Dentech University Library Network

A door appeared. It was grey, probably metal. It opened, and Traceur stepped through, holstering his completed weapon.

"University net is always laggy." He complained, flicking his hand sideways back and forth, checking reaction time between the PET and himself. "Hm. Maybe it's just me. I doubt it, though."

"Try not to hurt yourself," was the rejoinder. "Oh, and do look for excerpts if you can find some, I guess."

There was a moment where Traceur heard a mutter from Jo he chose not to amplify.
"I don't think this is what we're looking for, Jo." Traceur remarked, waving a hand at the viruses. "These upgrades feel very nice though, I will say. Thank your brother for me when you're not angry at him again, please?"

"Why aren't you more angry?" Joanne asked, flinging a hand out for emphasis, "He literally buried you alive!"

"Well, to be absolutely fair, you're planning on putting me into pit fights on a consistent basis." Traceur remarked casually, pulling out his weapon and glancing down the length. "Definitely glitchy. It'll work, but you really should take a look at it later. I like this gun."

[Ready for Battle 1]
Traceur came upon a Brushman painting a holy panel under a GMD, encasing it in protective light. Two Gunner turrets that were sitting nearby turned their machine-guns towards the Navi to protect their prize.

Gunner: 60 HP
Gunner: 60 HP
Brushman: 100 HP

GMD: 15 HP [Holy]

95% Normal
5% Holy

Traceur.CMD: 100 HP

~Battle 1: Start!!~