Yoka Data Smuggling Route

A long, misty bog, deep to the bottom but full of old debris, is hardly the prime spot for most of Yoka's visitors. Junk, chemicals,and acids that would contaminate Hola's springs are sometimes detoxified, cleaned, or otherwise disposed of. Unfortunately, some slip by, creating what are known as "green trails;" misty, contaminated swamps of chemicals. The Wokou Pirates regularly use said trails because they are uninhabited, making the loading and distribution of illegal products simple. SoapMan had been assigned to track their movements in secret and report, but since he was captured, no reports were ever submit and the pirates acted as they pleased.

Currently, Cuffs stood tall in a small, white and blue boat with a big "NP" painted conspicuously onto the side. Notably, she wore neither her metal cuffs nor her belt... presumably the electricity and the moisture all around wouldn't mix. Her eyes darted back and forth beneath the visor as she waited for her companions.
Rhea appeared and landed safely in the small boat, her NP uniform attire now gone... and instead, appeared under a different .GMO altogether. Her purple hair tied up in a ponytail, and sporting in just a pair of baggy clothes, pants, and some chestplate of some sort, Rhea looked like she was ready for action. ... With an oriental umbrella.

[[Practitioner.GMO active]]

Harley, on the other hand, was not as lucky nor elegant in his entrance. The mighty equine landed on what seemed like solid patch of land next to the boat, splashing some muck about as he did; and when he found that his all-fours were on land, the legs began to disappear slowly into the bog. "Ummmm," Harley started,"look, you know what, perhaps I shall only join you guys only on the boat, or something. ... Oh wait, I stopped sinking."

Harley was now only head-high from the depths of the bog, looking very much like a hippo in mud. Truthfully, however, Harley was somewhat floating in the bog, like a half-submerged ship. "Other than me needing a shower after this, I think I'm good to go," Harley noted with an oddly cheerful tone, as if he was enjoying the dip.

Rhea gave the horse-hippo a look before turning to Cuffs. Nope, she didn't know a horse-hippo that enjoyed a corrosive mud bath.

"How do we infiltrate their base?" Rhea asked, attempting to look through the fog for signs of the ship.
And then lightning struck; a yellow-gold bolt, zig-zagging and arcing as it leapt down from the sky, crackling every time a small branch shot off from the main bolt. The bolt directly struck the boat-- and then held, sitting suspended like someone had hit 'pause'-- before it burst into a bunch of yellow data-bits, and reformed as Regalia. The armored navi steadied himself as the boat shifted a little under his weight, and then he looked around to survey the landscape.

"Criminals never choose a nice location to do their business, do they?"[color=5A6351][/color] He asked, frown pulling up into a grimace.
Cuffs watched Rhea and Harley with her same eerie eyes, but probably with a smile beneath her mask. It was sort of understandable that the casual observer might get freaked out by her silence and usual expression. Once Regalia made the scene, she was ready to begin. He chose to ignore the fact that the added weight of Regalia's armor and Rhea's body were causing the boat to sit lower in the water. If Harley hadn't been okay in the bog, they might have started taking on water or submerged completely.

Rather than speak, she pointed forward and started up the boat by hitting one round, transparent button on a panel at the front. One could only assume that she had this boat as part of her job, with the intent of allowing her to safely traverse waters after criminals... swimming in her usual gear would be ill-advised, although nobody ought to be swimming through this stuff.

She stole another glance down towards Harley, then turned her eyes back up.

When the button was pressed, the boat began to propel itself forward almost like a hovercraft, making very little noise but moving slowly. Thankfully, their target wasn't moving at all; soon enough, the group came upon a tremendous wooden pirate vessel... and then another four of them. Each flew white sails marked with red dragon paintings, but the center was most notable; several cannon ports lined the sides and the number of coiling dragons painted was greater. It seemed like it could be a battleship meant ti protect the other supply ships.

Upsettingly, it seemed hard to find a way up any of them. Whatever means the pirates used, they clearly removed it when they were finished. For that matter, where had the pirates gone anyways? The only sound was the noise of someone up top frustratedly running a mop across one of the supply ships.

Cuffs looked up at the ships, pondering how to get in. If they coild get some height, they could go through an open cannon port on the battleship, but it would be hard for all of them to get up that way. Thoughtfully, she unlatched one of her wristcuffs and extended it out on a wire. It seemed like it might be usable as a grappling hook, but again, would be hard for all of them to use.

Being in close proximity of the ship, they would need to keep communications quiet as well. Unless, of course, they were going to abandon sneaking entirely. SoapMan had said Regalia would get along with the pirates, after all!
Harley gracefully swam his way after the tiny boat, stopping as they did. "Odd that it's so quiet, ain't it? I'd always thought of piratey people to be more... rowdy," the submerged horse commented in a hushed tone, his ear-handlebars, little bit of his eyes, and the visor the only thing remaining above the surface of the bog. There were bubbles appearing on the surface behind him, too, but Rhea decided to let any comments she had on her mind slip.

"If needed, Harley can remain in the water," Rhea whispered to the other two, as if she could lower her visibility with the ridiculous outfit she was in. Rhea looked up, eyeing the gun cannon ports. "I would recommend entering through the gun port."

