Two beams of light struck down from above, right next to each other. One materialized into a ninja, the other into what looked like a virus dressed as a ninja. It was fairly safe to say they were together. The Navi took a few steps forward and started to look around, while the wannabe Shrimpy ninja was content to float an inch or two off the ground and take in the scenery; after all, this was its first time in the Net proper. "So, Shurimpy, what do you think? Like it here?" The SP vigorously nodded.

"You know, I can see why it likes the beach, but...Beach Area's warm and always sunny, isn't it? Won't you get hot or something in there? I mean, aside from your eyes, you're completely covered in dark clothing..."

"Well, a Navi suit isn't like something you take out of your closet and wear. it's got special properties that-"

"You're not answering the question."

"Fine. A bit, but thanks to differences in the cyberworld to the real world, it could be far worse."

"Now see, that does. Thank you."

"I suppose we might as well get started. Come on, Shurimpy!" Shuri motioned to her SP to follow, which it happily did. Together, they journeyed into Beach Area, to get some needed practice in.
[Note: You should put in your post that you are looking for a battle.]

Shuri was on a beach. There was an ocean that went far off into the horizon. There were viruses on the beach and in the ocean. A starfish was laying on the sand. And two wide-mouthed fish and a large shelled crustacean sat in the water. The viruses looked like they were going to fight the Navi and her SP.

Starfish: 60HP [Sand]
LarkA: 100HP [Sea]
LarkB: 100HP [Sea]
Nautilus: 60HP [10HP Aqua Barrier] [Sea]

40% Sand [Beach]
60% Sea [Ocean]

Shuri.EXE: 150HP [Sand]
Shurimpy.SP: 40HP [Sand]

~Battle 1: Start!!~

(OOC 2: A real life nautilus, which the virus is based on, is a mollusk, not a crustacean. Because if anything, RERN is dedicated to being as biologically accurate as possible.)

In less than shocking news, Beach Area was, in fact, a beach. It wasn't the first time Shuri had been here, of course, but it WAS the first time she was here under Naomi's operation. Not that it mattered a whole lot, but it was interesting to note. ...Hmm? Ah, of course, viruses. That didn't take very long. Looked like the SP training would begin sooner rather than later. "Well, even by virus standards, that was pretty quick. A slower Navi might've been caught off guard." The thing was, however, that something that did catch her slightly off guard happened, as Shurimpy floated forward in front of her, and waved happily at the viruses. All the ninja Navi could do was let out a small sigh, and crouch next to her new partner in busting. "Sorry Shurimpy, but they're probably going to see you as a SP, and not a virus, even though you look the part. So they won't roll out the welcome mat for you." The poorly named SP frowned, and looked sadly back at its master. "...Well, if they won't respect you for who you are, who needs them, right? Anyway, just try to take evasive maneuvers, while I deal with the threat." The SP raised a claw in front of it, trying to assume a stereotypical ninja pose with the two extended fingers...but the lack of fingers, as well as the fact it was a red and blue shrimp with a purple face mask, made it look completely absurd.

As for Shuri, she was already scanning her foes, trying to whip up a strategy for eliminating the viruses. It would've normally been pretty simple...except for the fact she was dealing with water-based viruses hanging out around water. And the last time she checked, she herself wasn't Aqua elemental. Dilemmas, dilemmas...

"Those viruses aren't going to be easy to get to...too bad you're not an aquatic Navi, huh?"

"It's a pain in this situation...for now, I'll handle that Starfish, since it's on dry land. Nothing too fancy for it, just send over AreaGrab and...some sort of knife chip, and I'll get rid of it."

"AreaGrab...I guess I'll go with AquaKnife...all right, got 'em! BattleChip...well, you know what they are since I said their names, take them!"

The ninja Navi instantly vanished from her position, leaving her pseudovirus behind to fend for itself. Surprisingly, it didn't seem overly shocked, and prepared itself to avoid whatever attack came its way. Maybe it had enough ninja sense to know it was coming? Regardless, she reformed behind the echinoderm-like virus, though she now had a blue kunai, shining with a watery aura. Without hesitation, she performed a reverse gripped slash, to hopefully slice it in half with its own element. A simple enough procedure for her.

