Game Console Fun!

(( Previously ))

A shadow appears slowly, letting off sparks as it rises.

Underneath a dark cloaked navi appears.

After the shadow disappears Nocebo stretches for a moment and start to stroll.

Looking as if in deep thoughts but actually cautiously observing his surroundings he moves on.

(( Requesting Encounter? ))
As Nocebo's shadow silently appeared in the Yoka network, so did three others, quietly shadowing him as he strolled. When the Navi turned to look, there was usually nothing there but a lonely wisp of smoke. After a while, though, he caught a glimpse of a strange purple thing out of the corner of his eye, and he turned. There it was: a Spooky, its skull-face staring right past his face. A look around would reveal that he was surrounded by the same kind of viruses.

SpookyA: 30HP
SpookyB: 30HP
SpookyC: 30HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nocebo.EXE: 100HP

(( Going off of what i have seen other people do, hope its halfway decent))

An ambush! At this sort of place, how low! Nocebo mumbles.

- These wont be any problem i see? Nigma asked with a bored sounding voice.

No not at all. I wont even need anything special. Watch me!

Nocebo activates his implant and his left arm starts emitting bright green sparks after which his Flashvoid Cannon has appeared.

Using his visor he double checks them and confirms their location. He crouches down while aming the first Spooky. Takes a deep breath and takes the shot, and in one smooth motion continues to turn and stand up at the same time. Taking a shot at the others Spooky`s aswell!

Eventhough he has a big visor, from the smirk on his face alone you could tell he was enjoying this. (maybe a bit too much)

:: Actions ::

Use Cannon battlechip -- 40 Null Damage on SpookyA
Use Shotgun battlechip -- 30 Null Damage on SpookyB
Use Flashvoid Cannon Burst Shot -- 30 Null Damage on SpookyC
(( Bump? ))
[Writing tip: Usually in narratives like this, you use past tense instead of present.

Also, you left out some pronouns in some sentences. "He takes a deep breath" instead of "Takes a deep breath", since it's a new sentence.]

Taking out his Cannon, Nocebo shot the first Spooky square in the face, deleting it quite easily. The other two had more time to dodge his shots, however, as they teleported up to his position and gave the Navi a licking! (10x2)

SpookyB: 30HP
SpookyC: 30HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nocebo.EXE: 80HP
((Alright many unknowns for me here, no idea what context to use a Set X panel in so i just browsed a few threads hope this is alright. Also I'm not sure about the movement and such so i have explained what i wanted to do as much as possible in the summary.))

"Blasted!" Nodebo yelled while wiping off his face.

- "What was that? Is everything alright?" Said Nigma.

"N..Nothing really, I ehm, I just tripped that's all, silly me!"

Nocebo grabbed the rageclaw and put it on his right hand.

He lowers his left hand to the floor and a small silver pellet drops from his barrel.

The pellet started to spark and buzz violently.

A smirk appeared again on Nocebo`s face (at least whats visible of it).

The pellet collapsed on itself releasing a shock wave of electricity, turning the surrounding panels to magnet panels.

Nocebo kneeled down to tense up, then dashed off straight toward SpookyB.

He took a swing with the rageclaw at SpookyB.


Used up:
Cannon Battlechip
Shotgun Battlechip

FlashVoid Cannon, 1 Turn

1# Use Set Magnet
2# Attack SpookyB with Rageclaw
3# Move back to the center of the magnet panels. Or if i can do that without using an action reserved for dodging?
[The letters are just to differentiate between viruses in the summary. Try not to include them in your actual paragraphs.]

Using a magnetic pellet-thing, Nocebo turned a fair amount of the field into a sparking magnetic hellhole for the Spooky. All of them were then sufficiently stunned enough for Nocebo to walk up to one and slice it across its face. The other did mostly nothing as it tried to shake off the effects of the magnetic terrain.

SpookyC: 30HP [Magnetic]

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Magnetic

Nocebo.EXE: 80HP [RageClaw 5/6] [Magnetic]
((Apologies for the delay.. They are because of rather boring issues.))

Nocebo looked up after landing with one knee and hand touching the ground.

"It`s not impossible!"

Nocebo`s face displayed another grin again as he stood up.
His left arm slowly starting to glow brighter once more.

- "Don't get ahead of yourself!" Nigma said with a slightly annoyed tone.

"Ooh i wont, in this situation it is impossible to do so even! I already won!"

Nocebo dashed at the remaining spooky with his rageclaw out.
He passed the spooky with great speed and then turned around with his left arm aimed at the spooky`s back.


Used up:
Cannon Battlechip
Shotgun Battlechip
RageClaw Battlechip [1/6]

FlashVoid Cannon

1# Attack remaining Spooky with Rageclaw
2# Attack remaining Spooky with Flashvoid Cannon if 1# misses
3# If Spooky is alive, return to center of Magnet tiles. If Spooky is deleted, awesome victory dance
[Please add damage summaries to your attacks. Like: RageClaw - 40 damage, Slashing]

Slicing up a Spooky is fun.
Getting licked by a Spooky is not fun. (10)


Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Magnetic

Nocebo.EXE: 70HP [RageClaw 4/6] [Magnetic]


Rewards: 150z