Mission: Area Exploration

A few hundred feet above the NetopiaNet floor, two cyan flashes appeared. A pair of figures fell from the light, and quickly came into view. Mach and Aera were entering the network in their trademark style, and were plummeting to the floor below. Machman leveled out as Aera slowly somersaulted in the air. They both were standing straight up as they got close to the ground, and their wing thrusters burned brightly to slow their decent to nearly 0 velocity. They both silently touched down, and immediately started to search their surroundings.

Mazer, we have successfully logged in. We're attempting to locate our allies for the mission.

They continued to scan their surroundings, to see if any of the other Navis mentioned by the GNA were present.
Unfortunately, Machman found no navis in the immediate area that could likely have matched the names provided by the GNA.

In fact, there were no navis around at all except for a NormalNavi a ways off that looked like he'd had a few too many bugfrags and was raving about the end of the internet being near.

Can't always conveniently jack in in the perfect spot.

There was, however, a localized rainstorm in the distance (thankfully in the opposite direction of the ranting navi): a small gathering of dark clouds marring the otherwise clear sky of the net. Perhaps over there?
Mach and Aera were unsuccessful in finding the Navis they were looking for, and they were pretty sure the ranting Navi wasn't their target. However, Aera watched and listened to the navi, oddly interested in what he had to say. In the meantime, Machman observed an odd sight: a rainstorm in the distance. The adverse weather might have attracted their comrades to it, so it was likely the only plausible area they could be.

Hm... Maybe those Navis went over towards the rainstorm. Lets check there first. Ready Aera? ...Aera?

Machman turned back to see Aera attempting to converse with the ranting Navi.

Don't worry, we won't let that happen! I'm not just referring to Mach and myself, but everyone who believes in a free network for programs like us to exist. No matter what happens, every one of us will do our best to pull through. I promise you that. So cheer up! We NetNavis and Support Programs will work together to insure our survival, no matter what stands in our way.

Machman approached Aera, and put his hand on her shoulder.

You bet we will. Aera, I'd hate to interrupt, but we need to find the other Navis to complete our mission. Time is of the essence here.

Aera turned back to Machman and smiled, flattered that Machman thought the same way about program unity in the face of total extinction.


Mach and Aera both started to walk away from the Navi, to put a safe amount of distance between them, for the Navi's sake. Machman then back-flipped into the air, and while doing so, his body stretched and warped as metallic plates materialized and folded into place. In less than a few seconds, Machman transformed into the large MachFighter combat aircraft. His engines pointed downwards as his fuselage vents kept him hovering a few feet off the ground, and the top panel of his cockpit opened. On cue, Aera jumped into the air and gently descended into the cockpit and sat in the surprisingly comfortable ejection seat. The cockpit hatch closed as the inner walls were alight with a bright 360 degree display, along with radar information, weapon & engine status, and direction & attitude displays (like a Heads Up Display). Machman's voice came in through a pair of speakers on the back of Aera's seat, as safety belts automatically crossed over her chest and waist, which then buckled and tightened to secure her to the seat.

[[i]Alright, we'll be heading towards the rainstorm first, then we'll start a search pattern centered in that area. Here we go![/i]]

Machman's engines rotated freely in their housings, held in place by an invisible magnetic field; the same technology that allowed Mach to manipulate his wings in his default form. All four of his powerful Plasma SCRAM Jet Engines faced their thruster vents back and burned brightly as they propelled the MachFighter and Aera forward. Hopefully the Navi wasn't blown off his feet by the thrust as they rocketed forward. Aera was pressed into the back of her seat as they rapidly accelerated; they quickly broke the sound barrier and streaked towards the storm clouds ahead. Once they got within a few hundred feet of the storm, Machman slowed down and shifted his engines downwards to slowly glide over the ground, and used his radar to search for the Navis as he slid over the ground like a large helicopter.
The raving navi yelled something incomprehensible after Mach and Aera as they left, but from the tone it probably wasn't too friendly.

