Factory Mission

Splitman came in running at a light pace. There were the prespecified coordinates for the meeting. He moved around uncomfortably in his new GMO. It wasn't particularly attractive but it would the job of disguising him. Now when was his teammate getting there....
Void logged into the network, Landing on the ground in his Bathing suit GMO. Still looking like a half starved and bleached teen in black swimtrunks, Void looked around the area. "Dammit Damian!" Void shouted out, extremely annoyed at his predicament. "What the hell does this navi look like?"

"Relax dude," Imp said as he walked up beside Void, "It gives us an opportunity to... Look around..."

Void glared at the overweight prog/Imp standing beside him. Imp was paying more attention to a couple of cute female navis running by in bikinis, oblivious to the fact that they might not be into short, fat, and ugly. "We can have a little fun."

"Whatever..." Void said, crossing his arms in mild disgust, "we came here to do a job, and we're gonna do it..."

Imp plodded along, but paused for a moment, "Do you ever get dejavu?

"What? anyways, I think that's him..." Void raised a scrawny hand in a wave as he approached.

"Hey, hows it going. you wouldn't happen to be that split dude would you?" Void asked the navi standing there...
"Ah, there you are," a bored voice commented.

What approaches Splitman and Void is simply a black navi in a brown trenchcoat and a leather hat, no face is visible.

"I am Smoke, follow me," the navi says, gesturing toward the two.
"Ok, Damian has sent us into yoka net, to meet with a guy so we could get a chip, and now the guy is being called by an even more shady guy..." Void muttered, " Can this day get any worse..."

From somewhere behind Void, a girl shrieks and is quickly followed by a loud smacking sound. Imp quickly runs past Void with an extremely red face.

"Ah yes, I forgot about you...", Void muttered as he decided to follow.
Split began to follow the black navi. "If you know what is best, you likely shouldn't be asking too many questions. Don't worry yourself too much about the details." Split took a moment to look at his unwitting ally "Your debt will be paid after this in full, you seem like you can handle it well enough." Split continued to follow the group for before adding one additional note.

"Oh yes, if you need any proof, here is your contract with us right here" He added, holding the digital document in his hands before it vanished into the air "Now lets just get the job done"
"You don't need to remind me," Void said, "Although I prefer to keep an eye open to help avoid some... unnecessary pitfalls..."

Void waved a hand, "As long as I get out of this with no knives in my back from either of you, I could care less. Just something to help pass the time and get stronger...
Everyone follows Smoke to another area, devoid of any female navis in bikinis.

There is a giant... plant, factory, thing in front of them. Steam from what looks like spring water, rises above from the smokestacks.

"The NetPolice have positioned this building to take advantage of Yoka's hydraulic power in order to process data better and provide an environmentally friendly way of energy to build their stuff," Smoke said, taking out two canisters and tossing one each at the navis. Said things exploded, covering the two with smoke.

When it cleared, no change had been apparent, but in Smoke's place was a white-armored NormalNavi that had the NetPolice emblem on him.

"Do not worry, it's me," the mafiosi's voice assured from the direction of the NetPolice-looking navi. "What you see of me is a mirror image of what you are now. Simply, I have disguised you. Let us head on," Smoke said, walking forward toward the Factory.

An obnoxiously large green arrow was above his head, though that was probably so Splitman and Void wouldn't lose him.
"Heh, good ol' NP's" Void chuckled as he followed the green arrow, "lets see if we can add to the 4."
"Hmmm?" Splitman murmured after hearing Void's comment, still following the costumed ally "In any event, it would be useful if we could mass produce these things, or is it a specific ability of yours?"
"Hmmm... no."Void gave a small pause before answering, "I've just had a personal record with them, and was hoping for an opportunity to expand upon it."

Giving Split a look, Void simply continued, "Although, even if I had the power to copy items, I'd prefer to see what they are making before I'd do it. As you know, more is not always best..."

"So what are we after? or should I say, how do you want me to help? considering where we are, I don't imagine we just got actual jobs to raise money..." Void asks with a hollow chuckle, "As much as I love surprise attacks, it's much better if it's not a surprise to me too
"I take it you are not an idiot, right? Good then, cover for me if anyone starts attacking and I will cover for you fixing any problems you might have for it. Win win, right? Just don't attack anyone until they are on to us." Splitman said, being as vague as he possible could

Before moving on though he hesitated a bit "Going on with this initial assumption, there are three steps. Grab a sample, leave a few gifts of our own, and get the hell out of there. You should understand how this works"
Imp chuckled from the rear position, "Of course we know that, those are the basic rules of military engagement. Don't shoot unless shot at, complete the mission, and clean up any evidence."

