At the entrance to YokaNet, a small, circle mirror popped into existance. For a few seconds, it just floated there, turning left and right as though looking for something. Then, it began to glow, rays of light that turned solar bright wormed out of the glass. They weaved a complicated pattern below the mirror, forming the shape of something round and, ultimately, huggable, attached to the mirror.

And Osaka said: "Let there be Bugman."

"Hm! That was snazzy!" complimented the now solid Bugman, "But how are we supposed to find this person?"

<<Elementary, dear Bugman. All we have to is find a search engine, punch in the details, and Twi's yer uncle!>> explained the proud operator.

"And... what do they look like?"

<<Haven't a clue. So let's get going!>>

And that's why Bugman went searching for a search engine.
A search engine, Bugman does not find.

Oh well.

He does, however, find a feather. A single black feather on the ground in the middle of nowhere. That's not too surprising, right? There are a few flying viruses in this area.

The only difference is, the viruses in question are usually on fire and don't have black plumage. Oh, and there's three of them surrounding Bugman.

FirephoenixA: 110 HP
FirephoenixB: 110 HP
FirephoenixC: 110 HP

Bugman: 140 HP

Battle 1...START!

"Aw frick! An ambush!" exclaimed the surrounded navi, pupiless eyes trying to keep track of the circling ring of flaming birds.

<<Keep focused! Don't forget, we still have a job to do.>> Roy encouraged, fumbling with his chip folder, <<This time, we will not let our client down!>>

Bugman looked at the ground, watching the shadows of his enemies. Noticing the feather, he picks it up and puts it in his headpiece, a grin spreading across his face and nodding in agreement with his operator. Being attacked on all sides was not a good position to be in. He'd have to break through the predators' ring if he was to continue the task.

With a faint tingling sound, Bugman's eyes lit up like headlights and he pointed his stubby arm high into the air. "The postman always delivers the mail, on time, as scheduled! The postman suffers rain and sleet and hail and snow and gets the package to it's destination! The essence of the postman is endurance..." With this, the navi raised his shining sights upon the foe in front of him, "And I will endure you!"

The eyelights faded, but the glass on his headpiece burst with green light and six streams of green rays seared through the air at the first Firephoenix. While this happened, Bugman's raised hand nearly blinded anyone looking at it. He pointed it along the same trail that his previous attack had flown and, without waiting for the cannon chip to dim, let loose a slug of anti-viral information at the same foe's digital form.

Hoping to have killed or at least surprised the bird blocking his way, Bugman bolted down the pathway through the gap, leaping into a flurry of paper-thin wings that buzzed like a badly placed hardrive fan, heading deeper into the internet.

"The postman endures everything!"

1- Zephyr Compression to FirephoenixB (80 damage)
2- Cannon to FirephoenixB (40 damage)
3- Flee (Dodge)
4- Fly (Dodge)
((The feather is mostly fluff. I might do something silly with it near the end of the mission, but nothing important.))

The firephoenix doesn't stand a chance as it's blasted out of the sky.

Bugman starts running away. The other two viruses give chase. Both fire off attacks, but Bugman manages to dodge both.

FirephoenixA: 110 HP
FirephoenixB: SHOT DOWN
FirephoenixC: 110 HP

Bugman: 140 HP
<<I think I see why you believe postmen are awsome.>> commented the onlooking operator. He watched as Bugman soared along the Yoka main road, a couple of flying virii close in pursuit. Cries and squawks of frustration and vengeance echoed behind their flaming trail, bunching together and squabbling to be the first to tear a hole in the green murderer.

<<And it looks like those two chaps don't want to back down. Here, these'll help.>> he offered, slotting in the two identical chips suited for the situation into his PET.

"Heee! The Brave Express delivers your death!" Bugman called back to the closing birds, no less than three metres away. The shotguns marked their arrival in a burst of light, one on each of the navi's hands. Dropping low, he kicked off the ground with a foot, turning his body to look back at the oncoming foes. The momentum still carrying his body away, he brought up both shotguns, aimed along the barrel at the bickering birds and launched their shells simultaneously.

Wings folded, Bugman fell to a roll on the ground, clumsily hopping sideways to avoid whatever remained of the firey predators.