With that, she turned to look at the seafaring viruses, and frowned underneath her mask. "I'll admit, I'm not a great swimmer...but I don't want to risk Shurimpy getting into the middle of things, so that's not an option..."

"Too bad you don't have one of those chips that suck things in. That'd be super handy right now!"

The ninja Navi's eyes immediately widened, as something immediately dawned on her. "Hold on a sec...we actually do have something like that. Look over your chips for something called AirStorm, and send it over."

"AirStorm? Sounds like it'd have the opposite effect, but..." AirStorm, AirStorm...there it was, right there in the middle of the folder. "Kinda buried in there...but here you go! BattleChip, AirStorm! Slot in!"

Shuri reached back with her free hand, and pulled out her giant shuriken, which now had a grayish aura surrounding it. She placed it front of her, and with just one hand, began to spin it around and around in place...much faster than even she should've been able to. The chip's effects began to take hold, as it began to create a rather large vacuum effect; large enough to bring in even the Lark and Nautilus over there. But while strong, the effect wasn't very long lasting, and so when she could feel it weakening, Shuri immediately brought her weapon to a standstill...only to immediately start spinning it in the opposite direction. One by one, three small tornados were formed from the propeller-like blades, and went flying off towards the shelled cephalopod. The first to successfully land would do little more than pop its protective bubble casing, but anything afterward would sting something fierce, especially since all the wind was kicking up the sand.

And with that, Naomi did something rather uncommon: she took initiative in her operating, and quickly sent over a chip, albeit one she expected her Navi to ask for anyway. "All right, quick, while they're still bunched together! BattleChip, WideBlade! Slot in!"

The gray aura faded from the shuriken, only for it to immediately acquire a fairly impressive golden one. The Navi kunoichi grabbed it by one of its points, reared it back, then quickly performed a horizontal slash at the viruses. Not a particularly elegant way to destroy them, buit if it did its job, it was at least hard to top on efficiency. And to her, that was the more important aspect. On the downside, since she'd spent so much energy on attacking, there was little she could do in the way of evasion and defense. She could only hope that her blows struck true, and there was nothing left to evade. At least if they hadn't, she still had her weaponry at the ready.

Her SP, however, definitely did not have a dodging problem, as it remained vigilant, just in case it became a target...

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to behind Starfish (S, Teleport, Accuracy Up)
2-AquaKnife chip attack on Starfish (60, Aqua, A, Slashing)
3a-AirStorm1 chip effect on LarkA, LarkB, and Nautilus (Wind Type, pulls in viruses)
3b-AirStorm1 chip attack on Nautilus (50, B, Wind Type, hits 3 times)
4-WideBlade chip attack on LarkA, LarkB, and Nautilus (110, B, Slashing, Wide Attack) ]

[Note: Wind-type attacks get a 100% damage boost on Sand Terrain and cause a Sandstorm.]

Shuri quickly teleported behind the Starfish and sliced it in two with the power of water. The Starfish didn't stand a chance. Meanwhile, Shurimpy was defensive in case it was attacked.

The crustacean mollusk launched an AquaTower at Shuri and Shurimpy. Both attempted to get out of the way, but they were both unlucky and the Nautilus was empowered by its position. Both took a solid hit and felt drained by the experience.

Then Shuri struck back. Her AirStorm1 pulled all three viruses out of the water and onto the wet sand. Then she launched a bunch of tornadoes at the Nautilus. The sand kicked up into a Sandstorm as all three tornadoes struck their target, buffeting the virus heavily. The Nautilus' barrier was blown apart and the virus shredded by the high winds.

The Sandstorm stung her face as Shuri equipped her WideBlade. Everyone within the Sandstorm was Blinded by the stinging sands. Shuri and the Larks attacked each other, slashing blades and water blasts, while the wind howled around them. But no one hit each other. But the stinging sand dinged everyone.

Starfish: DELETED
LarkA: 95HP [Sand] [Blinded]
LarkB: 95HP [Sand] [Blinded]
Nautilus: DELETED

40% Sand [Beach] [SANDSTORM!: 2 Turns]
60% Sea [Ocean]

Shuri.EXE: 125HP [AquaKnife: 5/6] [WideBlade: 1/2] [Blind] [Sand]
Shurimpy.SP: 20HP [Blind] [Sand]
(Yes, I know, it's partly why I used AirStorm. It's just not something I usually state in my turn listings. Yes, I'm weird like that.)