Once they reached the storm, Mach's radar picked up two navis conveniently within the span of the rainstorm. One stood in the center of it, while the other was near the edge walking toward the first.
[[i]Radar contact! Looks like 2 Navi blips within the storm. Permission to investigate?[/i]]

Mazer's voice chimed in through the speakers as well.

[Permission granted. Proceed with caution, I don't want you getting all banged up in that storm. Go in low and slow.]

[[i]Copy that. Proceeding to target area. Aera, keep a look out around and behind me, just in case I miss something.[/i]]
Aera nodded, and pulled up a set of windows that projected the view behind the MachFighter and to it's sides. She carefully observed the windows and occasionally looked back at the radar, as Machman slowed down even more and slid into the rainstorm. The rain drops spattered over Mach's large metallic form, but most of the cameras that provided the display in the cockpit (and Machman's "eyes") were recessed into the fuselage and were at least partially sheltered from the rain. Machman continued to move forward into the storm, and altered his position to place himself near the navi in the center of the storm, but also in the path of the walking Navi.
In the time Machman took approaching the storm, the second navi met up with the first. By the time he was close enough to see both clearly, they were exchanging a greeting indicating that this was their first time meeting, though it was also one suggesting they were doing so on friendly terms. He landed nearby, catching part of their conversation.

"...a viking navi, huh? What a coincidence, I volunteered to referee a battle in the ONBA tournament not long ago and one of the combatants was a valkyrie. Named Valkyrie, even." The speaker was a female navi taking the appearance of a real world person of around college age with brown hair covering most of her face and clad in a dark gray short-sleeve shirt, black pants, and rain boots. She carried an umbrella but wasn't using it, leaving her to be completely soaked.

"Valkyrie, huh? You'll have to introduce me to her after this is over," responded the second. Predictably from the first's statement, the second navi was clad entirely in viking armor and carried a large double-bladed axe hefted over his shoulder.

The female responded with something between a chuckle and a scoff. "Well I don't KNOW her, just refereed her last fight. Besides, she didn't exactly look like the friendly type." She looked up, seeing Machman landing. "Ah, looks like another one's here." She waved to Aera, obviously thinking her to be the third navi that had been assigned to her request and Mach to be a sweet ride or something.
Machman approached the pair of Navis, and slowed nearly to a stop. As he did so, a set of front landing gear, and two pairs or rear landing gear folded out from underneath his fuselage and his bottom engines. His engines silently swung back to their default positions and the aircraft gently landed on the wet floor. Machman quickly shut down his engines, and all that could be heard was the rain drops pinging off his metallic form.

Machman decided to introduce himself, using speakers embedded in his fuselage.

[[i]Hello, I'm Machman.EXE, and sitting in the cockpit is my SP, Aera.[/i]]
[[i]Hi there![/i]]
[[i]I'm guessing you are Miss Rainfall.EXE, and Mr. Aegir.APP?[/i]]
"Ah...OH!" the female navi said, looking down at the nose of the fighter, then at a point where she thought the speakers were, the back, looking for some sort of face. "Sorry, I thought you were piloting...haven't seen a fighter jet navi before." She gave an embarrassed laugh, despite the fact that it was a fairly easy mistake to make. "Yes, I'm Rainfall and he's Aegir."

"Hallo," the viking navi said as he was introduced, before glancing back at Rainfall. "So, what is this grand voyage you requested us for, exactly? The mission description was pretty vague."

"I'll tell you all once this...Arachne shows up," Rainfall said, looking out in the direction where both Machman and Aegir had approached from, hoping to see someone or something coming.

Something did come, but not from that direction. Instead, several silken threads that had been wound together dropped out of the clouds between the three navis, as another voice, female and silky (fittingly) spoke from above. "Oh, did someone call for me?" it asked as a large spider-like figure slid down from the clouds and landed at the base of the thread. It was the abdomen of a spider, then a human female from the waist up with the exception of her arms, which ended in scythe-like forelegs that matched black color of her lower body. Her lavender skin was wrapped in makeshift clothing from spider silk that was now collecting beads of the water from the rain. Above this, a smooth face and eight red eyes, six of them all but hidden under silvery hair, greeted her soon-to-be companions.

