The Showbizz Beach Blowout

The coordinates that the Splashes had been given led to a popular beach area, one of the virus free zones where many little shops lined the dunes and people gathered to have fun in the sun. The "Beach Blowout" was evident in the many attractions set up around the beach, as well as the large amount of traffic in the form of trendy beach goers. Loud music blared from two pairs of tremendous speakers, one pair located on each side of the area set aside for the event.

A lanky looking male navi wearing black and gray armor bearing the motif of a pocket camera, complete with buttons and lenses, leaned against an advertisement board with a grumpy frown that contrasted with the cheerful scene across the beach. The navi was sweating under his armor and drinking from a tall, strawed bottle, also bearing the Showbizz stars and logo. His bottle and distinct appearance would be pretty good tips for whichever Splash arrived.
In a beam of light, SplashLady found herself in what looked more like a beach resort than an actual section of the Internet. While still a little apprehensive about her upcoming job, the vibrant atmosphere was a welcome change from the gloom and doom of Rogue and Chaos Nets. "It's nice to be in the regular Net for a change! Too bad I should probably find the requestor, or I'd take my time and enjoy this!"

"We can always goof off here afterwards. But yeah, you need to find whoever gave the mission. March!"

"Yeah..." Hmm...well, that guy over there wasn't exactly having fun...he must be working or something. Summoning just enough water to splash her face (hey, it was pretty hot), the mermaid Navi walked over to find out. "Hi! You wouldn't happen to know who might've hired a water Navi for water-related stuff, would you?"
The man stopped sipping his drink and turned to SplashLady. He stared thoughtfully for a moment before responding. "I'm the one you're looking for; Showbizz isn't going to show up. She's too busy with her Pillow Party Slumber... whatever it was," he responded, trailing off at the end and pushing off from the wall. Continuing to stare at SplashLady's wet face, he crossed his arms thoughtfully. Suddenly, his eyelids shut in an alarming way, making a camera snapping sound as they did. She realized he hadn't blinked until this point.

"You look like a good person for this job. My name is PhotoMan. Unfortunately, my idle state just now is far from indicative of how you can expect your work to go. I'll be following you around and snapping pictures of the party; your job is to supply fresh water to all of our services." He paused, looked around, blinked his eyelids, then continued. "You should have a pretty good idea of what all you'll need to do, just from that mission briefing. Add to that list the additional tasks of maintaining beachgoer's showers and hosing down miscreants. The tasks also each have their own priority. Let's go over your tasks again..."

Quote (Mission Specs)

-Keeping volleyball players hydrated. *Low priority, two times*
-Keeping dancers hydrated. *Low priority, one time*
-Providing liquid for a variety of ice and beverage items. *High priority, three times*
-Providing maintenance to a water slide. *High priority, one time*
-Provide clean water to maintain showers at various points across the beach. *High priority, ongoing*
-Hosing indicated targets for various reasons. *High priority, ongoing*
-Wet tee shirts --- *Pay per instance bonus*

"Additionally, please keep in mind your water pressure. For now, let's consider four settings:"

Quote (Water Pressure Specs)

-Light spritz, like a squirt gun... free action, but no amount of it will surpass the point of just being a little wet.
-Splash, like a bucket... costs one action, gets target fairly wet.
-Hose, a maintained stream... costs two actions, gets target soaked and provides stable water supply.
-Pressurized hose, a powerful jetstream... costs three actions, gets target soaked and provides stable water supply. Will knock things over if they're not rooted down.
-Tidal wave, a wide area wave... costs full actions, wets everything in area and provides stable water supply. Will knock things over if they're not rooted down. Cannot miss.

"I'm just going by Showbizz's guidelines; you're free to use any special abilities you want as well. There are two other issues. 1) We must both wear swimsuits. Showbizz expressed this as a non-option. If you don't have your own, I have two that were left for Showbizz and her bodyguard; you could use either, since they're not showing up. 2) We are on very limited time. For that reason, know that once I start the timer, everything from there on out counts towards your satisfaction rating," he finished. "We'll start at one side of the beach and make our way to the other. Do you have any questions before we begin?"

