Detective Red is on the Case!

((Pajamas.GMO active))

Bouncing into the NetSquare, Red skipped along as she carried Myun and a pillow, each under an arm, toward the Recruitment Kiosk.

It seemed she hadn't changed from her nightwear. Fortunately enough, her hair wasn't super messy at all.

"Aha... Where should I go from here?" Red wondered aloud, searching the floor thoughtfully. "Oh! That's probably where!" Red announced, pointing toward a teller desk before skipping along to her location.

"Hiya! My name is Red_Riding_Hood.EXE and I'd like to join the NetPolice Department of Investigations!" the childish navi requested, raising her hand and waving cutely at the attendant.

Myun had the most uncaring expression this whole time. She really looked like a doll at this point.

[Applying for NetPolice, Department of Investigations mission[
A nondescript .GNA navi looked down at Red, giving no particular expression one way or another. "Hello. Please wait one moment while I search our database for a suitable entry mission," he greeted her, then turned to his computer.

After a thankfully short wait, he brought one up. "This mission has just come in. Completion of this mission will reward entry into the Netpolice's Department of Investigations. Please report back when you have completed it and have a nice day," he finished, transferring the document to her with practiced efficiency.


Mission: For Department of Investigations Recruits

Description: The request comes from the Department of Investigations. A strange navi group has been militarizing recently and causing disorder across the net. Recently, the uprising was stopped, but we have reason to believe there is still a chance of a regroup and attack. The group has several known leaders and we are looking to identify the others; our scouts may have identified at least one other, but we need further identification. For this mission, you will be asked to accompany one of our scouts and aid in retrieving data. Discretion and stealth will be vital to your mission; if you are found out, jack out immediately. The mission will only be considered a victory if you can narrow one of them down as the militant and provide evidence towards the fact. Report to the meet-up spot at the Netfrica coordinates given to begin.

Reward: Public Safety department employment

*Coordinates attached*
"Thank you very much!" Red exclaimed, taking the document and reading over its contents before she sent them to Shin.

"Hmmm... yeah, sounds like a good job to test our skills if we want to get into the department. But first..." Shin began, lowering his sunglasses. "You sure you want to go in that?" The operator indicated Red's current attire.

"Oh!" Red gasped, jumping as she noticed she was still in pajamas. Maybe that's why the floor felt so cold.

"Mmmm.... nah," Red replied, skipping off toward the portal.

"Wait wait wait, at least go in something more professional," Shin suggested, interrupting his navi.

"Then what should I go in?" the crimson crusader inquired.

"Uh.... here, let's go with this!" the ace said, accessing the Seifuku.GMO. Red was instantly clad in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. Spinning around, she didn't feel all that different and shrugged.

"Guess we'll go with this then! Alright!" Red exclaimed, pumping her bookbag up into the air while Myun made a lazy fistpump as well as Red skipped and carried her to the Netsquare portal to NetFrica.

[To Netfrica!]
Red came back into the Recruitment Kiosk building and looked around, unsure of what to do with all the data she gathered. She was still in her School Uniform .GMO, but shrugged as went up to a teller deck and tapping on the counter.

"Excuse me, I'm Red_Riding_Hood.EXE. I just took a mission to get into the NetPolice Department of Investigations. Is this where I send in the evidence for my mission? Is there a PartnerMan around I can speak with?" Red inquired cutely, seeming lost and unknowledgeable on what to do... because she really was.
"One moment please," the navi behind the desk instructed. Red was left waiting a little while longer than she expected after her speedy mission delivery. Finally the navi spun to face Red and shrugged.

"I'm afraid that PartnerMan has not reported mission clear status, nor have we seen him around the complex. The navi is not at his regular point of contact at Netpolice HQ either. Rest assured that we withhold no information from you; however, currently contacting PartnerMan is impossible for us," the GNA desk-person apologized. "If you want, you can still turn in dropped mission status."

A bad feeling was beginning to sink into Red's gut... The last time she'd seen PartnerMan he had been stuck in a window at Myst's resort, but she'd never seen whether he went out or in...
"Ah, excuse me," Red said, quickly turning around and dashing for the Netfrica portal.

