First Rule about Bloodhounds...

A large beam of light appeared in the opening of the Recruitment Kiosk which deposited both Sasha and Trent into the network. Neither of them were in the mood for a flashy entrance, each simply standing in the location of the light once it dissipated from view. Although Mark was excited for this day, Trent was not. This uneasiness in Trent was picked up on by his dog Sasha, who was even more on high alert than usual. No normal navi would approach this rather intimidating combo. A large on defense dog and a massive navi don't give off the most social of vibes.

Mark was too excited to speak much or notice the discontent within Trent, which he honestly wouldn't care about even if he did pick up on it. Trent was a star navi, but in the long run just a navi. He was just a string of data to Mark, one to bring him more profits. "Let's go Trent!" He encouraged his navi as he just simply stood there, unwilling to move.

Trent took a deep breath, letting his chest expand greatly and allowing a massive calm to float over his body. He needed to get his mind back into the thinking of discarding everything he was about to do; back into the mindset of a solider. He stood there for a moment more before walking up to the front counter. As he was about to open his mouth to ask which of the stands belonged to the Bloodhounds, he thought it caught his eye. Large navis with mean faces and angry expressions. He pointed over at it to confirm with the receptionist saying, "Bloodhounds?" He didn't wait for a response as he walked over to it.

The closer her got the more his mind blanked and the more he was prepared to do anything once again. He hated this mindset, this fashion of discarding everything he does for the mere use of mental and physical survival, but he couldn't do it without it. Oh the terrible thing he could never do on his own that he was about it. He stood before the recruitment booth for the bloodhounds, his suspicions confirmed by the spotty amount of information on the front of the counter. He looked at the navi behind the scene and said, "I'd like to join." Sasha moved closer to his legs, trying to not let any uneasiness show. Trent wondered if the navi would recognize him from the fighting rings or not.

{Recruitment Mission for Bloodhounds}
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The heelnavi behind the desk took a look towards Trent, then nodded approvingly and pulled up a viewscreen. "Feels good to hand out an app without having to ask somebody if they're sure they weren't looking for another booth. The way the net is these days, I was beginning to think I was the only one with any balls," he grunted.

Quote ()

Welcome, applicant!

I'm looking for a fresh recruit to assist me in testing out battle simulation technology developed by Techari. I know you're looking for up-front experience in the Bloodhounds, but this will be a great chance for me to test your experience before you get out there; remember, the Bloodhounds don't show mercy and they don't expect it either. Besides, I firmly believe that the spirit of the Bloodhounds also lies in the comraderie of our fighters and I'd like to have a chance to meet a new subordinate. Interested parties should respond quickly.

After the simulation, I'll allow you entry into the Bloodhounds only if I deem you worthy based on your fighting.


"You want it? This is the last spot I've got open for this one, two other navis already applied. They didn't fit the bill, y'know, but it's first come first serve. Boss could probably use another man up there to keep them in line," the kiosk man suggested.
Took took the application and read it over quickly. As he read he was trying to put on a show of someone debating or unsure, but he was a terrible actor. As he read it once over, then once over again, he tried to show some form of struggle, but it was clear to see there was no debate here for him. Mark eagerly awaited for Trent to place the application back down on the desk. Trent took a deep breath and raised his head.

"I'm in." Trent said as he placed it back down. He reached a large hand down to pat and comfort the head of Sasha before asking, "Where do I go?"

Mark was bubbly on the other end of the screen almost. For him it was time to get his fame back and to get his money rolling all over. He hadn't been in a place like that in a while, but he was more than ready for it to happen again.

{Mission Accepted}
"Good. Uh, PantheonMan's doing it on his homepage, so you'll need the address. It takes a key to get in, so you'll get a temporary for now. Don't think he's got it private cause he's scared of anybody coming in; he's got it private cause he's always nailing some broad in there. While he probably doesn't mind if a guy takes a peek at it, some of those girls might," the heelnavi shrugged. "Fight hard! You got to if you're gonna be a Bloodhound. Don't matter what you're doing: simulation, bar brawl, killing some guy. Gotta fight hard."

With that, Trent was left to seek out PantheonMan and begin his mission.

*Trent received PantheonKey.DAT*

((Mission opening soon in
Trent listened to the explanation of PantheonMan's life style and habits with an unchanging expression. He only blinked once the topic was changed to the short speech given by the heelnavi on how to fight. How ridiculous that Trent would need a pep talk on how to fight, he had probably seen more navi deletions that this face of the booth pamphlet pusher had ever witnessed. With all these thoughts running through his head, Trent did a good job of actually keeping his thoughts hidden behind the blank expression. Sasha was starting to loosen up a lot more, the prospect of fighting in the air brought the dog to his full attention.

Once the Navi had finished he took the data given to him and instantly jacked out from the network, passing the data off to the ever eager hands of Mark to open and read, which he promptly did. The pair disappeared from view in a flash of light, in the center of the Kiosk.

{Jack out and Into Internet City to Move to the homepage}
The same flash that left the homepage in a hurry reappeared inside of internet city, right near the recruitment kiosk entrance. Trent stepped from the light, his trusty dog once more at his side. He stretched his arms and rotated his shoulders to pop them. That had been quiet the fight, one he wouldn't soon be forgetting. Leaving the homepage and returning to internet city healed him of his wounds, but did only little to ease the stiffness and pain that remained.

Sasha was feeling some of the hurt too, walking slower than normal, but still on the same level of alertness as the last time he was here. He was pressed hard against Trent's side with his ears back and his eyes open. His nose and picking up as much as he could at once to keep a constant survey of the area and any changes. The comfort of PantheonMan's homepage was a new experience for Sasha, one he enjoyed, but now it was back to business.

As the two walked forwards they both felt a bit different this time around. Last time they came here looking to gain a status, now they had it. To Trent, the looks and glances felt different than before, even though they were the same sideways glances offered on his last visit to the Kiosk.

With heavy steps he reproached the recruitment booth for the bloodhounds. He couldn't tell if it was the same heel navi behind the counter as last time, so he wasn't sure if he would be recognized. Instead he walked up to the counter and crossed his arms and waited to be acknowledged. He was sure that the booth had been alerted of his success.
"You're back? That was quick. Well, the boss sent ahead word that you'd passed whatever he gave you, so congratulations: you're a Bloodhound now. Just check in every now and again and we'll give you new work," the heelnavi informed Trent. Apparently, it was the same one from earlier. "Funny, neither of the other two who went before you came back by here in person, even though one of em passed. No telling what's going on there."

"You'll also get a couple of Faction points; the boss is pleased with you, so he's approved you for ten."

((Trent is now a member of the NetMafia Bloodhounds! Trent receives 10 Faction Points.))
Trent knew that both of the others had been jacked out during their fights, and hadn't made it through the round of Neo-Shogun fighters. He was the only one skilled enough to not be forced out to recover. A bit of pride rose up in him from this fact. However, he kept that info to himself and simply listened.

A large smile crossed Mark's face as the heelnavi spoke. Every word was adsorbed very carefully, soaking in the glory of, 'you are a bloodhound now," and 'the boss is pleased with you'. He leaned back with visible pride and saw a new screen pop up on his PET display on the left side. It showed the current standing of faction point accumulated, which he assumed were used for rewards within the mafia. He would find out for sure soon enough. It also displayed the location of the netmafia homepage.

Trent bowed his head slightly, less out of respect and more out of thanks, and then jacked out of the network.