Sibling Stuff

Junior made his way through the net square after plugging in and came back out again in Sharo. He looked around a bit, "I guess now, I wait."

"Well, you could always take out any weak viruses hanging around the enterance and..." Wes said, "You could always try out those programs that we saved up for so long to buy."

"True enough. Now let's see here..." Junior focused and slowly rose up into the air. He began looking around for any small groups that might be waiting to ambush navis as soon as they came out of the warp panel, "I guess a small battle might get me used to flying."

((Either wait for Leon or Battle 1 which will probably be unterrupted by Leon, unless I'm a lot faster than him))
Miyu beamed into the netsquare, and quickly took the link to Sharo Net.

She stepped off of the link in Sharo and snuck up towards the floating Junior as he was busy looking in another direction. Once she was close she swatted at him as he was hovering in the air.

"Hey! Don't you know it's not polite to float like that? Especially around someone with wings who can't fly!" She stretched her wings and began to flap them, jumping into the air for a moment. Unfortunately, as she had pointed out, she just ended up taking a little bit more time to hit the ground again instead of staying in the air like her brother.

"So? See anything good up there?" she asked. She tilted her head and thought for a moment before staring daggers at Junior. "You haven't been looking down women's shirts, have you?"

Leon shook his head. "Of course he has. What else would a red blooded man be doing floating in the air?" He popped onto the net and waved at Junior. "Nice to see ya."

Miyu simply crossed her arms over her chest and let out an exasperated sigh. "Smartasses..."
"Not really... Just looking for viruses. I don't have this flying thing down yet, so I figured I'd try getting some quick practice in." Junior replied, "No luck though."

"Looking down shirts? If I was giving him upgrades to help get good shots, I'd give up something that could go underground to look UP girls skirts. That seems more logical." Wes broke in, "In any case, this is purely for combat. With all the ground based attacks out there, this should make him pretty hard to hit. Once we boost a few of his special techniques, he should be unstoppable, hopefully in time for the tournament."

"Tournament?" Junior repeated.

"Yeah, they're doing one and I signed us up." Wes replied.

"I really don't like fighting others, though." Junior protested.

"Well, this is a good way to make a name. Just get them all to concede before the fight begins and you'll be fine." Wes said, "In any case, I'm pretty sure Miyu was also on the fighters list, so just think of it as a friendly competition... with pain, lots and lots of pain, though probably not for you." Wes paused, then remembered why they were here, "In any case, get going. We're not going to get money for upgrades slacking off. Move, move!"

"Right. Shall we be off, Miyu-chan?" Junior asked, preparing to float off.

((Battle 1, unless Leon has objections))
"Sure, let's go."Miyu began skipping along and flapping her wings to make it seem like she could fly at least a little.

Leon looked at Wes and grinned. "You have a point. Looking up would probably be more rewarding than looking down." He though for a moment before adding "At least Miyu won't have to worry too much about that from random stalker-types since she has pants on."

Miyu rolled her eyes at the conversation that they were having.

[Battle 1 is GO]
It's beginning to look to be a lot like christmas-- whoops, just a bunch of cold snow, as well as ice, everywhere. There appears to be a small group of bamboo hats poking out of the snow, which float up at the approach of the two navis. Weather viruses. There's a bunch of floating fish as well, doesn't look like they should be doing that, but whatever. To finish it up, it looks like one of the sharo's military guns has gone rogue, as a basher is swiveling wildly-- before coming to focus on Miyu and Junior.

WeatherA: 80 HP [Normal]
WeatherB: 80 HP [Ice]
WeatherC: 80 HP [Ice]
PuffyA:100 HP [Ice]
PuffyB:100 HP [Ice]
PuffyC:100 HP [Ice]
Basher: 120 HP [Normal]

Soulman JR.:200 HP [Ice]
Miyu: 200 HP [Normal]

45% Ice, 10% Sea, 45% Normal
"Seven enemies, huh? Well, since this won't devide evenly, I guess we can make a contest out of it, huh?" Wes said.