1: Shotgun to FirephoenixA (50, backshot)
2: Shotgun to FirephoenixB (50, backshot)
3: Roll (dodge)
4: Sidestep (dodge)
The firephoenixes look at each other after Bugman's "Brave Express" line, obviously confused. They turn back and are immediately hit in the face by shotgun blasts.

When the smoke clears, both birds look slightly more worse for wear and quite a bit more angry. One of them shoots a wave of fire, which Bugman rolls out of the way of. The other does the same soon after, but misses.

FirephoenixA: 60 HP
FirephoenixB: SHOT DOWN
FirephoenixC: 60 HP

Bugman: 140 HP
"Hahh... These birds are a lot tougher than they seem." observed Bugman, eyeing the two overgrown fowl with a wary glare, "But really, it's time to get physical."

Outside, Roy raised his brow at the RageClaw chip in his hand. Sure, it was common and easy to work, but personally he hadn't used it wiithout producing disastrous results.

<<Right... Just don't mess this up. Melee chips aren't really your forte, so I hope you know what you->>

"Bah! Don't worry! These new powers should be put to use. Besides, "The God of War unfavours he who hesitates." quoted the confident navi, feet planted firmly and arms tensed by his side

Bugman's six transparent wings fanned out with a snap, a droning noise started as they beat a hundred times faster than the feathers of his foe. As the battle chip took effect, a single, slightly rounded claw grew out each of his balled hands. His yellow eyes seems sharper, picking out the striking points of his targets.


The claws were lowered to the ground, touching the panels at their deadly points. With a kick, Bugman burst into a dash, dragging the identical implements across the distance between him and the virii. Digital sparks marked his passing, flying up off the surface and dissappearing as quickly as they came. Upon reaching the first phoenix he launched off the ground, using his wings to accelerate and the weapon's drag to increase the force of his twin-strike uppercut.

The attack continued into an airborne somersault before he hit the ground. Taking a moment to gather his thoughts, Bugman turned to the second virus and, with a wild grin, advanced towards it. Preparing himself for an inevitable counter-attack, he met the bird's body with two consecutive slashes, left and right.

The chip's overriding caused his eyes to slightly distort with bloodlust. A freakish expression of maddening excitement flowed through his coding. Whether his enemies were dead or not was unknown, for when he spoke those two words, his senses spiked and memory clouded, rendering him unable to recall the last minute.

1: RageClaw to FirephoenixA (40)
2: RageClaw to FirephoenixA (40)
3: RageClaw to FirephoenixB (40)
4: RageClaw to FirephoenixB (40)
The two birds die horribly as they are clawed into tiny pieces.

FirephoenixA: CLAWED
FirephoenixB: SHOT DOWN

Bugman: 140 HP

Hey, you win!

GET: 480z

Suddenly, a dark shadow is cast over Bugman for a few seconds, then fades. He can hear someone landing softly not too far away and turns around to see a navi leaning against a pillar not too far away. Other than the large, black, feathered wings sprouting from her back, similar to those usually associated with ravens in the real world, and the traces of red in her otherwise cold blue eyes, she could easily have been mistaken for a fifteen year old human girl.

Otherwise, her appearance matched the description Swing had given perfectly. She was wearing a dark red dress and black trenchcoat, though other than the sleeves the latter was left dangling down her back between her wings. She also wore a sash around her waist, to which was strapped a leather sheath holding what had to be a moderately large cleaver.

She eyed Bugman curiously for a second, then looked away, not saying anything.

Was this Bugman's target? Nothing to do but ask, right?
"(stating the obvious)" said the little green navi, waving the black feather towards the newcomer.

<<(slightly irritated question involving ice-cream and zoo animals)>>

"(provocative answer revealing a disastrous premonition of the forthcoming encounter)"

<<(silent response following with a gesture of confidence)>>

Bugman waddled up to the slightly taller, unforgettably dressed navi, with lthe LOLMSG.dat in hand.

"Uh, hi. Is, uh, your name, uh, Sonata? I've got this, uh, package from a guy called Swing." he shyly enquired, offering the data.
The girl blinked. "Yes...that's me," she said, taking the package. "But why would he need to deliver it...hey Jessika, did you forget to reactivate your e-mail account again?"

