Junior: Getting Some Cash

Junior entered the area, "It occurs to me that we'll probably be fighting a lot of Aqua enemies. Really makes me wish we had more Elec chips or an Elec Cross." Junior mentioned.

"Oh well, we'll make due. Now, our netbattling funds are down to 10, so unless you want me to sacrifice food, you better start kicking some ass." Wes ordered.

"Yeah, I'm heading out." Junior replied, starting into the area. This was a new place so, other than water and sand, he didn't know what to expect.
Junior shuffles into the net, where there seems to be grass. Looks like he hasn't reached the Beach here yet, though he can see some sand in the distance.
Viruses suddenly appear, alert to the navi's presence!

GeninA: 60 HP
GeninB: 60 HP
SnakeArmA: 130 HP
SnakeArmB: 130 HP
BagwormA: 80 HP (In Ceiling)
BagwormB: 80 HP

Terrain: 90% Grass, 10% Sand (far behind the viruses)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 200 HP

"So we're fighting wood enemies? At least, I think the Genin are... about half and half on the snakes... though the bagworms are for sure. In any case, with them on grass flooring, they'll take double damage to fire hits anyway, though if they survive...." Junior mumbled.

"If they survive they heal. So don't screw up, twerp." Majinman chimed in.

"Just leave him alone... He'll be fine. Now then, let's pick out some chips." Wes said, going over his inventory. Junior said fire chips, so fire chips he would send. He didn't really feel like thinking about it too much, "Sending Flameline1, Phoenixhot1, Firehit1. If you need more, let me know."

"These should work great. Thanks." Junior said. The Flameline appeared before him, flaring up nicely thanks to the grass covering the ground. Normally they had to create their own fire starters, so having the materials already provided for them was nice for a change. He then moved the tower forward, letting it clear a path through grass for him. He directed it towards the snakes, figuring their large and long forms would easily be swept up in the fire. Then he had the attack turn on the bagworm that was in sight, figuring it would be best to take it down while it was hanging down. He then conjured up three fireballs, as per his normal routine, and launched them at the Genin. He sent the third at the Bagworm once again because since that hadn't been his main target last time, it would be the one most likely to still be alive. He then held up his fist, which erupted into flames. He looked around, what was left, "So, who wants some?" he said. He pulled back, then swung, releasing a flaming punch at whatever might remain.

"Who wants some?" Wes repeated, looking at the screen and raising an eyebrow, "Since when do you use lame trash talking lines like that? Normally you're much more polite." As Wes's attention was back on his PET, he noticed one extra amount of HP that it seemed Junior had not taken into account, "Krickey, my Scouter's picking up one extra power level.... There's one still hiding some where."

"Power Level? Are you.... really making that kind of reference here? Shouldn't you be concentrating?" Majinman asked, surprised.

"Hey, we're not too far into this place. What we're fighting now is easy pickings. If I was actually paying attention, I would've come up with the strategy rather than just go with whatever Junior said. Not that I don't trust him, I just like to double check." Wes said, he pulled out one last chip and sent it in, "Here, cut it down when it shows its face. I assume its another one of those stupid worms... sheesh, they're like damn pinatas."

"Okay. I'll just wait then." Junior formed an Aquasword over his right arm and then stood there. When he saw the face of the virus, though, he'd leap forward and slash at it with his sword, hoping to cut it down and finish things. Of course, he'd also take precautions against attacks, but hopefully it'd just be good practice and not actually needed.

((1.) Flameline, 70 Fire, SnakearmA/B/BagwormB
2.) Phoenixshot1, 70 Fire, GeninA/B/BagwormB
3.) Firehit1, 60 Fire+20, whatever's left and visible (Untapped Power)
4.) Wait for BagwormA to drop
5.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua, BagwormA/anything left and dumb enough to get caught in the slash
6.) Dodge))
Junior, hoping for quick success, sends the Flameline searing through the grass, but to his surprise, both Sandworms slink away easily from the attack. It hits the Bagworm though, burning it down to the ground.
Continuing on, the navi sent Phoenix-shaped flares at the Genin, one was smoked, but the other teleported away and retaliated with three Kunai, one of which sliced cleanly along Junior's arm.
Undeterred, the son of two legends took his revenge upon the Genin and pounded it to ash with his fist.
Calming himself, Junior meditated, waiting for the Bagworm, which dropped. Immediately, Soulman_Junior.exe took the virus down, but the fight wasn't over yet.

