When the GMO activates, Alphonse's gauntlets and greaves begins to shine with blinding light. The light quickly creeps all over Alphonse's body little by little till it completely covers Alphonse from head to toe. With a gentle breeze, the covering light starts the crack and breaks into pieces, gently floating down the ground like a feather, revealing the new Alphonse. Alphonse is now in a full, white suit of custom medieval armor with a cape. His breast piece is shining with white luster with an emblem of a sword with an old crown on the end of the blade. His gauntlet and greaves transformed from their metallic luster into a pearl white luster with extra design with additional armors, and his gauntlet is even heavier than before. His Helmet is completely surrounds his face, only leaving a small linear gap for Alphonse to see through; the helmet has a wing like side and a short sword-horn on the top. The armor comes with a semi-transparent cape with the same emblem from his breast piece, stretching almost down an inch off the ground; The cape is actually transparent due to it's extremely light fabric to lessen the disruption of Alphonse's movement. Alphonse has changed from his proper gentleman attire and changed to the cliche knighthood personality. Alphonse becomes very optimistic and points to his allys as "Comrades", but didn't lose his touch of womanizing. He also chooses chivalry over anything and truly dislike cowards and cowardly actions in fighting. All the close-range and signature attacks becomes a materialized weapons rather than body attachements (Example: A Sword chip would cause a long sword for Alphonse to use / Alphonse's signature attack "Halberd Impaler" would make him use a giant Halberd rather than a sharp fire kick unlike his default form.)

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Approved I guess. Though I believe you mean luster and not lust.
BAH!! Same thing >_________>