Paper Moon

A ray of light fell on the beach network and Luna shortly began descending down with her parasol open. Softly landing on the tip of her white sandal, the navi closed her parasol and the light surrounding her simply disappeared. With a rather bored expression on her face, she looked around the deserted Beach Net. "This place haven't changed at all, boring and deserted." This was her talking when the last time she visted the Beach Street network, it was still in its beta form and only few navis had access to them.

However, she did take delight with few colorful buildings she hasn't seen before. Luna began swinging her parasol from one place to another, taking her time enjoying the walk through the peaceful, empty net before other navis came by to ruin things...
PaperMan landed at Beach Net in a hurry, working on Turner's command to find the girl's runaway Navi. Unfortunately, he had no idea what said Navi looked like. Also unfortunate was the fact that PaperMan transferred out of his PET too quickly to make a clean landing, so he was pondering all this while crumpled up on the ground like a used spitball. Oh well, everything would work out soon enough.

Rising from his sloppy state, PaperMan began sprinting around the immediate area, searching for any other Navi with the idea that his goal couldn't have gone too far just yet. It was a little known fact that PaperMan really could run fast, since what with him weight all of... well, nothing, accelerating wasn't very difficult for him. He covered a lot of ground pretty quickly in search of the mysterious Navi, although if PaperMan left behind a visible trail, it'd look like one of Shiri's crayon drawings: scribbles zigging, zagging, and bending in every possible direction. Probably not a particularly efficient search path.

Luckily (PaperMan would probably be long dead if luck didn't cut him a break every so often), his aimless scramble produced results anyway, and ran up to a female Navi in a white dress with a parasol. He dug his heels into the ground and slid to a halt right in front of her, then raised his palms forward to signal her to stop. Now, PaperMan needed to somehow convey to this girl that she needed to leave. Turner was in a hurry, so there was no time for charades or writing out a message by hand. So, by elimination, PaperMan popped a sheet of paper out of his arm and slapped some ink on it off his thumb, letting it auto-form into a sentence for the girl to read:


... Yeah, PaperMan's meaning could sometimes get lost in translation with this auto-writing thing. Oh well. Good luck with that, lady killer.
Luna was enjoying her solitude as she twirled around and around with nothing in her way...Till she began to hear things. It was faint, but the closest thing Luna could compare the noise was the sounds of two piece of papers rubbing against one another. Before she realized, a strange paper navi appeared before and pulled his hand out in order to stop her. "...How strange. I thought navis were limited to human figures. The world changed too much."

The navi was perplexed by PaperMan's design and began to examine him with utmost attention, almost ignoring all the writing it was doing. However, when PaperMan revealed his message towards Luna, the navi showed no change in her expression and simply replied.


Whether she misunderstood the message or actually knew what PaperMan had to say, Luna gave her answer straight forward and began to walk past the navi and completely ignored it. Luna started to hum an old tune to herself as she twirled her parasol around like no body's business.


Before Luna could even get further than 10 steps away from the other navi, she stood from her position and began to cautiously examine the area. "...Viruses" The navi took the parasol and hanged it on her wrist, tightening the silk gloves one by one as she prepared for the virus encounter. Even when she was in danger, however, she still seemed to forget PaperMan's presence altogether...

PaperMan was confused by how harsh and blunt the response was from the girl... until he turned his sign around and read what he had written. The origami Navi could only facepalm at what he saw before shredding the misinterpreted proposal to pieces, then give chase to the lady who he probably already alienated to no end. Once he caught up to her, PaperMan brought her to a halt once more... Well, he would've, had she not already stopped.

Taking this pause as as convenient break and nothing more, PaperMan began writing a new message, this time manually. A long strip of paper began feeding out of his left palm, and on it his ink-stained thumb began scratching across with incredible speed and impossible flexibility. Really, his thumb was bending in like... 4 different places. It probably would've been disgusting or grotesque to see from any other Navi, but PaperMan's comical design made the act of writing with his thumb more of a spectacle than anything else.

Of course, writing out a message one letter at at time was a slow process, and PaperMan's sixth sense for battle was... sucky, if it even existed. While the girl tensed up after feeling the presence of viruses nearby, PaperMan continued scratching away at his paper strip like a shoddy printing press. Hold on, hold on, he'd be done in a minute...

(Battle 1 READY OR NOT)
Jacked into the Beach Network, Luna (and PaperMan, to a certain degree) found themselves facing a few viruses. They had jacked into a place that was close to the digital-sea part of the network. A Shrimpy virus eyed the two with hostile intent, floating near them. Behind it were some Powies and Metools that seemed to have been playing in the water a while ago, but were interrupted by the unwanted intruders.