"I think as long as they all get deleted, it doesn't really matter who kills what." Junior looked over all the enemies carefully. There were a few troubling things. First was that Weathers used a variety of attacks, which could be troubling for any navi with an element. Second, more of concern to him, was the Basher. Being airborne, he would probably prove too tempting of a target for the gun virus to pass up. He would take care of that first so that he wasn't distracted during the rest of his assault. He raised his hands into the air and began focusing energy into them. Once his attack was charged, he took aim at the large virus. This time, he was going to concentrate all his power into a single, massive laser rather than spread out the damage. He needed this to be fatal. He fired the energy out all at once, creating a large beam of energy that tore through the air, heading towards the ground. Just before it hit land, Junior called out, "Soul Finger Shot!" and the blast hit with a flash. He knew that it was kind of pointless to call out attack names, but he figured that it might be a good idea in this case so that his sister could familiarize herself with his techniques. Once his strike was completed, he lowered his hands and flew off towards the Weather group.

While moving, Wes sent another chip, "Here, drop this bomb on the Puffies as you pass over them. It should weaken them enough that your sister shouldn't have too much trouble finishing them off." Wes instructed.

"Ah, good idea." Junior formed a small, goofy looking sphere in his hands. When he was directly over the Puffies, he released the ball, hoping that the wind or his momentum wouldn't take it too far off course. When it struck the net floor, it sparked once and then suddenly created a small circle of electricity on the ground that would tug on anything above it, damaging them and stopping their movements for a brief time. Junior continued his flight, "Send me the Aquasword, please." He requested.

"Got it." Wes replied, selecting the chip.

Junior stopped in front of the group of Weathers. He activated the Aquasword, forming a long, blue blade over his arm. Even though made of a liquid, it still somehow managed to hold the form of the weapon. Junior glanced at the group carefully, "Miyu-chan, try to stay away from these enemies. I think they can use Wood attacks. I'll try cutting them up, so focus on the Puffies. Since they're aqua types, they should be easy targets for you." Junior then dashed into the group, swinging the sword in a large arc. He went a bit higher into the air and then swung again. His logic was if there were any weathers left that had been good enough to dodge his first strike, he would aim his strike a bit higher and cut their strings if he missed their bodies. If that succeeded, he could potentially make them helpless.

((1.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, Basher
2.) Fly over Puffies
3.)Magbomb1, 30 Elec+blast2+stun1,
4.) Fly over to Weathers/Dodge
5.) Aquasword (up to 6 swings), 80 Aqua+slashing, WeatherA/B/C
6.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua+slashing, WeatherC/B/A))
"A competition?" Leon wondered aloud. "I wasn't aware their sibling rivalry was already that bad again, haha."

Miyu puffed her cheeks and let out a low growl. "I'll show you sibling rivalry... with my foot..." she mumbled quiet but angry. "Let's just blow these things up and continue our walk, ok?"

Leon nodded. They watched as Junior shot his Soul Finger shot at the cannon, Miyu covering her eyes as the blast lit the area up with a flash. "I think it's about time we joined the fight." Leon slotted in a flameline, fireburn and a cannon as Junior dropped a magbomb on the puffers.

Miyu recieved the data, and as soon as she saw the puffers get struck by the bomb, she moved in towards them while trying to avoid the ice as much as possible. As her brother had been telling her to focus on them and stay away from the weathers for good reason, she continued her movement towards the puffers, going so far as to use her wings to help her float a bit farther in her jumps so that she could get over the larger patches. She activated the fireburn chip once she was in range, flames shooting out of her palms towards the (hopefully) immobile fish. "I hope you like grilled fish, brother. We should have plenty here in a minute."

Leon shook his head. "I think you might have over cooked it..." Leon sarcastically added. "Anyways, toss what's left towards the Weathers. You brother is good, but help never hurt." Leon paused for a minute, before yet again adding a sarcastic "Unless you miss and hit him, of course."