SnakeArmA: 130 HP
SnakeArmB: 130 HP
BagwormB: BURNT

Terrain: 70% Grass, 20% Normal, 10% Sand (far behind the viruses)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 190 HP
"So the snakes are giving you trouble, huh? I'm also surprised that that twerpy Genin landed a hit." Wes said, "In any case, continue on with the Aquasword and take these two down."

"Yeah, got it." Junior stood and waited for one of the Sandworm to make an appearance. His plan was to watch for it to jump up out of the ground, sidestep it, then deftly slash it twice, which would be enough to take it down. Waiting wouldn't be a problem. It would mainly come down to how quickly he could strike. After giving that a try, he decided to alter the plan just a tad. Another two strikes might be a bit ambitious, so this time he would try taking one out in a single shot. Junior deactivated his sword. He then silently charged up some power and waited once again. Then, when it looked like one was about ready to pop out and attack, Junior moved to the side and fired energy from his fingertips at the offending unit.

"Hmmmm.... and for good measure." Wes slotted in a recovery chip, which fixed up the bit of damage his navi had suffered earlier, "Its too early in to be walking around with too much damage on you... not that 10 would make too much difference."

((1.) Wait for a Sandworm, then dodge
2.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua slashing
3.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua slashing
4.) Wait for other Sandworm, then dodge
5.) Soul Finger Shot, 120+ 20 (Untapped Power used)
6.) Recovery30))
Junior calms himself down, waiting for the SnakeArm to strike. His patience is rewarded as the sand worm pops up from behind him, screeching horribly, before Junior sidesteps the attack and sends two devastating aquatic cuts to the virus' system, effectively deleting it.
The son of two legends waits again, his remaining opponent strikes, but the navi is quicker, and flips into the air, landing to the side, and blasts 13 holes into the virus, utterly destroying it.
He then heals. :'D

BagwormB: BURNT

Terrain: 70% Grass, 20% Normal, 10% Sand (far behind the viruses)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 200 HP

Get: 900z
"Well that was more of a pain than I expected... Oh well, nothing's happening yet so keep going." Wes instructed.

"Got it." Junior replied, walking off again.

((Battle 2))
Junior arrives, on the beach!
There's viruses!
He can see the sea a bit back.

RaingearA: 80 HP
RaingearB: 80 HP
RaingearC: 80 HP
Kettle: 100 Degrees
Elemperor: 100 HP
WallaA: 100 HP
WallaB: 100 HP
StarfishA: 60 HP
StarfishB: 60 HP

Terrain: 80% Sand, 20% Sea (far behind the viruses, Walla and Starfish are close to it though)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 200 HP

"Geez, nine enemies this far in? Who the hell do you piss off?" Majinman shouted.

"Yes, this is troubling... If things keep up at this pace, we won't make it in very far at all, will we?" Wes said. He looked over his chips carefully, "Who would have thought we'd have to start relying on trickery this early in the game? Sending MistConv, Sidebamboo, Phoenixshot1. Have fun."

"Yes, such a blast." Junior said, with a hint of sarcasm. He then concentrated on the weird lamp thing. He summoned up a fist of water near it and focused on sending the hand crashing down the the odd virus, hoping to take it down fast before it could try demonstrating whatever abilities it might have.

"So you hate supernatural beings why?" Majinman asked. He felt a tad offended.

"I've never seen one before and out of all of them, it looks like it could pull off the craziest kind of stuff. You really don't need to take it personally." Junior's shoulders slumped a bit. Having to deal with this kid's nagging on top of all these viruses would wear him down before long. After a moment's pause, Junior picked up his posture and conjured up another weapon. Some bamboo sprouted up next to him and something in the middle of the bunch peeked out mischieviously. With a point of his finger, Junior sent it off on the offensive. It rushed at the Raingear and, trying to line two of them up, stabbed out with a long, sharp reed of bamboo and then disappeared. Junior then attacked as well. He raised up his hands and formed three fireballs, which he chucked at the enemies that seemed like the easiest targets. He made one a bit bigger than the others, to make sure it was powerful enough to kill.

