A Western Adventure

The coordinates that Virgil had been sent led to a barren, dusty, and all around unappealing plot of land. An old station house and a broken-down ticket booth were the only structures nearby. A train track ran through the center of the area.

Amidst all of this dusty oldness rode something fresh and bubbly: a tall girl with vibrant red-brown hair and shining green eyes, seated upon a sort of mangy looking white horse, its pelt speckled heavily with brown spots. It made the woman look strangely as if she was riding a skinny cow. Her hair was held in a long ponytail and her smiling face was dotted with freckles.

The woman's attire included a brown leather cowboy hat, vest, gloves, belt, and boots. Beneath this, she wore a red jumpsuit of rather stiff material, clearly not typically intended for jumpsuits. A yellow kerchief at her neck helped give her some color. At her hip hung a six-shooter, as she'd mentioned, and a tightly coiled length of lasso.

She seemed to be just sort of clacking around on the train tracks, despite the common knowledge that doing so was never particularly safe.
"Well... this is new." Daisy said, after appearing near the station in a poof of light, followed shortly by Ozho. She looked around at her surroundings, old run down building, tracks... Place didn't seem like it was in the best shape. "...Hopefully they didn't give you the wrong coordinates." Ozho said, looking at the station, before he looked towards the tracks and saw a girl on a horse moving down them. "...Think that is the contact?" Ozho asked Daisy, getting her attention and causing her to look. "Maybe, lets go and check." She said, before moving towards the figure. Ozho just, kind of followed along grudgingly.

"Um, hello. You wouldn't happen to be Rodeo would you?" Daisy asked the girl upon the horse, after getting close to them.
"Wow! Howdya know?" the girl on the horse asked in a drawled accent, tipping up her hat as she looked down to see Daisy and Ozho. "That's amazin'! You didn't have my picture or nothin' to go by at the reg board, didja? Hoot dawgie, that's a trick!" Ordinarily, this might seem like sarcasm considering how obvious her outfit made identifying her, but she seemed very genuinely amused.

"Anyways, I reckon yer here for the mishin, right?" she asked, trotting her horse around casually as she spoke. The horse glared at Ozho, apparently finding some sort of problem with him right off the bat. The girl winked one bright green eye, pointing her finger in a mock handgun. "I got a mishin from the Nee-yo Shoguns! They promised me a big reward that I'm willin' to split with ya, fifty-fifty!" She seemed very proud of the fact.

"The mishin came with a map, right? Funny lil' ninja with a yeller headband gave it t'me. The map pointed right here to this very stash'n!" she continued, giddier and giddier. The excitement seemed to go out of her, however, as she got to the next point. "Only probl'm: I get here and find nothin'! Where ya reckon she is?"

Not answering her question, but drawing attention all the same, a train suddenly appeared out of nowhere, materializing just down the tracks almost as if from a jack-in. The train was tremendous, black, and covered in red banners, depicting a very old, unsightly man with a large nose and thick eyebrows. It seemed strictly over-sized, like it was built larger than it ought to be just to intimidate on-lookers.

Then, completely ignoring the laws of momentum, the train suddenly started to a blazing speed. The engine was gone before Rodeo could even react. If she hadn't started trotting her horse around, she'd still be on those tracks and would have just been hit by the biggest train she'd ever seen. "... Garsh," she gasped, staring dumbfounded at the train as it barreled into the distance.

Suddenly, with new conviction, she pressed her hat down onto her head and grinned. "Well there ya go, pardner! That's our train!" she exclaimed. "Howdya like that? I guess the challenge is to get aboard that train and shut'r down! Or rob her... O-Or somethin'," she conjectured, making it increasingly obvious that she didn't really know what she was doing. "At any rate, hop on the back! Lil' Genevieve'll take us right alongside'r, no problems!"

... There might be room on the back of the little horse for Daisy, but she seriously doubted she could fit both herself and Ozho on without problems. She'd probably either need to find alternative travel for her SP or let him go for now. Alternatively, Daisy might have her own way to board the train. If they let it get much further, though, they could give up ever trying to find a way on to it.
"...You're the only one here..." Ozho said, glaring at the girl before noticing that the horse was glaring right at him. His glare shifted downwards, right into the horse's eyes. "Ozho, quit that." Daisy told her SP, who just ignored her and kept looking at the horse. "Yea, we are here for the mission..." Daisy said, looking at Rodeo before looking back at her SP.

"The neeyo... Shogun? You mean neo sho-" Daisy was asking her, just for confirmation on who she was working for. If it was actually them, then Daisy would be somewhat reluctant about completing this mission.... Or at least, she knew her netop would be. A new group that wants to take control of the net didn't seem like a good thing... best bet right now would be just to go along with it, and just keep a track of what is going on. But before the question was finished...