Miyu slouched her shoulders a bit and let out a sigh. "Thanks. Such confidence. No pressure either, huh?" Miyu waited for an opening in her brother's attacks while moving into position so that she would be shooting from his side. When it seemed that he had backed off of the viruses, she yelled out "Incoming!" while sweeping her arm into the air. A pillar of fire erupted underneath the weathers and sped through their ranks as Miyu tried to singe anything they had left. "Sorry brother! But you said not to get close. You didn't say I couldn't help from a distance~"

Miyu, always one to not stick with the plan if she didn't like it, spun around towards where the cannon virus had been and shot her own blast at it, sending a hot ball of plasma flying at where it had once stood.

*Gust - Tactical Move towards puffy group.
1. Fireburn at Puffy group. 50 Fire.
2. Take aim at Weathers, and wait till Junior is out of harm's way.
3. Flameline at weather group. 70 Fire.
4. Cannon at where the Basher was, just for good measure. 40 Null.

A single sniping shot takes out the basher, which never even gets a chance to fire. Then Junior flies over them and drops a bomb on them. The Puffies fry, but aren't deleted immediately, but Miyu comes in and roasts them properly. As it was, they were jolted and burned almost simultaneously. The weathers disappeared in a flurry of slashes, and flames consumed the remainder. There wasn't much left, to tell the truth. Except for bits and pieces of ashes--- zenny, but unfortunately not enough data left of a chip.


Miyu: 500z
Junior: 750z


Soulman JR.:200 HP
Miyu: 200 HP
"Well, we got more returned from our investment. I guess that means we win." Wes said.

"Maybe... or maybe we're just luckier." Junior replied, trying to avoid an arguement. Then, to change the subject he said, "In any case, why don't we keep on going, Miyu-chan?"
Miyu shrugged at Wes' comment as she was transferring the spoils from the battle. She listened to Junior and responded. "Sure. let's go. Do you have any place in particular we're headed?"

In the real world Leon shrugged too. "Seems like Junior has gotten a bit stronger since the last time I saw him, eh? I don't think we'd have a chance in a contest against you two at this point. Unless maybe it was a contest of who has the better looking figure as a woman."

"Direction doesn't matter. This area all looks pretty much the same." Junior replied, moving forward.

((Battle 2))
Miyu followed her brother's lead. "I guess you're right. It is a pretty bland place... I wouldn't recommend it for a first date if you ever end up finding someone."

((Both of you gain 3 FXP))

The children of legends trek aimlessly through the cold, seeking some small amusement in the form of virus busting.

They come across a decent, 6 foot wide, and very long, bridge. It seems perched over some chilly water with some ice drifts here and there. A Rockcube was on either side of the bridge, in the water. There are some cracks on the side of the land bridge, not too many, it could probably be easily avoided, if there weren't viruses up ahead.

A DarkMech, one of three, spots them, and the glow on its jewel becomes a menacing red. It blasts a purple thunder, which the two avoid, and cackles as it warps toward the siblings and slash at them. Unfazed, maybe, the two backflip in sync, away from the swords of the DarkMech, who seems really into fighting.

The two DarkMechs that had accompanied him look at each other, and do something that looks like a shrug, before gesturing at something, or a lot of things, behind them.

Two mighty Gigas come from out of nowhere, or seem to rise up out of the ground like polar bears finishing hibernation and they blink before spotting Junior and Ayumi. The viruses stretch as they sift through the ground in front of them, possibly eager for battle.

An IronShield rises up from the middle of the bridge, which the other two DarkMechs hide behind.

Hmmm... this might be a challenge.

DarkMechA: 120 HP [1 Action in front]

IronShield: 120 HP [Shield up][3 actions away]
DarkMechB: 120 HP [Behind IronShield][4 Actions away]
DarkMechC: 120 HP [Behind Ironshield][5 Actions away]

GigasA: 100 HP [8 Actions away, Left Diagonal]
GigasB: 100 HP [8 Actions away, Right Diagonal]

50% Normal [Bridge]
10% Cracked [Sides of the Bridge]
20% Sea [Under Bridge][Instant Freeze if fallen into]
20% Ice [Under Bridge]

RockcubeA: 200 HP [Left of Bridge](Sea)
RockcubeB: 200 HP [Right of Bridge](Sea)

Children of Legends:
Soulman_Junior.exe: 200 HP
Miyu.exe: 200 HP

"I've got this fool, Junior." Miyu's weapon oozed out of her hand and formed into a mighty hammer. She began to circle around the Mech right in front of her, her intent rather clear. "Go try to take out that shield in front of the other two or something!"