A second voice, presumably Sonata's netop spoke. "Sorry..." she said.

Sonata sighed. "Don't worry about it right now." She opened the message data and looked at it for a few seconds. "Oh, there's no way that's good," she finally said.

She turned to Bugman. "You might want to get out of here," she said. But before Bugman can do anything, a wave of flames strikes the ground in front of both of them.

"I don't think anyone's going anywhere," came a deep voice as what appeared to be an orange HeelNavi landed a few feet away. This new arrival, however, definitely doesn't look like a customer. Especially not with that flaming knife he just drew.

PhoenixNavi: 1100 HP (EQUIP: FireKnife)

Bugman: 140 HP
Sonata: 140 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal
Objects: RockCube: 200 (Directly behind Sonata)
The little, green navi wasn't hoping for another fight. Come to think of it, this fire guy looks kinda like the birds from before. Were they working together? Are they after the package? If so, it must be something important.

"Beam Study." he whispered.

Bugman closed his eyes. The mirror atop his head glowed a bright scarlet. A bubble of gridlines appeared, surrounding his body. The bubble began to expand outwards, washing over the floor, the column and the two navis. After passing the farthest object, the gridlocked lines collapsed into a tangled mess that seemed to get sucked back into Bugman's headgear.

Bugman contemplated the information about the newcomer and his blazing dagger. His actions (for assumedly, it was a male) and method of introduction obviously depicted an aggressive nature with a tendancy for violence. His past would have seen numerous conflicts, at least one of those involving Sonata or someone related. The firey plumage is a sign of fury and anger, coupled with the HeatKnife, he should boast strong and fast physical strikes.

So, he'd more or less be an Air-Based Berzerker- Faster and more maneuverable than a regular berserker. Anger can make them stronger, but leaves them open to attacks.

Well, that was the first impression. He could also turn out to be suave or cowardly or even chivalrious, though that was doubtful.

He turned and examined the girl with the cleaver. From a physical view, Sonata didn't seem to compare much with the Phoenix. However, this kind of person usually has some kind of indirect, internal or inherant power that either exceeds the need for close combat or enhances the user's fighting abilities.

"I'm gonna go out on a whim here and assume that you can take care of yourself." he explained, turning his back on the phoenix and climbing on top of the column.

"Alright! Listen up you feathery fiend!", he called out from his perch, "You are obviously not welcome by my client! Therefore, I must politely incline that you leave before rabbits eat your face off!"

He brandished his Gut Buster weapon in his right hand, the left holding on to the column, crouching and preparing to spring away from a painful retort.

1,2,3,4- Dodge
Sonata nodded to Bugman, an indication that she could handle the navi herself. She pushed herself away from the pillar, letting her black wings unfurl behind her once more. Blood began to drip from several cuts on her body, wounds that at first glance would have seemed mostly healed. Most of it did not fall to the ground, however, but remained suspended in midair. Some of it, however, did reach the ground, forming a few small puddles underneath her.

It seemed, however, that the fiery navi was not planning on a simple one on one match. No sooner had Bugman called out his speech than the firephoenix-winged navi sprung forward, reaching the pillar in less than a second and swiping the blazing knife at Bugman. The knife missed, melting through part of the stone structure but only striking air above it as Bugman jumped away and landed behind it.

"Smartass little bug," he growled, vaulting onto the top of the pillar.

He couldn't do anything else, however, before Sonata turned to the navi and opened her hand, sending a concentrated burst of bloody bubbles from the palm, which struck the navi in the back.

She followed up by shooting through the air at the navi, just as it had done to Bugman earlier. Her cleaver met the burning knife of the phoenix navi in midair. The fiery opponent skidded backward, but remained on the rockcube as the two blades were forced away. Sonata, however, backflipped through the air and landed on the bloodied ground in front of the pillar.