"This was a terrible place to jack in to," she observed, looking up into the rain and then shielding her eyes with her forelegs.

"Well, it looks like everyone's here," Rainfall said. "I'm not very good at mission briefing, so I'll try to keep this short and not embarrass myself." She took a deep breath. "Anyway, I had you meet me here because I figured it would be easiest to show you right from the start what I meant rather than leading you around until I noticed a difference. It's also why I'm having it rain even though we're not fighting anything yet. So sorry if you don't like getting wet, it's so you could find me and so you could see the flow."

The 'flow' she spoke of was indeed as the mission description had stated it: rather than forming puddles as it hit the ground the rainwater was steadily flowing away from the group, in the direction opposite that which Machman had come from. "Scan it any way you like, the ground's completely flat here," Rainfall remarked. She stepped away and looked up toward the clouds in the direction. The rain slowed, the edge of the clouds parted, and what had originally gone unnoticed by all of them became visible: beyond the rainstorm an entire section of the net faded to an all-obscuring blackness. To either side it eventually ended after a considerable distance, but there was no way to tell how deep it was.

"And that," Rainfall said, "is what we're investigating. You'll be able to see the road I was talking about when we get there, but before that, any questions?"
Machman's form started to fold down as parts fragmented and disappeared. Machman seemed to unfurl around Aera in a whir of mechanical clicks and scrapes as he changed back into his default form. In less than a few seconds, Machman was standing on the ground, with Aera in his arms. She slid to the ground and stood next to him as the rain sprinkled on their bodies, and little water droplets beaded over them.

Nice to meet you, Rainfall and Aegir.

Mach and Aera turned as Arachne made her appearance. They haven't seen a Navi with that many biological modifications, so they watched her intently as she manipulated her multiple legs as well as the silk thread she descended from. Machman noticed Arachne had a multitude of eyes, like that of a real world spider, though they were somewhat obscured from view.

Hello, Miss Arachne. I'm Machman, and this is Aera.
Aera smiled and waved slightly as she attempted to disguise an odd feeling of uneasiness... must be the rain. As Rainfall began to brief the team of Navis, Mach and Aera remained quietly attentive, and definitely noticed the mysterious "flow," and the void-like net area beyond. Machman spoke up when Rainfall asked for questions.

Are there any preliminary theories in regards to the cause of this "flow" or the void? Also, does this flow seem to have any effect on larger objects, such as Navis? I'm just trying to figure out what kind of dangers or obstacles we should expect.
"Unfortunately, not yet," Rainfall sighed in response to the first question. "Other than the guys I went to to ask for assistance, no one I went to seemed to think it was that important. Even the IT guys at Dentech think it's just a power outage in that section. The other relevant departments there just ignored it completely."

"Hey, I take offense to that!" came a moderately high-pitched, female voice from near Arachne. A window opened next to the spider navi, revealing the face of a college age girl with pale skin, curly dark hair, and glasses, a person that could only be Arachne's netop. "I answered your request, didn't I?"

"Sorry, I didn't realize you were a student there too," Rainfall said, glancing at the girl before turning back to Machman. "Anyway, as for your second question, no. I haven't gone very far in, but as far as I went it had no effect on anything that couldn't flow freely. Anything else?"

Aegir raised his free hand. "What if you're wrong?" he asked. "What if once we do get in there we find out that it does start pulling us into something and we can't get out."

Rainfall thought for a second, then answered, "If that turns out to be the case, we should be able to find out before it gets to be too late."


"Again, I can't be absolutely sure. Unless of course we want to start chucking objects or viruses ahead of us every few feet once we get in there."
Mach and Aera listened to Rainfall and the other Navis mull over the questions Mach brought up, but the discussion seemed to be at a standstill. Machman cleared his throat slightly in an attempt to catch the others' attention.

Well, we'd might as well go and investigate now, before whatever this is has the chance to change into something more hazardous. Care to lead the way, Rainfall?
"Of course," Rainfall said, turning toward the blackness and beckoning for the other navis to follow. As she began to walk, the rain thinned to the lightest of drizzles, barely touching the other three navis.