While this was happening, Leon was already slotting in a cannon chip. "Use this to finish it off."

When she was in position for her strike, she began to spin like a top with her hammer held out. Three times she swung the mighty weapon at the mech before she skid to a halt still facing it, her palm facing the enemy. Without so much as a blink, she fired a massive ball of energy directly at her target, hoping to make a quick example of it for the rest of the viruses.

She turned to face the shield and the rest of the viruses. "So, think this should be easy enough?"

"So long as we keep cool heads and go about it intelligently, sure."

She grinned a bit, her fangs showing ever so slightly as she did do. "Good to know." She slowly advanced towards the viruses, making sure to keep her guard up for the inevitable attacks that they would be launching.

1. Tac Move - Get into a beneficial position to strike the mech.
2. Signature: Hammer Rush Mk.II - 30 x 3 Elec Melee. DarkMechA
3. Cannon 40 @ DarkMechA.
4. Tac Move - Towards the rest of the viruses.
"Well this might be tricky." Junior commented.

"Not really. Miyu seems intent on killing that one in the front, and the big ones in the back are too far away to really bother us at the moment. That leaves us with the middle group." Wes reasoned. He looked closely at the Iron shield. It had a defense that protected about ninty degress in front of it. The shield hung in front of it like a snow plow and it could probably be kicked away and then blasted. Of course, there were other easier, simply ways to solve this problem rather than taking the time to run up, assault it, and then total it. That would take far too long and unlike Junior's sister, he wouldn't be satisfied to just take on one enemy this round, "Okay, power up your Finger Shot. I'm sending Areagrab, Sidebamboo1, Wideshot1. Use the first and your special to take out that hunk of metal and the others to finish off the loser sitting behind it."

"Right." Junior nodded and began gathering energy into his hands. He held each finger far apart, feeling the warmth gather into each individual digit. Once he knew he had sufficient power, he brought his hands close together in front of him and whispered, "On your mark, get set," He then immediately vanished, reappearing directly above the Ironshield. He floated back a bit more, trying to get a good view of its blind spots, "Perish." He said, completing his phrase. He then fired the energy from each of his fingers, the beams focusing and gathering into a single, massive laser which he aimed to annilate the shield virus with. He then loomed over the Darkmechs.

"Your turn." With a wave of his hand, a long reed of bamboo shot out of the ground near them. He tried to focus his concentration hard enough that the lance would pierce the first one and extend at just the right angle to puncture the second as well. He hoped that would be the end of them, since from their lightning attack he figured them to be Elec types. However, in case he was wrong or had missed with his last attack, Wes had given him one more chip to play.

Junior sprung up farther into the air and raised his hands above him. Cool, refreshing data flowed from his palms, forming a small wave that floated above his head. He brought his hands crashing down, sending the water flying down towards the Mechs last known location. It hit the ground with a crash, scattering droplets of water everywhere. Junior just continued to watch from above, wondering if he had gotten them or if they had escaped with another warp.

"Here, search for any survivors with this. No use getting over confident and/or careless." Wes advised, "Sending Markcannon1."

Junior held forth a hand, palm open, towards the ground. Projecting a pair of crosshairs on the ground below him, he slowly and carefully searched the area below him. If he found anything using this method, he would fire a quick burst of destructive power in an attempt to wipe out anything they had missed. At the very least, he'd try to hit the Gigas, not that it would do much good. After that, Junior floated through the air, cautiously. He probably didn't have anything to fear from the gigas just yet and he hoped that all the Darkmechs were wiped out but it wouldn't hurt for him to be ready for any attacks.

((1.) Areagrab above Ironshield
2.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, Ironshield
3.) Sidebamboo1, 80 Wood+piercing, DarkmechB/C
4.) Wideshot1, 60 Aqua, DarkmechB/C
5.) Markcannon1, 70+lock on, anything left over
6.) Dodge in air))
Miyu corners the DarkMech as her brother goes to deal with the second group. The first DarkMech angrily blasts a thunderball at Miyu, but she whacks it away with her signature attack and clobbers the virus with the next two strikes. She fires a Cannon point-blank in its face, but it's not enough to finish it off. Miyu advances toward the other viruses though, as the DarkMech she had beat up was too tired to attack. It sharpened its blades angrily at her though.