...a train suddenly appeared out of nowhere and accelerated faster than it should have, which managed to shock Daisy. Ozho, on the other hand, wasn't fazed by it at all. In fact, he just kept staring at the horse. But what Rodeo said next managed to get a response from the SP.

"You mean you didn't even ask what you were supposed to do?" Ozho asked, not having much faith in there 'partner'. The fact that she didn't know what she was doing, just assumed the train had something to do with it, worried the SP a bit.

"Now now Ozho, I'm sure we can figure out what to do once we get on board. Now, I'm going to dismiss you until we get on that train." Daisy said, getting on Genevieve right behind Rodeo. Daisy hoped that they weren't trying to steal whatever was on that train...

"...Alright, but why are you getting on that thing? Can't you just fly after the train...?" Ozho asked.

"Well, I could, expect this will be more fun." Daisy responded, wrapping her arms around Rodeo so there would be less of a chance that Daisy would fall off the horse when they rush after the train.

Ozho on the other hand, started to vanish, still glaring at that horse that had the nerve to glare at him.
The horse simply snorted at Ozho, seeming to give a triumphant smirk. Genevieve seemed to fancy itself the victor, since it managed to remain out while Ozho had to retreat. "Huh? Well er... I fig'rred it'd be obvious... And look, it is! Couldn't be any clear'r what we're supposed to do!" Rodeo laughed easily, happy that the giant train had shown up. "What more could we ask for, right?"

Rodeo allowed Daisy to secure arms around her waist, then spurred Genevieve on after the train. Even at the surprisingly quick rate of the horse, however, Daisy could see that they weren't going to be able to catch up with the front of the train. They'd have to get off soon just to ensure the train didn't get away entirely.

Realizing this as well, Rodeo turned back to her partner with a smile. "Ready to see some lassoin', partner? I'm mighty handy at it!" she boasted, grabbing the rope up off of her hip holster. Twirling the loop briefly above her head, she aimed for a ladder on the side of one of the cars. With an expert sling of her rope, the cowgirl navi caught hold and created a taut length... But it didn't look like it'd support swinging across.

Apparently, however, that wasn't what she had in mind in the first place. "Alrighty, pardner! What's yer name again? Oh well, Pardner'll do for now. You just shimmy yourself along that rope there till you get to the oth'r side, then climb that ladder on up! I'll find a way onto the train soon and meet up with ya!" Rodeo instructed her ally. She sounded pretty confident in the plan, but it didn't seem like a terribly safe way to board. To take this route would be putting an awful lot of confidence into Rodeo's arm strength.

On the other hand, she had to get on soon, because Genevieve would lose the train if they waited too long.
"What, shimmy across? Isn't that dangerous?" Daisy asked, rather concerned by Rodeo's plan. If Rodeo's arm gives way while she slowly moves across the rope, Daisy would be in trouble. Hell, if a tree ends up being next to the rails up ahead, Daisy would be in great trouble when it smacks into the rope, especially if it was the section Daisy was at during the time. She could use her arishot to quickly get across, but there would be no telling what would happen to Rodeo and her horse if she suddenly microbursted to the train. It looked like shimming along the rope was the best option for Daisy to take... right...


If she used her flight routines to propel herself along the rope, then maybe she could make sure to get there before Rodeo's arm strength gives out...

I wonder if this will work... The navi thought, looking at the train and then the rope. "Well, time to go." Daisy said with a sigh, before letting go of her hold on Rodeo's waist, and then grabbed the rope with both of her hands, pulling herself along it and off the horse. Activating her flight routines, Daisy floated a bit, before quickly moving her legs and wrapping them around the rope. Next, she flew along the rope with it in her hands and between her legs, almost like a monorail, to the ladder the rope was lassoed onto.

Assuming nothing bad happens and Daisy gets close enough to the ladder, she let go of the rope with one of her hands and grabbed hold of the ladder. She got off the rope and onto the ladder, and then the small platform that was under it. She then entered through the side door.
"Sheeeyoosh! Well ain't that a trick?" Rodeo exclaimed, watching Daisy as she monorail-catted along the lasso towards the menacing train. "I'll come on right along with the same thing... wait... I can't fly... and I can't hold the rope while I move across it... hrmm..." she murmured to herself. "Head on inside thar, pardner, and I'll meet ya inside!"

