Springy Adventures

Teleporting into the Yoka network, Terra looked around in examination of her surroundings, feeling the ground's alignment. The ripple of water and heat came to her senses. "... Interesting," the Navi said, beginning her trek through the water-based network to find some viruses to pound. Maybe some hot spring to soak in, too, if she was lucky.

[Battle 1 - Ready]
Looks like somebody left a BBQ unattended... Tsk tsk. Also the food seems to have gone bad.

...Like, REALLY bad.

...It's attacking you.

Shrimpy: 100 HP [coal]
Shrimpy: 100 HP [coal]
Shellgeek: 100 HP [coal] [open]

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Coal

Terra.EXE: 150 HP [normal]
"Ah, hey, that looks like a good meal," chuckled Scarlet, as she saw the seafood viruses spread out over some hot coals. She could even see some of the sear marks on the Shrimpy's skin. Then, she shifted into strategizing, and came up with something. "Terra, since these are water-type viruses, you'll want to use some electrical. Metal terrain, ElementalRage, ZapRing."

"Mm," said Terra, readying herself to start the battle and assuming her stance.

As Scarlet tapped the icons to send the chips to Terra, the Navi was already preparing for the battle. Switching her usual soil-change process into the other mode, she stomped on the white paneling that surrounded her, causing the white to turn to a shiny metallic grey over time. The metal overwrote some of the coal that the viruses were on as well.

Then, the chips arrived from the transfer, and Terra prepared to use them accordingly. However, something unexpected occurred as a piece of the metal from in front of her flew up above her, and emitted a faint yellow light in a sphere around her. She looked at Scarlet with a questioning face.

Noticing her Navigator's puzzlement, Scarlet laughed. "Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you that. I started your barrier process back up, except it doesn't require any effort on your part now. It'll start automatically when you're on elemental terrain. Neat, eh?" explained Scarlet, leaning back on the edge of the spring pool.

Then, lining up the Shrimpy in her head with an imaginary line, Terra pointed her hand forward, willing the activation of the ElementalRage chip. Arcs of electrical energy surged up her body through her feet, pulsating down her arm and collecting at the outstretched palm. Afterwards, a thunderous yellow bolt was fired from her palm, rocketing towards the Shrimpy at lightspeed.

Terra recoiled and pulled back her hand when the bolt discharged, waving it about to dispel the searing heat the bolt produced. Recharging to help her recover from the bolt fired, she scanned the field for any surprise attacks thrown her way. Afterwards, she repeated the bolt-fire once again, but this time with a less powerful ZapRing battlechip to supplement it, which resulted in a less imposing attack.

"... ow, ow," mumbled Terra under her breath, waving about her hand.


[1] Terraform: Tough Steel - Surrounding Terra & Viruses [Large Metal Terrain]
[*] Terraskill: Earthen Barrier @ Self [20 HP Planar Barrier - Metal: Elec]
[2] ElementalRage1 @ ShrimpyA/B [Null 60 + Line3 + Terrain-Element - Metal: Elec] [x2 Element] [x3 Terrain?] {A}
[3] Dodge
[4] ZapRing1 @ Shellgeek [Elec 40 + Stun1] [x2 Element] [x3 Terrain?] {A}
Terra's sent an strip of metal terrain branching between the viruses and herself, covering most of the coal. One Shrimpy was deleted by the ElementalRage while the other one escaped simply by virtue of not being in the same row. The Shellgeek was taken down by a Zapring, leaving only one survivor. It attacked with a bouncing bubble that Terra nimbly dodged, leaving her barrier intact.

Shrimpy: DELETED
Shrimpy: 100 HP [metal]
Shellgeek: DELETED

Terrain: 50% Normal, 40% Metal, 10% Coal

Terra.EXE: 150 HP [metal] [20 HP planar barrier]
"Nice work, Terra," said Scarlet, watching Terra mow down the viruses as she did before. It looked like the rest really worked out for her. Cleanup would be an easy task, she thought as she tapped the icon for the MarkCannon and Ratton on her holoscreen and transferred them to her Navi. Terra received the chips, and her face went pale- even paler than she was usually. Pointing her hand at the Shrimpy, she formed her imaginary finger-gun, and concentrated. She couldn't miss this shot. Nope, she was going to land this sucker.

The earthen bullet formed in front of her index finger as she released the battlechip data, and the bullet flew. Oh, how slow it moved to Terra. How much chance was it that the bullet would completely miss? Fly over the Shrimpy's head uselessly? Those thoughts rang through Terra as she pointed her finger-gun down at the ground, and fired off the Ratton chip. The rat-shaped missile spun around a bit in front of her before rocketing off towards the Shrimpy, gaining some electrical bursts of power due to the metal terrain under it.


