Why cross hates the cold

Cross: ::as soon as he gets to the net:: whose friggen idea was it to jack in?

Gale: yours

Cross: i just know i'm gonna get attacked by ice viruses

Gale: you've got world in flames

Cross: too much cooldown time but here it might be speed up

Gale: ::sighs::
Cross: ::walks through he net one hand on the hilt of his sword::

Gale: you sure you don't want to log out

Cross: not till i fight some viruses
((Gale, I'm afraid to say that you aren't gonna get any viruses.

Why? Simple. You have yet to read the rules carefully. Your Navi is still locked in combat back in your last battle thread.

You see, you can't just type, "oh i kill the virus" and it happens. Oh no. You have to actually RP. Essentially, you cheated, and you're cheating now by posting in two places at once. ANYONE here can tell you that above all, I hate cheating.

However, I'm only giving you a Warn now, simply because I think that you honest to god don't have a clue what you're doing. As such, I am going to attempt to put you on the right path.

First off, please read the rules carefully. Most specifically, read the posting rules, the roleplay rules, and the battling rules.

When you're all done with that, I recommend that you read my guide to RPing, as well. I'm not expecting godsend novels out of you or anybody else. I just ask that you respect our rules and make an actual effort.))