Shrimpy: 100 HP (Normal)
Powie A: 60 HP (Sea)
Powie B: 60 HP (Sea)
Metool A: 40 HP (Sea)
Metool B: 40 HP (Sea)

-- ALLIES --
Luna.EXE: 100 HP (Sand)
PaperMan.EXE: 100 HP (Sand)

20% Normal (A large patch in the middle of Sand)
30% Sand
50% Sea

"...How quaint. Viruses playing around. It actually surprises me that they now have a free mind." Luna watched as her enemies was splashing around in the water carefree. "Troublesome." she stated with a disgusted expression, seeing the viruses as a problem and a nuisance.

She planted the parasol into the sand and made it disappear in a blink of an eye. The navi gathered both her hands in front of her and clutched it into a fist closing her eyes and began to let out a big breath of air. Her hands began to radiate in a bright silver light and began to shine brighter and brighter.

"...Moonlight Phenomenon"

The light that was shining from her hands reached its limit and gave out one blinding flash...and nothing happened. Luna opened her right eye to find that nothing changed at all and her attack was ineffective whatsoever. "..." Though it was obvious to her that she did all that for naught, Luna wasn't embarrassed nor even put up a small blush. "Let's try again." said the navi as she closed both her hands together once more.

"Hey, don't be wasting your time like that! Just get the hell out of there!"

Kat finally intervened Luna as a floating holo-screen appeared right in front of the navi's face. The operator was definitely angry, not wanting to put up with anything else as Luna put her up in a messy situation with the electrician. "Oh? Little Katherine, you came along." Luna's face lit up with the same ephemeral smile from before, not helping Kat's anger at all. "No, I want you to get out...Jack out or whatever. This man wants to do his job and I don't wanna embarrass myself anymore because of you!" Her eyes widened and her nose flared, but Luna's expression didn't change at all as she replied back "But I can't leave now. These viruses will be in the way."

"I don't give a da-......Oh come on!"

The operator let out a noisy sigh, one of those exaggerated ones little children always do. Kat scratched her head trying to figure out what she should do, but she soon realized a pair of rubber gloves was handed to her by the electrician. Silently nodding her head in thanks, she took the gloves and tried them on...But it was much too large for the girl and she had to close her hands into a fist in order for the gloves to fit. "...Sorry. Again."

It looked like Kat had no choice but to beat the viruses first before she could take Luna away. It wasn't like this was her first time operating a net battle...more like her third. She wasn't the type of girl to stay at home using electronics, but spent almost all her free time on the beach. Her hands shuffled through her shirt's front pocket to pull out three standard chips, focusing on the shotgun chip first. "This looks like it'll do some damage..."

Carefully sliding the chip into the port, Kat was afraid she might break the tiny chip if she rushed it. The chip data was loaded into Luna, but the navi didn't undergo any changes like any other regular navis to Kat's surprise. "The waters will be my weapon, nothing else." With that confident statement, Luna slowly raised her right hand towards the Metool pair and pointed her index and her middle fingers straight forward. She traced her fingers into a sharp V, causing multiple droplets of water to come up from the sea and towards Luna.

A wall of countless marble sized water drops stood between the virus and Luna. Each one slowly drifted around on its own as Luna held fingers straight. "Forward." With that command, the navi opened her hands and the water marbles exploded forward and headed towards the Metools. A good half of them didn't even make it past the sandy beach, but they all left their marks as myriad of holes was left on the beach.

Luna now turned her attention towards the Powies and her dark blue eyes glimmered as a smile came up on her face. "Come a little closer, both of you." She brought both her hands in front of her and simply waved it towards her, causing a small patch of the sea to vibrate in a low hum. Before anyone realized, a tall, but unnaturally thin wave attempted to sweep the Powies towards Luna's direction! "Mrrm...It's much smaller than before." The navi looked discontent that her waves was only able to pull two viruses, and soon turned frustrated when she couldn't maintain it completely. Her left arm began to shake as she reached her limit and gave out, causing half of the wave to simply die down and let one of the Powies free. "One will do."

Luna decided to focus on the current wave and patiently waited for the virus to come closer and closer, supporting her right arm with her left as she tried to maintain the wave. The moment the Powie was in range, the navi pulled back her arm and pushed forward, creating a even larger wave that was on the crash course against the other. The two crashed in a watery explosion, but the wave going outward still maintained its shape for a little longer, carrying what was left of the virus away.