PhoenixNavi: 1000 HP (EQUIP: FireKnife) (On top of RockCube)

Bugman: 140 HP (Behind RockCube)
Sonata: 140 HP (EQUIP: Sword) (In front of RockCube)

Terrain: 80% Normal
20% Aqua (blood) (in front of RockCube)
Objects: RockCube: 140
Bugman felt the heat from the foe's weapon as it missed him by meer inches, seering the side of his face. He couldn't help letting out a yell while diving off the column. Fortunately, his round-ish shape prevented him from being physically damaged, rolling him across the floor where a timely foot slowed his pace and allowed him to stand. Observing his recent position, now occupied by the cursing figure of the enemy navi, the column looked a lot less stable than he had previously assumed. An idea came to him, followed by a small blink of yellow light from his headpiece.

"Hey, Roy. What have we got that packs a punch?"

<<Packs a punch... Um, well, maybe this?>>

Bugman looked up to see the mysterious woman charge the foe with her large, shiny weapon, taking the attention away from him. Hopefully, that would aid his plan to surprise the blazing berserker and open up a chance for a counter-attack. The mirror in his headpiece glowed green, shooting out six emerald lines which wrapped around the peak of the column. GutBuster in hand, he put his foot against the object, retracted the beams and, using his wings to balance himself, he... well... ran up the side of the pillar. Upon reaching the top, he detached the green ropes and brought his weapon round to face his enemy.


1- Strategic Movement
2,3,4- Shotgun x3 to PhoenixNavi (150)
Bugman shot out several lines to grapple the pillar and ride to the top. What he didn't take into account, however, was that the structure was fairly unstable. As he reached the top, the pillar fell over on its side, throwing both phoenix navi and Bugman off.

The navi dashed forward to slash at Bugman again, and successfully did so, only to be hit in the face by three shotgun blasts as retaliation. Sonata took the opportunity to attack as well, rising several feet in the air and diving at the navi. Their blades met in midair again, but this time, the fireknife shattered and the black-winged navi's cleaver ripped through the armor of her fiery opponent.

The phoenix navi swore loudly, then seemed to regain himself as he thrust an arm forward and let fly the signature wave of fire of FirePhoenix viruses. Sonata fell to the ground, just barely avoiding getting a facelift from the flames, and landed on the fallen rockcube column. The azure glow of her cleaver faded.

PhoenixNavi: 770 HP (Behind RockCube)

Bugman: 80 HP (Behind RockCube)
Sonata: 140 HP (On top of RockCube)

Terrain: 80% Normal
20% Aqua (blood) (in front of RockCube)
Objects: RockCube: 130
"Damn. That smarts..." the little navi cursed, massaging the scar on his cheek.

Opposite him, the fiery fiend appeared to be recovering from the mysterious woman's assault. Something that, if victory was to be achieved, should not be allowed. Bugman brought the Gutbuster round to face his opponent, this time squeezing a silver panel on the back of the handle. A single white stream, bulbous at the front, burst from the weapon's central crystal. Four smaller trails followed, spiraling around it. As the shot passed the Phoenix navi, it arced upwards and returned to it's user.

Bugman figured that retaliation was imminent. Without a melee weapon, the foe would resort to using ranged attacks, lest fight barehanded. Dismissing his weapon to the digital ether, he appealed to his net-op for the only melee attack available, the rageclaw chip. He put one foot behind the other and both hands on the ground, similarly to a runner before a race. The green panels along his back split open. White, insect-like wings spread out of the cracks.

A serious look crossed Bugman's docile face, with eyes focused upon the enemy. The wings snapped back, his leg punched forwards and his body lunged into a concentrated sprint. As the navi would attack him, he kicked a foot on the ground and shunted his weight sideways, away from the pillar and into a roll. This would help avoid whatever was thrown at him and would place the phoenix between him and his ally.

His wings balanced the roll, returning him to an upright position. Claws in hand, he lashed out at the navi with a series of slashes and jabs. The paper thin wings on his back buzzed into transparency, keeping Bugman light on his feet as he backed and weaved away from possible counterattacks.

1: Bit Drain to Phoenixnavi (40 dmg / 40 heal to Bugman)
2: Dodge
3: Rageclaw to Phoenixnavi (40 dmg)
4: Dodge

For a brief second as Bugman sent a white stream at the PhoenixNavi, its target's wings flared brilliantly. It didn't move to attack immediately, however, and the stream hit, draining a small amount of energy from it.

The attack itself came when Bugman moved to advance on it, just as predicted. A wave of phoenix fire, much brighter than normal, erupted from the navi's arms. As Bugman dashed to the side, however, the phoenixshot barely missed, but still came close enough that the small navi could feel the heat of the air around it.

