortion Catapult, two navis are required in order to use it. One navi would need to spend ALL of its actions (Doesn't matter how many actions they have) to load the Distortion Shell into the catapult and the other would need to do the same to configure and prepare the weapon on the computer (They will be the one taking the aim).

The two navi on the side had a dull look towards Captain as if they already heard this little speech a million times. "Alright, Capt'n. Enough with the bullshit. You don't need to glorify this piece of junk, they already saw what it looks like from the inside. Crimson had a small smiley eye on his mouthless face and continued to operate the driving mechanism of the vehicle. "Seriously. You're just wasting your breath, Captain. Let's just get this thing over with so I can go back to take some rest."

With a small blush on the "fearless" Captain, he turned all his attention to driving the vehicle and with all vigor, pointed straight forward and yelled with the top of his lung.


Terrain: 100% Ice
PT-99000: 2,000 HP
[10/10/10/10/10 Hit shield] (Front / Back / Left / Right / Above)

Turret-L A: 100 HP
Turret-L B: 100 HP
Cannon-L A: 75 HP
Cannon-L B: 75 HP

Turret-R A: 100 HP
Turret-R B: 100 HP
Cannon-R A: 75 HP
Cannon-R B: 75 HP

Distortion Catapult: 300 HP [3 Shells]
Distance: 0/100
Captain: 550 HP
Crimson: 200 HP
Ocean: 200 HP
Bard: 190 HP
Garou: 175 HP
"The Tarasque, eh?" Wolfman mulled over the recent events. "This is shaping up to be a rather interesting mission indeed."

"Yes," Victor agreed.

"Though, I fear that we may not accumulate the needed data after all." Wolfman said over their private line.

"No matter. We can always run our tests with Bard at another time. Though, I wish I could get some read outs on that beast you are riding in."

"Yes," Wolfman responded before switching over to speak with Bard. "I doubt any viruses will be insane enough to attack this mobile fortress, but be on your guard. We may need to aid the Captain and his compatriots in defense of the data cargo."

Wolfman glanced outside the windows once more, eyes flicking from one cannon to another before settling on the main gun. He frowned slightly, thinking that there was no way the Tarasque could be piloted by only three people in a combat situation. He didn't anticipate a battle, understanding that viruses were generally animal in nature and more prone to run against an unbeatable opponent. His eyes scanned the terrain below the fortress, observing the Tarasque's movements over the ice.

"Captain," Wolfman asked. "How well does this thing maneuver over ice? Is there anything we should be concerned about?"
Bard had no idea what to think of the events going on around her. A ginat mecha transport unit was needed to carry some very important data, and she was trapped in the most unusal situation with three netpolice officers that needed her help to operate the thing. For a moment she simply stared out the window, dumbfounded. Then she pushed herself away and looked and her new ally with an awkward smile.

"We won't be able to use your spells much I would guess. I wonder which section of the net they are going through to need this monster," Leo said over private chat with a whistle soon following. "Go grab a gun and sit down I guess."

Bard looked to Garou as he talked and nodded in agreement. She moved over to the seat controling the cannons on the right side of the machine. She kept her eyes on what she thought were the correct controls to watch for viruses, and waited.
"You don't need to worry about the terrains. Just stay in the control room until you're needed..."

The fortress was coming close into a gigantic ice canyon, but the Tarasque was tall enough to look just above the roof of the canyon and tread across without scraping the side. There wasn't a single hint of where the end of the canyon was, but Ocean had a convenient gauge on her screen to indicate the distance away from the destination. After driving through the nearly endless road, Crimson restlessly sat to the side as he placed the vehicle into auto-pilot.

"I don't like this Capt'n...I thought them bastards would come out by now! Making me fucking tense and shit!"

"This is the most optimal route. We won't be seeing a single virus until we reach the end, so chill out."

"[color=((OH BOY, I'M TIRED))-Far Away-HoverCraftA: 300 HPNM SniperA: 200 HPNM SniperB: 200 HPHoverCraftB: 300 HPNM SniperC: 200 HPNM SniperD: 200 HP-Left-HeelRidersA: 150 HPHeelRidersB: 150 HPHeelRidersC: 150 HPHeelRidersD: 150 HPHeelRidersE: 150 HPHeelRidersF: 150 HPHeelRidersG: 150 HPHeelRidersH: 150 HPHeelRidersI: 150 HPHeelRidersJ: 150 HP-Right-HeelRidersK: 150 HPHeelRidersL: 150 HPHeelRidersM: 150 HPHeelRidersN: 150 HPHeelRidersO: 150 HPHeelRidersP: 150 HPHeelRidersQ: 150 HPHeelRidersR: 150 HPHeelRidersS: 150 HPHeelRidersT: 150 HP-Above-BlackJetA: 200 HPBlackJetB: 200 HPBlackJetC: 200 HPBlackJetD: 200 HPBlackJetE: 200 HPBlackJetF: 200 HPBlackJetG: 200 HPBlackJetH: 200 HP------Terrain: 100% Ice------PT-99000: 2,000 HP[9/10/10/10/10 Hit shield] (Front / Back / Left / Right / Above)

