Mission: vexing vigilante in Void's view

Void landed swirled up into the unfamiliar network and looked around, there were several Navi's running around doing school errands, but aside from that nothing looked too unusual.

"Ah, the college life," Imp sighed, watching everyone scurry around to get their assignments done, "Every kid's dream, although I thought there would be more togas..."

Void shook his head, "Damian, have you got those programs set up?"

<Yeah, but I dunno if we'll be able to tell which virus is which...> Damian replied, <the email never specified if we could tell them apart...>

Void sighed, and turned towards the most obvious path, "We'll figure it out along the way, who knows..."

"The shadow kn---" Void walked briskly into the network as Imp rubbed his sore jaw...
Void walked around the Dentech nets, searching for the vigilante he was assigned to look for, but it was no cakewalk. After a good time going around the net, he found no traces and he was constantly looked on with a dirty or a fearful expression from other navis. Soon, Void arrived at the hostile area of the net and saw a group of Armadils and Catacks heading his way. They looked perfectly normal, until they got closer and began a quick transformation. The two navis grew into a humanoid stature and actually started to look like navis! The Armadils was in a dark-orange jumpsuit with stubby hands and the layers of hard, impenetrable plates on his back. The Catack's small commander was now life-size and the tank he once rode on became a gigantic cannon!

Catack-Navi: 120 HP
Armadill-Navi A: 100 HP
Armadill-Navi B: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Void: 160 HP

"Ok, that's just slightly intimidating," Imp said nervously as he moved slightly behind Void's cloak, staring at the cannon's muzzle as it increased in size.

"You simple minded idiot, it's only an illusion." Void said as he glared at his 'help', "They are just as strong before, It's just the ncp..."

<Just leave him alone,> Damian replied, <We'll use these viruses as warm ups for the main meal.>

"Fair enough, I'd just rather avoid finding out just how hard they can hit."

<Alright, I'll send you the fan and the fire burn.> Damian said as he slotted in the battle chips, <Maybe now would be a good time to try out some of those newer new sigs.>

"Heh, you got it,"

Void quickly turned and focused half of the freshly augmented data into his fist. Lashing out, the shadowy navi punched empty air and seemed to connect with some unknown force. With a small cracking sound, thin spidery lines began to run through the air itself, weaving back and forth in intricate patterns. "I'm just going to step out for a moment" Void chuckled.

Void suddenly dropped like a rock, seemingly falling through the ground it self as the cracking seemed to reach its crescendo. The air seemed to shatter and be drawn in by a strong wind as a large gaping hole appeared, the suction becoming continually stronger.

Void popped up beside near the front most virus and raised his right hand, focusing a stream of flame not only at it, but in the path of the other viruses as they are pulled forward. The flame snapped and popped as the light lit up Void's gleefully watching eyes.


*)life bane(10 drain) @ Armadill-Navi A
1)fan (100 hp, messes with virus dodge/accuracy)
2)shadowwalk (teleport)
3)fireburn (60 fire damage, line3) @ front most virus from the side.
4) autododge
The life bane was a miss as the Armadil navi easily dodged the attack and went in for the attack. As it curled into a more familiar shape, it rolled towards Void with an unthinkable speed since it was aided by the pulling force of the Fan. It rammed the navi and the Fan and stopped just behind it, however, the rest of the virus was focused in a single point and felt the full heat of the fireburn.

-Pulled towards the Fan-
Catack-Navi: 60 HP
Armadill-Navi B: 40 HP

-Behind the Fan-
Armadill-Navi A: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Void: 140 HP
Fan: 60 HP [Virus: - Dodge]
"Okay, the armored rats can roll into their targets," Void said in a pained voice as he reformed his body from the blow, "but we don't have to worry about that one so much, since it can't get past the fan easily till it's broken."

[Don't use the armor right now; it looks like that roll is a break type attack. It really did a number on your fan.]

Looking back at his object, Void could see that the fan's caseing had a large crack in it and was starting to leak data onto the ground. Void turned towards the other 2 viruses that were wounded. At least 2 of them are almost down, now if I could take both of them out the third would be no problem.

"Right, now lets put the new subtype to the test." Void said as he activated his passive power. A quick tingle ran over his body as it took effect, apparently hiding him from sight in some strange way. I'm not sure if this will work, I don't know how much of an 'ally' the fan is... although he is my biggest fan. Void thought to himself, letting himself has a little chuckle, Apparently I just got hit harder than I thought

With a start, Void bolted towards the tank, gliding towards his target in a swirl of smoke. He shifted his mass again, sending part of his data away as he became more insubstantial. Flying right into the face of the virus riding the tank, Void thrust his hand out reached out for the virus' neck. Focusing on its core code, The shadowy navi began tried to transfer some data to repair himself before he pulled out his weapon.

Reaching into his tattered and frayed cloak, Void pulled on the wooden stock of a sawed off shotgun. Pointing it at the tank rider's face, Void gave a evil grin, "Too bad there is no one to save a useless navi like you."

