Capuchin.EXE VS Valkyrie.EXE

As the Navis jack in, their Net Operators are shown a 3-D model of the arena their Navis will be fighting in with various features labeled and highlighted as the presentation runs. At the end of the presentation, the environmental statistics for this arena are displayed for reference.

Quote (The Underworld)

The center of the arena itself is a flat, circular plane, with a few small walls and columns to use as cover, or as vantage points. The columns are simple rounded rectangles, standing up lengthwise about 8 feet in height. They are not secured to the floor and can be knocked over, unlike the few small walls. At the walls of the arena are four pits. The walls of the upper arena are covered in a large netting that allows it to be grabbed onto and clung to, but is otherwise un-noteworthy.

The pits surrounding the center of the arena drop down into a second, lower half of the arena that is exactly as wide as the first, but is much taller than the upper arena. Close to the edges of this 'underground' arena are four small, circular platforms; these send a navi flying directly upward to ground-level, and are placed below the four pits. They must be specifically triggered, however, and do not trigger when navis enter the lower arena by dropping from above.

At the far walls of the underground arena are four additional, angled boosters which catapult a navi up to one of four horizontal platforms on the walls of the lower arena; these four small platforms each have two hand grips on the wall next to them that will pull a navi to the next platform over, either to the left or right.

Upper Level: Normal (96%), Hole (4%)

Lower Level: Normal (88%), Spring Panel (4%), Booster Pad (8%)

Note: Hole Terrain means you can fall through it to reach the lower level. Hole Terrain cannot be changed.

Note 2: Breaking the panels of the upper level means creating holes Navis can fall to the lower level through. These are Broken Panels, and can either regenerate in a couple of tuyrns or be repaired/changed into something else, unlike Hole Terrain.


Hematite Column (300 HP) [4 ea. on upper level]
-- Can be knocked over, and rolled.
-- Can be stood upon.
-- Can be used for cover.
-- Too heavy to lift, throw, or send flying with microburst.

Hematite Barricade (150 HP) [4 ea. on upper level]
-- Can be used for cover.
-- Immovable

Hematite Cube (300 HP, extremely heavy) [4 ea. on lower level]
-- Tethered to the ceiling by ropes, which can be cut with a single slashing attack.
-- Can be stood upon, even while tethered.
-- Cannot be moved other than cutting them loose.
-- Immovable once on the ground, and may be used for cover.
-- Deal 100 Null Damage if they fall upon a Navi, and break instantly.

For Reference: The upper area is approximately 15 feet high. The lower area is approximately 45 feet high. The platforms on the lower level are 25 feet from the ground, as are the hanging cubes.

The Navis, on the other hand, appear on the upper level of the arena, a moderate distance from each other, and are not given any of the data their Operators received. The Navis would be given a few moments to themselves before the match actually began....
Valkyrie arrived in a pillar of light, materializing on the floor of the arena. She looked around the place, quite excited, ready to battle. When she found that her enemy had not arrived yet, she let out a loud, disappointed sigh.

-Anyway, it seems that your opponent will be Capuchin. According to Don's article, she...
- I don't care. It's not like any information about her can help me at this point.
-Knowing is half the battle...
- Yes, the boring half! I'll try to not get hit while I beat her up, and I'll enjoy every moment of doing so...
- Maybe you could... look around around and find some strategic position or something...

Valkyrie rolled her eyes. Not like it could be seen, as they were mostly covered by the beaver of her helmet. Then looked around, shrugged, and jumped on top of a pillar with acrobatic, flashy, and totally unnecessary movements. Then, to end this overplayed attraction, she sat down, resting the lance across her legs.

- There, I have higher ground now. Strategic enough?
- You do know this makes you something of a target practice?
- Good! At least I'll save them the trouble of looking for me. We can start fighting that much faster. Besides, I like the view.

A navi sized flash of cream colored light shined down onto the ground of the arena. Quickly, the light vanished within a blink of an eye, leaving behind the monkey navi Capuchin.

"Eeep eepke!" Capuchin cheeped happily as she did a front flip in the air. "Ahhhh, its nice to have a good old fashioned battle without the viruses. You gain more experience that way."

"W-wasn't I the one who told you that today? Not t-too long ago as well mi-might I mention..." Aida replied back.

"See? Already gaining wonderful experience! Now lets get this show on the road" Capuchin's eyes darted to the top of the pillar where her opponent was perched. "Huh? What are you doing up there?!" She hollered up to Valkyrie as she walked a bit closer. "Man this place is like an obstacle course...jeeze."

"I-it definitley is helpful this way." Aida told, "Th-think about it, with an are-ena like this, the cont-testant with the most knowledge and understanding of their s-surroundings will probably be the victor. S-So we have to use the area to the b-best of our ab-bilities."