Turret-L A: 100 HP
Turret-L B: 100 HP
Cannon-L A: 75 HP
Cannon-L B: 75 HP

Turret-R A: 100 HP
Turret-R B: 100 HP
Cannon-R A: 75 HP
Cannon-R B: 75 HP

Distortion Catapult: 300 HP [3 Shells]
Distance: 12/100 [Auto-Pilot: 8 Per Turn]
Captain: 550 HP
Crimson: EJO
Bard: 190 HP
Garou: 175 HP
"What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?" Wolfman muttered as he took his seat across from Bard.

It had all happened within the span of a few seconds. He had been asking the Captain about the terrain, wondering how the Tarasque would fair rumbling across the ice and snow of Sharo. Crimson was tense, waiting for some form of attack. Ocean had attempted to calm him when two blips appeared on radar. In the distance, directly in front of the Tarasque and along the fortress' planned route, rose two unidentified crafts. A single shot rang out with a dull boom muted by the blizzard and one of the Tarasque's forward shields shattered from the impact of a sniper shot. Ocean had fallen forward, her form growing indistinct and had to be jacked out to avoid possible deletion. Crimson had vanished soon after, supposedly to inquire about Ocean's condition and report on what had happened. That left only the Captain, Bard and Wolfman to deal with whatever force had attacked.

Wolfman peered through the window in front of him, golden eyes piercing the blizzard and catching sight of multiple forms moving through the snow. He glanced at the radar set into the console next to him, the device confirming what he had seen. Several entities were encircling the Tarasque, ten ground units on either side of the fortress along with eight aerial units flying above and the two flying crafts off in the distance. The fortress was well surrounded and Wolfman doubted its defenses would hold against a concentrated barrage from the entirety of the opposing force.

The Navi scanned the console in front of him, unsure of how to operate the Tarasque's weapon systems amidst the multitude of buttons and switches. A small switch caught his eye, a label of the switch referring to monitors of some sort. He hit the switch and several small screens came to life, depicting camera feed from multiple areas along the outside of the fortress. Wolfman smiled as he got a better look at the group that was attacking them. The aerial troops above the Tarasque seemed to be composed of jets of some sort, their jet black hulls standing out against the white snow. He supposed they could have been bombers and feared for the fortress' shielding. The two units laying along the fortress' path seemed to be hovercrafts and, though he could not see any cannons on the ships themselves, he could vaguely make out figures laying across their decks. Judging by the nature of the single shot that took out Ocean, Wolfman thought the figures could be snipers, but it was just as likely that they were spotters for something even more deadly. The large groups to either side of the Tarasque were composed of Navi riding what looked to be snowmobiles. Each Navi was equipped with a weapon and looked competent in its use. Wolfman cursed under his breath.

"Victor," he called to his NetOp. "We seem to have run into some heavily armed, organized opposition."

"Oh? Well, this certainly makes me wonder about the contents of the data packages that fortress is carrying."

"As do I, but now is not the time for wondering."

"No, I suppose not. I would suggest using those cannons and turrets to thin the ranks of your opposition."

"I have surmised as much. Unfortunately, no one has seen fit to provide a crash course in manning the Tarasque's weaponry."

"Hmm...Hold one moment. I'll upload a Mr. Prog. Perhaps he can scan the controls and run them through a database of similar weapons systems. I may be able to come up with a possible control scheme within a few moments."

Wolfman nodded, feeling the Mr. Prog data enter his systems. His golden eyes lit up like flashlights as the Prog data scanned the control console and ran it through a quick search. The Mr. Prog left Wolfman, returning to the PET to provide Victor with its results. The NetOp glanced over the data and nodded slowly, thinking that he had found a solution.

"Alright," he said. "This set up looks similar to that used by Netopian Battle Cruisers. I'll send you the control scheme now. It is little more than pure speculation, but its better than nothing."

"It will have to do," Wolfman responded.

