Operator Edits

Changing Trace's name (which are now two obscure references), and making him older (although not +7 years), unhealthier, as well as changing his profession.

Name: Raymond Marlowe (Aliases: Trace, Whitewasher, among others)
Age: 52
Gender: Male

Appearence: Approximately 6'1", with a medium muscular build. Exceptionally athletic in relation to his advanced age and poor health habits. Wears a full length, olive grey trenchcoat which is typically fully buttoned. Beneath it, he wears a dark blue pin striped suit that is perusually not visible. Sometimes seen wearing a matching grey fedora. His hair is straight, dark chestnut and medium length. However, amongst it are clearly visible grey strands, indicative of his advanced age. Perpetually bears stubble, peppered with tones of greys in another tribute to his age. In recent years, he has occasionally let his beard go.

Personality: Most of his acquaintances call him Marlowe. Maintains an anonymous identity, both online and off. A firm believer in the mantra that the ends justifies the means, and is prone to take the most efficient route to achieving his goals. His experience as a private eye have bestowed upon him an array of qualities over the years; among them are a photographic memory, impressive deductive abilities, and a meticulous attention to details. Constantly maintains an imperturbable facade even under enormous pressures. While he is aware of and confident in the scope of his abilities, he has with age come to know that he is human and undeniably fallible. Disillusioned from religion and light-hearted idealisms, he is a laconic cynic. His desire to survive has continually proven to be motivation enough not to falter in his work. A heavy drinker and chain smoker who has made repeated failed attempts at quitting; he has begun to feel the culmination of years of the habit, in addition to his age.

PET Modifications: Dark crimson, encased in a black leather grip.
Bad habits and shady past approved!