"Ah. Sounds pretty good....and since we are here before we begin...."

Capuchin outstretched her right hand into the air, letting the palm bathe in the light as a swarm of data flowed above it, forming into her pole. She quickly gripped it with her hands and grounded the bottom into the tiles as it lengthened and stretched, sending her skyward. Capuchin certainly trained hard throughout her life to find the perfect way to balance onto a pole such as this once. Her agility and balancing and acrobatics were something she prided herself for and intended to become even stronger at them within time. The pole stopped abruptly at the point where Capuchin and Valkyrie could see eye to eye and only a foot in distance from one another.

"Pleasure to make the acquaintence." Capuchin happily cheeped as she extended the hand. "The name's Capuchin. I'll be your opponent today. Sooooo what's your name?"
((The match will begin when both of you signal "ready"))
-My name is Valkyrie, and trust me, the pleasure is all mine...

And with that, she stood up (so that Capuchin had to look up to her again... unless she grew the staff longer once more), and assumed a loose looking fighting stance on top of the pillar. She was thinking about gently prodding the monkey navi to see if she'd fall, but decided that taking this fight seriously will probably lead to a much more exhilarating experience. She couldn't help but smile at the thought though. Valkyrie spun her lance, before readying it for a stab, then stopped pointing it at her opponent.

- Well then... are you ready, monkey girl?

"Me....ready?" Capuchin asked with a smirk as she saw the point of Valkyrie's weapon aimed straight at her face. She didn't do much in the way of flinching but loosened her grip on the pole. Her body weight went flowed backwards letting the pole tip and begin to swing its way to the ground. A few backflips were done as she began to soar down and her pole disappeared as data once more. Her feet made a soft pad noise as the colided to the ground, together and in a graceful stance.

"I was born ready!" The monkey navi announced as she went into position.

The pair of Navis make their introductions, and move to their ready positions. As they do, a copper beam of light crashes down to the middle of the arena. As the light fades, a large Navi appears. His muscular body is tanned and sculpted, making him an intimidating presence. His wrists and knuckles are covered in white bandages underneath a pair of crimson padded gloves. His spiky black hair is held in check by a crimson headband, contrasting greatly to his bright amber eyes. Below his uncovered and ripped upper torso, he wears a pair of light gray pants. Starting just below his knee, his pants are covered by a pair of polished metal greaves, trimmed in gold. The metal leg armor flashes under the lights of the arena, meticulously polished to a near mirror finish.

The Navi speaks up, his deep voice augmented as if he was wearing a microphone.
Good afternoon, competitors. I am GreaveMan.exe, and I will be the observer for this match. This is a duel, not a street fight, so please keep it clean.

The Navi turns to the competitors, pointing to each of them.
Valkyrie.exe, are you ready? Capuchin.exe, are you ready? The match will begin on my mark.
GreaveMan raises his right hand above his head, his fingers straight out as if to perform a chop.
Ready... Begin!
Greaveman's arm drops, and he quickly beams out of the arena.

Battle Start!

Valkyrie.EXE: 120HP
Capuchin.EXE: 160HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

<(Round 1! Ready, Fight!)>

((PM me your turn summaries first))
"Alright let's get this party started!" Capuchin cheeped as she let her legs hop her back and forth like a boxer while her hands were now clentched into fists and hung near her face. "Let's get these guys and show them how you really bust some navis."

"..u-umm C-Capuchin..." Aida stuttered quickly.

"??....what's wrong? Just send me a chip! I'm a sitting duck over here."

"That's w-what I wan-nt to say! Y-you literally ARE a s-sitting duck. She's has an a-advantage in ways while sitting high u-up there.....wh-while your in the open....on th-the ground."

".........GYAH!" Capuchin cheeped as she eyed a barricade on her level. Not too far and probably the best cover for now. "Better get a move on before I become a trophy for this Valkyrie!" She quickly went into a mad dash for the baricade yet did so in style. Her body was graceful while she soared in the air. She did a few spins and backflips for dodging measures while she scampered to her cover. One last leap was all she needed to jump over and hide behind the barricade. "Ahhhh much to deal with my opponent."

"She-she probably has better aim at you f-from such a high stand point so a-attempting to climb up to her level w-will be d-difficult." Aida began but was immediatley halted by the voice of her navi.

"UGH! I should have just stayed up there with her!" The monkey moaned as she bonked her head on the wall of the barricade. "If I did, I could have fought her in close combat and not need to deal with the trouble of going to her level..."

"N-not to worry..." Aida began again, "Even from such a high standpoint, one c-can still fall. The cube is hu-hung by ropes...m-meaning that its not to sturdy..."