The Navi went to work analyzing the controls for the battle cruiser and mirroring them to the controls on the Tarasque. His fingers brushed the console, searching for the correct button. A large round button caught his eye and Wolfman pressed it softly. A small hatch opened along a barren section of the console, revealing a joystick that rose up. He wrapped his hand around the stick, making sure not to accidentally fire the cannon by squeezing the trigger. Another section of monitors lit up, these positioned on the cannons themselves to give Wolfman a good view of what he was aiming at. The Navi worked the control stick, turning it so the cannons were aimed at the line of Navi riding alongside the fortress. A button at the base of the control was marked as auto adjust. Wolfman pressed the button and watched as the camera moved slightly to center the target. Wolfman held his breath and squeezed the trigger. The Tarasque roared in response, one of the cannons releasing a volley amidst an explosion of sound that rippled through the masking blizzard. The shell struck, kicking up a wave of ice and snow that obscured the group of riders that had been Wolfman's target.

Wolfman adjusted his aim slightly, allowing a second group of Navi to move into his sights. Once more he thumbed the auto adjust before squeezing the trigger. A second explosion sounded followed by a second wave of snow that rose up in response to the impact of the cannon shell. He took aim a third time, sighting the last of the Navi in the line along the left side of the Tarasque. He was forced to switch cannons, the first of the big guns out of ammo and needed time to be reloaded. He allowed the second cannon to auto adjust and confirmed his aim with the camera before squeezing the trigger once more. A third explosion greeted him.

Wolfman glanced over his shoulder at Bard, wondering who the other Navi would consider the biggest threat. He called out to her.

"I think I've thinned the herd over here. Perhaps you should try using the turrets on those planes above us."

1. CannonLA (150 + Blast2) to HeelRidersB
2. CannonLA (150 + Blast2) to HeelRidersE
3. CannonLB (150 + Blast2) to HeelRidersH
Bard was in total shock once she saw the instant EJO of the two netpolice officers. What was going on? She loked around in a frightened panic, looking for any excuse she could to understand what was going on. She looked outside the window and saw the massive amount of enemies, now surronding the entire machine. "Ahh!" She yelpped while moveing back away from the window. She watched her new teammate as he pulled up a MR. PRog to explain how to operate the controls of the machine. "Bard," Leo called, "Thats a good idea do that yourself.

Bard moved back over to the controls on her side of the machine and did the same. Leo was looking over the situtation while Bard was learning. "Bard, this is going to be easy. We have this huge machine, what can go wrong? Just learn to fire the guns and we will be A ok." Leo moved back and began to think to himself, This machine is strong, but that is a lot of attackers, and more will be coming. Oh boy. I have to calm Bard down though, she won't be any help frightened.

Bard learned how to use the controls and looked for the buttons the Mr. Program was talking about. Afte a short moment she located it. There was a screen infront of a joystick that allowed her to move and take advantage of the turrents. She spent a few seconds trying to lock on to one of the targets. Once the computer had the target, she pulled the trigger, and 4 shots fired for the gun above, making a loud noise inside of the machines hull. She pulled her hand back, slightly shocked and scared still. She looked to her ally to see how calm and collected her was.

"Bard, we have to thin the ranks, and how better to do that than from inside a giant machines hull?"

Bard nodded in agreement, she couldn't deny that logic, and grabbed the same turret again, and started to target at another of the enemies. The camera was fast moving, but not perfect and took her a few moments to get the targets in her sights. Once she saw the next ones in the center of the screen, she fired at them as well. Once these attacks were over, the turret had to reload, she though about what to attack next. She saw the controls for the cannon, and thought that the ones down below and to the right would be a great choice to hit these guys with. She looked for the controls, and found these to much simpler than the last controls. Simply aim and press a button. She aimed into the dead center of the ground units with the first of the cannons.

"Ok good, That should quicky thin out the ranks of these guys." Leo said.

1) Turret-RA to Blackjet A (50 x 4)
2) Turret-RA to Blackjet D (50 x 4)
3) Turret-RA to Blackjet C (50 x 4)
4) Cannon RA to HeelRaider O (150 + Blast2)
With Garou and Bard taking arms without very few instructions, The captain proceeded to help the assault against the ambushing raiders. The sudden fire from the cannon and the turrets took the enemy by a surprise, especially since they thought two out of the three navis who was in charge of this mission was gone. When the second and third fire was coming, they started to take precaution of the attacks, but the pure firepower was still too much for them. Garou was able to take out 7 while Bard took out one and heavily damaged the Blackjet Squad.