"Shame, I'd been hoping to catch a ride there on all the water," Aegir muttered, tapping the thinning water flow with one of his boots.
Machman and Aera turned to follow the group of Navis, but they weren't exactly sure what they expected to find. They continued to scan their surroundings in an attempt to get any sort of clues, any subtle hint that could help them understand what was going on in this network.

As the trek passed in relative silence, Machman and Aera scanned the surroundings, but only managed to pick evidence of massive viral activity in the area, and especially somewhere within the darkness. A glance at his allies would tell him that he wasn't alone in noticing this. Arachne in particular appeared extremely tense, and the other two...

"Stop," Rainfall said, raising a hand.

Aegir sniffed the air as he stopped, then spoke as well. "Ahh, I see, a battle awaits us." Contrary to the other two, he appeared excited.

And then they came, an alarming nearly twenty viruses, most of EX level and higher...wait, higher?

Indeed there were a few Rogue Net viruses scattered in with them. Massive viral activity indeed.

---Viral Hordes---
--To left (Near Arachne)--
Megalian-E: 130 HP (10HP Elec Aura)
Megalian-E EX: 160 HP (40HP Elec Aura)
Fishy EX: 120 HP
Sparkler: 160 HP

--To Rear (Near Machman)--
Gaia: 100 HP (StoneBody)
BigHatEX: 130 HP
CraggerEXA: 160 HP (HardBody)
BlueUFO: 160 HP

--To Right (Near Aegir)--
TwinnerA: 150 HP
TwinnerB: 150 HP
CraggerEXB: 160 HP (HardBody)
BasherEX: 150 HP
BrushmanEX: 100 HP

--To Front (Near Rainfall)--
Megalian-A EXA: 160 HP (40HP Aqua Aura)
Megalian-A EXB: 160 HP (40HP Aqua Aura)
CloudyEXA: 110 HP
CloudyEXB: 110 HP
Swordy-A2: 160 HP

---Allies (Arranged in a diamond pattern in center of viruses)---
Machman: 120 HP (At rear)
-Aera.SP: 60 HP (Next to Machman)
Aegir: 200 HP (On right)
Rainfall: 340 HP (At front)
Arachne: 180 HP (On left)

30% Sea (Under allies, centered under Aegir)
70% Normal (Everywhere Else)

Mach and Aera detected the massive amount of enemy viruses around them, and stopped as Rainfall raised her hand. They were quickly surrounded by viruses, and assumed an attack position. As Machman quickly spoke to Mazer, both Mach and Aera's defensive shields went up, and Mach's Overwatch sensor relay was deployed from his back.

Viruses identified! Count 18! Permission to engage?

Mazer quickly scanned the battlespace, and hatched a plan of action.
[Aera, do you see that blue saucer-shaped virus? Keep that virus away from Machman at all costs. Disable or delete it immediately! Mach, take out the rest of the viruses in your lane. Engage!]

Since she now knew the BlueUFO was going to go after Machman, she immediately charged up a large amount of electrical power. With the help of video feeds from Machman's Overwatch sensor network, she honed in on the UFO's position, and released all of the power in her storage capacitors in one blast. Her body erupted with bright bolts of electricity and a shower of sparks, but her actual attack was the completely invisible EMP pulse that made a beeline towards the UFO virus. If the attack was successful, the virus's motor and cognitive processes would be temporarily scrambled. Aera then followed up her initial strike with a pair of lightning bolts from her open hands.

Meanwhile, Machman identified his targets and pulled up a large, 3 barreled cannon that rested over his right arm. Three cross-hairs were projected over his eyes, like that of a HUD, and he eased the cross-hairs over his targets by aiming the Magnum towards them. As he did so, 3 massive encindiary rounds were loaded into the cannons, like bullets being loaded into a bolt-action rifle, and the 3 slides slid into place with loud metallic clangs. As soon as he locked on to the Cragger, BigHat, and Gaia viruses, he fired his first round towards the Cragger with a loud boom and a flash of light. An orange, ring-like shockwave appeared just past the end of the barrel for a split second due to the heavy slug careening through the air at such a high speed. He then made minor adjustments to his aim and fired his second round at the squat, hat-wearing BigHat virus, followed up by the third round fired at the large Gaia virus. After firing all 3 of his Magnum rounds, the three slides were all the way back, with white smoke oozing from each barrel. The large weapon folded down and fragmented into data before being absorbed into Machman's arm.