Capuchin's eyes widened at this comment and a huge fanged grin appeared on her face, "Ohhhhhh! Now I get where your going with this!" she said as she looked up a bit from her standpoint. "Hrrm....I wont really be able to send out any attacks at this moment without getting damage from her attacks....not to mention she could probably block any of my plans to break the ropes.....better make a distraction!"

Capuchin's left hand opened and outstretched into the air. A swarm of data quickly flowed into it and formed into her wonderful pole. It had helped her in many battles, busting fights, just fun, and now it would assist her at this moment as well. Her hands quickly began to spin it around and around untill her left hand grasped it powerfully, halting it to where the golden bulb, that hung so proudly at the top, was aimed at the ground.

"Y-you d-dont need to be so flashy." Aida said, "I-I on-ne is looking...."

"Meh...force of habit I suppose." Capuchin admitted as she commanded the metal bulb to grow in size. "Besides, everything that I do is pretty cool! I can't help it if I'm so amazing."

"O-one day your e-ego will hurt you..."

"Ehehe...probably right! Okay! All joking aside!" Capuchin whispered as her hands grasped the pole and hoisted it into the air. "Get ready Valkyrie....your about to experience the Wise Monkey Technique....HEAR NO EVIL!" With that, she slammed the pole sharply on the ground, letting a horrid and dreadful noise spread through the area. The sound waves would quickly be sent into Valkyrie's direction letting her have to deal with a horrible headache, along with confusion and illusions.

"Th-that should do it!" Aida hollered to her navi, "You better get into action!"

"Hehe, send me a chip! Were goanna send her falling, cube and all."

"H-How about knocking her off her feet first." Aida suggested as she slotted in a cannon chip. "It will pose as more of a distraction as well."

Capuchin moved out into the open for a moment as her eyes sighted Valkyrie high above on the cube. Her yellow eye glowed for a moment as the cannon formed right hand aimed closely at the opponent navi and fired a shot. Capuchin held onto a smirk while she hoped that it would hit. Heck! Perhaps Valkyrie would even fall off with luck. Here's to hoping! Though she should never leave things to chance, Capuchin knew this quite well. She shook off her right hand as it transformed back into its original shape.

"Mind sending me something to dispose of those ropes?" The monkey navi cheeped calmly as she still kept her gaze upon the cube.

"R-Right away!" Aida chimed as she slotted in the second chip. "Y-you probably know this one well."

A stream of data flowed next to Capuchin's body and developed a slight curve. It formed into a shape of a cresent moon and an outer shell of metalic look. The navi's hands quickly grasped the weapon on one of the sharp edges and pulled it back.

"Heh...boomerang eh? Works for me!" The primate planted her feet firmly onto the ground as she spoke this, preparing for a launch. It was like millions of times before, launching this weapon at many assortments of viruses, letting all of them deal a good amount of damage before dissapearing. All she had to do was think of it as the same....except this time it was ropes.....and it was higher.......

"Let's see if my aim is as good as it is for high above ropes as it is for grounded viruses." And with that, Capuchin's hands launched out, thrusting the boomeraing into the air. The hands gently loosened their grip and only the fingertips felt the blunt edge as it sailed away towards the ropes.

"N-nice work!" Aida complimented as her navi immediately dove for cover back to the barricade with a roll on the ground. Capuchin tended to like to use acrobatic style in about anything.

"Don't compliment me yet." Capuchin said, "We still have to wait for the outcome."

1. dodge (to the Hematite Barricade)
2. sig attack Speak no Evil (confusion&illusion) Valkyrie
3. cannon (40 +Knockback) Valkyrie
4. boomerang (60) ropes of Hematite Cube
5. dodge (cover behind barricade)
Greaveman barely left the arena (in fact, a slight lingering light of his "teleport beam" still remained), when Valkyrie was already in action, dashing towards Capuchin at a neck breaking speed. Valkyrie was propelled by her inner fire; literally, the openings on the back of her armor were spewing white-hot flames, sending her flying at her enemy like wings ablaze. Or to be precise, sending her flying at the column that was a bit further behind her.

She could have ran her over. Valkyrie was confident that she could have overpowered her opponent using brute strength, tearing her frail body limb by limb, until there isn't enough left to be pierced by her lance. But... it had been long since she had fought like this. And besides, she looked so confident in her acrobatics. Maybe she has some tricks up her sleeve? Not that it matters; it will be a much more fulfilling victory to beat Capuchin at her own game... and then make her realize that she could never hope to do the same to Valkyrie.