It was probably obvious to the other two, however, that Rhea was very not used to sneaky business. Nevermind her ridiculous outfit, the first thing that came onto her mind was to sink the ship. Too bad their mission this time around wasn't to sink big ships. Rhea looked to Regalia, then. "Unless you have more solid recommendations, sir?" she inquired, not realising that her tone may come off as sarcastic.
"Aye."[color=5A6351][/color] Regalia's voice was a quiet rumble, the old man's gaze turned upward. "Would it not make more sense to just teleport up to the deck? Assuming that you have a means of teleportation, you and I could teleport up and Miss Cuffs could rappel up."[color=5A6351][/color]

On cue, a private feed bleeped on for both Rhea and Cuffs, assuming they accepted the transmission. If they did, they would hear Thomas talking: "Either that, or we could use say, some Rageclaws to get up. The ships are made out of wood, right? That's got to be some pretty thick stuff for a ship to be this big, assuming it's not weird digi-wood that's paper thin or something. So you could climb up it without making too much noise, unlike if it were a metal ship."

"A sound idea."[color=5A6351][/color] Regalia agreed, nodding. "Have either of you any objections?"[color=5A6351][/color]
Cuffs lowered her mouth-covering again, realizing that the situation necessitated some communication. "I imagine the pirates are rowdy, based on... SoapMan's description, but they're probably all... elsewhere right now," she suggested. "They seem to have brought their ships to a stop here... maybe do hide them... or possibly to conduct a transaction."

She turned her head upwards again to focus her attention on Rhea and Regalia,while still crouching. "A rageclaw would.... probably work... I can't teleport and... I don't have a rageclaw, but... so long as you guys can get in... I can follow you," she finished. "So I'll follow... unless you guys want me to lead... I could, if you'd rather..."

She resecured the suit tightly over her mouth and nose, tugging it up like a bashful child with a turtleneck sweater. The sounds of deck-cleaning continued overhead; no alarms raised so far.
"You guys go ahead then. I'll keep watch from here and tell you should anything smells... fishy," Harley snorted, emitting slight bubbles to reach the surface from where his snout was presumed to be underwater. Rhea looked at Cuffs a while, then looked at her grappling hook. "I think we are able to put that to good use instead," Rhea offered, pointing to the gun cannon port. "It would make less of a sound than us climbing up with RageClaw."

Her eyes then travelled upwards, towards their designated entry point. "I can take up vanguard, if you so wish."
"The girl we are looking for is called 'Swabbie', according to that foam-mouthed miscreant."[color=5A6351][/color] Regalia began, jaw rotating around as he took a step towards Rhea. "Do you know what a 'swabbie' is?"[color=5A6351][/color] Further and further forward the knight advanced, heavy steps shaking the little boat.

Finally he stood at looming distance, his heavy frame leaned forward to (presumably) glare down at Rhea through his visor. "It is a deck. Cleaner. Someone is cleaning. The deck. Above us.[color=5A6351][/color] Contrary to what one might expect from Regalia's temperament, the bitter knight wasn't shouting; perhaps trying to be a little discreet?

Instead he leaned in closer, getting face-to-face with Rhea. "We are going. Up to. The deck. WHY--"[color=5A6351][/color] He stressed that last word, "--would we go into the ship, when we're looking for the person who cleans the decks?"[color=5A6351][/color]

He backed off after that, turning back towards the larger vessel. "I will be going up with an Areagrab. Follow if you will. ...Thomas?"[color=5A6351][/color]

"Aren't you being kind of harsh--"

Thomas.[color=5A6351][/color] Regalia insisted, irritated.

"Yeah sure fine whatever, be a huge dick about it." Regalia could practically hear the teen throwing his hands up in the air in resignment; if he showed any sign of reaction, it did not display in his posture. Instead there was a few audible beeps, and then the irritated old man disappeared, Areagrabbing to the deck.

[Use: Areagrab: Move to deck]
Cuffs smiled down at Harley through her mask; something about him just tickled her. As she reached down again to give the muzzle a nuzzle, more bickering started up. She pulled down her mask again and stood in front of Regalia. "If we fight... we're going to be spotted... and we can't right amongst each other... it's unbecoming of police officers... or hirees," she scolded her elder, standing close enough so that her impressive chest nearly touched his armor. It could be that and was being dramatic, but more likely, the two had been so close thanks to Regalia's speech that she had to in order to separate them. Soon enough, however, Regalia had gone on up, leading the way.

"We should follow..."Cuffs suggested, then snapped her suits mask back into place. She decided it best to unattach and hand over her other cuff to Rhea; the navi would have to click it over her wrist to use it, but thankfully, there was no other chain or cuff attached, so there would be no shenanigans.

Cuffs began rappeling up the side of the ship, but Regalia was now a good ways ahead. He could see the swabbie navi in the distance, making good on her name by scrubbing the deck with a wide-head mop and bucket. As she leaned over to move her brush, her appearance matched SoapMan's description very well: tan, long dark hair, black tattoos winding across her back and arm, and pants baggy enough to show off the black straps of the whatever she was wearing underneath. Regalia would have to decide whether to wait on the others , introduce himself, or perhaps use the element of surprise to subdue the target and move her elsewhere.
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