Junior warped above the IronShield and blasted his multiple finger attack at the virus, who quickly umbrella'd himself from the shots, but only blocked one as the other shots stretched around the shield and beat into its body. It was still standing though. The DarkMechs had moved to the side during this assault and were in the process of firing their electric attacks at him, when he caught them both in Bamboo spears. The viruses struggled, but Junior had doomed them with a Wideshot, one managed to break free and teleport off, but the sexy man had defeated the other DarkMech and the IronShield.
The DarkMech warped back into existence, only to find a targeting vector on it. Letting out a curse, if viruses could curse, it crossed its blades over itself before being blasted to smithereens.

A panel hurtled toward Junior, and he acrobatically twisted in the air to avoid it. Miyu was not so lucky and got hit with another panel in the face.

DarkMechA: 20 HP [0 Actions from Miyu, 3 Actions from Junior]

IronShield: DELETED

GigasA: 100 HP [7 Actions away (Miyu), 5 Actions away (Junior) Left Diagonal]
GigasB: 100 HP [7 Actions away (Miyu), 5 Actions away (Junior) Right Diagonal]

48% Normal [Bridge]
10% Cracked [Sides of the Bridge]
20% Sea [Under Bridge][Instant Freeze if fallen into]
20% Ice [Under Bridge]
2% Missing [Near Gigas]

RockcubeA: 200 HP [Left of Bridge](Sea)
RockcubeB: 200 HP [Right of Bridge](Sea)

Children of Legends:
Soulman_Junior.exe: 200 HP
Miyu.exe: 160 HP
"You two agreed that this wasn't a contest, right?" Wes asked, shrugging his shoulders and sighing, "Boy, she should be glad about that right now."

"That's not exactly the most helpful thing you can say right now, especially not after she got hit with that panel." Junior protested.

"That's right, she got hit too. Man, she's gonna bring our Grade down..." Wes sighed again.

"That's really not important. Listen, just send me ranged chips so I can take out those in the back." Junior said.

"Fine, fine. Sending Quake1, Magbolt2, Mistconv for good measure and... I'm just going to hope that your sister can finish off her opponent... also a Recovery30. That better be enough." Wes said, slotting in the chips.

"Yes, that should do fine." Junior replied. He formed a small idol in his hand as he looked accross the field towards the first Gigas. The object he held carried enough weight for it to be thrown far without being so heavy that it would restrict his movements. He floated one step forward and then hurled the object, sending it flying through the air. Once it reached a certain point in its parabula, the idol changed, getting much larger and heavier, which caused it to immediately plop down from the sky and hit the floor with earth shattering power. Junior then focused on the other virus. It remained far away, farther than he really had time to run, but he had something that would put it within striking distance fast. He moved back towards the floor at a slow pace before finally letting his feet touch back down on land again. A magnet appeared in his hand and he held it out in the second Gigas' direction, trying to get a lock on it so that he could pull it in close. When he felt it had had adequate time to have been dragged in close, Junior lashed out in front of him with the magnet, trying to deliver a devestating and most likely fatal blow to the virus. He then paused and stood glancing over the field. He still had one more attack to use and he wasn't quite sure what enemies would be left to use it on. He tried searching one out for him to strike and when he did, he activated his last chip. This caused a large, watery hand to rise up nearby and lurch at the virus, attempting to take it down in one steaming punch.

Now that Junior's attack was complete, he had other things to think about. With a jump, he shot back into the air and immediately began looking out for incoming attacks. Once he felt that he was in the clear, he turned back and looked at his sister, raising a hand, "Hey, Miyu-chan, make sure you catch this." A soft orb of light formed in his palm and he sent it rolling through the air towards Miyu, hoping that the Recovery data would still be accurate even from this distance.