Luckily, Daisy found that the no one was immediately waiting for her inside the train. The inside was red-carpeted and somewhat comfortingly brightly lit, since the outside gave the vague impression that there'd only be a few lonely bulbs or some kind of flickering horror movie lights inside. Various propaganda posters lined the chain, as if they were obsessively committed to brainwashing themselves. It quickly became clear that the train must belong to the Right of Operation Templars, judging by the many posters.

A sign on the wall outlined the properties of the traincars. Going forward, Daisy would encounter Passenger Car #3. Going backward, she would reach... Torture Chambers? That's what the sign said, anyways. The current car was kind of vacant; there seemed to be seating for passengers, but nobody was on board.
"Well, things look vacate." Daisy commented, looking and moving around the car. Not a single soul was in the car, other then the navi herself, and the walls were littered with posters. "Right of... Operation... Templars." Daisy repeated to herself, before remember a little fact. "Oh, right. Now that I got on the train, I should bring Ozho back." She said, before summoning the guy. Ozho appeared in the car, stepping out of a portal of darkness that appeared out of nowhere.

"...You ditched that girl?" Ozho said, looking around and not spotting Rodeo.

"No, she couldn't get on the train after I did. She said she'll meet me inside at some point though." Daisy said, before grabbing a poster and handing it to Ozho. "Say, you wouldn't happen to know anything about this group would you?" She asked.

Ozho grabbing the poster and gazed at it. "...No." He said, before looking around the car once more. He moved over to the signs, and read them. "Up ahead is another passenger car... and towards the back is... are, torture chambers?" the SP said, not liking the sound of what was behind the two.

"Wait, what?" Daisy asked, before looking at what Ozho was. "Seriously? Hey Virgil, you getting this?" She asked her op.

"I heard..." Virgil said, taking note of what Daisy was seeing in the car. A bunch of propaganda posts for ROT... which Virgil had a bad feeling about. "...Alright, head towards the engine and stop this thing. That should be the best course of action right now." he told his navi, before Ozho decided to voice his opinion on the situation.

"No, we need to go this way." Ozho said motioning towards the back of the train. "You claim that girl was going to catch up with us correct? The only place I'm seeing where she can get on this train is one of the cars behind us. Even though I don't think she is all that competent, we probably want more folks before we head to the front." Ozho then crumpled up the poster and let it drop onto the ground.

"Also... we have no idea what we are even suppose to accomplish here, and Rodeo probably wouldn't remember any time soon. But given the fact that this isn't the NeoShogun's train, whoever the hell they are, and that this ROT didn't stop at the station... Rodeo definitely wasn't sent to be a diplomat. So she either was sent to take over the train, destroy it, or some key personal is on here and we had to extract them or something. I would rather go to the torture chambers and see if there is any more hints on what we have to do here first."

"Wait, Ozho, you don't know who the NeoShogun are?" Daisy asked the SP, rather puzzled by this.

"...No, and at the moment I don't need to know who the hell they are." Ozho responded, moving towards the back of the car. "We are on an unknown train operated, by an unknown group, who probably arn't afraid of soiling their hands. I rather find out more about this ROT then that other group. You going to come this way or are we actually going to follow Virgil's suggestion?" the SP added, before Daisy decided to follow him towards the chambers.
As Daisy and Ozho entered the next room, sliding aside the inhospitably thin metal door, they found that the sign earlier had been no false advertisement. While the room was as brightly lit and traditional looking in decorations as the previous one, a few things set it apart from the other. The first was that both sides, left and right, had been glassed off with a thin walkway through the middle. On the right side, the curtains were pulled; some sort of low, female moaning along with a few other disgusting shuffling sounds were coming from inside.

The other side contained a currently open dressing room, where several red robes and hats were hung. Another long, blue cloak serrated into several flaps was also hanging there; each flap held a sort of guillotine axe blade, which gave it a distinctive appearance. A few other terribly suspect looking outfits, including several black leather pieces and bondage accessories, also hung there.

Both glass rooms were fairly small with only enough space for two or three people to stand comfortably. Each glass room had a transparent glass door on hinges, complete with a protruding pull handle.

A sign hanging on the wall inside of the dressing room area identified the next room as "Torture Chamber" and the previous as "Passenger Car #4." It seemed that the next room must also contain more of the RoT's creepy torture nonsense. Daisy could only imagine where Rodeo must have ended up. She might need to keep looking, but then again, if somebody really was being tortured in the glassed-off area it would be sort of cruel to simply leave them there.
"Um..." Daisy said quietly, slowing moving into the car, using her flight system to 'walk on air' to keep from making too much noise as she walks and looks around. Some of the stuff in here didn't look appealing... and did she just hear moaning? They needed to keep moving, they needed to find Rodeo and fast... but that moan, could someone be torturing someone? Could it be Rodeo that is being tortured? "Ozho, we should stop whatever is going on in that room. I think someone is getting tortured." Daisy told her navi as quietly as she could... and just got a look from Ozho in response... at first anyway.