Machman kept his arm forward, as his signature triple-barreled vulcan dropped down from his forearm and extended nearly 2 feet past his hand, which was gripping the trigger assembly. He aimed his vulcan towards the BlueUFO virus as the weapon started to spool up with a mechanical whine. As soon as he got the virus in his sights, the vulcan roared to life and spewed a hundred 30mm, armor-piercing rounds in a bright stream towards the UFO. As he deposited all of his ammunition on the target, Machman slowly started to rise off the ground and strafe backwards. The vulcan's ammo was quickly depleted, so Machman deactivated the vulcan and climbed into the air, high enough to get out of range of the viruses.

-[Plasma & [color=ff6600]Repulsion[/color] Shields: Facing forward]-
Aera: Tesla Pulse: BlueUFO (Confusion + 2TCD) [+Take Aim]
Aera: Attack BlueUFO (35dmg Elec)
Aera: Attack BlueUFO (35dmg Elec)
Charge Magnum
Charge Magnum
Magnum1: Gaia, BigHatEX, CraggerEXA (120dmg Fire + Break + Panel Break)
Rising Barrage: BlueUFO (100dmg + Break + Strategic Action + 4TCD)
-[Strategic Action: Move to High Altitude]-

Cooling Sigs:
Tesla Pulse: 2 Turns Remaining
Rising Barrage: 4 Turns Remaining
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Machman and Aera led off the assault, Aera distracting the UFO while Machman aimed and loaded a really big gun. All of Aera's attacks against the UFO hit directly, while the virus...sat there. A side effect of confusion?

On the other side of the battle the other three navis had sprung into action as well, each going after their respective 'groups'. Aegir opened by summoning a large viking ship, which rose out of the ocean he had set until it sat on the surface, with the viking navi standing atop it. With his new ride, he charged across his stretch of ocean until reaching his group, which he greeted in turn with a hammer blow to the Cragger with his axe, followed by a blast of ice to the Basher turret. Both fell almost instantly while Aegir screamed a battlecry and sailed back out of melee range. Once the ship slowed again, depositing him around where he started the battle, he held out a hand to the remaining three viruses. A whirlwind formed and flowed between his hand and them, drawing the viruses into melee range again where he swung his axe twice at them, now charged with the power of an aquasword. The brushman and one of the Twins fell, but the final axe swing missed the other.

Arachne, meanwhile, had a slightly more difficult situation on her hands due to being considerably weaker than the other navis. Fortunately for her though, most of her opponents were elec types. She opened with a shot of webbing at the Megalians, which cut through their auras and ensnared them. "Silly little flies," she teased, summoning a log and rolling it at them to bowl the trapped heads over. It worked, too, as both of the Megalians became stuck to the log thanks to the web and were crushed as the log continued rolling over them. Arachne crawled closer toward the remainder, locking all eight eyes on the Fishy. She produced another strand of silk, this one split into nine ends by means of a Varitails chip, and swung it at the virus. Though most of the ends hit, it failed to do anything else as the virus charged at her...only to get impaled on one of her scythe-legs as she activated a BambooKnife. It wasn't soon enough, however, as the Fishy kept going and crashed into her before disappearing.
"They all come at me to dies," she rhymed absentmindedly with her previous statement.
Shooting yet another string of webbing, she attempted to hit the remaining, satellite-like virus, only for it to dodge while flying across the field.