For all of her careful planning, Shuri had somehow overlooked the obvious fact that there was a lot of sand, which was, in fact, easily displaced by wind. Which made using a wind attack that blew towards her as well as away from her rather dumb, in hindsight. "...Well, damn. I really should've known this would happen."

"I was going to speak up, but I really didn't think it'd make the area look like a NetFrican desert...I can hardly see you through all that sand!"

"That's better than me at the moment..." What an idiotic, rookie mistake she just made, not accounting for her surroundings. But she could berate herself internally for now, since she still had targets. But first, she needed to make sure her SP was safe. And against Larks, there was only one spot where they definitely couldn't get to. "Shurimpy, I need you to dig into the sand! It'll protect you from getting hurt, and that's your top priority!" It was too far away to see, but almost immediately, the ninja Navi could hear the sounds of intense digging. Though, she was a bit relieved that she couldn't actually see the scene; a Shrimpy dressed like a ninja frantically using its claws as shovels probably looked ridiculous beyond belief.

As for her enemies...well, even though the odds were probably not particularly great in this thick a sandstorm, there was little harm in her trying to take a couple of swings at them. She ran over towards where (she thought) they were, her right hand firmly grasping a point of her giant shuriken...and with a single motion, she removed it from her back, took a nice horizontal slash at the ray-like viruses, and returned it to its original position. For such an unwieldy looking weapon, she could pull off some rather smooth looking moves with it. Too bad style points meant less than nothing when no one could even see it.

As a bonus, Shuri took a jab at one of the (perceived) Lark locations with her water-powered kunai, having never dismissed it from her off hand. Sure, it wouldn't delete the virus even if it hit, and there was a fair chance it wouldn't even hit to begin with, but there was literally no good reason she could think of to not at least try to get a cheap shot in. After all, she still had plenty of time to avoid any WideShots that came her way. And, assuming her SP hadn't failed miserably, it'd only be her way. And that...was a load off her mind. She could now completely focus on avoiding, without being concerned that it could go on to hit her virtual partner.

[Order of Turn:
1-WideBlade chip attack on LarkA and LarkB (110, B, Slashing, Wide Attack)
2-AquaKnife chip attack on LarkA (60, Aqua, B, Slashing)

1-Burrow into the sand (Burrow)]
The stinging sand continued to buffet everyone as Shurimpy burrowed into the sand, protecting the creature from being ravaged further by the storm. The Shrimpy, dressed as a ninja, was exposed to the storm until he managed to get under the sand. Then he was safe to wait out the storm. Though it was hard for him to see anything down there, under a mound of sand.

Shuri meanwhile attempted to slash the Larks. And her blade found purchase in only one of the viruses, blinded as she was by the blinding sands. The remaining Lark belched water at the Navi, but it was quickly turned into wet sand and dropped uselessly onto the ground in bits and pieces.

Shuri then jabbed the last Lark with an aquatic powered kunai. But the swirling sands buffeted her attempts and ravaged her body. But the sun started shining through the cloud of stinging particles. Soon the storm would be over.

Starfish: DELETED
LarkB: 90HP [Sand] [Blinded]
Nautilus: DELETED

40% Sand [Beach] [SANDSTORM!: 1 Turn]
60% Sea [Ocean]

Shuri.EXE: 105HP [AquaKnife: 4/6] [WideBlade: Broken!] [Blind] [Sand]
Shurimpy.SP: 15HP [Burrowed] [Blind] [Sand]
Sigh. She had to admit, this was a fairly humbling experience. Sure, it was because of her own idioticness, but it went to show that the environment, no matter how benign it seemed, had to be taken into account at all times, as one never knew when it would come to haunt them. And for Shuri, that time was now. While it did look like it was starting to run out of steam, the sandstorm was still howling away, so she could either try and get in a sneak attack, or just stay out of sight until things cleared up. Both were apt options for a ninja, so it was definitely a hard decision...well, not really. There was still no reason to not take a couple of potentially literal stabs at the enemy, all things considered. But something was of more importance to her than the situation: her SP, who was nice and snug in the sand. It'd taken enough damage to worry her about future battles, so fixing that would be nice. "Naomi, I've got some chip requests."