"Daisy... there's a good chance that isn't torture..." Ozho told Daisy, in a quiet tone, his eyes shifting their gaze towards the clothing. "From what is in there, there is a good chance it's just some S&M.... But given that robe, I don't think we can rule out torture..." The SP said, taking note of the kind of clothing in the dressing room. Sometimes you can get a read of someone's personality from the clothing that they are wearing, and the fact that one of them had blades on their coat... it probably meant that person was a sadist. "...you could use the clothing thought, assuming those are the ROT uniforms... disguise yourself as them..." Ozho said, giving Daisy an idea. "Be right back." She said, moving as quickly and quietly into the dressing room. She slung one of... the... leather outfits that was closest to her size over her shoulder, before turning to see Ozho face palming. Confused as to why Ozho did that, she looked at him before grabbing one of the robes and hats.

"Ozho, stay here and let me know if something changes. I'm going to head and check out the next car before changing into this." Daisy said quietly, before moving to the next car. She made sure to close the door behind her.

Ozho sighed... and while Virgil was a bit worried by this development, he couldn't help but chuckle at what Daisy had done.
Ozho was left behind with the disturbing low female moaning while Daisy proceeded into the next cart.

Daisy found the next cart quite different from the current. For one thing, the lights were all turned out, so whoever was inside may be immediately alerted to her presence by the fact that light had suddenly shone in. As she closed the door, she found that the only remaining lights cast were from a few candles in the far right corner of the room, tall and projecting a flickering yellow light. All of the windows were completely sealed by metal plates.

The only inhabitant of the room was a very audible woman in the corner with the candles, bound in some sort of medieval stock so that her buttocks faced Daisy. Her hair was short and white, flared at the tips so that it almost looked like an axe-blade extending from behind her head. The navi had an impressive, adult body with pale skin, garbed in a very risque black leather outfit.

The outfit consisted of a black bra and thong, along with gloves designed in such a way as to meet in front of her and tie together, restricting hand movement. The boots were designed similarly; they ran all the way up her thighs and to her bottom, where they formed backless chaps. The whole thing was covered in several zippers. A strange, black ring circled the navi's neck; at first glance, it looked like a collar, but Daisy realized that it was actually embedded into the navi's skin. Daisy couldn't see the navi's face, nor could the navi turn to face her.

A table nearby was covered in several unused peripherals, including various lengths of unlit candle, a short riding crop, and a gag with attachable accessories, such as a gag ball or ring. Bottles of various lotions, such as soaps and scented oils, even honey, were scattered around as well, looking well organized but untouched. Particularly odd items like dog collars, feathers, and even a peeled, ripe banana were also lying on the table. It seemed like Ozho's S&M guess was pretty spot on.

On the other hand, the woman bound didn't seem to be enjoying herself at all. Shortly after Daisy had entered and had time to look around, the unidentified navi's backside squirmed and she was no longer able to contain her voice. "Are you here on Domm's orders, Pebblewit? Release me immediately!"[color=blue][/color] she commanded, sounding irate. "I wish to speak to Robespierre this second! This punishment is foul and unwarranted!"[color=blue][/color]

Daisy had to consider carefully how to continue. On one hand, she could probably pass right by and the navi couldn't do anything about it. On the other, she might have a good opportunity to gain information. She might be able to gain something by setting the navi free; on the other hand, she might be recognized and apprehended. It might even be best to stay in character and pretend to be there on "Domm's orders."
...All I can hear is that, stupid, moaning...Ozho thought, listening to what was going on in the room. But at the moment, it is just that moaning... Ozho wasn't sure what had happen... but he can tell nothing much is happening right now. Maybe they are done? Or taking a break before starting again? He might want to see what had actually happened in that glass room... but if he just waltz right inthere, he would be stuck in a very bad situation, and he was sure they would have noticed him if he moved the curtain to the side inorder to take a peek...

Maybe if I get down and lift the curtain up just a bit and look... The SP thought, quietly moving towards the glass door. He tried to open it silently, and got down, where his head was close to the floor. He lifted the curtain up a bit, enough for him to see parts of the room it is hiding. Hopefully he doesn't get caught doing this.

Daisy entered the car and looked around, spotting the girl in the corner of the room... that looked like a hostage if she ever saw one... but before she could call out, something else in the room cought her attention. All the items in the room.

Wh-why would there be a banana peel? And what's with all that lotion and honey and- Daisy was asking herself silently, before the navi in the corner of the room called out to her.