[1] MarkCannon2 @ Shrimpy [Null 100 + Lock-On + Seeking] {A}
-- Geomancer @ Ratton1 [Metal: Elec]
[2] Ratton1 @ Shrimpy [Elec 40 + Homing + Ground + Blast1] [x3 Element/Terrain] {C}
One pull of the trigger was all Terra needed to take down this small fry.

Hooray~! Money came down. It reeked of shrimp though.

Shrimpy: DELETED
Shrimpy: DELETED
Shellgeek: DELETED

Terrain: 50% Normal, 40% Metal, 10% Coal

Terra.EXE: 150 HP [metal] [20 HP planar barrier]

GET: 420z
"... Unusual," said Terra, as she put up a hand to shield her face from the falling zenny packets. Scarlet giggled as she saw the rather amusing spectacle, sinking into the hot spring pool. Terra simply stared at the falling zenny for a bit before they disappeared, transferring themselves into the PET's zenny card. "... Should I continue?" inquired Terra, looking at the comlink screen showing Scarlet.

"Blrrrrrbbbblblrbl," mumbled Scarlet in bubbles as she nodded, giving the go-ahead.

[Battle 2 - Ready]
The terrain got soggier and soggier until Terra was literally splashing water with every step she took. When the water reached up to her heels, she decided to go another route before she sank any further. However, her path was blocked by a group of viruses who had been trailing her into the low tidal area.

NautilusA: 60 HP [10 HP barrier]
NautilusB: 60 HP [10 HP barrier]
WeatherA: 80 HP
WeatherB: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Sea

Terra.EXE: 150 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
Splashing around in some water, Terra had a happy look on her face as she skipped around without a care in the world. The little rock that was on top of her changed its color to a soothing blue as she played around, turning her view of the world into a very surreal-looking experience. Scarlet only watched her Navi have her fun while she pulled herself out of the pool, opting to scrub herself down for the moment. "Man, it sure is quiet at night," muttered Scarlet to herself, sitting on a small wooden stool.

Terra was definitely enjoying herself, but she figured that the time for play was over, and started to go back from where she came. She wouldn't want to wade through a lake or something. Turning around, however, had her facing four viruses. Of course, they were of the watery element, seeing as they were obviously on watery ground. Making sure her barrier was up, she scanned the viruses. Two had bubbles around their shell-like bodies. She'd save them for later, as she knew her very own water-barrier should protect her reasonably.

However, the other two viruses were different. They looked fairly weak, but one could never be sure around viruses. As they seemed to have no defensive capabilities, Terra figured she should attempt taking them out first. "Scarlet, ZapRing, MarkCannon," she requested. The operator looked up from her scrubbing, and lazily tapped the icons on her screen. "Transfer," she said, before returning to whatever it was that she was doing.

Receiving the two chips and loading them into her offensive queue, Terra readied herself to test the new watery terrain with her skills. Drawing up some water to her hand, she concentrated the flow into a sphere, changing it into a raging ball of watery impact. Imbuing the MarkCannon's lock-on function into the ball, Terra then threw it up into the air, and spun around to kick it towards one of the Weather viruses. It whirled about in an erratic pattern before straightening its path and rocketing towards its target at lethal velocity.

The geomancer had no intention of staying put after that, breaking into a sprint to circle around the doll-like viruses. Activating the ZapRing, she charged up the energy in her hand, concentrating it as she did with the MarkCannon's data. That way, she wouldn't have to deal with the hand-searing bolt she used before. Finishing the charge within moments, she made sure she had her aim straight, and stopped in her tracks. Throwing her arm in an arc, she hurled the electrical charge towards the Weather.

Afterwards, lightly treading on the water, she focused her sights on the viruses, readying herself to dodge any attacks thrown her way.


[*] Terraskill: Earthen Barrier 1 @ Self [20 HP Planar Barrier - Sea: Aqua]
[1] MarkCannon2 @ WeatherA [Null 100 + Lock-On + Seeking] {A}
[2] Circlestrafe Dodge
[3] ZapRing1 @ WeatherB [Elec 40 + Stun1] [x2 Terrain] {A}
[4] Sidestep Dodge
Terra erected a bubble around herself like the Nautilus and dispatched one of the Weathers with a MarkCannon. She began to run a circle around the group though one of the shellfish summoned an aquatower directly in front of her. Her barrier absorbed the hit easily and rippled from the impact without popping (10). She fired a Zapring at the other Weather but missed as the virus countered with a short range firebreathing attack. The virus missed but managed to convert a small portion of the sea to lava. The thin ring of contact between the contrasting terrain types reacted with a loud hiss, resulting in a billowing tower of white steam. The weather used that distraction to pull itself into a portal and disappeared completely. Meanwhile, the other Nautilus attacked but Terra was more wary this time and avoided being hit by the same attack twice.