"You do, huh? Let me see if I can figure out which ones you want...well, you and that Shrimpy have taken some damage, so healing's a good option...and Lark's water-based, right? That means you can hit its weakness, and if memory serves correctly, that would be...electricity. And the one Elec chip we have that's strong enough to defeat it in one hit is ElecKnife. So, am I right?"

"Precisely. You're starting to learn."

"Well, I AM going to be a full-fledged lawyer pretty soon, and they're not known for being stupid!"

"Feel free to stop bragging, and start slotting in."

"Fine, I'll have my moment later." As she pulled out the requested chips, Naomi couldn't help but take a moment to ponder the Recover chip she had. One would expect that something like a heart would be on it, but instead, it just had a +30 against some sort of random mark, and a blue background. What was that mark? It looked kinda like a Navi emblem, but it looked awfully plain for one...oh, she was getting off track. In went the chips. "We'll do healing first. Battlechip, Recover30! Slot in!"

Shuri's free hand began to glow pink, but instead of allowing the healing aura to surround herself, she pictured her SP in her mind, and raised her hand into the air. The light formed into a ball, and shot into the ground, moving through the land, and covered Shurimpy with the force of recovery. The pain of sand and water was quickly eased away, allowing it to no longer fear the dreaded EJO, and possibly even join in on the fun...or at least, it could if its orders weren't to stay down there until told otherwise. And it hadn't been told otherwise. It was a bummer, but the crustacean SP wasn't big on disobeying orders, so it remained where it was.

"And here's the last offense you'll need! BattleChip, ElecKnife! Slot in!"

The kunai the ninja Navi held suddenly began to glow, and soon went from a soft, watery blue glow to a crackling yellow. The elemental energy shift complete, she looked around, trying to figure out where that last attack had come from. She couldn't be sure, though...being a ninja didn't make you all-seeing, of course. But, she had an idea where that Lark was, so, with a firm grip on her weapon, she rushed that area, and delivered a pair of lightning quick strikes with her lightning attuned knife. She couldn't be positive she got it just yet, but the sandstorm was definitely winding down. She just needed to stay alert for any WideShots from nowhere, in case she failed, and then she'd know for sure one way or the other.

[Order of Turn:
1-Recover30 chip on Shurimpy (30, S, Recovery)
2-ElecKnife chip attack on LarkB (60, Elec, B, Slashing)
3-ElecKnife chip attack on LarkB (60, Elec, B, Slashing)

1-Keep on hiding in the sand]
The sandstorm finally abated as Shuri healed Shurimpy. Then Shuri stabbed the Lark with a crackling knife, shocking the virus into deletion.

Starfish: DELETED
Nautilus: DELETED

40% Sand [Beach]
60% Sea [Ocean]

Shuri.EXE: 105HP [AquaKnife: 4/6] [ElecKnife: 5/6] [Sand]
Shurimpy.SP: 40HP [Burrowed] [Blind] [Sand]

~Battle 1: Victory!!~
Rewards: 800z, 16 BugFrags
Without even stopping to dust herself off, Shuri headed over to the usual data remnants, and started accessing them. The faster she moved on from this debacle, the better.

"Guess you're all eager to move along, eh?"

"All too eager." And there, that was all the cash data the viruses left behind. No chip data available, so she was done here...or so she would've, but Shurimpy made sure there was still something to do. "They're gone now. You can come up."

The virus SP popped out from under the sand where it was hiding, and looked around. Upon realizing that everything was still dark, it let out some foam from its mouth, and used it to get the sand out of its eyes. There, much better. Immediately sensing something, it gently placed its claws next to each other, and breathed deeply, before exuding a strange blue aura. Data fragments, which were normally considered useless and dismissed, became visible, and immediately became drawn to it, and teleported away as they drew near.

The ninja Navi looked upon all this with her usual look of half-interest, not looking at all surprised or intrigued at her SP's activities. "Looks like that's all of them. Good work."