Wh-what? Pebblewit? the navi thought, looking right at the navi. She didn't like the fact that the navi called her names... but something else she said made something click in Daisy's mind. Unfair punishment? Domm's orders? I, I don't think I am here for her... Daisy thought, taking note what the navi said. It sounded like she was apart of whatever organization was in charge of the train, and something she did caused her to be locked in this car with only candle light to keep her company. That ruled out letting her go, since she might report Daisy once free... but after taking a longer look at the navi, she couldn't take her eyes off that fine ass. Daisy wasn't sure why... maybe it was because it was the bigest thing facing her? Maybe the fact that Daisy could see her face, and that ass was on the same level as it would have been...

Daisy closed her eyes and shook her head, trying to keep her mind off it.

Um, um, nevermind that, how should I respond? Daisy mentally asked herself. She could pretend to be under this, Domm's orders, and try to gill the navi for information... Maybe offer to make her more conferrable? She could use that lotion over there and rub it on the navi's...

Daisy shook her head once more, trying to get that thought out of her mind.

Maybe, just maybe... she could get the navi to giver her information in exchange for getting Domm in a lot of trouble? Daisy was sure that whatever objective she was suppose to have, it would lead to that if Domm was this navi's boss.

"...Was Domm the one who locked you in that?" Daisy asked, maintaining the same distance she already was from the navi. "I'm sorry, but I'm not here to let you go... but if you keep quiet about me, I might be able to help you in some other way... Like, assuming Domm was the one who you claim gave you unfit punishment, I could cause enough of a stir to get her in a big heap of trouble." Daisy told the navi, realizing that this might not be the best thing to do. She started to undress quickly, putting the 'uniform' on the floor before taking off her coat and top. She undid her bra, and hastily got out of her pants and panties. "But I'll need to know what I can do that would be big enough for that. Maybe you got a captive from another group on board? Or something else of importance?" Daisy asked, now starting to put the 'uniform' on, sliding the thong on first before putting on the bra and the boot things. "...Or is there something I can do to make it more... pleasurable?" The navi was now sliding the gloves on. Throughout all of this, there were moments where Daisy's eyes focused their attention on the stock bound navi's ass. And when she said that last line... that was where her attention was.
The bound navi couldn't see Daisy undressing and adopting the bondage uniform behind her, but she was aware of the activity and the sound of the intruder's voice. "... Who's back there? Scandalous cur! What are you doing back here!?"[color=blue][/color] she started, squirming harder as if trying to break free. After struggling futilely for a few seconds, she sighed and resigned herself to captivity.

"It's no use... Yes, Domm stuck me in this infernal contraption,"[color=blue][/color] she grumbled. "You can't get Domm in trouble though, try as you might. She's above accountability."[color=blue][/color] For the moment, the trapped navi seemed to be treating Daisy as a fellow RoT member, despite failing to recognize her. "As you may know, we're not using the train's full capacity right now. Domm's gone towards the back to fetch some supplies. Other than Rack, some inquisition troops, Domm, the conductor, and myself, the train should be empty. Really raises the question of who you are, exactly..."[color=blue][/color]

The navi suddenly seemed to become aware of Daisy's heightened breathing and almost shivered in alarm towards the final question. "No, you miscreant, I have no desire to experience anything more 'pleasurable!'"[color=blue][/color] she protested, apparently understanding the meaning. "I only want to get out of this torturous device!... If you release me, I may be willing to look the other way on your presence here and help you. Doesn't that sound worth pursuing?"[color=blue][/color]

Of course, Daisy knew she still held all of the cards in the situation. The trapped navi didn't seem half willing to raise alarm and bring Domm back. On the contrary, she seemed to want Domm gone as long as possible.

Back in the previous room, Ozho began investigating the illicit activities going on behind the curtains. What he found was probably disturbing, but not altogether surprising. A navi, dressed in the same black bondage gear that Daisy had moved moments ago, was bound with both arms behind her back and kneeling. The navi's hair was blond and somewhat matted; her face looked somewhat sad, but red-hued with sparkling eyes, as if aroused. Her body was rather bodacious in all areas, to the point that it was not hard to imagine wanting to perform sexual activities with her.

Which was exactly what was already going on. Three navis, all identical looking, were running wet tongues across the navi's flesh, awkwardly pressing their bodies against her own tall figure. The men were all skinny with sicky gray hair and long noses; they were dressed only in black leather shorts that were fairly unbecoming. Everything about the guys was about the opposite of what one might perceive as desirable in the woman. One of the navis was positioned behind the girl, licking at her back. Another was caressing her cheek. The final was licking at her left thigh, while awkwardly straddling onto the other spread leg like a child. All in all, the whole setup was exceedingly uncomfortable looking, yet the girl seemed to be enjoying it.

