Just A Moment! Quick Busting!

Voulge appeared on the Netopian Net, quickly observing the surrounding. He saw the clear difference of the net from the ACDC/Electopian and the BrightLand network and pondered about the rest of the world wide web. Just before Voulge took his first step, something bashed a soft blow onto his head. "HEY! FORGETTING SOMEONE?!" Ignis, who was deleted rather quickly in the tournament battle, was completely restored and pesky as ever. "Who said I was...". As usual, Voulge simply ignored the endless ranting and walked into the net for a quick warm up.

Eight viruses danced in the distance. Three were N.O. viruses, furiously crossing and uncrossing their arms in some sort of frantic rhythm. They also seemed to be performing sumo steps along with their interesting dance.

Two Fishys zigzagged around the N.O. group, excited by the dance somehow, while three Swordys watched on in silent appreciation.

One of the knights noticed Voulge and Ignis and got into a ready stance. The N.O.'s stopped dancing and readied themselves as well. The Fishys hovered at the Swordys' sides, ready to attack.

FishyA: 90 HP
Swordy-NA: 60 HP
Swordy-NB: 60 HP
Swordy-NC: 60 HP
FishyB: 90 HP

-Back Row-
N.O-1A: 90 HP
N.O-1B: 90 HP
N.O-1C: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Voulge.exe: 200 HP
Ignis.SP: 70 HP

"Daammmnn, I don't think you can finish them off in one shot!"

Ignis crackled as he watched Voulge facing against a large number virus he didn't quite hoped to fight. Since he needed to fight in the 2nd round of the tournament, he was hoping for something much smaller or weaker. However, this was perfect time to warm up and Voulge quickly prepared his Avaria-Lancea and took his stance. "You're too noisy." Just before he was about to begin his attack, something occurred to both Voulge and Ignis. The two digital being was surprised by how they were suddenly surrounded by array of lights and their body was undergoing a big change right before their eyes. Marius, however, was completely indifferent.

"What in the world is going on?", stated Voulge in a dull, monotone voice. "They released a new list of Subtypes for all navis. This is also one of the reason why I wanted to send you into the net. So you and Ignis can become adjusted to your new body." Voulge simply accepted the manner and simply took a defensive stance until the installation was complete. Ignis, however, was freaking out too much from the change and literally went flying all over the place. "NOOO, I'M GOING TO DIE AGAIN!!"

When the new subtype changes was installed, the two had took on slight change in their appearance. Ignis' body was slightly translucent and flew somewhat faster than he usually did. Voulge's silver mails had a even more brilliant shine to it and even the regular clothing had extra padding. From the look of it, Voulge appreciated the change; Extra protection means alot for an infighter like him. Now fully prepared for the battle, the navi gripped onto his weapon tightly and smashed the blade against the ground, creating a shield created from the broken pieces of the ground.

Voulge examined the enemy, area, and everything he could to improve his chances of winning the battle. He could see that all of these viruses could inflict heavy damage on the him and he would need to finish all of them as quickly as he could. Voulge thought up a short, yet elaborate plan that just might work and immediately began the plan. He flipped his weapon so that the blade would face to the ground and plunged it straight in. Starting from the Lancea, the grounds started to crack and dry up in a blink of an eye and magmas started to seep out from the cracks. As far as the eye could see, the once peaceful area now became a lethal environment for everyone, except Voulge.

When the terraform was complete, he positioned the Aspis on his back, pulled his weapon off the ground, and darted towards the viruses as fast as he could. As he was running, the Lancea was wrapped in a tower of flame and let out a small explosion, revealing a golden trident and a pair of metallic nets. Now only couple of feet away, Voulge simply disappeared from the virus' line of sight and reappeared just behind them!

In just seconds, Voulge took the glorious chance of catching the virus in a surprise and cast the two nets straight at the two Fishys. The net was made entirely out of metal and to lift it and throw one would simply exhaust an adult male. However, Voulge simply threw two nets in the precise angle and speed with a each one on his arms. Whoever was caught in the net would simply fall to the ground from the weight and they would certainly have a hard time cutting through it. The navi was confident about his skills and simply proceeded to his next attack towards the Swordies. "Ignis, take care of them.". Ignis quickly reacted to Voulge's command rapidly fired two small fireballs, one for each Fishys.


Marius yelled as he slotted the chips into the PET, causing unrealistically large fists to materialize around Voulge's arms. Without a second of hesitation, Voulge drew the fist back as far as he could and swung it down on to the Swordy viruses. Though it looks as he attacked in instinct, Voulge took his time and saw the position of each Swordy and found the perfect place to bring down his fist. The earthly fist would crash to the ground, easily smashing a regular virus like it was nothing. But, if the viruses were close enough, the fist just might be able to catch more than one with a single blow or with its devastating shockwave. Either way, it would still get rid of the viruses.

Up until this point, Voulge had his back against the N.O. viruses while he was attacking the first row. He just hoped the Aspis held them off just long enough as he was fighting the Swordies. Now his focus was on the N.O.s and took the trident at his hands, transforming it back to its original form. With his free hand, he slid it into the brigandine and prepared three long daggers. Voulge dipped the dagger into the lavas under him and the blades was burning fiercely. With a flick of a wrist, the three daggers flew in a perfect triangle right towards the viruses, creating a trail of fires and even creating the image of a burning wing flying.