***TIMER: 600***
Satisfaction Rating: 0%
((Timer will not start until you say you're ready IC))
SplashLady quietly listened to the instructions. She was used to inflicting pain with her various water tricks, but it was kind of embarrassing to admit this was the first time she'd be doing anything of this nature. Still, she tried her best not to outwardly show her nervousness. "Well, to be completely honest, it's a little confusing to me...but it sounds like one of those things that'll make sense once I'm out there and doing it."

"Hang on! What's all that water pressure about? I can understand it for SplashMan, but you just whip up water and do stuff with it!"

"...Then don't think of it as that, Sabrina. Just think of it as requiring more time to build up water power."

"I guess that makes sense, but I'm kinda wondering why he told you to consider four settings, and he definitely mentioned five after that! I guess the wave technique is for emergencies only?"

" I said, I think it'll make more sense once we get started. So, shall we?"

"We shall not! Forgetting the part where you have a swimsuit to put on?"

"...Ah, shoot! I guess I should...though, it'll be weird. I'm used to wearing, well, this. Compared to this, it'll be like I'm going around in my underwear..."

"It's not that bad! In fact, it's actually really nice to not have to wear that much on a hot day! And don't even think about thinking you'll look ridiculous...could you imagine SplashMan having to wear something like that?"

"Hee hee! You have a point there." The mermaid Navi headed over towards the existing swimwear, to see what, exactly her options were. Granted, time was tight, but since they weren't on the clock yet, it should be fine to do a quick check.
"I will attempt to address your concern. Many navis do not feel comfortable adopting swimsuits. I will adapt mine first to make you more comfortable," PhotoMan said, clicking his eyes briefly once again. A flash shot out from his body as his suit disappeared, replaced with a white tee-shirt and knee-length black swim trunks. The shirt was adorned with a picture of Showbizz's winking face, along with the name of the event in big yellow letters. The trunks were marked down each side with a gray stripe. His short black hair became visible, along with his fairly average body. A camera hung from around his neck, but it seemed likely it was just for cosmetic effect.

"Now, please, change in to your own as quickly as possible," he urged her, grabbing up the two hanging swimsuits and offering her either. A small, unoccupied group of changing rooms was located nearby, which appeared to be why he'd chosen that spot to lounge around.

The first swimsuit was pretty eye-catching, a blue bikini with a yellow star pattern and shiny gold buckles. It would suit a slim figure and would probably work okay with her body type. The other was a shining, black sling bikini, designed to cover the body in the shape of a V. It was even more revealing than the other and might be sort of difficult to wear with her less-than-ample cleavage. Even if it could be worn correctly, it might give her a wedgie...

Instantly understanding that SplashLady may be uncomfortable, the navi made an offer by pulling off his tee-shirt and folding it over one arm. "If you'd like, you can also use this tee-shirt," he muttered, not changing his stoic expression.
After looking over the two options for a moment, it was safe to say that she didn't particularly want either of them. But, she didn't have any of her own...unless..."Sabrina, think you could whip something up real quick?"

"Well, I could, but what if you don't like it? Then we're back at square one! Time matters, so I think you should just pick one and go with it...though, if you want my opinion, take the blue one. The black one looks like it'll give you a wedgie, and trust me, you do NOT want a swimsuit that gives you a wedgie!"

"That...sounds like a plan." SplashLady grabbed Option #1, looked it over one more time, then headed over to the changing room before stopping for a moment. "Um...Sabrina?"

"Way ahead of ya!" The PET was placed faced down on a nightstand, making it impossible for anyone to view its screen. "Good thing for you I'm not into that kind of stuff! Seriously, even during showers after PE or softball practice, nothing! I was actually a little surprised about it! I mean, you know the cliche about softball players...oh, shoot! You know, I really hope I'll be home before softball season starts! I mean, it'd be hard for them to play without a catcher...oh man, imagine if they had to cancel the season because they couldn't find another catcher. I don't think I could even show my face around there again..."

"Oh, don't worry about it. That's a ways off, anyway!" A smacking noise suddenly echoed from the changing room, as though a rubber band had struck bare flesh. "Yeeow!!"

"Oh, yeah. I was gonna warn you about that happening..."