1. Take Aim
2. Shotgun [50 | Spread] @ Metool A/B
*Gust: Pull PowieA off Sea Terrain.
3. Tidal Blow [1st Stage: Pull | 2nd Stage: 40 / Knockback | Aqua | Requires Sea Terrain (Fluff) | 2TCD] @ PowieB
Viruses?! Wait wait, hold on, PaperMan just needed a few more moments to finish writing... His thumb bounced around the paper strip frantically as it scratched out what he wanted to say, but one thing PaperMan had failed to account for was the fact that Beach Net was wet. The Metools and Powies were still playing around in the pool of water when he had chased the runaway female Navi here, and one inadvertent splash sent a splotch of water flying through the air... onto PaperMan's message. He could only watch in horror and shock as the ink ran together into an indecipherable mess, and after a few seconds the waterlogged paper strip just disintegrated all together. PaperMan fell to his hands and knees after this disastrous turn of events, head hanging low and pride flattened. Total defeat...

But wait! Raise your head, PaperMan! Actions speak louder than words! Defeat these viruses to show your resolve to... Err, what was this Navi's name? PaperMan never really had the chance to ask. Oh well, it would be rude to ask for her name without introducing himself first, so PaperMan did just that. An arched sign popped out of his back, and in big bold letters presented "PAPERMAN to the world, and in particular the female Navi as he walked in front of her to garner her attention for a moment. PaperMan pointed at himself, pointed at the sign, then pointed at her, trying to pantomime the request that she share her name.

"... What are you doing, PaperMan?" muttered Turner, who was ignoring the fact that on a similar note, he hadn't given Kat his own name yet. "Go get rid of those viruses. We need to do that anyway to fix the electrical problem." Turner couldn't really understand why his Navi was trying to make nice with the girl he was supposed to evict from the Net.

PaperMan didn't really understand it either, as he didn't even think about it when he introduced himself. He just kinda offered his name like it was normal, being the nice (and gullible) guy he was. However, he was also a loyal kind of guy, so if Turner ordered him to fight viruses, then fight viruses he would. Without waiting for a response from the girl, PaperMan turned around and ran off along the side of the water until he approached the Shrimpy that had for whatever reason opted to stay on land.

Without a chip at his disposal, PaperMan had to improvise. He still had the sign with his name on his back, so PaperMan quickly tore that off and let it wrap around his arm, folding and morphing into a sword... that had PAPERMAN scrawled on its blade. Eh, it still worked. PaperMan hacked away at the Shrimpy with his self-titled sword, and before he knew what happened next, his other hand had assumed the form of a RageClaw. Still being in the middle of his attack, PaperMan didn't question the Battlechip's appearance, and instead unleashed it immediately upon the Shrimpy. After trying to cut the aquatic virus into sushi, PaperMan backed off and looked to his Operator.

"... What? I'm your Operator. It's my job to give you Battlechips to use." grunted Turner. Yeah, really, he had only even thought to give PaperMan the RageClaw after he had watched Kat slot a different chip into her own PET. There's no way he was about to tell anyone that, though.

PaperMan then looked back to the rest of the battlefield, where the female Navi was unleashing water bullets and tidal waves like she was the daughter of Poseidon or something. Watching all this, PaperMan was kinda freaked out, yet at the same time also in awe. More freaked out, though, since he and water typically did not get along well. How was he supposed to convince her to jack out...?

While he pondered that, PaperMan noticed the girl wasn't focusing too much attention on one of the Powies. Was this... a chance to help and get on her good side? Could be, could be! He lacked the power at the moment to give it a good attack, so PaperMan instead launched a large sheet of paper out from his arms towards the virus. As it sailed through the air, it began folding itself into a more compact form of just about the Powie's size before trying to entrap the virus in itself as a sort of strait-jacket restraint. Having done all he could do after that, PaperMan put some distance between himself and the water for... well, obvious reasons.

1. PAPERMAN Papercutter (60 Wood damage, Slashing, 2TCD) @ Shrimpy
2. RageClaw1 (40 damage, Slashing) @ Shrimpy
--Debuff (-11 damage) @ PowieA
3. Dodge

Papercutter - 2 turns
Irritated at the presence of the viruses, Luna started off the assault by attacking the Metools first with her wall of water droplets, easily taking care of both of them. PaperMan, meanwhile, took his unintentionally-named sword to the Shrimpy, and made with his strikes. Both hit, but the Shrimpy managed to get in a shot of water, turning PaperMan into a soft mush. (15) Meanwhile, the Powies were focusing their efforts on Luna, but one was pushed back when Luna pulled in a wave to help her out. The other had its body restrained (somewhat) with a paper wrapping courtesy of... well, you know. Anyway, the Powie broke out of it, but its struggle made it land in an entirely different spot from its target.