"Hold on a minute. I can't say I know much about how SPs work, but exactly what just happened?"

And her operator refused to let her move on. Typical. "Fine. You saw those remnants from the viruses I just deleted, correct? Those are usually referred to as Bug Fragments, or BugFrags, for short. To a regular Navi, they're completely useless. SPs, however, are capable of using them to power themselves up. So, Shurimpy gathered them all up and sent them to your PET. There should be a new counter on your screen that keeps track of how many he's gotten."

"Okay, that all makes sense...mostly. But, if you knew that already, why didn't you collect them before?"

"I can't say I know exactly why, but BugFrags can't be normally obtained by Navis. SPs, however, are auto-equipped with a program that lets them detect and obtain them without problem. I'd say Shurimpy can render them visible to others, as well. I'm not sure if that's an automatic thing, as well. ...Anything else you want to know about it?"

"I think about covers it, thanks. Though, why aren't you getting any of that sand off you? Camouflage or something?"

"Exactly. Can't hurt, at any rate." It could get irritating if it actually got inside her clothes, but as long as it just hung out on her, that'd be fine. "Shall we continue? I'm pretty sure nothing that miserable will happen again, so long as I remember that wind works both ways." The crustacean SP hovered over to its master, and together, they silently continued along, in search of other foes to fell, in the name of getting stronger.

(Searching for Battle #2)
Across the sandy beach, a Bunny hopped into view. Within moments it had crossed the sand to stand near the Navi. This Bunny didn't seem like an aggressive virus though. It was carrying a wicker basket with many eggs inside. The Bunny stopped near Shuri and Shurimpy, stuck a ear into the basket, and presented the Navi with a green mystery data in the shape of an egg.


After delivering the present, the Bunny hops behind a dune and disappears.
As soon as she saw the Bunny, Shuri's hand instinctively raised, to grab the edge of her giant shuriken. To her surprise, however, it had no malicious attempt at all, and left her some Mystery Data before hopping off. "Strange...I don't think Bunny are even native to Beach Area."

"I think the more important matter is what it left...should we open it? It could be a trap."

"It could...or maybe it's just a random gift. But, there's only one way to know for sure. We just need to remain vigilant." The Navi extended her free left hand, and began to access to egg-shaped data. Whether it was just free stuff, or a battle waiting to happen, she'd be ready.

(Opening GMD)
The GMD opens to reveal...

... A battlechip!

GET: LineOut1

Quote (LineOut1)

Damage: 40 + Break + Panel Break + Line Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Summons a Flamey to smash panels in a line, and anything on them.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Shuri decoded the data, and took a look at it. "...Well, it's better than nothing, I suppose. Incoming chip data, Naomi."

The paralegal watched as a picture and description popped up on her PET's screen. After putting a blank chip in, she soon removed a brand new LineOut. She looked at it, then the description, slowly raising one eyebrow. "You know, based on what I know about chips, it doesn't look terrible...but it does look terrible for you."

"That's putting it lightly. But, who knows, perhaps we can trade it off for something less...oh, let's go with attention grabbing." The ninja shrugged, before continuing on her way, shrimp SP at her side.

(Searching for Battle #2...again)
Moving on down the coastline, Shuri and Shurimpy encounter four Bagworm viruses. They moved around the field by rising and falling through portals. One of them launched a line of wooden spires at the pair, which the duo dodged easily. The rest followed suit and attacked!

BagwormA: 80HP [Sea]
BagwormB: 80HP [Sea]
BagwormC: 80HP [Sand]
BagwormD: 80HP [Sand]

40% Sand [Beach]
60% Sea [Ocean]

Shuri.EXE: 105HP [Sand]
Shurimpy.SP: 40HP [Sand]

~Battle 2: Start!!~
Shuri's eyes narrowed as she noticed the incoming enemy. Poppers. They weren't exactly a huge threat, but she knew from experience that they could be annoying. Plus, their WoodTowers were ground based, so she couldn't just have Shurimpy burrow for safety. Speaking of which, one decided to try to get a cheap shot...but even if she wasn't a ninja, their method of attack was laughably slow. "...To the left!" Both she and her SP moved a bit in the stated direction, and watched the wooden spikes pass them by before they had an opportunity to readjust its angle. With that, she looked over at the bagworm viruses. Looked like they were all down, and not hiding. Now was her chance to strike before they could regroup. "Naomi. AreaGrab and WideBlade. Now."