NautilusA: 60 HP [10 HP barrier]
NautilusB: 60 HP [10 HP barrier]
WeatherB: 80 HP [GONE]

Terrain: 95% Sea, 5% Lava

Terra.EXE: 150 HP [10 HP Aqua barrier]
Watching the rebound of the water-tower attack, Terra grinned as she began to approach the Nautilus, knowing she would be able to deal with the Weather later, should it choose not to flee. Running across the water, she made sure to circle around the shell-shaped viruses, seeing as how their attacks were linear. She splashed about for a few, before she saw an opening. "Scarlet, Shockwave, ElementalRage," she requested. The operator complied quickly, transferring the chips to her Navi.

Receiving the chips, Terra broke into a sprint, seeing the chance she spotted earlier, and leapt up into the air. The Navi then landed on the water, but not with a splash, as normal convention would hold. Instead, her boot connected with the ground and a loud clank was heard. Beneath her foot, a spreading of metal panels was rapidly transforming the water-soaked panels.

The blue barrier she had was refreshed instantly as soon as she stepped on the metal, reinforcing itself and changing its color to a dim yellow. Her eyes went to the Nautilus, and calculated their distance. If she lined this up well, she would probably be able to electrocute the Nautilus to death. Still, even though she could execute the viruses with only one strike of the chip, she had begun to distrust her own aim, and instead relied on redundant firepower to back it up.

Then, Terra stomped decisively on the ground, creating a shockwave across the metal panels. As it travelled across the field, it charged itself with electrical energy, thanks to Terra's ground-based coding. Afterwards, she rapped her boot across the ground, creating an electrical spark across the metal. The spark flew up to her hand, after which she hurriedly threw it at the Nautilus, generating a crackling lightning bolt that pierced anything in its path.


[1] Circlestrafe Dodge/Line up Nautilus
[2] Terraform: Tough Steel @ Under Self/Nautilus [Large Metal Terrain]
[*] Terraskill: Earthen Barrier @ Self [20 HP Planar Barrier - Metal: Elec]
-- Geomancer: Shockwave [Metal: Elec]
[3] Shockwave @ NautilusA/B [Elec 40 + Line + Piercing + Ground] [x3 Element/Terrain] {C}
[4] ElementalRage1 @ NautilusA/B [Null 60 + Line3 + Terrain-Element: Elec] [x3 Element/Terrain] {A}
Terra moved to line up her available targets right away, splashing through the water while her operator sent her chips. The Navi landed in her desired position just as said position was covered in solid metal panels. Terra's subsequent elec-Shockwave passed along the ground and through both viruses, eliminating their barriers on the way. Her hurried follow-up attack was soon in transit as well, and the powerful lightning bolt blasted through both Nautilus in a sparktacular display.

This was all well and good, but while Terra was busy watching the seafood grill, the Weather dropped down right behind her and attempted to attack. Unfortunately for it, she had the foresight to change her barrier and absorb half the damage (10).

NautilusA: DELETED
NautilusB: DELETED
WeatherB: 80 HP (Metal, near Terra)

Terrain: 60% Sea, 35% Metal, 5% Lava

Terra.EXE: 150 HP (Metal) [10 HP Elec barrier]
The electrical discharge from the barrier reflection caught Terra's attention, and she turned squarely around to face the lone Weather. "Sword," requested Terra, after which the battlechip appeared in her queue, courtesy of Scarlet. This was it, she wouldn't miss. Not at point-blank range, she wouldn't. Just to be safe, though...

Gathering earth in her hands, she built up two thick, crude-looking clubs in her hand. Letting them increase their size over time, she focused on the Weather-doll virus. That white cloth, hanging from the ceiling obnoxiously without a care in the world. Somehow, it had some pretty weird breath-attack thing, but Terra couldn't give much of a damn about it, as her barrier refreshed its constitution, returning it to its pre-hit state.