The rain intensified as Rainfall raised her (still closed) umbrella toward the clouds. As she did, several bolts of lightning erupted between cloud and earth, each apparently aimed toward everything flying. Only the two remaining Megalians were hit, however, breaking through their auras as well and frying them instantly. She then aimed her umbrella toward one of the clouds and fired off a shotgun chip, followed by a burst of wind that flung the umbrella open in the process. The shotgun missed, but the wind blasted the targeted cloud back, toward the edge of her own rainclouds. Meanwhile, in a small section of the rainstorm, directly over the other cloud virus, the rain momentarily became ice cold. The cloud tumbled to the ground, half of its makeup freezing solid instantly, before shakily rising back into the air, leaving a patch of ice on the ground in its wake. Feeling safe ignoring it for the moment, she turned her attention on the sword wielding virus that remained. It swung at her, a sword-swipe which she dodged by sliding back across the ground. Rainfall countered with her umbrella, but as soon as she closed it again and thrust it forward, it began spinning until taking on the qualities of a drill which ripped through the Swordy, heavily damaging it.

Before either one could recover though, the Sparkler from Arachne's side crashed into Rainfall and kept going, heavily damaging her as well before finally coming to rest in an orbit around Aegir's ship.

By this point, Machman had since finished loading and unleashed three Magnum shots upon the viruses on his own side. The first one smashed the Cragger, burning a molten hole clean through it and into the ground under it, though admittedly one that didn't seem to affect what ability it had to move beyond getting it stuck in a pit. The second barreled over the BigHat and dumped it in a pit as well, while the third exploded at the feet of the Gaia with similar effects. The Cragger retaliated with a detached fist that slammed into Machman from above and completely bypassed his shield, while the Gaia's stonebody protection disappeared as it drew its hammer back to strike the side of its pit. Meanwhile, the BigHat threw a Flashbomb, which landed on the ground just outside of its own hole, wide open for anyone who didn't want to be blinded to attack it.
After the viral retaliation, Machman finished his own assault with a blast from a vulcan cannon that obliterated what was left of the UFO, then flew off into the base of the clouds, well out of the reach of the remaining viruses.

Speaking of remaining viruses, the destroyed Twinner virus revived to full health, causing Aegir to laugh loudly. "They just can't get enough," he called out, readying his axe for another assault." As if in response, each of them fired off a shot, one hitting the ship but bouncing off its shielded hull, the other hitting Aegir directly.

---Viral Hordes---
--To left (Near Arachne)--
Megalian-E: LOGGED
Megalian-E EX: LOGGED

--To Rear (Near Machman)--
Gaia: 20 HP (Attacking)
BigHatEX: 50 HP
CraggerEXA: 80 HP (HardBody)

--To Right (Near Aegir)--
TwinnerA: 30 HP
TwinnerB: 150 HP

Sparkler: 160 HP (Orbiting Viking Ship)

--To Front (Near Rainfall)--
CloudyEXA: 50 HP (some distance away)
CloudyEXB: 110 HP (Frozen, cannot attack)
Swordy-A2: 40 HP

---Allies ---
Machman: 40 HP (At rear, high altitude)
-Aera.SP: 60 HP (Next to where UFO was)
Aegir: 155 HP (On right, riding Viking Ship)
Rainfall: 180 HP (At front, next to front Cloudy group)
Arachne: 150 HP (On left)

Viking Ship: 180 HP (On right)

25% Sea (Under allies, centered under Aegir)
25% Ice (cone shape at right edge of Sea, panel under CloudyEXB)
20% Broken (pit at rear end of Sea terrain, where Machman was) (under BigHat, Gaia, and Cragger)
30% Normal (Everywhere Else)
Machman assessed the damage to his systems as his shield strengthened in front of him. Though the damage was rather large, he retained his altitude and kept his wits about him. He picked out the viruses in the pit, and started to tap into his Overwatch video feeds to get a better view of the area. He attempted to find a good target so he could catch as many viruses as he could in 1 shot.

Meanwhile, still on the ground, Aera watched the viruses nervously. Mazer's voice then came in through her ear pylons, with new instructions.

[Excellent work, Aera! Alright, now I want you to quickly heal Machman, before you pick off any weaker viruses you see. Stay on your toes, you don't want to be caught off guard!]

Aera smiled and nodded.