Junior then took a brief pause. He had time for one of his special techniques. Since the quantity of enemies was an issue, he'd stall for now to avoid taking too much damage. He removed his shades and took a look at the remaining enemies. He then let off a wink, hoping to stun the last chunk of the forces.

"So, he can use that technique as well, huh?" Majinman commented.

"Well, you have a bit more time so try using this as well. CyberRoar. Try to scare them away... or something." Wes said, sending the chip.

"Okay... um... scare them away? How?" Junior asked.

"I dunno. Be intimidating. Yell maybe?" Wes suggested.

"Okay. I'll give it a shot." Junior hesitated. Just yelling unprovoked wasn't something he was big on. If they had hit him first maybe, but... "Get out of here!" He screamed, the chip's affects making his voice a hell of a lot louder than he intended. He covered his mouth quickly, "That struck me as unpleasent. I'd prefer not using it anymore than needed."

"Right... I'll keep that in mind." Wes said.

Junior then turned his attention on the enemies' movements. Luckily for him, he had his AirShoes, so the sand wouldn't hinder him with his dodging.

((1.) Mistconv, 100, Elemperor
2.) Sidebamboo, 80 Wood Piercing, RaingearA/B
3.) Pheonixshot1, 70 Fire, StarfishA/B/RaingearC (+20 to Raingear, untapped power used)
4.) Sexy Wink, Stun, Kettle?WallaA/B/Random target
5.) CyberRoar, 2 enemies run or get stunned
6.) Dodge))
Junior crushes the Elemperor under the weight of a mighty steaming fist. Poor guy was just trying to enjoy some tea from the kettle.
Next, the navi pierces two Raingears in the side, felling them easily. So much for the 1 year warranty on those things.
SJ eliminates the Starfish and Raingear with some phoenix fire, no sweat, all power.
Junior then stuns all the rest of the opposition with his seductive wink and intimidating roar.
Nothing else really happens.

RaingearA: DELETED
RaingearB: DELETED
RaingearC: DELETED
Kettle: 100 Degrees (Stun!)
Elemperor: DELETED
WallaA: 100 HP (stun!)
WallaB: 100 HP (stun!)
StarfishA: DELETED
StarfishB: DELETED

Terrain: 80% Sand, 20% Sea (far behind the viruses, Walla and Starfish are close to it though)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 200 HP
"Okay, good! Now, take out both walla then we can figure out what to do with... that other thing." Wes paused. He knew that Junior could take out one Walla, no problem, so he'd only send a single chip, "Okay, sending Magbolt2. Finger Shot the other."

"Okay." Junior said. His fingers started glowing.

"Finger Shot? He can use that move as well? Does he have any original moves?" Majinman stated with a sigh.

"Well, if it works, why change it?" Junior said simply in reply. He lifted up his hands, held them close together, and fired a large beam of light from them. He aimed at one of the walrus viruses, as directed. Then, turning on the other fatty pants, he morphed his hand into a magnet and attempted to pull the large tub of blubber in close. When it seemed like it was in striking range, he pulled back, then slammed the magnet forward, in a devastating display of power. After that he eyed up the Kettle, "So, what do I do with that? It has a temperature display over it."

"Well, it has no HP display so I'm not sure what the deal is. We could either try hitting it with fire to see if it'll evaporate or boil over or we could try hitting it with cool attacks to put it down to freezing. It would help if a C or F were given..." Wes said. He thought it over a bit longer, "Okay, let's go with ice. Putting more heat into it might just piss it off. Freezing seems more reliable against something that looks so volatile. Sending IceSeed, Aquasword."