"Hold on, I-"


"If you say so..." That was awfully pushy of her...but, admittedly, her Navi was the NetBattle expert of the two. She grabbed the two requested BattleChips, and quickly slammed them into her PET. "BattleChip, AreaGrab! BattleChip, WideBlade! Double slot in!"

Shuri reached up, and grabbed an edge of her large namesake with her right arm...before instantly vanishing. Silently, she reformed on the sand behind the group, and with all the quickness one would expect from a Navi of her appearance, swung the giant throwing star with all her might, with the desire of cutting most of the bug-like viruses before they could even think about retreating into their holes high above the battlefield. Where did those holes go? No one knew. She, however, had the additional problem of not caring enough to ponder the question. She still had an enemy before her, and as such, had to be destroyed. "HeatShot. Hurry."

"All right...but we're talking about this afterward!" And, battlechip with a blue, fire breathing dog was in. ...And that was a relatively benign virus. The cyberworld was weird. "BattleChip, HeatShot! Slot in!"

An odd device replaced the ninja's left hand, which resembled an odd combination between a gun and a furnace. Fittingly, it had functions of both, as the side vents flared up, and the front vent shot out a fireball at the previously untargeted Popper. Of course, the net couldn't be satisfied at just shooting fireballs. If it hit its mark, the blast would penetrate the virus, and, had she missed the adjacent one, it'd go over to hit it as well. The cyberworld was weird like that.

Naomi, however, had more pressing concerns. "Nice work, but can you explain why you're being all bossy all of a sudden?"

"Sorry, but Popper are capable of retreating. Did you see those strings attached to them? They can use them to rise up, and enter a hole that supposedly leads to an entire dimension solely for hiding them. They were all down, so I had to strike fast, before they could do that. Which meant no time for small talk. Sorry I couldn't explain sooner."

"Ah, that'd explain it. All right, then, I'll forgive you. But, next time, mind giving me a signal?"

"Fine. I'll raise my middle finger."

"That...really doesn't work for me..."

"Then give me an alternative." Of course, the entire time she was speaking, Shuri remained alert for any straggler viruses. She also took a quick peek over at Shurimpy, who, despite not receiving any orders, had refused to shirk its duties, and remained vigilant in trying to notice any WoodTowers. Not that it'd be hard to see in an environment like this, but it never hurt to be cautious. Especially when it didn't take very many to force an EJO.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to behind Bagworms on Sand terrain (S, Teleport, Accuracy Up)
2-WideBlade chip attack on BagwormB, BagwormC, and BagwormD (110, B, Slashing, Wide Attack)
3-HeatShot chip attack on BagwormA (40, Fire, A, Spread 1) (Spread Target: BagwormB)

As Shuri teleported behind the Bagworms, one of them dragged itself up through its portal, disappearing from view.

Shuri grabbed hold of her mighty shuriken and threw it at the Bagworms that were still around. Cutting right through the three remaining viruses and causing them to flop onto the warm sand, like puppets with their strings cut.

Needless to say, the rest of Shuri's attempts to delete the thing hiding in its protective subspace were for not.

BagwormB: 80HP [Hiding in its Portal]

40% Sand [Beach]
60% Sea [Ocean]

Shuri.EXE: 105HP [Sand] [WideBlade 1/2]
Shurimpy.SP: 40HP [Sand]
Unfortunately, while Shuri was fast, she wasn't so quick as to successfully pull off her plan. While her sword based attack at least did its duty, all she could do was irritatedly shoot off her HeatShot at the portal the last Popper had entered. She knew it wouldn't do any good, of course; she was just venting at the fact it got away. "...I see that one was smart enough to get away before I could slice it in two."

"It can't be too smart, if it's even thinking about showing up again. So, since it probably is going to drop down again, anything you want for it?"

"Yes, actually. FireKnife. It's always best to defeat Popper with Fire based attacks when possible."

"Really? ...Wait, then why'd you want WideBlade?"