The clubs built up to a fair size, after which Terra whacked them on the ground, knocking a fair amount of dirt off them. The earth broke off to reveal two gleaming metallic swords, which she then brandished at the Weather. A powerful leap rocketed her towards the Weather, and she struck at the doll twice in succession. Landing behind the Weather, she turned quickly, examining the fruits of her attack.


[*] Terraskill: Earthen Barrier 1 [20 HP Planar Barrier - Metal: Elec]
[1] Take Aim
[2] Sword @ WeatherB [Null 80 + Slashing] [5/6] {A}
[3] Take Aim
[4] Sword @ WeatherB [Null 80 + Slashing] [4/6] {A}
The last Weather took in a breath of air and prepared to attack but Terra was too fast and too furious, cutting the virus down before it could fully execute its attack. The accumulated breath it was holding in dropped down in the form of a Heatbreath chip.

NautilusA: DELETED
NautilusB: DELETED

Terrain: 60% Sea, 35% Metal, 5% Lava

Terra.EXE: 150 HP (Metal)

[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 360z + Heatbreath
Watching the Weather disintegrate into its essence of fiery breath, Terra picked it up, juggling it around in her hands. A bored look on her face, she transferred the battlechip data to the PET. Scraping the ground slightly where she had terraformed a metal island in the middle of some lake, she exhaled as she stepped off the metal, splashing her way through the wet ground and continuing her exploration.

"Where's that hot spring..." she muttered.

[Battle 3 - Ready]
The wind picked up as Terra pressed on. It wasn't long before it started to rain as well. The storm continued to build to such levels that it actually began to physically pain her to continue. A crack of thunder boomed overhead. She lifted her eyes to see just exactly what was going on and found a small swarm of Elebees buzzing around a pair of Cloudys. Directly below the viruses was a small lake. The only thing that couldn't be explained was the fierce winds...


A Windbox had fallen from the sky and landed with a heavy thud, cracking the floor.


CloudyA: 80 HP
CloudyB: 80 HP
ElebeeA: 90 HP
ElebeeB: 90 HP
ElebeeC: 90 HP
Windbox: 100 HP [cracked]

Terrain: 25% Sea, 70% Normal, 5% Cracked

Terra.EXE: 150 HP [normal]

[Battle 3 - Begin!]
"... This isn't a hot spring," muttered Terra, as she started to slog through the stormy area. She had assumed that the wind meant something, and had trudged through it. Now that the rain and thunder joined it, she was rethinking her line of thought earlier. "... What was I thinking," she berated herself. Every which way she turned, the terraformer Navi found nothing but the storm impeding her path. Nevertheless, she pressed onwards anyway.

It didn't take long for her to find the source of the disturbance, causing Terra to click her tongue in annoyance. If she would eliminate the cause of the storm, she could move forward, and everyone would be happy. Scarlet looked at the viruses with some deliberation, and offered her assistance, "Hey, Terra. Try getting rid of that WindBox first, I'll send you the MarkCannon. Might look innocuous, but I think we should take it out first."

"... Okay," replied Terra, to which Scarlet responded with a tap on her chip list, sending the MarkCannon2 battlechip to her Navi. Terra wasted no time in loading the data into her offensive queue and processing it. Drawing up some earth towards her hand, she shaped it into the requisite cannonball shape. The earthen cannonball oriented itself perfectly with the WindBox, thanks to the MarkCannon's targeting data. With all the wind being blasted about, Terra needed the lock-on function now. Propelling it with an explosive burst, Terra fired it towards the WindBox.

Still in her basic low-guard stance, Terra realized her passive barrier functions weren't responding. Looking down, she saw that she was on non-elemental terrain, which was the reason for it. Scanning the area, she spotted the Elebee swarm, and an idea formed inside of her head. Since the barrier was elementally aligned, it would be most efficient for confronting enemies of equal elemental alignment, she thought. This led to only one logical train of thought.

"Scarlet, HeatBreath."

Without waiting for her operator to consent, she sprinted through the wind and rain, making sure to erratically vary her movements to confuse any possible attempts to hit her at the time. Before she was in close enough range for the HeatBreath to work, she generated a piece of metal inside her hand, and threw it towards the white panelled ground. The metal caused a cascading reaction, changing the blank state of the ground to a more metallic sheen.

Terra's barrier processes recognized the metal terrain, and began siphoning their data. A barely audible hum signalled the barrier's onset before the familiar yellow light encompassed her body in a sphere. With that, Terra confidently charged forward, and stopped short of the Elebee with a skid. Drawing a short breath, she activated the HeatBreath battlechip, and let loose a gout of fiery death from her lips, which spread out in a conical shape. The heat melted the metal in front of her to such an extent that it was permanently transformed into lava paneling.