As the gun roared it's deadly attack, Void quickly fell back and turned towards the virus that hurt him last round. "Let's see you try to be a hero now!" letting electricity crackle and run down his arms, Void shot a blast of lightning towards the armored rat. "I can't believe these students could actually be so weak, they are dropping like flies."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Void let out a dark chuckle, "So, who's gonna save all of you now? None of you are going to last much longer." Several daggers formed in his hands, "Say goodbye! Dagger torrent!"



*) Stealth Encoding (lower attack priority (fan = target?))
1) Phase out (shadow for 1 turn)
*) life bane (drain 10 hp) @ Catack-Navi
2) shotgun (50 + spread 1) @ Catack-Navi
3) zapring2 (60 + stun1 + elec) @ Armadill-Navi A
4) Dagger torrent (5 dmg x 12) @ 40 Armadill-Navi B, 20 Armadill-Navi A
After Void turned into a shadowy form and began to drain the helpless catack of its life energy. The other navi-viruses began their attack at Void and the Fan, but it was a futile effort when their attacks simply passed through him and the Fan outlived its use when all the viruses was shot down one by one!

-Pulled towards the Fan-
Catack-Navi: DELETED
Armadill-Navi B: DELETED

-Behind the Fan-
Armadill-Navi A: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Void: 150 HP

200z + [TankCannon1] BattlechipTankCannon1 -
Damage: 80 / 80 + Blast2
Accuracy: A / C
Description: A cannon that can be set to single shot or wide area blast.
Duration: Once
Element: None
"Wow, now I see why shadow costs so much processing power..."

Imp looked at the sudden damage that had been caused as Void pulled out the stops.

The shadowy navi simply smiled and scooped up the new battlechip and zenny, "one more and I'll go up another battle rank. It's too bad we couldn't put on more of a show though..."

"Whadda ya mean?"

"It's simple," Void said to Imp, "If I made a bigger fuss and more noise, it would draw out that miserable hero out quicker. Plus there is a chance that this is some kind of propaganda set up by the net police to drum up support against the mafia. using the schools observance system to record what we do. "

"...But then why would we play along?"

"Because it doesn't seem like something a smart member of the NP would do, it'd have to be someone fairly childish, who might even of seen us at the netwar..."

"Cup!" Imp said punching one fist into the other.

"Saucer you mean, but same weapon... different corpse, either situation will lead to one more mark on the body count."

Continuing to wander down the halls, Void continued to search for whatever 'hero' might show up.

((round 2, 150 HP, still remembering how to do this stuff))
Void walked around and around the net, having some difficulty finding a group of viruses to fight. Maybe the vigilante was actually doing its job and leaving so few for Void? Just when it really looked like there was no more viruses, there were a group of cuddly Bunnies hopping along with an ominous shadow behind them. As void got closer to them, the transformation began as the viruses took on a humanoid-appearance...

And what do you know

Bunny girls

Five of them

The cutesy bunnies now became a group of sexy navis wearing wide arrange of fan services from maid to nurse to bunny ou...oh wait. As attractive as they were, they were still viruses. They immediately saw Void and began to create ring of electricity on their hands and prepared to fight the navi! However...on the side...the shadow over the bunnies still resided...

BunnyNaviEXA: 60 HP
BunnyNaviEXB: 60 HP
BunnyNaviEXC: 60 HP
BunnyNaviEXD: 60 HP
BunnyNaviEXE: 60 HP
???Navi: 100 HP [Invisible]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Void: 150 HP

Void stared blankly at the sudden appearance of the small group of fan service for what felt like 28 days. The fact that he was fighting 5 barely clothed busty women without warning had caught him off guard, but he quickly snapped back to his senses when he felt an odd sensation... on his shoulder?

"That better be sweat dripping down your leg, Imp..."

Backhanding Imp off, Void quickly reformed to let... whatever that was... fall off. Speaking to Damian, the shadowy navi tried to put the situation out of his mind, "Do we have enough battle chips to deal with this? I mean, to end this very, VERY quickly?"

<Sure, we've got wood>

There are no words to describe the look Void had on his face.

<I meant wood type battlechips. Battlechips!>

"I swear if a navi shows up with the power of panties or something I'm killing the guy who invented the navi system."

"The Internet is for porn, the Internet is for porn, all the guys unzip their fl—" Imp's music carrier was tragically cut short when he got booted in the head. Void sighed deeply, Why does stuff like this happen to me all of the time?

Looking up, Void realized that the hidden navi had been following them without attacking them. Unless it was waiting for the bunnies to split up into smaller groups, he or she might be protecting them. Standing still with his arms hanging limply in plain sight, Void said, "Please call off your allies, I wish to talk. I've been sent to find out if you are a threat, and if you or your bunnies attack, I'll have no choice to but to deal with you as one."

Void stood there, his hands open showing no weapons, but he readied his sidestep sig incase things go sour.