Shrimpy: DELETED
Powie A: 60 HP (Cracked)
Powie B: 20 HP (Sea)

-- ALLIES --
Luna.EXE: 100 HP (Sand)
PaperMan.EXE: 85 HP (Sand)

20% Normal (A large patch in the middle of Sand)
25% Sand
5% Cracked
50% Sea
Luna watched as the viruses began to fall one by one, starting with the Metools she attacked from the start. However, she soon realized the Shrimpy virus' disappearance and the strange strait-jacket the powie was wearing out of the blue. Luna quickly realized that it might have been paper navi's doing from before and turned around to find the said navi. "To whom do I give my thanks t-..." She found the navi, but the first thing she saw was the obvious PAPERMAN written on the its sword, which was more than enough for Luna. "...My name's Luna." said the navi as she turned back to focus on the virus.

Seeing how the five viruses thinned down to a mere two, Luna figured she could finish things off without further help from the origami-man. She eyed the Powie who was over the cracked panel, and simply waved her hands towards herself. Soon, water began to seep out from the cracks below (since the panel was already so close from the sea) and the same thin wave from before was formed from it. The wave began to sweep through the sands and sought to take the Powie closer to its creator. "I need a chip, Katherine. " said Luna as she quietly waited for the Wave. "Right...But can you call me Kat from now on?"

The operator drew out her two remaining chips, but looked rather confused at which one to choose from. Since there wasn't a definite description of what the chip was, excluding their names, Kat simply decided to use the one that looked the most menacing. "Alright...Sending a chip in now!"

Luna received the chip from the PET and felt a surge of energy throughout her arm. The navi couldn't help but to sigh and bring her hand out forward. "Katherine, I really loathe using chips like this." She splayed her hands forward and the energy soon vacated her arm and began taking its own shape. The end result was a giant liquid hand that followed Luna's own hand movement to every inch, soon assuming the position of a flat open palm. "But I'll see what I can do." As the wave came closer to Luna, she lifted her hand all the way to the side, prompting the watery replica to follow, and gave it a quick swing to give the virus a good slap. The water hand didn't deal much damage by itself, but the force was enough to send the virus straight at its own comrade, which should've finished off at least one of them.

"Is it over?" questioned Kat as she tried to process what just happened throughout the battle. Luna gave yet another sigh and clenched her hand into a fist, causing the water hand to simply lose its form and go back to the sea. "Patience, there's still one more." The navi's focus turned towards (hopefully) the last remaining virus and she gave a cynical smile. "I'm sure the origami-man will take care of it...but load one more chip, Katherine." Kat simply nodded her head and followed her navi's command by loading the last chip into the PET.

The navi held her hand up in the air and the parasol materialized, promptly opening it and resting it against her open shoulder. "I'll need a vantage point." She looked up and examined the Powie from afar and simply hopped up. The parasol suddenly flashed in a blinding light and an updraft suddenly came to be and took Luna up into the sky.

Luna was strangely calm, despite the fact that she flew up at least dozens of meters, and looked down at the tiny speck of white. She shaped her hand into a gun, with her index and her thumb sticking out, and gave it a pull on the imaginary trigger. "...Pow" A single, large bullet of water formed in a split second, rapidly spinning in front of Luna's index finger before it went off with a loud bang. It trailed straight down to the last Powie and simply exploded upon impact.

*Gust: Pull PowieA
1. Rageclaw [60 | [b]20 Grapple[/b] | 6 Uses | Slashing] @ Throw PowieA towards PowieB
2. Movement (Jump up / AirStep)
3. Cannon [40 | Knockback] @ PowieA

Tidal Blow: 2TCD
Oh dang it, he got wet. He was getting all mushy and saggy, which PaperMan always hated. Like all the injuries he took, it wasn't as bad as it looked. It just... felt gross. He was the origami Navi, not the spitball one! He wanted to be excited for learning Luna's name, but ugh, this was such a killjoy. PaperMan needed a minute to get this sorted out...

The waterlogged portion of his body was mostly his torso, with a little around the upper arms. As a result of that, there was really only one way PaperMan could get dry. He curled himself up into a little ball with his heads between his knees, and... just kept curling. Rolling and rolling and rolling, until PaperMan had rolled himself up into a nice little tube, wrung dry of all the water in his body. Good as new.

"... What are you doing, PaperMan?" grunted Turner, irritated as usual by his Navi's silly actions. In response to his question, a single hand popped out of the PaperRoll and gave Turner a thumbs-up. "... Never mind. Just go help finish the viruses." Turner wisely decided that he didn't need to know. PaperMan wasn't getting new chips, though. He had to act sane to earn those.