Terra quickly ceased her attack to survey the area and make her judgements, confident in the ability of her barrier to at least absorb some blows for her while she did so.


[1] MarkCannon2 @ WindBox [Null 100 + Lock-On + Seeking] {A}
[2] Zig-zag motion towards Elebee swarm [Dodge]
[3] Terraform: Tough Steel @ Elebee/Cloudy Area [Large Metal Terrain]
[*] Terraskill: Earthen Barrier 1 [20 HP Planar Barrier - Metal: Elec]
[4] HeatBreath @ ElebeeA/B/C [Fire 90 + Small Lava Terrain + Cone Attack] {C}
While Terra took care of the terrestrial distractions, the Cloudys both spat out smaller mobile rainclouds to attack her. However, their aim was so bad she didn't even have to move to avoid them. The Windbox fell to the MarkCannon (100) and the sea dried up into a steel platform, giving Terra access to a magnetic barrier. The Elebees attacked with a greater degree of accuracy and ferocity than the Cloudys and forced Terra to move around her metal path. She countered with a Heatbreath, but the swarm veered away in time, except for the slowest one, which got roasted (90). She was aware that part of her metal terrain melted from her last attack and she had a smaller space to move in if she wanted to keep the electric field up.

CloudyA: 80 HP
CloudyB: 80 HP
ElebeeA: 90 HP
ElebeeB: 90 HP
Windbox: DELETED
RaincloudA: [2 turns]
RaincloudB: [2 turns]

Terrain: 25% Metal, 60% Normal, 15% Lava

Terra.EXE: 150 HP [metal] [20 HP elec barrier]
"... Satisfactory," said Terra, watching the roasted Elebee fall before her. Expelling the last bits of the residue from the HeatBreath battlechip from her mouth, she watched the scattered group of bees fly about. There needed to be something special to take the erratic-moving viruses in one shot, and of course, Terra had just that special something in her arsenal.

Scarlet saw her Navi eyeing the Elebee, and smiled. "Terra, CornShot?" she asked casually. Terra responded with her usual silent nod, and the operator complied. Pointing her index finger forward, Terra aimed her "handgun" towards one of the Elebee, and prayed her marksmanship had improved. The bullet of earth formed at the tip of her finger and shot itself at the target with a bang.

Afterwards, she started to shift her body weight side to side, preparing to sidestep any kind of attack thrown at her, should there be any. Specifically, she was wary of the raincloud the Cloudy viruses prepped up. It looked like they could potentially be a threat, since her barrier was electrically aligned, and wouldn't stop the attack effectively. Realizing this, she sidestepped off to the side to line them up, and requested the most effective hydrophobic chips they had.

"ElementalRage, ZapRing."

With the chips in her queue, Terra gathered her strength, and charged the ElementalRage chip within her system. Arcs of electricity coursed through her arm, and she fired off the bolt of lightning yet again, with the same hand-searing consequences. By now, however, she had gotten accustomed to the sudden heat spike in her hand. Probably her heat-sensing processes in her hand had burnt out or something.

The ZapRing, however, she kept in reserve, in order to scout out possible survivors to both of her attacks. The neat thing about ZapRing was its ability to temporarily stun its target in a short time period. She also kept her barrier processes on high alert, should she need to refresh the defense in a tight situation.


[1] CornShot1 @ Elebee A/B [Wood 50 + TrickShot1] [x2 Element] {A}
[2] Sidestep attack, attempt to line up Cloudy [Dodge]
[3] ElementalRage1 @ Cloudy A/B [Null 60 + Line3 + Terrain-Element: Elec] [x2 Element] {A}
[4] ZapRing1 @ Surviving Virus [Elec 40 + Stun1] [x2 Element if Cloudy] {A}
[*] Terraskill: Earthen Barrier 1 @ Self [20 HP Planar Barrier - Metal: Elec]
In a turn of events, the Cornshot did exactly as it was programmed to do and hit one Elebee before firing off another, smaller explosive that hit the other Elebee. It was like two birds with one stone except two bees with one corn.


One Cloudy was thunderbeamed by an elemental rage but it had one final laugh as its cloud depleted Terra's shield. The other Cloudy was hit by the Zapring but its cloud was less accurate and just kind of evaporated into nothing.

Windbox: DELETED

Terrain: 25% Metal, 60% Normal, 15% Lava

Terra.EXE: 150 HP [metal] [20 HP elec barrier]

[Battle 3 - Victory!]

Get: 720z