What's the Game Point?

There was practically nothing that caught Tennisman's attention in Internet City. There were far too many navis for his liking and too much idle chatter. No one here seemed to care much for anything aside from themselves and keeping up appearances. He could imagine the panic that would ensue if a single virus somehow managed to find its way onto the busy streets. As he shuffled through the crowds, he soon arrived at something that piqued his interest - a recruitment kiosk.

He strolled inside with his support programs in tow to browse the faction sub divisions and their responsibilities. He winced when he noticed the Netmafia had somehow made their recruitment as mainstream as the Netpolice's. He exhaled a disapproving breath and scanned over the different netpolice departments.

"Where are you, Tennisman?" Desmond asked.

"We are in some kind of... Job pavillion." Deuce said, "It's like the NP and NM are just trying to get as many people as they can to fill their ranks."

Desmond clearly didn't follow the news, "What's the NPNM?"

"The Netpolice and Netmafia," Deuce explained, "Two factions for- I don't really know how to put it exactly. The easiest way would be to call them cops and robbers."

"That's retarded, why don't the cops just arrest the robbers then?" Desmond asked.

"That's a good question," Deuce answered in a patronizing tone, "While they're at it, the cops should just arrest ALL the robbers!"

"YEAH!" Desmond quipped before slurring his excitement down, "Wait, are you making fun of me?"

Deuce sighed, "There's no solid evidence the NM have done anything illegal and as such, the NP cannot act on the group as a whole. Regardless, they're on opposing sides and we're in the middle of some kind of cold war."

Tennisman continued to read down the list of departments. Internal Affairs required more diplomacy than he was used to; Technology seemed too far beyond his expertise; Investigations was too secretive, even for him; Public Safety catered to his interests but required him to be more public than he wanted; Navi Prosecutions seemed a better choice.

"Justice." Fifteen pointed out, "That's dealing with the rules and enforcement."

It wasn't all out against the Netmafia but it wasn't rescuing cats from trees. It looked to be on a scale just large enough to matter without making too large a wave in the pool. He was decided.

Tennisman made his way to the booth and spoke with a sense of purpose, "I want to sign up for the Netpolice."

Before the receptionist could ask which department, Tennisman added,

"Of course sir. Let me prepare a mission from you from the logs."

The receptionist took a respectful bow towards TennisMan before she walked away to fetch one of the missions. However, it took a while before the receptionist came back with one on her hands. "I apologize, sir. But it seems like this is the only mission that matches your current level." She took yet another bow in an apologetic manner and slid the mission briefing towards TennisMan...


Mission: For Department of Justice Recruits

Description: One of the Justice department's ranked navi, Tla, wishes help for one of his missions to strike one of the Mafia's smuggling facility along with his personal squad. However, since this is still a recruit mission, we are not obligated to send you straight into the heat of battle along with other NetPolice officers. Instead, you will be helping Tla in aiding the officers to end the battle in a quick, low casualty manner. The instructions and everything else you need for the mission will be given to you at the mission location at the Netfrican network.

Reward: Justice department employment

*Coordination Attached*
Tennisman scanned over the orders and nodded before heading back out the door. He was a blank slate, neither anxious or worried about what might transpire. Though as the words on the document sank in, he realized that time might be of the essence and decided it would be best to make haste.

"Desmond, jack me out." requested Tennisman.

"Dude, stop being so bossy." Desmond retorted before complying.

((Jack out to ACDC Town))
Re-entering the kiosk feeling refreshed and accomplished, Tennisman approached the same desk as he had yesterday and said, "Hello. I am Tennisman and I completed a mission for the department of justice. Does this qualify me to join your organization?"
"Yes, of course. Please hold as we check the records."

The receptionist standing behind the desk began to look into the monitor beside her, finding the case on TennisMan's mission. "Looks like the mission was a big success, Mr. TennisMan. Tla had written a handful of good comments about you." said the navi as he chuckled, most likely amused by Tla's way of speaking. "And...everything is all set, Mr. TennisMan. Before you go, it looks like Tla had prepared a gift for you, but he's still busy looking over the mission details."

Sliding a chip data over the counter, the receptionist smiled as he held his hand out for a handshake.

"Congratulations. You are officially a part of the NetPolice."

TennisMan GET: [Needler2] Battlechip

- TennisMan is now a member of the Department of Justice -
Tennisman picked up the Needler chip data and stared at it. It represented his first step in his attempt to make a difference and while he didn't have a badge, this felt like a close second.

"Alright, I'm bored." Desmond said, "Let's go bust up some viruses. We have so many new chips and I haven't tried ANY OF THEMMMM!"

A sigh punctuated the end of his brief retrospect. The battlechip disappeared as it was claimed by the PET. With nothing else to hold his interest either, Tennisman set off to let off some steam and quench his operator's ADD. There were plenty of open links scattered about that led to every corner of the net. It wasn't much of a challenge to arbitrarily choose one and enter it.

((Folder Edit:
-IronShell1 OUT
-Avalanche1 OUT
-Wideshot1 OUT
-Needler2 IN
-Rope2 IN
-WoodTower1 IN))

((SciLab Rogue Net))