Never mind that, PaperMan was dried off and ready to help Luna! He immediately ran after the nearest... Oh wait, he was still a roll. Okay, PaperMan rolled after the nearest virus. Said virus was the injured Powie on the water. Was PaperMan really going to do something so dumb after just drying off...?

No! As his PaperRoll form hit the water, grass sprung up beneath him, creating a land bridge to approach the virus on! It's like rather than a roll of paper, PaperMan had become a roll of artificial turf, and was laying it out on his path to conquest. As he raced past the Powie, the RageClaw PaperMan still had equipped popped out of the side of the roll, causing PaperMan to make a u-turn by sinking its claws into the grass. The origami Navi turned turf dispenser then charged the weakened virus, finally morphing back into his real form as he swung at the Powie, trying to toss it into the other Powie that Luna was trying to do the same to.

PaperMan watched Luna continue her attack, but ultimately had to turn his attention back onto himself rather than the battle. Apparently two of his fingers were still rolled up into his shoulder somehow...

--SetGrass (Large Area Grass Terrain)
1. ROLL OUT THE TURF (Movement) (+5 HP)
2. RageClaw Throw (20 damage, Impact) PowieB into PowieA (+5 HP)
3. Self-management (+5 HP)

Papercutter - 1 turn
Creating a large liquid-appendage from the RageClaw battlechip data, Luna sent the hand straight for the Powie. Unfortunately, it missed the first one, only landing a hit on the second one. However, PaperMan came running- er, rolling to her rescue, and whacked the other Powie to its senses. Seeing said Powie still standing, Luna whipped up into the air, and fired a bullet of water from her finger, smashing through it and ending the battle decisively.

Shrimpy: DELETED

-- ALLIES --
Luna.EXE: 100 HP (Sand)
PaperMan.EXE: 100 HP (Grass)

20% Normal (A large patch in the middle of Sand)
25% Sand
5% Cracked
50% Sea


Luna: [Bubbler] Battlechip, 425z, 2 FXP
PaperMan: [Quake1] Battlechip, 450z, 2 FXP
Luna descended down to the ground with her parasol fluttering against the wind to soften the landing. She turned to see what remained of the viruses and began to take in the chips and zennies left by them. "So much for peace and tranquility." The navi let out a small sigh and continued her walk across the once-deserted Beach network while twirling her parasol around and around.


Kat immediately interrupted Luna's merry ways as the same holo-screen appeared just in front of the navi. "The viruses are gone and you're away from danger. Now get your cocky ass out of there so this..." Kat turned silent and turned to her side to see the tall, rugged man standing beside him. "...Man could do his job..." The "Man" was the safest choice of word, as the other option that popped up on her head was "Foul-mouth, scary electrician."

The navi had no change on her expression and simply looked over towards PaperMan's strange state, shaking her head side to side. "Do you expect that navi to do its job properly?" Kat turned the screen around to see PaperMan's fingers wiggling on his shoulder and began to truly wonder if that navi really is capable. "W-well...The electrician knows what to do, we should just leave it at that."

The corner of Luna's lip turned up to put a small smirk on the navi's face, knowing that she had the upper hand in this argument. "I'm surprised he's not a soggy pulp yet with all these waters around him." "..." "And these amount of viruses...Unless the virus infestations worsened in 8 years, are very much abnormal for this network." "..." "So let me make a proposal. You let me on the net and I'll gladly help the origami-man do his job."

Poor Kat was completely swept up by Luna's argument, speechless as she tried to make something against all the points her navi has made. The surfer girl turned towards the man beside her and nervously asked him a question. "W-well? A-are you okay with what my navi said?"
"... Mm. Name's Turner. Sorry 'bout that." muttered the fearsome electrician after watching Kat stumble around that piece of missing information. "And... Yeah, I guess a water Navi would be good to have around for a job like this." This was definitely a good opportunity being handed to him, but like hell was Turner about to admit that a tough guy like him had such a flimsy Navi that could use help anywhere it's available.

On the other side of this, the weak and puny PaperMan was quite satisfied with the victory, and was merrily gathering up his portion of the loot. Once that was done, he walked over to Luna, grabbed her hand with his own, and gave it a good shake with a wide grin on his useless paper mouth. He was the type of man to appreciate what others doing what he couldn't. Fighting with water... Yeah, definitely one such thing. Once his show of gratitude was done, PaperMan looked up to Turner for further instructions.

"... What? There are more viruses to clear out than that. And you're taking the girl with you, by the way." answered Turner flatly, only to impart that sudden change of directive at the end.