The phoenix navi swore loudly, wheeling around to Bugman's new position to fire off another shot. As he did so, however, a familiar dark form appeared close behind him.

A stream of blood whipped out from Sonata's form, lashing the navi across its back and giving Bugman a clear opening for a melee attack, which he took, slashing at it with clawed hands.

PhoenixNavi: 500 HP (Behind RockCube)

Bugman: 120 HP (To side of)
Sonata: 140 HP (On top of RockCube)

Terrain: 80% Normal
20% Aqua (blood) (in front of RockCube)
Objects: RockCube: 130
((Greatly sorry for the delay. Been a little busy during the holiday.))

Bugman, from the close proximity to his foe, could feel the Phoenix navi's pissed off energy. Nothing seemed to be going right for the firey dude, and that would make even the most lackluster of people a little peeved. But this guy, he was about to go bloody berserk. That meant lots of punching, or kicking, or setting Bugmen on fire. Or, heavens forbid, all three. The longer his frustration, the shorter his patience, and that would tire him out.

He took a final swipe at the Phoenix's chest before ducking, kicking off the ground to the birdman's right and bouncing on his rubbery face to avoid whatever the fiend's next move would be. At this point, Bugman was breathing heavily. Although navis do not inhale oxygen, the emote of breathing is programmed to make a more human-like awareness to their current status, which was that the fight was mentally and physically tiring.

He turned towards the Phoenix, tensed for pursuit.

"Don't think I can keep this up much longer." he informed his operator, who was rapidly running out of suggestions. And weapons.

<<You'd be best getting away. Let's see what our mutual friend has up her sleeve.>>

Glad for whatever small reprieve of battle he got, Bugman slowly retreated backwards. He didn't feel like being toasted by a ranged attack and kept a close eye on his foe, tensed for another jump.

1: Rageclaw to Phoenixnavi (40 dmg)
2: Dodge to side
3: Tactical Maneuver
4: Dodge
The phoenix navi reached to the side of his armor, as though attempting to draw another knife weapon, when he was sliced across the chest by Bugman's claw. Now REALLY pissed, he gave up on whatever he had planned on using and leveled his arms at the navi once again. Three waves of fire erupted from his hands at Bugman.

The first two, fired directly ahead, missed as Bugman dodged to the side and out of range of the attack. The phoenix navi spun around to face him again as he fired the third, aiming high.

Though it missed as well, it had still come dangerously close. Close enough that for the split second it took to pass over Bugman's head, it still felt like he had been burned by it.

All this time, Sonata had been suspiciously silent, kneeling on top of the fallen pillar and bleeding from several places. "Looks like you two are out of tricks," the phoenix navi remarked snidely.

"Really?" Sonata returned, holding up her cleaver, which was now completely coated in blood. "I might've said the same about you. But if you really think so..."

Suddenly, she rose from the column and flew directly over the navi, slashing twice as she passed. Blood flew from both the blade and the navi's body as it connected both times, scattering the crimson liquid through the air around it. Combined with that that trailed from her body, all from thin and self-inflicted wounds, it formed a spherical field of blood drops surrounding the phoenix navi.

Sonata held out a hand, palm down and faced slightly toward the navi.

"The end."

She clenched that hand into a fist.

And the blood droplets converged on the phoenix.

PhoenixNavi: Deleted (in pieces behind RockCube)

Bugman: 120 HP (To side of RockCube)
Sonata: 125 HP (On top of RockCube)

Terrain: 80% Normal
20% Aqua (blood) (in front of RockCube)
Objects: RockCube: 130

Hey, you win!
GET: 300z

+3 with Sonata
Bugman felt pretty queasy when he saw the indescribable remains of his late enemy. He averted his gaze, which fell upon Sonata.

"Er... uh... Thanks for... um... using the... er deliv... ery service... yeah...", he mumbled, slightly awed, slightly shaken and a whole lot more uncomfortable.

He, er, waddled down the, um, street a bit. I think. Er, uh, yeah, and um, jacked out.


300z Get!

((Sorry for the lates, and thanks for being patient. Mostly. Er.))