Voulge took the Lancea with both his hands and scanned the area once more. The area was desolate and most of the viruses was wiped out from his attacks. He just needed to weed out the surviving viruses and make sure they won't get away from him. Voulge tried to face against one virus that survived all of his attacks and looked at it, eye to eye. Instantly, Voulge slammed the end of the spear to the ground and took on a dangerous stance that would easily leave him open for attacks. Though he was vulnerable, the navi was fully prepared for anything that would come to it as he had a shield prepared, just in case.

Actions: [10% Defense]
* Phalanx Aspis [1-hit Shield] Back Area
1. Vulcan Sarissa [Stage Change: Lava / 3TCD]
2. Retairius Triden [Teleport / Stun x2 / Take Aim / 3TCD]
- Teleport behind Fishy/Swordy-N Group
- Stun Fishy A/B
- Take Aim w/ GolemHit1
3. GolemHit1 [140 / Target Up to 2 Adjacent Opponents / Melee / Break / Panel Break] @ Swordy-N A/B/C
4. Phoenixshot1 [70+[color=red]10[/color] / Wide] @ N.O. A/B/C
* Taunt @ Survivor
5. Guard 1 [Reflect 60] towards surviving virus
* Somes Flamma [15 Heal]

Ignis: [Low-Priority]
1. Attack [20] FishyA
2. Attack [20] FishyB
Before any of the viruses could react, the ground turned red-hot with bubbling lava. The N.O-1s in the back hopped from foot to foot trying to avoid being scalded while the Swordys seemed to experience similar flinching. Only the Fishys, who hovered gently over the field were unaffected. Voulge quickly disappeared and reappeared behind the first line of enemies, tossing heavy metallic nets over the fishies. They struggled to free themselves but without hands or appendages of any sort, the challenge was made twice as difficult. Ignis took advantage of the situation by launching a pair of fireballs at the trapped viruses.

The Swordy trio turned to meet their attacker but couldn't attack in time and were all crushed by an enormous rocky fist that slammed into the cooled lava with enough force to crack it.

The N.O-1s seemed to get over the initial shock of the lava and one moved into position to fire. It shuffled over and suffered even more burns and deleted itself. The other two N.O-1s simply stood idly by trying to cool themselves off while one found the energy to fire a beam of energy that shattered Voulge's earthen shield. Voulge tossed a few daggers at them, deleting the one that had attacked but missing the other. The survivor caught Voulge's glare and responded by attacking with its own beam, but had its attack reflected by a Guard and deleted itself.

FishyA: 70 HP [stun]
FishyB: 70 HP [stun]

-Back Row-

Terrain: 65% Lava, 15% Cracked 20% Normal

Voulge.exe: 200 HP
Ignis.SP: 70 HP
Seeing that the rest of the viruses was instantly destroyed by Voulge's attack, the navi let out a sigh of relief and twirled his spear around. "I guess there isn't much to do now. Ignis, attack them once more and I'll take care of the rest.". Ignis, like last time, responded to the command and fired another set of fireballs. "They stood no chance against me! I'm all powerful!!".

Voulge ignored the egotistical statement made by his SP and formed another shield from the ground and a metallic Boomerang out of thin air. With a couple of practice swings, he sent the weapon in a crazy spin, perfectly matched so the boomerang would travel in the Fishy's direction.

The navi didn't give the virus a second to breath, as he proceeded to change his weapon into a Gunlance with a fiery explosion, and rapidly fire two rounds constantly. The first was the LavaCannon, which was already fueled by Voulge's elemental powers, but got even stronger with the help of the lavas. It was a sure kill for any virus he would meet against. However, the next attack was the Heatshot, one of the weakest chips he had. Compare to the raw power Lavacannon, this chip was nothing. But, it would be the right amount to finish off the wounded Fishys.

After his attack, Voulge simply prepared for the worst and looked out for any incoming attacks.

Actions: [10% Defense / Low-Priority (Ignis)]
Ignis - Attack [20] FishyA
Ignis - Attack [20] FishyB
* Phalanx Aspis [1-hit Shield]
1. Boomerang [60 / 3-Targets] @ Fishy A/B
2. LavaCannon1 [90+[color=red]20[/color] / +40 Damage On Lava Panels] @ Surviving Fishy
3. Heatshot [40+[color=red]10[/color] / Spread] @ Surviving Fishy
4. Dodge
5. Dodge
* Somes Flamma [15 Heal]
The second set of fireballs Ignis launched burned away what was left of the net covering the Fishys but still managed to singe them. One of them charged avoided the Boomerang that deleted its partner. Its charge attack bounced off Voulge's shield prompting it to pull back for another go. It circled around and readied another rush but was wiped away by a wave of magma from the LavaCannon. All that remained after the onslaught was a rather large cache of zenny.


-Back Row-

Terrain: 65% Lava, 15% Cracked 20% Normal

Voulge.exe: 200 HP
Ignis.SP: 70 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 950z, 31 Bugfrags
"That Fishy was braver than any other I've encountered...A Shame."

Voulge simply took the money and the BugFrags off the floor and waited for Marius' command. "What shall we do? The 2nd Round just started." The operator thought about it for only a second and gave his answer. "Let's fight one more group. That way, we can make Ignis a bit stronger." Voulge nodded and started to walk further into the net.

As Voulge was walking through the net, preparing for the next wave of viruses, Marius stopped him from continuing on. "Voulge. I think it'll be for the best if we just stopped and proceeded to the 2nd Round of the tournament. I don't think we can make in time if we were to fight one more group." Voulge silently stood there and took his operator's message, and responded, "Your will be done..." In a blink of an eye, both Voulge and Ignis disappeared out of thin air and back to the PET.