Scott Williams and Wing.exe

Name: Scott Williams
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall kid with baggy pants, blond hair, and etnies skate shoes.
Personality: easy going.
PET Modifications: A link PET that is colored blue and silver with a little bit of black around the screen.


Name: Wing.exe
Gender: Male
Element: none
Type: Wind
Appearance: Tall navi with a black face and yellow eyes, very broad wings. He Has a blue chest with everything else silver
Personality: quiet, quick-witted, and intelligent
Custom Weapon: Razor feathers: Wing shoots feathers, that are as sharp as razor blades off of his wings.
Signature Attack: Razor Wing: 30 dmg - 2 turn cool down - Wing flies at incredibly high speed, so that he is invincible while using this attack, to cut his opponent for 30 dmg.
Your descriptions are fuzzy. As in, by reading it I get a general sense of what your characters look like, but... there's no defining details.

So... I'm going to ask for a bit more description on both.

Aaaand... Your Signature Attack sounds a bit on the God-mode side. Invincible when he uses this attack?

Twi, Majin, comments please.
I say that's a big fat no. Invincibility in any form is godmoding, plain and simple.

Anyway, I agree with Demon. With RPing, Details are everything. When Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, he had a visual reference-- we don't, and thus, for us to paint a clear picture, you have to give us details. Guide the brush strokes that paint your characters' images into our minds.

...Or in less wordy words, MORE DETAIL PLEASE.

I don't think he meant he was invincible for the turn, just that the attack can't be interrupted. I still agree with you two, though.
Agreed that you need longer descriptions... and...

You can "evade attacks" during your Signature Attack. Describe it as "flying very fast and evading incoming attacks," and then your attack is approved. You can also deflect attacks, in which case you'll have to specify how many attacks OR how much damage, and increase the cooldown.