"Thanks a lot..." A newly bikini'd Navi exited the room, though for some reason she was rubbing her hindquarters. "That really stung..."

"Sorry! Totally slipped my mind!" The sound of an opening door prompted Sabrina to reclaim her PET, and give her Navi a face-to-face apology. "Just don't think about it, and it'll be gone before you know it!"

"I hope so..." For a moment, she stopped to take a quick look at herself in a mirror located next to the rooms...exactly why there wasn't a mirror in each room to begin with was beyond her. As expected, it was a bit flashy for her taste, but it fit in all the right places, at least. With a shrug, she returned to PhotoMan, still getting used to her new outfit. "I hope it doesn't matter if I keep my trident with me, since it helps with my control." She looked at the T-shirt being offered for her, but simply shook her head. "Thanks, but even though this bikini's kinda gawdy for me, I think I can manage." A small gust blew, causing the water Navi's eyes to widen in surprise...though it was simply because she wasn't used to feeling it across so much of her body. "...Is there anything else you can think of that I might need to know? I'm sorry if I'm taking a while, I just want to be absolutely prepared for when I'm on the clock!"
The navi outside gulped uncomfortably as he listened to the telling sounds of SplashLady fitting into the host's bikini. He put back on his shirt after she declined his offer, then stared for a moment. After a series of rapid blinks, causing loud clicking noises, he scratched the outer side of his right arm. "The trident is fine. So long as it does not impede your ability to provide water to all listed functions at the proper pressure, there is no reason not to allow you to carry it."

"My only suggestion would be to give it 100% effort at all times. Don't allow yourself to ever pass up a moment of your operational time for anything that is not moving or spraying. Talking is fine, of course, as there is nothing that prevents you from acting and talking as much as you want," the navi suggested.

"On that note, we've used up all the time we have for the briefing. Operational time is beginning now. It is of the utmost importance that you begin immediately," he urged her. I will be following and recording footage of the party for promotional use. If you have further questions, I must ask them while working."

He pointed one arm out towards the beach, where SplashLady could see a four-person volleyball match going on. There were also showers, located nearby the dressing rooms. It seemed that the water circulating through them was flowing through some kind of large, blue, star-shaped net structure, but the water flow was currently very weak. People were beginning to complain that the water pressure was low.

"To fill the flow unit, you should uncap the lid on the top of one of the flat spikes. Please be quick; we have six more runs of the beach to attend to, ideally," PhotoMan explained as he busily clicked his eyes, moving his head back and forth. It struck SplashLady that none of the figures around seemed terribly distinct, so it might be a good idea for her to take care of this job quickly and then move on.

***TIMER: 600***
Satisfaction Rating: 0%
((Timer has started))
((One action required to move to next area of beach))
"But of course! I wasn't planning on giving less than 100%! More, on the other hand, is never out of the question!" SplashLady elegantly twirled her trident, pointing it at the shower that seemed to be down...wait, what? Operational time was starting? Oh shoot, she was on the clock. "Ahh! Here I go!"

At this point, the normally mermaid-like Navi demonstrated another ability that made her the superior Navi with Splash in their name for this job; her ability to run at speeds that weren't embarrassingly low. Granted, feeling the sand beneath her feet was new, but seeing as how she was officially mid-mission, she could focus on that later. "Here we go!" It took a little effort, but before too long the lid was removed, giving her a nice place to insert lots and lots of water into the star structure. Almost as if she was performing Water Splash, a stream of water started to flow upwards, from a seemingly unknown source. It spun around her, giving her a moment to cool herself off, before pointing her weapon directly at the hole, causing it to blast forth into whatever inside it was responsible for water storage. Though, based on the rushing sounds coming from within it, the pressure of the burst was still going strong...she didn't even know she had that kind of ability. Not that she was complaining. And at any rate, the shower should be fine now. One inconvenience down...probably a whole lot more to go.

Speaking of which, there were some volleyball players that could use a quick break, whether they liked it or not. Luckily, it probably wouldn't take nearly as much water for this job. Looked like they just finished a point, so now was a good time to swoop in and get to work. "Hey guys, if you're a little thirsty, open wide! If not...well, a little water's good for ya!" Whether they liked it or not, SplashLady delivered a small amount of fluid to each player's mouth area. Not much, probably around a mouthful, perhaps a little more.