The man situated behind the woman suddenly noticed Ozho; his squinted eyes shot open immediately as he failed to identify the creature. "Bloody 'ell, it's... it's some kind'r giant!" he panicked, backing against the curtain and glass of the wall. Apparently he'd interpreted Ozho's giant, super-deformed head as belonging to a creature appropriately sized all-around, rather than a being with an enlarged head and shrunken body. The others looked around, confused as to what he was reacting towards.
"S-sorry. I meant to say pleasant but somehow..." Daisy said, shaking her head. W-why did I say that? she mentally asked herself, trying to get her thoughts back in control, trying to focus on the mission. The navi said something about supplies, maybe there were to take them? But... what kind of supplies are they?

"And, er supplies? Like... the stuff in this room?" Daisy asked, taking a glance at the items in the car. It took her a moment before she realized something important. Wait... back of train... Rodeo! Daisy's face filled with worry for a moment, and she struggled to keep it under control. If Ozho's prediction was right, she would have to get on in one of the back cars... and if Domm is back there... We need to hurry and find her. Daisy thought, ready to rush to the next car... expect, what about the woman? If she just leaves her there... and Rack or someone else comes trough, she might inform them about intruders. And while she is saying she wouldn't if she was freed... there was no telling if she actually would... But it sounds like she actually might keep her word.

And besides, if she does head over there to let the navi free, she might be able to sneak a feel of that rather fine...

"You... You really mean you won't tell them about me?" Daisy asked, starting to move to the stocks. "If you really do mean it... I guess I could let you free." Daisy said, moving to right behind the navi.

"But first, could you do me a favor? One I free you, could you go to passenger car # 4 and throw something of mine out the door there?" Daisy asked her, moving her hand towards the navi's ass... but stopping an inch away before retracting it. S-she might get mad if I do that.

Of course, even if the navi refuses to do that, Daisy will just let her go. Better for a chance of her being quiet then for her to stay locked up there, and telling whoever next walks into this car.

Daisy moved to whatever side of the stockade that had the locking mechanism, and looked at it."Um, actually...what were you being punished for, miss?" Daisy asked, before she started to mess with whatever lock this stock had.

When Ozho was spotted, he quickly moved from the curtain, letting it fall the short bit to the ground. While he knows what the hell was going on back there, he wasn't too happy with getting spotted... And yet his first thought wasn't that... for some reason, it was just the word 'retard'. He moved out of the glass room and closed the door and quickly and quietly as he could, he needed to get out of there fast, but he needed to also not alert them to his presence anymore, since it looked like only one saw him.

She should be done changing now. Ozho thought, about to move trough the door to the next car. He needed Daisy to dismiss him, if they catch him and find out he is a SP, then they would know that there is an unknown navi on board.
The woman seemed pleased that Daisy's voice had betrayed a bit of self-consciousness. "I don't owe this organization any more favors, I'll tell you that much. I'm our most active soldier, always doing the legwork for Robespierre. And what has it gotten me? This!"[color=blue][/color] the woman complained again, shaking again in a futile, agitated attempt to break free. "And I suppose I could do this for you, but if I do, there's a chance that Rack might see me... She's a little slow, though; it wouldn't be hard to justify anything to her."[color=blue][/color]

As Daisy inspected the device, the woman sighed and gave her story. "My name is Guillotine. I'm an officer of the ROT, as you probably have already surmised. I'm currently locked up here for 'failing' a previous mission due to circumstances entirely outside of my control. And why am I locked up? Because I'm the one doing all the work? Domm sits in our cozy encampments all day, performing the lewdest sorts of debauchery imaginable, and is somehow never scolded!"[color=blue][/color] the woman griped, practically spitting with anger. "If those are the kind of values that Robespierre is looking for, then I must leave the Templars. That's all there is to it. With you as my witness, stranger, I hereby renounce this entire idiotic organization!"[color=blue][/color]

Things became complicated as Daisy suddenly realized that the device needed a key, but then quickly cooled down as she managed to locate one on the table. Finally, Guillotine was released. Turning, Daisy could now see her face, which had a sort of regal look to it with pronounced lips and cold eyes (well, eye; one of them was covered by her hair). One of her thin eyebrows raised skeptically as she took in Daisy's attire. "... What were you doing exactly, crumbcrouser? That's not a uniform, it's just bondage gear. They'll notice you're out of place if they see you,"[color=blue][/color] she mentioned, thinking that Daisy must have intended to disguise herself.