"Okay, got it." Junior tossed the small seed up lightly, catching it again as it fell. He continued playing with it for a few more moments thoughtfully before finally grasping it firmly and chucking it at the Kettle enemy. As the flooring turned to Ice, Junior activated his blade and rushed the Kettle. He brought up his arm and, putting a bit of extra effort into it, swung it back down again. If his attack hit, his target would be incased in ice. That should definately qualify as 0, at least he thought so. He prepared to strike again at anything he might have missed when his netop stopped him.

"Hold it. That weapon won't be able to fell any of the enemies in a single swipe. Another swing won't help at all. Just dodge." Wes advised.

"Ah, yes. I suppose you're right." Junior moved away from his target. If anything remained, he would keep wary and try dodging their attacks. Of course, if the stun didn't wear off than that'd be kind of pointless but better safe than sorry.

((1.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, WallaA
2.) Magbolt2, 110 Elec+stun, WallaB
3.) IceSeed, creates area of Ice Terrain, near Kettle
4.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua Slashing+20, Kettle (Untapped Power used)
5.) Dodge
6.) Dodge))
They die.

RaingearA: DELETED
RaingearB: DELETED
RaingearC: DELETED
Elemperor: DELETED
StarfishA: DELETED
StarfishB: DELETED

Terrain: 80% Sand, 20% Sea (far behind the viruses, Walla and Starfish are close to it though)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 200 HP

GET: 1350z
"Well boogers, that really worked. Of course, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised..." Wes said.

"Well, looks like our cash problem is solved for a while... at least, hopefuly it is." Junior said, "In any case, I guess we're off again."

((Battle 3))
More Sea, less sand.
Kind of 50/50.
Oh, and viruses.
In the sea.

ShrimpyA: 100 HP
ShrimpyB: 100 HP
ShrimpyC: 100 HP
SenbonA: 80 HP
SenbonB: 80 HP
ShellgeekA: 100 HP
ShellgeekB: 100 HP
StarfishA: 60 HP
StarfishB: 60 HP
StarfishC: 60 HP
Lark: 100 HP

Terrain: 50% Sand, 50% Sea (viruses)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 200 HP (Sand)

"So, they're sitting on sea panels this time, huh? Fine, then we'll just hit them a bunch of Elec attacks." Wes picked out three Elec chips, then threw in an Aqua chip and one oddball, "Sending Magbomb1, Magbomb1, Zapring1, MistConv, CyberRoar."

"That chip again? Is it really necessary?" Junior asked, sighing.

"Well I want some of these guys gone, so we're going to keep using it until things slow down. Now let's go!" Wes commanded.

"If I really have to... In any case, I assume you want me to use the bombs on the stationary enemies." If they couldn't dodge, then all he'd have to worry about was aiming. He formed a bomb in each hand and picked out a pair of trios. The easiest targets would be the Starfish. Since they shot out bubbles which can block attacks from the front, evasion didn't seem to be that much of a priority for them. However, his attack would go above the bubbles they spewed so even if they tried to defend it would fail. He hurled his first bomb in an arc aimed at hitting the center starfish. As the projectile touched down in the water, it sent a charge through the floor and evaporated a small section of it (cause even though he didn't necessarily hit the viruses, I assume his aim isn't so crappy that'd he'd miss the side of the field they're sitting on. Of course, knowing my luck, this'll be the one time I'll get someone sadistic to mod me). He then decided to attack the senbon. While they looked capable of moving, they seemed too lazy to do so. He then threw the second bomb at the pair of them, hoping to fry them both. He also tried angling the throw so that the edge of the blast would strike the shellgeek as well. He added a bit of power to that part of the blast, hoping that its shell would stay open as the attack touched down. He then brought his hand in front of him, palm up, and formed a ring of electricity. He gave it a slight toss, catching it around his finger as it came back down. He twirled it a few times, looking over the prospective targets. Deciding on the lark, with its wide body, Junior spun it forward off his finger, knowing that the lark's element, combined with the aqua flooring beneath it, would make the weapon an insta-kill if it made contact. Then, to round out his attacks, Junior formed a watery hand near the Shellgeek. Before he directed it to slam down on the virus, Junior tried to manipulate it so that it would tap the shell twice, hoping the noise would rouse it outside its defenses. After giving it a second, he then had the hand form a fist and come crashing down in an attempt to smash the virus. He then took a decent sized pause, "Damn it... Its been downloaded so I suppose I have to use it." Hesistating just a bit longer, Junior then stood up and sighed. He looked over all the viruses and yelled out, "Why the heck are there so many of you!", throwing his hands up in exasperation. He then slumped back down a bit, blinked once, and concentrated on dodging. Well, at least that was over with.