*)Stealth Encoding (lower attack priority)
1) If attacked use "Phase out" (shadow for 1 turn) otherwise wait.
2-4) wait for response
As Void tried to identify and speak with the mysterious virus navi, he was only greeted with silence and Zaprings fired by the BunnyNavis! Quickly activating it's defense mechanism, the navi was able to avoid any sort of damage to himself. A thought came to the navis mind when he remembered that the NCP only changed the visual of the virus, not having any affect on their behaviors. He simply wasted his time, but he was able to catch a glimpse of the hidden navi before it hide in the shadow again...

BunnyNaviEXA: 60 HP
BunnyNaviEXB: 60 HP
BunnyNaviEXC: 60 HP
BunnyNaviEXD: 60 HP
BunnyNaviEXE: 60 HP
DominerdNavi: 100 HP [Invisible]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Void: 150 HP [Shadow]
Void stared blankly as several electric attacks whizzed harmlessly through him. I wasn't really expecting much from trying this...

<That was clearly a hostile reaction, let's waste them!>

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Void got into a battle stance, "Right, Damian, let's use this opportunity to try out that new chip. Send me the minibomb and the fan as well, let's try to clear them out!"

Quickly dropping down on one knee, Void passed the fan's data to Imp, "Hey, you think those viruses are cute? You know, you could win their heart and they'd be your 'pets'. What you want to do is take this and..." The shadowy navi's voice dropped to a near whisper as he outlined his plan.

Imp's eyes lit up at the end, "You think that will work?"

"Sure, girls love a guy with a sense of humor."

Imp hurried off in the direction Void told him to go as the navi stood up, "Right, we're going to have to time this right."

Quickly teleporting to a safer location, Void let the shadow data swirl into the palm of his hand, it compressed and shrunk down into the shape of a small ball. Rolling it in his hand, Void watched as Imp planted the data in the ground in front of the horde of viruses, creating the mock virus as he proudly proclaimed, "Hey ladies, I'm your biggest FAN!"

As Imp spouted his stupid pickup line, Void threw his minibomb at behind the virus that was the farthest from the actual fan. Hoping to scare the bunnies closer to the fan and confuse them into staying together. Focusing on the new chip's data, Void summoned the tank cannon. A large portal opened behind him and a loud whirring sound erupted as a mismatched machine made of brass and patches of leather stepped out. A large cannon swung loosely on it's back as it stepped down; it's legs creaking with each step. It's cannon aimed towards the group of bunny girls. The machine shuddered to a stop at it's cannon took one last aim towards the crowd and fired. A large mass of metal and puss was lobbed through the air as the machine simply collapsed from the effort of launching it's deadly payload.

Void simply watched the destruction, chuckling to himself as the attack exploded.



*)Stealth Encoding (lower attack priority)
1) Fan(HP: 100, Description: Creates a VacuumFan to pull enemies closer and reduce their evasion.)
2) Shadow walk (teleport)
3) Minibomb(60 + Blast1) @ farthest virus from fan
4) TankCannon1(80 + Blast2 ( C acc)) @ middle of virus group
When the Fan was summoned by Imp, something completely different occurred. Whether than pulling the bunnies together, it brought the hidden DominerdNavi out from the shadow and blocked the sucking wind from the bunnies, crashing head on against Imp's fan. Though it was a valiant effort to protect, Void simply ignored the virus and teleported near the BunnyNavis. Appearing out of nowhere, the bunnygirls was frightened and hesitated their attacks. With two powerful blasts all over the place, three was instantly deleted while the two skillfully dodged them all. In retaliation, one of the bunnygirls, the maid to be specific, threw a well placed elec ring that struck Void right in the chest!

BunnyNaviEXC: 60 HP
BunnyNaviEXD: 60 HP
DominerdNavi: 100 HP [In front of the Fan]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Void: 110 HP [Stun: -1 Action!]
Fan: 50 HP
Void's chuckle was abruptly cut off as his body convulsed with electricity, his gloating leaving him open to the fierce attack of the maid. Shaking his head as he tried to clear his mind.

<Come on, shake it off, you've had worse hits than that...> Damian slotted in a new chip, both looking and feeling rather annoyed by his comrades lack of skill. Void just shook his head, clearing the mental cobwebs and trying to get back into the fighting spirit.

"Right, I'll remember to tell you that the next time you get fried on a electric fence..." Compiling the chip data into his hands, the shadow navi chuckled. "At the very least our little hero literally threw himself into the line of fire... Such a shame... It was impossible for me to avoid hitting him."

<Aw... Come on. I love to fill the needs of a self sacrificing hero, but we are supposed to question him for his goals... We wouldn't want to make the NP cry...>

"No, we don't... But at the same time, I like them as bleeding hearts..." Void said, pulling his arm back and lobbing his ringlog towards the two bunnies, sending the mass of heavy splintered wood crashing along the ground. As Void wound up to let the second log go flying, the shadow navi watched his foes carefully. After all, the hero was only pinned down, he could still attack along with the bunnies.


1) Stunned by the cute maid
2-3) ringlog(50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack + Double Attack + wood) @ BunnyNaviEXC and BunnyNaviEXD
4) Autododge

(( Does this event still count after a year? 0_o ))