Void continued the train of thought as he stepped around an actual worker, trying not to lose the green arrow. "What we meant was how heavily is this thing guarded, are there any higher ranked enemies here, and what this thing even looks like."
"We've arrived," Smoke announced, stopping 30 feet before the factoy. "There's a password encoded firewall here, hold on a bit," The Mafiosi stated, placing his palm in front of him, which almost instantly burst into green flame, but Smoke didn't seem harmed.

A moment later, a rectangular door frame appeared, Smoke beckoned for the others to follow.

"Come join in the fun," Smoke chuckled, moving past the door frame...
"A useful set of powers..." Splitman muttered before continuing through the doorway. "We don't know any details, that is why we have come" he replied to Void
He had a point though, this would be a pain if they lacked that much intel.
((Sorry sorry...))

"Ah lighten up," Imp said smugly as he walked through the door, "You got the kid worried now..."

"It's like a surprise party, where everyone jumps out and screams 'SURPRISE!'," Imp chuckled as he made a mockingly excited face. "Although, we'll be the ones jumping out, and they'll just be screaming."

Void continued on through the door, simply shaking his head. Turning to Smoke, One of void's eye expanded upwards in a curios expression, "and I suppose we close the door to help avoid detection, right?"
Right as Void said that, the door disappeared completely, and the three navis found themselves in a factory-line producing black-colored boxes of some sort.

Looking up, Void and Splitman could tell that the ground floor looked more like the packaging and delivery area. It seemed too dangerous to steal a sample of whatever it was they were making here.

To their right, was a flight of stairs, which Smoke was approaching. Other NetPolice navis nodded to him, seeming to recognize the disguised Mafiosi, and the navi courteously chattered a bit back. Turning to face Splitman and Void, he gestured for them to come over.

It seemed Splitman wouldn't be able to place any explosives here.

Getting closer to Smoke, the Mafiosi said, "I work at Quality Control, a flight up, so we'll be taking these stairs," Smoke commented, winking a bit at Splitman before they continued forward.

And... could really no one but them see that obnoxiously large green arrow above his head? Wow.

((Just walk up the stairs and do some idle chatter.))
"So... " Splitman began, then kinda trailed off... perhaps it wasn't the best idea to ask about the arrow... "... what exactly is the range of deviation they allow in quality control nowadays anyway?" He asked his guide. Who knows, maybe the guy would even tell him what the hell it was they were making at the same time.
Well at least I got split curious, Void thought to himself, But I hope we aren't planting bombs on a higher floor. This is a factory for war time situations, it's probably been reinforced FOR bombs, not to mention heavy machinery. I wonder how many support pillars we need to hit.

Pulling out a noteboard, Void began to do some quick math while keeping an ear on smoke and split's conversation.
"The parts go pass quality control if they seem to have no problem functioning. Screw loose, hammered in too much, the data won't work properly, that's something we need to check up on. In all cases, this is a munitions factory," Smoke replied as the three walked up the stairs. The Mafiosi opened the door.

Inside the next floor, a bunch of white-chromed NetPolice navis looked hard at work, inspecting something that looked like bullet magazines. Smoke nodded to some, and went to an empty station directly in front of an elevator. Open boxes filled with rows of magazines moved through a conveyor belt in front of the three.

"Inspectors from the higher ups, Clean?" a NetPolice Navi yelled to Smoke across the 10 rows of conveyor belts.

"Something like that!" Smoke called back, picking up what seemed to be a perfectly good cartridge in the box, and examining it. "Hm, there seems to be quite an odd data compilation in this one, inspector. I think you should take a better one as an example to HQ on how we're doing," Smoke said to Splitman, handing him another cartridge after looking at it for a bit and discarding the first one in a bin.

"This factory is quite big, so here is a map. Good day sirs. I hope you drop by before you leave," Smoke said, tilting his head to the two.

It seemed the map had possible locations for bombs on the 3rd, 5th, and 8th floors. Time to bag that ammunition sample, eh?

Splitman GET: WeaponAmmox1, Map.DAT
Void GET: Map.DAT
((Gha, as soon as I let my mind drift towards school, it gets very easy. One day more is ever farther each time.))

Split looked around the location then nodded quietly to Void. Taking the bag in hand, he calmly walked out of the room. The complex was clearly giant, and he was doomed if he got lost hear, best just to use the cover that was presented.

"Well then, lets hurry up" He said out loud, gesturing towards the nearest staircase up.
"This building won't inspect itself"

When the two of them reached a relatively empty area, he took the chance to whisper "Call be Fix while you are in here" to his ally, hopefully he would come up with some suitably witty and non-obvious name for himself.