"He really doesn't seem to like that chip. Wouldn't it have just been better to use Sexy Wink? Not that I mind you tormenting him." Majinman asked.

"I'm not trying to torment him, I'm just testing the chip." Wes explained, "The description programmed into it says it can make the enemies flee or stun them. Last time both of them just got stunned. Chances are, since we already had them stunned by the time we used the chip, they couldn't run. In any case, I'd just like to see a few of them flee, since that has yet to happen. Plus, I'm also curious as to whether making them run still grants us any kind of rewards, or whether they take whatever loot they have on them with them. Thus, until they run and I can try figuring some of this crap out, we keep using it."

"I see. Of course, this plan depends on you being able to figure out whether the rewards were either low because they ran or because Junior did a shitty job." Majinman pointed out.

"Or being able to ascertain whether our rewards were high because we got stuff from them or whether Junior just did that awesome of a job." Wes shot back, "Try not to bash him too much."

"Right... of course. That might distrate him, so I should wait until he plugs out. Got it." Majinman said.

Wes was going to say that that wasn't what he meant, but it probably wasn't a conversation worth happening. For now, he'd let it go and just watch the battle so that he could plan their next volley.

((1.) Magbomb1, 30 Elec+ blast2+stun, StarfishA/B/C
2.) Magbomb1, 30 Elec+blast2+stun, SenbonA/B/ShellgeekB
3.) Zapring1, 40 Elec+stun, Lark
4.) Mistconv, 100 Aqua, ShellgeekB
5.) CyberRoar, makes two viruses run or be stunned
6.) Dodge))
Junior initial bombs were tossed and were pretty well placed. The first one managed to hit all three starfish, deleting them instantly.

The second bomb was also on target, but it failed to reach Junior's goal, deleting only the two Senbons while leaving the Shellgeek just outside its range.

Unfortunately, after this, he was attacked by Shrimpy. Luckily for him though, the virus had aimed poorly in its anger over its allies' death and missed horrendously, dampening the sand a few yards to Junior's left.

Junior followed up this by spinning a Zapring at the lark, who managed to not get out of the way in time and get himself deleted.

Next, Junior formed a hand from mist, and tapped on a Shellgeek's shell, making it open up, just in time to get smashed. This angered the other Shellgeek, who countered it by opening up and firing two spears at Junior, which he was unlucky enough to get hit by.

Junior then roared in frustration and stunned a Shrimpy, and the Shellgeek who had attacked.

The remaining Shrimpy who had as of yet gone unspoken for in this post just moved around a bit throughout the round, not doing anything important.


ShrimpyA: 100 HP -Stunned-
ShrimpyB: 100 HP
ShrimpyC: 100 HP
SenbonA: -Deleted
SenbonB: -Deleted-
ShellgeekA: -Deleted-
ShellgeekB: 100 HP -Stunned-
StarfishA: -Deleted-
StarfishB: -Deleted-
StarfishC: -Deleted-
Lark: -Deleted-

Terrain: 50% Sand, 50% Sea (viruses)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 150 HP (Sand)
"Ouch! I really thought I had planned that a bit better." Junior said.

"Seems you can't attack and defend yourself at the same time, twerp." Majinman said with a nasty little grin, "Too bad. Looks like you'll have to leave pretty soon."

"Hey! Its over ten on one here. If I don't want this battle to take the rest of the day, I need to be more aggressive then defensive." Junior protested.

"Its fine, anyway. We have subchips if things get too bad. Plus, if we have some extra time near the end, we can use the Recovery80." Wes said, "If you kill all but one, we'll do that. Of course, I still want you to shoot for all of them, so don't try slacking off. Sending Thunder, Energybomb, Magbolt2, Aquasword. Also try using your Finger Shot."