PaperMan nodded, and was perfectly happy with a new friend to work with. He glanced to Luna for a moment, then turned around and pointed a finger off in some indiscriminate direction, eyes burning with a sense of adventure. Back to work?

(Battle 2 Ready)
"...Okay, then."

In all honesty, Kat wanted Mr. Turner to reject the offer so she could simply leave the man to his job. Luna smiled as she accepted the overly-friendly handshake from PaperMan, but she didn't have anything else to say for her new partner and continued along the beach net. "Urgh, I know you're using that navi as an excuse!" Kat whispered into the PET. Luna simply kept on walking with her parasol spinning against her shoulder, humming a tune to her self before she replied back...

"I said no such thing~"

Luna and PaperMan's next challenge came after a while of walking along the sandy netscape. The duo came across a small river-like stretch of water heading inland from the sea. Before they could attempt to cross it, a gaudy looking fish rose from beneath the water and blocked their way. Just behind it rose two starfish viruses which spun in place slowly. On the opposite side of the water, two small tank viruses strolled up to support the aquatic viruses.

Lark: 100HP (Sea)
StarfishA: 60HP (Sea)
StarfishB: 60HP (Sea)
KabutankA: 50HP (Sand, on opposite bank)
KabutankB: 50HP (Sand, on opposite bank)

Terrain: 70% Sand (35% on either side of the river), 30% Sea

Luna.EXE: 100 HP (Sand)
PaperMan.EXE: 100 HP (Sand)

Team Battle 2 Start!
"That was quick..." muttered Turner almost to the tune of a complaint, even though finding viruses was exactly what he wanted to do. He scoped out the new batch of enemies, and, of course, more Aqua viruses. Turner couldn't fathom how an electrical box could be so polluted with water-spitting things, but regardless of his willingness to accept that, it was a fact here. "Uh..." Oh damn, what was her name... "... Kat, how about you take care of those starfish things? You know, just... Luna would probably have an easier time fighting on water. Yeah." suggested Turner as he smoothly worked around mentioning how hopeless PaperMan would be against them.

Yeah, teamwork! PaperMan was excited by his Operator's proposition, having not realized that the plan was concocted mostly in spite of him. He hadn't fought alongside another Navi in so long, so Luna suddenly showing up made PaperMan quite happy. In fact, PaperMan was so happy he had to express it, choosing to print another sign, but this time with Luna's name on it. Nothing else. Just her name. It was kind of open to interpretation. But that was okay! Having made his point (maybe), PaperMan took the sign back into his body, and stood poised and ready to fight.

... Except not, due to a lack of Battlechips. "... Right, right." acknowledged Turner after receiving a confused glance from his Navi. "Here, just use... Huh?" As he was about to throw PaperMan a bone, Turner noticed there was already a chip sticking out of his PET. "Must've come from the last fight... Meh, it'll work." grunted Turner as he slapped the new Battlechip back from whence it came.

The new data was sent to PaperMan, and in an instant a bundle of paper appeared in PaperMan's hand. To his alarm, the paper started folding and getting bigger without control, and did so almost endlessly at that. More worried that this new chip was going to attack him than anything else, PaperMan threw away the growing paper mass while he still could to the most isolated part of the battlefield: in the middle of the river, where the Lark was floating. Instead of dropping like expected, though, the paper mass stalled in the air for a moment, where it took on a final, solid form. It looked like... a giant weight, and on it was scrawled on it "10 TONS". Was it actually 10 tons? Doubtful, considering it was made of paper. But it said it did, and that was the important part. With its form established, the paper-incarnated Quake chip crashed down into the water, with the Lark as its unfortunate target.

"... Hmm." noted Turner with great insight. What he meant to say was that he liked that chip, and would keep it for further use. "Well, that went well enough. Try another attack, PaperMan." said Turner as he slotted one more chip into his PET.

PaperMan took the acknowledgment with pride, even though he only ended up throwing the Quake as he should've out of a fearful reflex. As reward for his dumb luck, a Shotgun assembled itself around PaperMan's right hand, already loaded with a fresh cartridge of ink. Since the water was Luna's territory (although only time would tell if the river would still be there after the Quake attack), PaperMan drew a bead on the two Kabutanks on the sand. Despite wielding a weapon that by any logic should've been harmless, PaperMan fired, launching an ink bullet out from the barrel in an attempt to hit both bomb-launching viruses with a destructive spray of writing liquid. PaperMan then prepared to dodge incoming retaliation, in true anticlimactic fashion.