Aera's hands began to cast off a vivid green glow, and she pointed her hands skyward, towards her airborne counterpart. A bright packet of recovery data formed between her hands; and with a mental trigger, she sent it flying to Machman. The packet of data quickly reached Machman and hovered behind his back as it slowly replenished his energy and repaired damage.

Machman felt the soothing effects, and thanked Aera through a wireless communication. He had now found his target: a point on the ground where his next attack could hit the BigHat, Gaia, and the Flashbomb. He mentally "painted" the target as a bright flame appeared in front of his right fist. The flickering mass of light started to swirl as it grew larger and larger; the light and heat became much more intense. He drew his arm back, rechecked his aim, and thrust it forward and launched the ball of light towards the ground. The flames began to spread outward as it plummeted towards the ground, where it looked like a diving, fiery bird. The wave of flames crashed into the ground and created a swath of burning destruction on the ground below.

As Machman prepared for his next attack, Aera picked out an injured Cloudy virus in the distance.
She raised her right hand towards the virus as current surged through her arm, which created electrical discharges as the energy was directed towards her hand. She aimed carefully towards the virus, and opened her hand as she fired a bright bolt of electricity towards her target. Since her attack consisted entirely of electrical energy, she did not have to worry about wind conditions, or even gravity. The bolt tore through the sky at the speed of light, like a white laser streaking over the ground. Aera then shifted her focus to defense and quickly skimmed over the remaining normal panels. She tried to position herself in a way where her defensive shield stood between any possible incoming attacks she couldn't avoid.

[[i]You're a tough egg to crack, however...[/i]]
Machman, still perched in the air, picked out the hardened Cragger virus, and drew his arm back again, but this time he held a heavy iron ball. He focused his aim on the armored virus before he flung the heavy cannonball towards the ground like an iron meteorite. The cannonball impacted with a loud boom and created a small dust cloud of debris as it smashed through.

Machman then assessed the battlefield and attempted to find his next target. He then noticed the floating Sparkler virus that orbited Aegir's viking ship.
[Wow, a sparkler! I've heard even the weakest versions of this virus pack a wallop, especially to aqua Navis. Let's take that one out before it does any more damage. Get behind it and allow it to orbit to you, then smash it with a one-two punch!]

Mazer uploaded two of his more powerful chips into the PET, and Machman responded quickly by priming his thrusters, and quickly blurred out of sight. He dove towards the ground, and stopped himself behind the Sparkler (but out of the range of it's electrical field), all within a fraction of a second. As the Sparkler continued on its orbit, Machman's left hand started to crackle with electricity as large, yellow armored plates materialized over his right arm and fist. As soon as the Sparkler arched towards Machman, he extended his left hand and fired an electric pulse towards the virus. This pulse not only had the potential to damage the target, but would also have given it a magnetic charge, opposite of Machman's own. Opposites attract, so the sparkler would have had no choice but to close in on Machman's position. His massive GutFist was completely formed, and he clenched his giant fist, the sound of metal plates grinding against each other drowned out Machman's silence. As soon as the Sparkler got into range, Machman would greet the orb-like virus with a knuckle-filled headache from hell.

After he sent his fist towards the Sparkler like a spring-loaded piston, he drew up a protective guard shield as he rotated towards the viruses out in front, near Rainfall.

-[Plasma & [color=ff6600]Repulsion[/color] Shields: Facing forward]-
Aera: IV to Machman (Recover 5HP per action)
Phoenixshot: Gaia, BigHatEX, FlashBomb (70dmg Fire + Wide Attack) [+Take Aim]
Aera: Attack CloudyEXA (70dmg Elec)
Aera: Dodge
Cannonball: CraggerEXA
SCRAM Boost: Warp into Sparkler's orbit
Magbolt1: Sparkler (90dmg Elec + Stun {Pulls enemy into melee range})
Counter1: Sparkler (Counter attack with Gutpunch for 70dmg + Breaking + Impact)
Guard1: Machman.EXE (Reflect 1 attack up to 60dmg)

Cooling Sigs:
Tesla Pulse: 1 Turn Remaining
Rising Barrage: 3 Turns Remaining
SCRAM Boost: 2 Turns Remaining