"Oh boy," Shin groaned, rubbing his face in his hands.

[Back to Netfrica]
Red had plugged in pretty close to the Kiosk at this point and dashed frantically toward one of the desks, skidding to a stop.

"Excuse me, is there a PartnerMan here waiting for someone?" Red inquired, slightly out of breath and still in her .GMO.

Myun started picking her ears.
Before the navi behind the counter had a chance to speak up, PartnerMan popped out from the crowd and ran over to Red with the familiar sound of clanking, clumsy metal. "Thank you so much, Red! You're a lifesaver!" he exclaimed, picking up Red and hugging her. "My bro's not around right now cause he uh... said he wanted some time alone." A small sound came from PartnerMan's backpack, but it was ignored. "Anyways, you did some great partner work, getting me out of that situation. Remember, though: the goal of our mission was to get evidence that can reveal the identity of those Neo-Shogun girls. Therefore, what really matters is what evidence you got. Please turn over anything of value to our investigation," he reminded her, crossing his arms behind his back in an official way.

A muffled voice came from the backpack. "If you've got any good eyecandy shots, I'll take those too, by the way. I need some comfort..."

"Ehehe... Yes well, ahem... You probably don't really need those so if you er... just happen to have any we'll pay you for them," the first head coughed into his fist.

((Choose which data to give and any you'd like to sell))
Shin and Red sweatdropped at the last statement, but all in all were slightly relieved that PartnerMan had made it back safely.

"Well, uh... i think you can sort this out for yourself, Red," Shin whistled innocently as he plunked the data onto his navi and cut off communications.

"Wah! Hey! Shiiiiin!" Red whined as she blushed, embarrassed at some of the data she caught. Myun picked at the ground with her ears during this time.

"W-well, t-this should be i-important for the investigation," Red stammered, piling a bunch of recordings into one pile.

"A-and this could be used for p-profiling purposes, u-unless y-you count them a-as eye c-c-candy," the crimson crusader went completely red at this while she gave PartnerMan some of the only photos she had taken. She sobbed softly a bit afterwards.

[As Investigation Info: "Archer's Mutterings".DAT, "Archer to Myst".DAT, "Arch and the Neo-Shogun Dynasty".DAT, "Myst is a General".DAT, "Myst Enters".DAT, "Tension between Myst and Arch".DAT]

[Selling: "Golden Panties".IMG, "Myst and Sake on Loveseat".IMG]
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"Alright! With this data and my testimony, we'll have solid profiles built for Myst and her new Neo-Shogun friends. You've done more than enough to earn your place amongst the Department of Investigations," PartnerMan cheered, then stopped, looking down first at Red and then uncertainly at the people around him. "You made her cry, say something!" he hissed towards his backpack.

"Hey Dunderhead! Take a look at these snaps she took! Hehehe, we should promote her twice!" came an ominous laugh from inside his backpack. "Woah, you gotta look at these legs!"

"It looks like my brother's mood has improved considerably, thank you very much for going above and beyond! As such, let me provide you with a reward for your excellent service," he coughed, adopting his official stance again as he routed zenny to Red's operator. "These will aid our efforts against the Neo-Shoguns, r-really! Know your enemy and all that."

"Yeah, know their measurements!" the other head giggled childishly.

The first head shook sadly, then raised back up. With a salute, he gave his closest imitation of a smile to Red. "You've done well, Red. I'll look forward to stories of your success in the future." After reclaiming his recorder and camera, he disappeared from the net.

"Congratulations," the navi at the desk called out to Red. "Confirmation has come through. You are now a member of the Netpolice's Department of Investigations."

((Red loses: various data, Recorder, Camera))
((Red gets: 2300z, 2 PartnerMan FXP))
((Red is now a member of the Department of Investigations))
"Uh, t-thanks," Red said, sniffing as she was accepted into the division and paid some money for her trouble. "I-I'll do my best as a new member of this division!" Red shouted, bowing formally before jacking out.