Captain, now standing in the very front of the Tarasque, bravely crossed his arms and set his foot in front. "YOU WILL REGRET THE DAY YOU SET IN FRONT OF ME!" With his right arm, he swung his arms with such force that a gigantic chunk of ice literally popped out from the canyon and positioned it in front with his telekinetic power. Closing his hands into a fist, the ice was crushed and became large shards as big as a regular navi and sent it across everywhere, piercing and crushing the enemies all over.

Now, the raiders were in the offense once more. The remaining riders and jets began attacking the hexagonal shield that surrounds Tarasque, each dealing ranging damage on each side. The sniper was in work again and had the Captain on their sight. The two gunshot was heard from afar, instantly breaking through the frontal barrier and laid two bullets right into the Captain's chest.

-Far Away-
HoverCraftA: 300 HP
NM SniperA: 200 HP
NM SniperB: 200 HP
HoverCraftB: 300 HP
NM SniperC: 200 HP
NM SniperD: 200 HP

HeelRidersA: DELETED
HeelRidersB: DELETED
HeelRidersC: DELETED
HeelRidersD: DELETED
HeelRidersE: DELETED
HeelRidersF: 150 HP
HeelRidersG: 150 HP
HeelRidersH: DELETED
HeelRidersI: DELETED
HeelRidersJ: 150 HP

HeelRidersK: 150 HP
HeelRidersL: 150 HP
HeelRidersM: 150 HP
HeelRidersN: DELETED
HeelRidersO: DELETED
HeelRidersP: DELETED
HeelRidersQ: 150 HP
HeelRidersR: DELETED
HeelRidersS: DELETED
HeelRidersT: DELETED

BlackJetB: 150 HP
BlackJetC: 100 HP
BlackJetD: 50 HP
BlackJetE: 200 HP
Terrain: 100% Ice
PT-99000: 2,000 HP
[7/10/6/4/7 Hit shield] (Front / Back / Left / Right / Above)

Turret-L A: 100 HP
Turret-L B: 100 HP
Cannon-L A: 75 HP [0/2 Ammo / Reloading]
Cannon-L B: 75 HP [1/2 Ammo]

Turret-R A: 100 HP [0/3 Ammo / Reloading]
Turret-R B: 100 HP
Cannon-R A: 75 HP
Cannon-R B: 75 HP

Distortion Catapult: 300 HP [3 Shells]
Distance: 20/100 [Auto-Pilot: 8 Per Turn]
Captain: 300 HP
Crimson: EJO
Bard: 190 HP
Garou: 175 HP
Wolfman muttered to himself as the Captain goaded the attacking Navi. The Captain was powerful, his telekinetic ice bomb was proof of that, but there was no need to make yourself a target. A curse escaped Wolfman's lips as his ears caught the sound of two muffled gunshots echoing through the blizzard. The Tarasque's front shields were shattered once more as sniper fire caught the Captain square in the chest. The Navi had taken two shots and was still standing, though Wolfman doubted the Captain could survive more than a couple more volleys. They would have to take out the snipers sooner than he had originally planned.

"Damn," Wolfman muttered. "Bard, I'm going to try and load the-"

Wolfman was interrupted by a dull explosion sounding against the whole of the Tarasque. The shields all around the mobile fortress flickered in response to the surrounding enemies' return fire. The Navi eyed one of the screens along the panel in front of him. The right side of the fortress had taken a pounding, over half its shields gone within an instant. Another volley would deplete the shields along that side and leave the hull of the Tarasque open for direct attacks.

"Bard," Wolfman shouted again to his comrade. "Do what you can to thin the herd along the right side of the fortress. I'm going to try and load the main gun so we can take out those snipers in front of us." Wolfman eyed the Captain speculatively, unsure of how he would respond to Wolfman giving orders. "Captain, those snipers are take us all out. Perhaps you should attempt to stay low and avoid incoming fire until we can take out their platform?"

Wolfman didn't wait for a response. He turned to the console in front of him, golden eyes scanning the multitude of buttons and levers. He found what he was looking for and pressed a few buttons to initiate the loading procedure. Unlike the cannons and turrets, the main gun of the Tarasque had to be loaded with a shell and manually aimed before each shot to minimize error and maximize accuracy.

The Navi's handed roamed over the console, pressing buttons and switching levels according to the data he had uploaded from the Mr. Prog. A screen in front of him showed him the munitions room a level below him. A robotic arm was gripping a massive bullet of sorts and loading it within an even larger tube. In a few moments, the Scorpion Sting would be ready to fire.

1-3: Load shell in Distortion Catapult