"Well, that wasn't so tough! At this rate, that Recover150's as good as ours!" She waved over to PhotoMan, though for a change there was no water summoning. "Let's go, PhotoMan! The next area awaits!"

"Hey, being enthusiastic's good and all, but maybe you should pace yourself. I have a feeling it's not getting any easier after this..."

"Relax! I know that! But I'm not letting up! We need at least 100% satisfaction, and I'll get it, even if it takes me to the brink of deletion!" She wasn't entirely sure why, though...maybe because she felt like her pride as an Aqua-element Navi was at stake. Actually, that was probably definitely why...

[Order of Time:
1-Get to lid of shower structure
2-Hose water pressure technique on shower structure
3-Hose water pressure technique on shower structure
3a-Hydrate volleyball player
3b-Hydrate volleyball player
3c-Hydrate volleyball player
3d-Hydrate volleyball player
4-Head for next area]
SplashLady filled up the tank efficiently, achieving the desired result of providing a good and constant water flow to the shower users. The situation with the volleyball players was a bit choppy, as it took the athletes a moment to figure out what they were supposed to be doing. SplashLady noticed that the sound of PhotoMan's camera eyes continued constantly, making an audible click, click noise behind her.

"Good work so far. In the future, it may be a good idea to provide more water to the volleyball players. Hydration is not just about drinking water; they need to be cooled down just as much as they need to drink," he advised her. When she turned around, she noticed he was in a weird, dynamic position with one leg out and one palm against the ground, almost like he was posing. It seemed sort of out of character. "Let's continue."

PhotoMan got up and jogged down the beach along with SplashLady, then pointed out key targets. Another shower needed to be filled up, using a similar apparatus. Unfortunately, a big guy in red swim trunks was leaning against the apparatus, covering the lid with his arm. He seemed to be some sort of lifeguard.

More volleyball players occupied this part of the beach. A team of eight women, seemingly professional players, were busy in the last match of the set. One team was dressed in black trunks with gray tops, while the other was dressed in red bikinis with white tank tops. The player that stood out the most was the captain of the gray/black team, a tan woman with platinum blond hair and striking blue eyes. Her body was slender and attractive and she seemed ready to make an exceptional, intense serve; everyone's eyes were on her, even the guy at the shower station.

Additionally, it looked like there was a concession stand handing out ice cream and so forth. Another apparatus, a smaller version of the star-shaped flow unit, was set up nearby there. Unfortunately, it seemed to be malfunctioning or something; there was ice shooting out of the top. For some reason, the manager of the stand seemed to be sweating it out and pretending that nothing was happening...

"... There is much to be done."

***TIMER: 560***
Satisfaction Rating: 34%
((One action required to move to next area of beach))
"Hoo boy..." While what he said was extremely obvious, PhotoMan certainly wasn't kidding. "No problem, though!"

"Um...I don't have anything to add, so I guess I'll just say...good luck!"

Since she knew how to do it already, SplashLady raced over to the shower, or more specifically, the area where she had to fill it up. Unfortunately, the lid was already full of some guy's she'd have to find a way to get him to move. Hmm...well, he was definitely interested in that volleyball player. Her, not so much, though she definitely had a feeling that she should stay out of the way of that game until it was safe to step on the court without getting slammed in the head with a volleyball. But that wasn't very important to her at the moment; she needed to focus on the job in front of her. "Excuse me, sir! Can you please move your arm for a minute? It's big enough that I can't open this lid if you don't!"

[Order of Time:
1-Get to lid/get guy out of way of lid]
"Wuh...? Oh, this thing? Nah, this is my star-shaped arm rest. I'm keepin' it," the guy replied in a gruff tone, showing no signs of movement. It didn't even seem like he was in a particularly comfortable resting position to SplashLady. "Say, tell you what. You tell that hottie on the court yard to come over here, and in return, I'll move for ya."