As the door opened, Guillotine's face screwed up into a disgusted look upon witnessing Ozho. "Who is this deformed creature?"[color=blue][/color] she asked, apparently not approving of Ozho's look. "Since he has not attacked us, I assume he is with you,"[color=blue][/color] she speculated, keeping her voice down to avoid alerting the people in the back car, who did not seem to have followed Ozho after spotting him. He guessed they must have been pretty caught up in what they were doing.

Beginning to look a little self-aware, Guillotine crossed one arm at her breasts to hold onto the other, which she moved discretely to cover her groin with one hand. "Well, let us not stand around like this. I'll go grab my gear and throw out whatever you were talking about. In the mean time, you two ought to remain here. If you follow me, Rack might spot you. If you head the other way, Domm will find you,"[color=blue][/color] she requested.
"Eh? It's not? But it was by some robes and..." Daisy said, rushing back to her clothing. She picked up then put on the robe and hat. "Is this the uniform? Just this robe and hat?" She said, moving toward Guillotine. "I just hadn't put them on yet." She said, before Ozho entered the car.

"...Someone who doesn't want to be here..." Ozho responded, looking right at Guillotine's face, annoyance showing on his face. "...Who the hell are you?" He then asked.

"She is Guillotine, an ex-ROT officer, and she is going to be helping us." Daisy said, motioning to her like a showgirl showcasing something. "And Guillotine, that is Ozho, my SP. He only looks that way because of an... accident."She told Guillotine, motioning at Ozho who continued to look at her face. He listened to what Guillotine said next, and waited till after she was done talking to speak once more.

"...There are four navis in that car, three males and one blond female. The males are all identical, most likely mass produced grunts, and are probably all retarded. The female, which I'm assuming is the one you called 'Rack', is currently engaged in lewd debauchery with the three. As long as you don't make too much noise, they wouldn't notice you... but since I am assuming the robe with the blades is yours, then that might be a problem." Ozho said, moving towards Daisy. "Then again, they don't seem bright, so you might not have a problem at all..." Wait, if this is an ex officer, then she might know the reason for this train. She might know something that could tell them why the hell these Neo Shoguns sent Rodeo there...

"Actually... before you get your gear, could you tell us what is this train currently being used for?" The SP asked. "All we knew was we had to do something dealing with this train, and knowing what it is for would help us figure out what we were actually suppose to do.

"That... I should have asked that earlier." Daisy said, gathering her cloths off the floor. "And this is what I want you to throw out, I don't want someone finding them and then realizing there is in intruder on board... so as long as they don't look out a window after you throw them out..." Daisy said, handing them to Guillotine. "And Ozho, what do you mean spotted? Did they come out of that room and...?" She decided to ask Ozho.

"No, I looked under the curtain, and one of them saw me, apparently backed off in panic and called me a giant. I don't think the rest noticed me, but I want to be dismissed until needed for the time being, just to be on the safe side." Ozho told Daisy.

"Alright, I'll stay here." Daisy said, before moving back to Ozho. "And Ozho, I'll dismiss you for the time being." Daisy said, dismissing the SP. Ozho vanished into a portal of darkness. "Also, I forgot to tell you this, but I'm Daisy." Daisy told Guillotine, before heading to the back of the car, to the side of the door that didn't have the stocks. That way, if someone came trough this way, she would be out of their sight until they look in that direction...

And if it's Domm that walks trough, and not Rodeo, Daisy wanted to be able to get the jump on them.
"Yes, those robes and hats are symbols of my former employer. Unfortunately, while they may disguise you, it will be a disguise that fails at close distance; all of our soldiers are based on that same old man's model, for whatever reason. Well, my former organization's solders, that is,"[color=blue][/color] Guillotine spat, still feeling disdain over her situation. "Anyways, hand me your shirt and trousers, and I shall dispose of them. And do not worry about alerting Rack. As I said, she is slow; just be prepared for Domm to come back."[color=blue][/color]

"Well, Daisy, this train is intended for prisoner transport, ordinarily. It's made to stock many more hostages than we have ever managed to put on board. Currently, however, Domm was using it for her own personal torture palace on wheels, as a way of punishing us. For Rack's part, it might as well be called rewarding failure!"[color=blue][/color] the navi grumbled, raising one eyebrow as she contemplated her former partner's sick tastes. "For my part, it is an insufferable disgrace. I will not be subservient to one as incompetent and self-serving as that slutty dog-licker!"[color=blue][/color]

Breathing heavily as she finished her rage-filled tirade against her former ranking officer, she stomped off into the other room, carrying Daisy's clothes. She stopped for a moment, thinking she might ask why Daisy wanted to keep wearing the bondage gear under her robe instead of putting back on her underclothes, but sighed and decided not to complicate things. "By the way, my robe also included a device to allow us to more easily move around the train. We'll be able to leave this place quickly, if that's what you desire. I think you must have been misinformed; whoever your employer was made some miscommunication. There is nothing of interest on this train."[color=blue][/color]

She opened the door after speaking these words and then disappeared into the next room over. Her words seemed somewhat suspicious; why would Rodeo have been sent to the train if there were nothing of any priority on board?
Daisy got one last look at that ass before the door closed. Nothing of intrest on this train? Great, looks me and Rodeo had just been wasting out...