1. Quake1 (100 damage, Impact, Medium Area Cracked Terrain) @ Lark/PART THE SEA
2. Shotgun (50 damage, Spread 1) @ KabutankA/B
3. Dodge
"Right..." Kat replied as Turner explained the strategy. Luna, on the other hand, saw PaperMan's delightful message of her name and gave a quick, awkward wave back. "Right...PaperMan."

Kat's fingers scrambled through the chips she had in her pocket, picking out the Bubbler and the Rageclaw chips. "'K...I guess we're gotta take down tha-" "Starfishes. I heard what the big man said." Luna rudely interrupted Kat, immediately springing into action as she pointed her parasol straight forward like a rapier. "Argh! Don't you dare put words in my mouth like that! You hear me?!" The belittled operator continued her rant about her navi's manner, but Luna could care less. With a flick of her wrist, the parasol opened and it began to spin in a moderate speed on its own.

"The chips, Katherine. Do you expect me to fight these on my own?"

Now, Kat finally reached her boiling point, but she couldn't blow out all her steam at once with Turner around. She simply smacked her forehead with her palm and just screamed to her self, FORGET IT!. "Just take it!", said Kat as she jammed the two chips into the PET. As soon as the first chip finished loading, the parasol began to spray out a thin solution from its end, spreading out as it kept on spinning. Tiny bubbles began to form out of the solution and began to drift all over the place. However, few bubbles began to pop prematurely and a giant bang of sound resembling a gun shot echoed through out the battle field. "So much for a surprise~"

Luna's closed the parasol and gently swung it down, causing all the bubbles to suddenly burst forward as a powerful gust of wind dragged them along. Buzzing past the Lark, the wind carried the bubbles at the Starfishes and it soon faced the relentless barrage of the exploding spheres. The navi had a content smile on her face as she hooked the end of the parasol on her wrist and slowly began to approach the river. "...What are you doing? It looked like that last attack did the job?" Luna paused for a moment and soon began to chuckle at Kat's inexperience. "Oh, Katherine. These viruses are like...a virus, disease, what ever you want to call it. They never go down so easily."

Tightening her silk gloves one by one, Luna tapped the tip of her heel against the sand to cause a small fountain of water to swell up. The water created a small platform that immediately launched Luna straight towards the river in the center. "Crush!" Spreading both her arms to the side, Luna split the river in two halves and left the water beneath the Starfishes nearly dry. Giving her hands a soft, inaudible clap together, the split waters was let loose and attempted to wash up the Starfishes and crush both of them together in the midst of it all.

"Woah...Over kill, much?" said the astonished operator. Luna softly landed down to the sands and immediately had a long good look at her own hands. With an discontent expression on her face, she clenched her hand into a fist and took the parasol up against her shoulder. "The force of water wasn't as strong as I hoped...It should have only carried the viruses against one another, nothing more."

With that said, the navi kept her eyes vigilant for any counter attack from the viruses, prepared to fly away at the slightest sigh of danger...

1. Bubbler [50+[color=blue]5[/color] | Spread] @ Starfish A/B
*Knockback: Self / Move towards the River
2. Rageclaw [60 | [b]20 Grapple[/b] | 6 Uses | Slashing] @ Throw StarfishA towards StarfishB
3. Dodge

After a display of friendly yet ambiguous camaraderie from PaperMan, the Navi's operator sent him a battlechip. The rapidly expanding bit of paper was tossed into the air above the Lark and continued to expand while the Lark stared. It apparently didn't think much of the object until it was too late, because the weight smashed down upon the Lark with near perfect accuracy and sent waves rippling from the point of impact. Luna followed it up with a quick argument and a Bubbler fired straight at the Starfishes. One spun out of the way, but the other got a face full of bubbles.

PaperMan's next move was interrupted by bombs fired by the Kabutanks. Both oncoming explosives were precariously dodged, leaving PaperMan free to retaliate with his Shotgun. The attack flew across the bank and hit one of the tanks, but the other wasn't close enough to join in his ally's deletion. Instead the virus moved forward onto the watery terrain to begin approaching the Navis.

Lucky for it, it didn't get too far into the water before Luna launched herself up toward the river. As she did, she caused most of the water to rise up and smash the Starfishes together. The attack was successful, pulling the viruses away from each other in the waves and dashing them together with increased velocity. The previously damaged Starfish did not emerge from the swirling waters, but the second one managed to do so and assume a position on the water again.