"That's going to take time we don't have. I'd advise moving to another objective for now. I will attempt to move this man. Come back momentarily and I will have the situation resolved," PhotoMan offered, then walked up, looking pretty scrawny next to the other guy. "As a patron of Showbizz' Beach Blowout, certainly you can respect the wishes of its employees and managers? We must feed water into this receptacle or the showers will be useless."

The big guy thumbed his nose and continued leaning. SplashLady sort of got the idea he wouldn't be moving...

The volleyball game was still moving at a heated pace, as the killer serve had been made. Both teams were knocking the ball back and forth.

What was SplashLady to do?

***TIMER: 550***
Satisfaction Rating: 34%
((One action required to move to next area of beach))
...Oh, perfect. A jerk. Just what she needed. "You idiot! I don't have time to deal with this! If you're going to be like that, well...let's just say that afterwards, everyone'll call you Lance!" Flipping her trident pointy side forward, SplashLady began the process of aiming, to forcefully give the guy three good pointers...

"Hold it!!!"

"Wha?!" The aquatic Navi immediately fell over from sheer surprise. "Hey, why'd you throw my timing off, Sabrina?!"

"You're still not thinking like someone on a job! While that guy totally deserves it, you'll look bad. And by extension, the people you're working for will look bad. And that, in turn, will look really bad when it comes time to collect our pay!"

"Er, yeah...I guess you're right." The beached Navi stood up, and de-beached herself by dusting sand off. "I really need to stay cool. Sure, there's a time limit, but if I ruin the fun just to save time, it won't matter how much I get done!" Taking a few deep breaths, she looked around, seeing if there was anything else she could do in the meantime. ...Ah, right, the haywire ice machine. Once more, she was in a dash, arriving at the stand before she knew it. Maybe it was just her, but the sand here was different from usual sand. Or maybe being barefoot helped her run faster. Or maybe not wearing a long skirt was helping. Or all of the above. Hmm.

As she pondered the latest mystery of the cyber universe, she figured she might as well go ahead and inquire about the other problem. "Hi there! Your ice maker looks like it's doing its job just a little too well...anything I can do to help out?"

[Order of Time:
1-Move to concession stand]
((This post got blammed, here's what was in it:

-PhotoMan talks to guy, guy complains about SplashLady
-SplashLady goes to handle ice machine
-SplashLady hears from Gelata that she is worried about the swimsuit
-Timer is 540, satisfaction is 34%))
"Huh?" Oh, right, she was wearing a swimsuit. She almost forgot. "...You know, I'm not sure. Especially since what I usually wear covers everything except my face. But, I had to wear a swimsuit for this job, and I don't have one of my own, so this is what I ended up with. And trust me, it's WAY better than what the other option was!" Oh man...she couldn't even imagine what would've happened if she wore that other one...well, actually, she could, and the phrase 'partial nudity' summed it up rather nicely. "I guess the one piece of advice I could give you about it is to just relax and try not to think about it too much. If you've got time to worry about something like a swimsuit, you have time to worry about more important things, right?"

Hmm...looked like that volleyball game was about over. Break time over. "Ah, gotta get back to work. Later!" In a flash, the not-so-mermaid Navi dashed over towards the court, in preparation for the upcoming task.

[Order of Time:
1-Head for volleyball game and wait it out]
"Ah, alright... But it's actually a pretty big deal... A little while ago, because we didn't know about effective advertising wardrobes, my sister and I ended up in a competition to try to keep larger profit shares. It was pretty ugly," the attendant replied. "But I'll try to stop worrying about it so much. W-Wait!"

As SplashLady started down the beach, Gelata called her back over. "The machine needs a refill, sorry! I've got the ice shut off now. It just needs a little fill on the side there," she mentioned, trying not to raise her voice any more than she had to.

In the mean time, the volleyball match had ended as one could have expected with the victory of the charismatic girl's team. The winning team was busily talking to the surrounding audience now.

At the same time, it looked like the argument between the musclehead and PhotoMan was heating up, although only on the big guy's side; PhotoMan looked as expressionless as ever. Still, it seemed as though it might come to blows soon. The guy's arm was off of the machine, however.