"Got it. I'll do that first to avoid getting too caught up in my other attacks." He powered up his fingers and took aim at the shellgeek. He hoped that its shell was still open enough from its previous attack that'd he'd have enough room for his attack to punch through to its center. He fired lasers from each finger, all ten of them linking up to form a single attack. He then accessed the data from the PET.

The first thing sent to him was a Thunder. He formed the ball of electricity and set it on the ground. Marking the last Shrimpy as its target, he bade it off, letting its homing power do its stuff. He kept his hidden strength in reserve, knowing that if it connected while on water, it would be enough to kill on its own.

Next he formed a metallic ball, which he threw at the stunned Shrimpy. It was pretty easy to see it coming, thus its accuracy was bad. However, by attacking when it was stunned, he figured his chance on having it make contact with the target would be fairly good. Following that attack, Junior formed his hand into a magnet and held it out towards the center Shrimpy. Trying to use the chips power to pull the virus in, when it seemed prudent, Junior punched in front of him hoping to thoroughly fry the shrimp. Then, for one last bit of insurance, Junior activated his Aquasword. Looking for enemies, he prepared to slash any left, using his reserved strength to give it enough force for a death blow. After this, he planned on focusing on dodging.

((1.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, ShellgeekB
2.) Thunder, 40 Elec+ Stun+homing, ShrimpyC
3.) Energybomb, 40x3, ShrimpyA
4.) Magbolt2, 110 Elec+stun, ShrimpyB
5.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua slashing, anything left (+20 to first hit, Untapped Power used)
6.) Dodge))
Junior began by firing his Soul Finger shot at the still stunned Shellgeek, managing to connect and delete the thing before it had a chance to clam up and defend itself.

He then placed the ball of lightning on the ground, and it headed after its opponent with incredible determination. Despite the Shrimpy's best efforts to get out of the way, the thing followed it, and shocked it after one missed attempt, stunning the water virus.

Junior next attempted to chuck a bomb at the Shrimpy who had been stunned last round. Of course, being a fantastically easy and immobile target, he succeeded. The Shrimpy was swiftly deleted by the explosions.

His next attack, which was a Magnetic Punch, worked perfectly, too. It dealt massive damage to the Shrimpy it targeted, and would've stunned it, too, had it not been deleted.

His final AquaSword slicing managed to take out the remaining stunned Shrimpy, ending the battle effectively.

This would have been a total success, had it not meant that the end of the battle routine meant that he'd have to heal next battle or use a Subchip. Oh well, winning is winning, and Junior certainly seemed to be doing a good job of it.


ShrimpyA: -Deleted-
ShrimpyB: -Deleted-
ShrimpyC: -Deleted-
SenbonA: -Deleted
SenbonB: -Deleted-
ShellgeekA: -Deleted-
ShellgeekB: -Deleted-
StarfishA: -Deleted-
StarfishB: -Deleted-
StarfishC: -Deleted-
Lark: -Deleted-

Terrain: 50% Sand, 50% Sea (viruses)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 150 HP

RewardData: Double Needle, 900 zenny.
"Well, that's that, I suppose." Junior said, deactivating his weapon.

"Yeah. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of other chances to heal." Wes commented. Junior just simply started walking again in response.

((Battle 4))
Junior continues along the beach, when he spies more viruses in the sea... and the sand, too. A few Wallas on the beach are playfully bouncing a few Senbon around with their noses like balls, while some Larks and Shrimpys frolicked around in the warm seawater.

The whole scene looked kinda fun, until, you know, they turned to see Junior and went all killer-virus-eat-Navi mode.

WallaA: 100
WallaB: 100
WallaC: 100
WallaD: 100
SenbonA: 80
SenbonB: 80
SenbonC: 80
LarkA: 100
LarkB: 100
LarkC: 100
ShrimpyA: 100
ShrimpyB: 100
ShrimpyC: 100

Soulman: 150 (Sand)

Terrain: 50% Sand (Wallas, Senbons), 50% Sea (Larks, Shrimpys)