"I took a chance, and it paid off. But I'm not going to risk it now, so if you'd be so kind as to send it over..."

"Of course!" And all that she needed to do was to grab the requested chip, insert it into her PET like so...and she was done. Well, aside from calling out the name of chip, but that was always pretty fun. "BattleChip, FireKnife! Slot in!"

The ninja Navi returned her giant shuriken to her back, finished with it for the time being. As soon as her right hand left the blade, a red kunai formed in her left hand, which she twirled for a moment, for little reason other than to be a showoff. Besides, for the moment, she just needed to wasted time, as without a Popper to carve up, she didn't have much to do. Just waiting, and waiting, and waiting...aha, there! She rushed forward, as fast as she could muster...which turned out to be pretty fast, despite the sand's less than amazing footing. Even if it showed up over the water, she'd just swim over, keeping her fiery weapon above the ocean to avoid any undesired effects to it.

And of course, once she got over there...slice slice. Sure, only one would be needed to delete her pine cone looking enemy, but she always liked to make sure the job was done, no matter what. And speaking of which, her Shurimpy remained cautious, having no plans of becoming a shrimp kebob.

[Order of Turn:
1-Wait for BagwormB to reappear (wasting time)
2-Get over to wherever BagwormB reappears (movement)
3-FireKnife chip attack on BagwormB (60, Fire, B, Slashing)
4-FireKnife chip attack on BagwormB (60, Fire, B, Slashing)]

The Bagworm eventually dropped down from its portal, surrounded by a Leafshield. Then...



40% Sand [Beach]
60% Sea [Ocean]

Shuri.EXE: 105HP [Sand] [FireKnife 4/6]
Shurimpy.SP: 40HP [Sand]

~Battle 2: Victory!!~
Rewards: WoodTower1 + 450z + 16 BugFrags
With the last Popper burned to a crisp, Shuri allowed her non-innate weapons to dissipate, and looked over at her SP. It clasped its claws together and bowed, showing that it was 100% okay. "Looks like we're all okay. Good. Now, let's gather up our reward..." The remnant data from the viruses began to swirl, and formed into three distinct data crystals: a yellow one, containing the cash data, a green one, containing a chunk of chip data, and a blue one, containing the other random bits. While Shurimpy began to absorb the latter, the Navi transferred the cash, and took a look at the chip. She wasn't quite sure if anything a regular Popper dropped was especially appealing to her...and that opinion didn't change at all once she accessed it and noticed it was chip data for WoodTower. "Well, that's disappointing."

"What, you're going to complain about free chips?" Blank chip in, WoodTower chip out. Convenient. "The way I see it, it's better than leaving an empty slot in your folder!"

"Maybe so, but not by much...they're unwieldy. Not at all the kind of chip I like."

"If I ask around a bit about trading them, will you at least not complain about it?"

"First, I'm not complaining, I'm stating facts. And second, I'll happily shut up about it if you can trade them off for me."

"I can't promise anything, but I'll try. How's that sound?"

"It's about as good as I'm going to get." The ninja Navi looked over at Shurimpy, who had taken in the last bit of data from the blue crystal. It looked at her, and nodded. It was all done, it seemed. Which meant...that it was ready to get going. Good. And with that, Navi and SP continued their day at the beach. Not the most relaxing thing ever, ut eh. Relaxing tended to be boring, anyway.

(Searching for Battle #3)
Walking along the beach a KillPlant erupts from the sand in front of the Navi. Another KillPlant erupts from the ground behind as well, trapping the two between two killer plants. From the city to the south, a Raingear floats onto the beach. And finally, a pair of Megalian-As fly in from the ocean.

Megalian-AA: 130HP [10HP Aqua Aura] [Omnishoes] [Sea] [North]
Megalian-AB: 130HP [10HP Aqua Aura] [Omnishoes] [Sea] [North]
KillPlantA: 100HP [Immobile] [Sand] [East]
KillPlantB: 100HP [Immobile] [Sand] [West]
Raingear: 80HP [Sand] [South]

40% Sand [Beach]
60% Sea [Ocean]

Shuri.EXE: 105HP [Sand]
Shurimpy.SP: 40HP [Sand]

~Battle 3: Start!!~