***TIMER: 530***
Satisfaction Rating: 34%
((One action required to move to next area of beach))
"You think? I guess it'd help with bringing in more guy customers...actually, that'd explain a lot. Oh well, I don't really care enough to complain." Nor was she getting paid to. Speaking of which, time to get to business, especially since she wasted precious time running from and back to the ice machine. "Just a little? All right, that shouldn't take very long!" Placing her trident at the edge of the opening, SplashLady started summoning more water from the tip of it. It wasn't as intense as before, however, meaning it didn't take as long for her to finish. "There! Now it should be able to pump out more ice! careful it doesn't go haywire again, okay? You have to concentrate when you're working like this, even if it hurts! You can always take a nice long break afterward! ...And trust me, I plan on doing that after this is over."

With a wave to the attendant, the not-so-mermaid Navi walked off, noting that the volleyball team was still fairly occupied. She needed to get to them soon, but with all the other people there, it'd be tricky, as well as more time consuming. Luckily, it seemed that PhotoMan managed to lure that idiot off the cap to the water supply. Looked like a job for...SplashNinja! ...Or not, since sand wasn't exactly noisy, even if you ran over it. But she did need to be quick. And she did so, running over to the shower as stealthily as possible...which meant ducking so she'd be slightly harder to spot. As quickly as possible, she opened the cap, and started to pump water from nowhere into the shower's storage tank.

[Order of Time:
1-Splash water action on ice machine
2-Sneak over to shower area
3-Hose water action on shower
4-Hose water action on shower]
"Thanks, I'll try to get things together!" Gelata finished, waving off SplashLady as she left the ice stand.

Using her SplashNinja skills, the ordinarily mermaid-like navi managed to sneak around and fill up the blue star water container. In the mean time, PhotoMan got a punch in the face that sent him sprawling across the sand. Blinking his odd, camera-like eyes, he rubbed his neck and tried to get up. The distinct looking volleyball player stood between the two, breaking it up and scolding the big guy.

The big guy didn't seem ready to cool off yet. Unfortunately, PhotoMan didn't seem to be in a good state to give instructions. "I apolog- *CLICK CLICK CLICK* -pologize. Please hydrate the volleyball players and then quickly move on so that we *CLICK CLICK* can finish on schedule. Leave me to deal with this situation."

***TIMER: 490***
Satisfaction Rating: 46%
((One action required to move to next area of beach))
Ah, complete success. Now all she had to do was work on the volleyball team, and she could finally move along...though, there was a definite noise to her side. A noise that sounded like someone getting punched. A look revealed she was right, and, unfortunately, it was PhotoMan that had been flattened. And by just one punch, too. Granted, that guy was big, but sheesh. "PhotoMan! Are you all right?" And he was STILL focused on her mission despite the fact that he was obviously not completely okay. That took dedication. She took back any thoughts of him being a total wuss from a moment ago. "Sorry, but I've got a better idea that doesn't involve anyone getting punched in the face. ...I just wish I had a better one." With a sigh, she began to conjure up some more water from the sands below, which rose to around eye level...then, with a point, SplashLady directed it...straight at the chest of the notable volleyball player. "Sorry, but I think this is the easiest way to settle this!"

With a sigh at what she had just 'accomplished', she started to race over to the other athletes. Luckily, thinking about her previous action eased her mind about it; after all, wasn't she supposed to get a bonus or something for doing that? Before long, she reached the court, and quickly started going up to each player, saying the same thing to each one: "Excuse me, could you hold still for a moment, and open your mouth? I'm here to cool you down!" She then would apply water to both their mouth, and their head. Or another part of their body, if they wanted. And if they refused, they'd just get skipped, since she wasn't about to force them to get wet.

After a bit, it seemed that was it. Time to move along. The not-so-mermaid Navi waved at PhotoMan, signaling that she was ready to go ahead to the next area, and, given that he gave a response, started heading for it.

[Order of Time:
1-Splash water action on volleyball player's top
2-Race over to other volleyball players
2a-2?-Light spritz water action on each player; one for drinking, one for wettening
3-Head for next area, assuming PhotoMan is still good to go]
PhotoMan nodded to indicate that he was more or less alright, then gave a thumbs up as SplashLady covered the intervening volleyball player's top with water. The gray was light enough to soak through and show off the black bikini underneath; while it was nothing racy, there was a lot to see, so to speak. The big guy was thus distracted, yelling about bazonkers and so forth, while SplashLady moved forward and completed her mission, providing light hydration to the rest of the volleyball team.