StarfishA: DELETED
StarfishB: 40HP (Sea)
KabutankA: 50HP (Sea)
KabutankB: DELETED

Terrain: 70% Sand (35% on either side of the river), 15% Sea, 15% Cracked (Noticeable gap in middle of river)

Luna.EXE: 100 HP (Sand)
PaperMan.EXE: 100 HP (Sand)
"Huh... That's not bad." noted Turner, appraising the hole in the river PaperMan's Quake attack had left behind. As far as he was concerned, a good Navi was a powerful one, and it was a very welcome change of pace to see PaperMan utterly destroy something... Well, rather, it was good to see PaperMan destroy something other than himself for once. "Here, see if you can't do some more good with this." said Turner, slotting in a fresh chip alongside a rare vote of confidence towards his Navi.

PaperMan's right hand folded into its Cannon form upon receiving the familiar chip data, and PaperMan himself was very happy that Turner actually remembered to give out another chip this time. He wanted to be a good Navi for Turner, but it was... a challenge, to say the least, when the Operator in question forgot to send more than one round of chips half the time. That made this occasion all the more important, since PaperMan absolutely could not let Turner's assistance go to waste. This Cannon was the trust Turner had placed in PaperMan! And there was no telling when PaperMan would get another chance like this!

Eying the Kabutank that had waded into what was left of the river, PaperMan lifted his Cannon towards it, but pulled the weapon back down for a second when he realized this wasn't enough power to defeat the virus. To fix that, PaperMan applied some extra sheets of paper to his weapon. Well... Okay, he applied a lot of extra sheets to his paper Cannon. By the end of it all, PaperMan had folded so much extra paper into his weapon that it had a mount to rest on and an extended barrel that made the normally simplistic Battlechip look like a full-blown artillery unit. Really, it was completely out of proportion for the paltry amount of extra power PaperMan was granting the weapon, but judging how things went with the Quake attack earlier, this was just how PaperMan did things on occasion. Ultimately, despite all this silly showboating, PaperMan fired his Cannon, launching a paper cannonball no larger than he normally would.

With its payload released, the paper artillery fixture completely fell apart into the many, many sheets that composed it prior. PaperMan couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that such a cool looking weapon fell to pieces so quickly, but so long as it did what it needed to, he wasn't going to get too depressed. Though, despite how excited he was for getting an extra chip from Turner without asking, all PaperMan had gotten in the end was that one Cannon. Now without a weapon, the origami Navi could only take a defensive stance as he watched how Luna would deal with the remaining Starfish.

1. Aim (Accuracy Up)
--Buff (11) to:
2. Cannon (51 damage, Knockback) @ KabutankA
3. Dodge
Luna stared down at the last of the Starfishes, extremely discontent that it was able to survive all the attacks she threw at it. "You needs chips?" Kat asked in a rather peppy manner, already getting use to the whole operating the navi...Though she didn't even have a chance to utter a single command to her navi. "No, I'll end this myself." Luna was rather frustrated by the virus's survival, but she simply kept the feeling inside and gracefully lifted her hand forward.

The river was now under her control again as the water level began to rise and also attempted to take the floating virus along with it. Luna clasped her hands into a fist and pulled her arm back as if she was ripping things out, causing the river water to suddenly turn into a giant tide. "...So tell me, Luna. I thought you were just a research navi, but how can you control the water all...crazy like that?" While Kat wanted to satisfy her curiosity, Luna was in no mood to answer the question as she focused on her current attack. "A-another time, Katherine. Not right...NOW!" Now the navi pushed her hands forward to send an even bigger tidal wave from behind, directing it straight towards the other wave so it would sandwich the Starfish in between.

As whatever remained from the wave attack washed back in the river, Luna was trying to catch her breath as she pushed her hand over her chest. "You alright? You weren't like this the last time you used that attack?" The navi turned her head towards the holoscreen hovering over her head and gave a weak smile back at Kat. "How should I know. The 8 years I've been slumbering is now starting to take effect..." Kat nodded her head and hoped that the battle would end just like that, not giving any more pressure onto the the "old" navi.

"Shotgun, Katherine. Send the chip in."

Surprised by her navi's willingness to continue the battle, Kat again nodded her head and slotted the chip in without any more questions. The chip was loaded and the sandy area around Luna began to turn dark as water began to swell up. "Let's make sure you stay down." Luna pointed towards the river with her index finger with her thumb sticking out as if she was forming the shape of a gun. The wet sand beneath her began to rise up as small marble-sized sphere and a good number of them began to hover beside the navi. "Bang." As she fired her imaginary gun as she pulled her arm up as if it recoiled, the sand marbles began to rain down onto the river like hails...traveling at the speed of a fired bullet.

1. Tidal Blow [1st Stage: Pull | 2nd Stage: 40 / Knockback | Aqua | Requires Sea Terrain (Fluff) | 2TCD]
2. Take Aim
3. Shotgun [50 | Spread] @ StarfishB / KabutankA

Tidal Blow: USED