Newbie training!

((My first shot at the battle system...))

Riff logged in fully clothed and relaxed from the hot springs. She felt ready for anything now. Riff's tail swished and then froze as a shiver ran down it. A smirk grew on her face....

"I'll stand by with battle chips for you... What type of Virii are here again?" Calais asked.

Riff shrugged, still wearing the expectant smirk....
"I don't know...but lets look around."
The navi took a low posture and darted off.
Riff soon comes upon two blowfish and a shrimp. The latter seems to be the only one in motion.

SenbonA: 80
SenbonB: 80
Shrimpy: 100

Riff: 100

Battle 1 Begin
((Oh well. Too late.))

Riff cocked her head to the side...
"Yum...seafood!" she pipped happily.

Calais raised an eyebrow.
"" She said dryly. "Okay, let's see what we've got. Riff, use your sickles for now untill I think of a way to arrange these chips...."

Riff nodded, she reached behind her back and pulled out her custom weapon, the dual sickles. She took a low posture and aced towards the two senbon virii and slashed at them.

"Here." Calais said. She slotted in a shotgun chip. Riff aimed, and with a smirk she shot at the shrimpy. A cloud of dust rose up from the impact. Riff jumped out of the dust, keeping on guard she crossed her sickles in front of her.
"I don't think the sickles did much damage Calais...." Riff murmured.

HP: 100
1: Sickles > SenbonA (8)
2: Sickles > SenbonB (8)
3: Shotgun > Shrimpy (50) [Spread to SenbonA]
= I don't like intruding on battles, but you forgot a summary. =
((Sorry, I did say I was a little new to this battle system DX I'll take your advice and train in the ACDC net after this. Please carry on the battle!))
The Shrimpy is probably lost in his own private world of pain from receiving the primary blast of the shotgun, and hence missing his bubble attack. The pellets also grazed one of the blowfish, breaking several of its needle like scales off.

The sashimi duo retaliated by decorating Riff akin to a pincushion; several needles pierced the body of the navi, but that didn't stop her from taking a slice out of both of them.

SenbonA: 22
SenbonB: 73
Shrimpy: 50

Riff: 40

Round 2 BEGIN

((A word of advice: Try to spend at least one action on dodge, if you can't take the enemy out in that turn. A navi can't take more than 3-4 hits and heals are expensive, so it is better to not get hit than to tank it in the beginning.))
((Okay I'll try that.))

Riff braced herself as the two senbons barraged her with pins. "Ughn...that...smarts..." Riff mumbled. She shook herself off. Riff looked up at the Virii.
"Damn rancid sushi...." she growled.

Calais began to doubt their victory.
"Okay....lets re-think our strategy here...." she looked at the other two battle-chips and sighed. She slotted in the rageclaw chip in.
"Watch for their attacks now Riff...."

Riff nodded and jumped out the way of the enemy assault. She ran and pounced at the Shrimpy, slashing wildly with the claws situated at her fingertips. She jumped back and took sight of the two senbons. She knew their pin attacks would probably unleash hell for her if they hit again so she quickly moved. Trying to keep moving so they would have a harder time trying to hit her.

Riff exe
40 hp

Action1: Nothing [dodge]
Action2: Ragingclaw>Shrimpy (40)
Action3: Nothing [dodge]
The claws of Riff left 4 parallel lines on the shrimp where they cut its body open. The virii hissed angrily while firing off a blow of bubbles, only to find that Riff had already moved on, making the watery attack miss once again.

The blowfish also tried to nail Riff to her coffin, but the navi evaded their attacks with grace.

SenbonA: 22
SenbonB: 73
Shrimpy: 10

Riff: 40

((Note2: Don't forget that you have the "wind" subtype ability. Since the subtype abilities are free to use, don't be afraid of doing so. ))
Riff snarled and turned around. Glaring down the Virii.

"That worked well but don't get too cocky...." Calais warned. She slotted in the canon chip.

Riff nodded without a word, she darted at the Virii again. Whipping up the air with her tail she created a gust and focused it at the senbonA.
"Hup..." she grunted as she then jumped back. With the Virii moved she made a quick get away, giving time to set up the canon. She whistled to get the senbonB's attention towards he canon and then ran out of sight.

"I predict the rest will be a little drawn out...." Calais murmured. Knowing there was only one more ace up their sleeves.

Action1: Nothing> Dodge
Action2: Canon> SenbonB =40 damage
Action3: Nothing> Dodge

((Two things that need changed before this can get modded. First, using the Wind ability doesn't take an action, so you probably want to change that. Second, I believe you already used your shotgun. Once you use a chip, you can't use it again until the next battle, so you should be left with a Cannon and your Signature attack.

Edit: Also, you can still use your rageclaw. Its basically attached to your hand until you use something else that overrides it or until it breaks. Sorry bout that.))
((Thankyou. I'll change that now.))
The attack hits the Senbon. The other fish lets loose with a few quills, but Riff manages to avoid them.

SenbonA: 22
SenbonB: 33
Shrimpy: 10

Riff: 40
Riff flicked the hair our of her face.
"What now?" she sighed to her net-op....

"Finish off the shrimpy..." Calais ordered....Riff pulled out her sickles once more.....

With the shrimpy on it's last legs Riff came to put it out of it's misery....she twizzled the sickles in each hand clockwise and counter-clockwise and swung the left hand sickle.
With a swift movement she jumped ahead and skidded into a turn and darted back for the finale. The right hand sickle swung at the shrimpy....

Riff turned around to catch sight of the other viruses....

Action1: Sickle>Shrimpy =8 damage
Action2: Nothing>Dodge
Action3: Sickle>shrimpy =8 damage
Riff manages to take the shrimp down. One puffy fires, but Riff manages to evade the rain of needles.

SenbonA: 22
SenbonB: 33
Shrimpy: DELETED!

Riff: 40
((Can I still use the rage claw or has it been over ridden by the canon chip?))
(It was overriden by the cannon, so your stuck to sig attacks and buster shots.)
Riff sighed.
"Our options are slim now...." she mumbled.

"We might have one more chance...." Calais replied. Riff nodded....

With a sudden movement Riff swiped at the senbonB and then slid again out of sight. She appeared again.

Riff shaded her eyes and took a slouching posture, with sickles in hand she relaxed her body and began swinging gently from side to side until her whole upper torso began swinging with rhythmic momentum. Her sickles began glowing a soft gold and her eyes took on an eiree glow....The area turned dark with streams of purple intertwined within the vast black 'void'. The slouched silhouette of Riff melted into the darkness. From the darkness several sets of glowing cat-like eyes appeared. Beastly, feline like shapes seemed to surround the fish virii. Many were harmless silhouettes, but a key two of them were equipped with the sickles.

"Creed of the assassin...." Riff thought to herself. "The abillity to create the foes fears and nightmares....and be them."

The shadowy beasts lunged...followed by Demoniac snarling and roars.

Action1: Sickle>senbonB= 8 damage
Action2: Nothing> [dodge]
Action3: Assassins Creed> All enemies= Illusion
((You must RP the illusion... Unless here it's the sickle glowing <.< Really, you need to write something so the mod can decide its effects. Be creative, I think you can find a way to use illusion to your advantage here, just keep in mind that the illusion itself can't hurt your enemies.))
((Allright. Thats done.))
Riff delivers a quick slash to one of the enemies before casting the illusion. The confused enemies don't know where to attack.

SenbonA: 22
SenbonB: 25
Shrimpy: DELETED!

Riff: 40