...Wait, something isn't right here... I never got to touch that... Daisy was thinking before, she shook her head. No, that not it... Guillotine claims that there is nothing here... which given the lack of information Rodeo had might be true... expect, something didn't seem right. The train showed up shortly after Daisy did, it showed up where the map was suspiciously marked, and this ROT doesn't seem like it's apart of the Neo Shogun... Could Guillotine be hiding something? Or doesn't know everything about what all is on the train...

...Could she actually be informing this 'Rack' person about Daisy's presence?

There wasn't a lot Daisy could do... She couldn't head towards the front, since if Guillotine wasn't on her side she would have to deal with 5 navis... and she can't go towards the back by herself because the commander is back there... And even if Guillotine was on her side, it would still be 2 to 1.

It looks like Daisy might want to quickly find Rodeo to figure out everything, or if Guillotine doesn't turn, ask her about relations with the Neo Shoguns.

And unfortunately, everything hinges on what Guillotine does.
Daisy was left to wait alone for a while as Guillotine disappeared from sight. The room seemed especially abnormal now, with Daisy huddled by herself in the darkness. The candles lit up the empty, unhinged stocks, where just moments ago a woman had been kept against her will in preparation for torture. Was Guillotine telling the truth? Was there really nothing of interest aboard the train?

In reality, Guillotine didn't take very long in the other room. To Daisy, inside the dark room with no company and anticipating the intrusion of an unknown domineer, it must have seemed quite a bit longer. Guillotine did, however, return, now dressed in her scary but far more respectable blue cloak. The guillotines made a slight jingle around her as she moved, amusingly resembling the far less threatening sounds of a wind chime.

"Ho there, Daisy. I see that Domm has still not returned,"[color=blue][/color] she greeted her supposed ally, raising one eyebrow as she was wont to do and still not venturing a smile. "Rack, in her usual incompetence, will probably continue her treatment until Robespierre's men force her to stop. And they're probably enjoying it just as much as she is! Therefore, it can be quite a long-winded process,"[color=blue][/color] she sighed irritably. "We are fortunate; we have just enough time to decide where to go."[color=blue][/color]

Bringing an unfolding map from her cloak, she moved closer to share the view with Daisy. Interestingly, Daisy noticed from this distance that Guillotine's hands still had black, leather gloves on them... had she continued to wear the bondage gear for some reason? "As you can see, the train consists of the engine, the engineer's quarters, a dining cart, five passenger cars, three torture cars, and a supply car. I'm not sure what the very back three cars of the train are used for, but there's no entrance into them... At any rate, just tell me where you'd like to go and this map will take us there. There are exits located at each passenger car, but I at least won't be able to get off of this train while it's moving."[color=blue][/color]
Daisy listened to Guillotine as she described the train, able to keep her mind off of Guillotine's figure much more easily now that she has such a dangerous cloak on. The fact that there seemed to be three cars that not even Guillotine knew the contents of, restored a bit of Daisy's faith in Rodeo. If there is something we were suppose to get, it is probably somewhere back there. Daisy thought, before pointing at the last of the cars on the map.

"...Guillotine, you said you didn't know what these last three cars were for, I think they are worth checking out before I get off but..." Daisy said, before pointing at the passenger cars and engine. Would there be any grunts between passenger car 3 and the engine itself? I want to run trough and check these cars before stopping the engine, and then use the map to go to the supply room and make an entrance into the last three cars and check them before getting off." she said, keeping hey eyes on the map. "And the only reason I want to check the passenger cars first is because I had someone help me get on board, and she said she would meet me inside. And if the only exits are in the passenger cars, then I need to check and see if she got in trough one of them." Well, it was also to see how long it would take them to rush to the engine room, to gauge when they can use to map to get to the supply car without running into Rack or Domm. Since when the Train starts to stop, there is a good chance someone will rush to the front to see what is going on, and it will be good to know about how long it might take them to get to the front from the torture chambers.

"Does that sound like a plan for you? Or can the map only be used once or something?" Daisy asked, looking at Guillotine.