PET Altering

I'd like to change my PET to an anime style one.

Okay, that's really vague, so I'll elaborate.

-All chip data is stored in the PET. However, only thirty can be stored at a time (The folder)

-Holo-touchscreen can be projected in front of the operator. Uses include:
-----"Touch and Drag" chip selection. Simply drag the chip you want from the side of the screen onto your navi's image! With the digipen, of course.
-----Shows a larger image of the battle than the tiny PET screen.
-----Works as a two-way communicator. Allows the navi to see the operator through a larger window, and the operator doesn't have to stare at the PET.
-----Can be disabled when not in battle. Having a holoscreen follow you everywhere could get kind of irritating...

-A digipen. Allows the operator to "Touch and Drag" items/chips/upgrades onto the navi.

-A chip slot for folder customization. And, if the operator (I.E. Shigeru) gets tired of dragging the chips, he can simply slot them in like the old days.

Yep. A PET upgrade. Inspired and ripped off from the Rockman.EXE anime.
It needs to be alloted that you are never to use the touch and drag to say that the chip data's already in the PET and you can thus use chip attacks while your op is away. That's a bit of a stretch, but just a precaution. XD

On that note, approved.
It wouldn't work, anyways. The holoscreen is useful, but the PET is completely disconnected from Voltman while Shigeru's away, so he couldn't get chip data if he tried... while the PET is disconnected.