The woman fortunately didn't seem terribly confrontational about having water splashed on her; after seeing SplashLady hydrate the others, she just assumed that the navi had been a little overzealous with her portion.

A number of clicks from behind SplashLady alerted her to PhotoMan's presence; he'd somehow gotten from the ground near the big guy all the way to her own position."Very good," he nodded. "You perform well. The next area will be a true test of your mettle."

The water slide in the distance certainly seemed to indicate that PhotoMan was correct. Up at the very top, a water receptacle sat waiting for input. The only problem was that a huge line had formed; even if SplashLady were to push her way past people rudely, it'd take quite a while just to get through all of them. The only other option seemed to be to find an alternate way up or actually scale the frame, which could take several actions! She could also pray that the line lessened over time.

A group of breakdancers was tearing it up around a very distinct stone statue, which collected water from the tides at its base through a kind of moat. The dancers looked very sweaty and in need of water, but they were still busy doing their thing. Two were heavy-framed men in goggles; the last was another woman in goggles, but dressed in black clothing that didn't seem particularly enticing to wet.

A lemonade stand was nearby... the top of its star shaped container seemed to be spewing ice, just like the out-of-control machine from earlier. The attendant seemed similar to the other girl: a flustered young woman with hair licked into curls at the ends, although her hair was bright green. She was dressed in a very showy yellow bikini that didn't seem to fit her petit frame at all.

A concert was going on nearby the waterslide, held by a cute-looking idol in an innocent white swimsuit. While most people were cheering and good-natured, some ridiculously huge guy in a martial arts gi was drunkenly stumbling around and knocking people about. SplashLady might have to investigate as to why-

"There is much to do," PhotoMan spoke up again, rubbing the spot where he was punched earlier. "That man should be hosed down. Please try to hose him in such a way that only he is hit. You may want to clear the crowd from around him somehow before hosing."

Apparently, PhotoMan didn't particularly care why the man was stumbling around drunk; he just wanted the guy gone.

***TIMER: 460***
Satisfaction Rating: 52%
((One action required to move to next area of beach))
...Uh, wow. SplashLady really had to wonder if the people in charge of this event spent all their money on attractions, and practically nothing on employees. "That's...a lot of stuff that needs to get done...hey, Sabrina! Any thoughts?"


...And her operator apparently decided to take a nap. That was real helpful of her. "Guess I won't get a second opinion...anyway, I guess I need to get started. And if you want that guy hosed, I guess I should start with that. He's ruining things for a lot of Navis!" With a deep breath, the watery Navi found herself on the move again, right into the thick of the concert crowd. "Excuse me! Coming through! Gotta send that jerk over there packing!"

Eventually, she managed to make her way to the drunk guy, who was, uh, rather big. It'd take a pretty big amount of water to make that guy budge, much less send him flying. On that note, she began drawing water from the sand below her, though oddly enough, she wasn't raising it more than a couple inches off the ground. Instead, she lowered the head of her trident, and began holding it in much the same way someone would hold a golf club. She steadied it, looked around to make sure her aim was true, and that no one was between her and the pin(head)...

"Fore!" The not-so-mermaid Navi lightly mimicked a golf swing; not hard enough that anyone that accidentally got caught in its path would be hurt. Once she connected with the blob of water, however, it blasted forth as a powerful stream at an upward angle. Ideally, that angle would send the drunken guy flying away, far from any place he could wreak havoc...or at least make him stop his reign of terror. "All right, now I should go talk to that girl running the lemonade stand. I have a feeling I know what the problem is over there..."

After more traveling, she reached the stand, and watched the ice erupt from the machine. "You know, I'm pretty sure that having your machine spit out ice like that isn't good for business. Come to think of it, are you related to the Navi running the ice cream stand?"

[Order of Time:
1-Get over to drunken guy
2-Pressurized Hose water setting on drunken guy
3-Pressurized Hose water setting on drunken guy
4-Pressurized Hose water setting on drunken guy
5-Head for lemonade stand]