((1.) Move forward
2.) Quake1, 100+Impact, GigasA
3.) Magbolt2, 110 Elec+stun, GigasB
4.) Mistconv, 100 Aqua, whatever's left
5.) Dodge
6.) Recovery30, Miyu))
Leon stifled a laugh as the panel flew into Miyu's face, shattering on impact and leaving her face covered in dirt. He felt bad for her, but the sight of it whacking her in the face and nearly toppling her was almost too much to take. "Hey, you ok there?"

Miyu was busy spitting out the dirt that had ended up in her mouth, and wiping some of the dirt on her face onto her sleeve. "Yeah. Just dandy." she harshly replied. "Now if you're done laughing at me, give me something to finish off that mech behind me."

"Sure thing."
Leon reached into his hoodie and pulled out a kunai chip. "Here's a kunai. Have fun throwing them into it's face, eh?"

"Not funny, jerk."
she muttered at him. She quickly turned herself to face the injures and angry DarkMech. She pulled a trio of kunai out of the air, much like a magician would, and fanned them out in front of her face. "Surviving my first attach doesn't make you lucky. It just means you get to experience more pain before I finish you." Funneling energy through her feet, she summoned a series of vines that raced underground towards the mech. They burst up form beneath it, trying to wrap themselves around as much of the mech as possible and expose it's chest. A moment later, a large bolt of lightning shot down from the sky, aimed right at the center of the viruses chest. "Don't you dare delete yet. I'm not done with you. You get to pay for what your friends there did to me, as well." Grinning, she took aim at the viruses chest yet again as she was talking. When she was confident that her aim was ready she flung the kunai at the virus with as much speed as she could muster. "Goodbye~ Please forget to write!"

A few seconds later, she heard a loud thud followed by a tremor. "I guess Junior is busy back there..." She turned around to see the carnage that Junior was raining down onto the viruses behind her. "Wow... I think we're a little out of our league here... it really is a good thing this isn't a contest..."

"Tell me about it..."
Leon chimed in. "I hope we don't end up fighting them in the tournament. Assuming they're even in it. We wouldn't stand a chance, hahaha!" Leon rubbed the back of his head a little nervously as he was laughing. "But seriously, yeah, they'd kick our ass."

Miyu watched in semi-awe as Junior seemed to obliterate everything in his path back there. He's good... I wonder how strong Soulman was, if Junior is already this strong... And if so... I wonder how well I compare to mother..." Just then, she heard Junior yell something towards her, all she could really make out was 'catch' over the noise, before throwing a glowing ball at her. She raised her hands like she was going to catch a baseball, and moved around to make sure that she would indeed catch it.

She began to move towards Junior, being cautious to avoid any more panels that would be thrown her way.


1. Signature: Piercing Lightning on Darkmech.
-Self Slow(+40)
-Multihit 2
-First hit: Ground + Wood(20) + Hold(50) + 20 Damage
-Second Hit: Drop + Elec + Phasing (20) + 30 Damage
2. Kunai on Darkmech. 30 Thrown Slashing x3.
3. Tactical Movement: Make sure to catch the heal!
4. Tactical Movement: Move towards Junior's location.
[Throws topic at someone's face.]
Junior moves forward and attempts to hurl his Quake over at one of the Gigas. Unfortunately it falls short and crashes into the water. The Gigas bellow in laughter before getting shocked by a Magbolt and crushed by a MistConv. They die within seconds.

Miyu faces down her own opponent, trapping the DarkMech with her vines, before striking down with lighting. The Mech is reduced to a burnt corpse, but she throws some Kunai in its face for good measure. She then catches her brother's heal before moving forward.


IronShield: DELETED


48% Normal [Bridge]
10% Cracked [Sides of the Bridge]
20% Sea [Under Bridge][Instant Freeze if fallen into]
20% Ice [Under Bridge]
2% Missing [Near Gigas]

RockcubeA: 200 HP [Left of Bridge](Sea)
RockcubeB: 200 HP [Right of Bridge](Sea)

Children of Legends:
Soulman_Junior.exe: 200 HP
Miyu.exe: 190 HP

Junior Get: MachineSword, 600z
Miyu Get: MachineSword
FXP: 2 Static
1 Specific (Junior Healing)