The rageclaw started growing on her left arm right after she zoomed past the adversary... did Sieg notice so fast what she was planning that he sent the aid immediately? It was more likely that he sent it just out of habit, considering that she had been using the weapon in most fights she had been able to. Truth be told, she liked that chip, as it gave her so many tools to attack with. Slashing, hooking, stabbing, the rageclaw does it all and much, much more. You should never forget about the utility of a chip that makes your grip about a thousand times stronger and, well, larger. For example, it comes in handy when you plan to use a large stone column as a kind of pole to grab onto while using the digital equivalent of a jetpack, then make a spin around it while using the claws to steady your grip, only to slingshot yourself back at an unsuspecting opponent with the swing you get from this maneuver. Incidentally, she was planning to do just that.

Valkyrie's feet touched the ground, but she didn't really lose any momentum. The marble floor screeched as the steel boots skid, barely slowing down, throwing sparkles from the friction. When she was close enough, she turned her feet to the side, like an ice dancer when trying to stop. Except, ice dancers usually don't carry around as much armor as she does. To avoid falling flat on her face, Valkyrie took a half turn, scything around herself with the lance in her right hand. That was merely to balance herself out, as this spin transferred almost all of the kinetic energy into a spinning backhand with the large and rather heavy looking claws that were mounted on her left. She wouldn't have been surprised if that slap would've sent her flying into a column.

So far so good, but Valkyrie lost almost all the power that her Ride gave her... with the last ounce of movement, she jumped away from the other fighter, rolling on the ground once and hopping back onto her feet, trying to evade any retaliation that the staff user may attempt.

And now... what? She was out of juice, so to say, so if this competition of agility keeps up, she is at a disadvantage. Besides, it was just about time for the part where she shows Capuchin what Real power is... but first, it might be a good idea to make her interested in that sort of strength.

- Areagrab, NOW!
-Wha... So soon?
- Do it!

As the chip took effect, she dematerialized to reappear a split second later; this time behind Capuchin. She didn't attack, at least not physically; stabbing someone in the back with a weapon from a surprise like this was barely justifiable by Valkyrie's code of ethics (note that 'barely' is still more than 'not' though), but she wasn't planning to aim for the body. At least not yet. She leaned close, so close that that the monkey could feel her breath on her neck, and uttered... something...

It predated anything that was written by Man.
It wasn't a word or an expression, at least not in the sense we use them.
It was the roar of the lion, guarding it's territory.
It was the hiss of a snake, fighting for a prey.
It was the grunt of a prehistoric man, barely more than an ape; the first one to wield a club, with the intention to bash the head of his own brethren.
It was the cry of a mother, knife in hand, protecting her children.
It was the essence of the will to kill, articulated by everything that ever lives under the sun.
It was... the Call.

Taker or taken.
Striker or struck.
Killer or killed.
We decide it now.

There is no font that can be used to write it down, there is no mortal tongue that can say it willingly. There is no meaning, just the pure madness, the kind that is needed to kill mercilessly, fueled by the very base urges left to us from the time when we were but small rodents, fighting for survival in a world full of giant lizards.

If you really, really tried to make sense of it, try to cut out all the vulgarities, and distill it into something that can be universally understood, not by mere instincts, but by reason, the thing Capuchin heard sounded something like this:


1. Valkyrie Ride (teleport, strengthen 30): teleport/dash to a column behind Capchin, use it as a "swing" with RageClaw
2. Buster Attack (8) Capuchin
3. RageClaw (20 dmg+30 strengthen+ try to smack Capuchin into a column)
+Sworddance dodge
4. AreaGrab behind Capuchin
5. Use Berserker's Call on Capuchin
The two fighters dash towards each other, Capuchin dives forward with a series of flips and Valkyrie zooming forward like an arrow. Valkyrie covers more ground than the nimble monkey Navi, clipping Capuchin with her right shoulder. Capuchin changes her plan slightly by moving to the hematite barrier to her right as Valkyrie continues forward. As Capuchin takes cover behind the barrier, Valkyrie sinks her claws into the column and attempts to fling herself towards Capuchin's position. As she rounds the column, the combination of her strong grip and her high speed causes the column to tilt on its base, almost falling over. She releases in time to get out of the way of the rapidly toppling pillar, but her aim is slightly off. She is sent back to the center of the arena, but quickly dodges out of the way and avoids the brunt of the confusing sound wave sent out by Capuchin.

Valkyrie teleports away as Capuchin draws up her cannon. She tries to find her target, but Valkyrie is no where near the hanging cube of rock. She hears Valkyrie move behind her, retaliating with a boomerang. The boomerang hits its mark, interrupting part of her incantation in addition to doing significant damage. However, the majority of the incantation is heard, and Capuchin starts to feel an absolutely uncontrollable rage washing over her mind like a tsunami of flames.

Capuchin: 152HP [Berzerk! (Attack only, no new chips or sigs) 2 Turns Remaining] [Behind West Hematite Barricade]
Valkyrie: 60HP [Behind Capuchin (also behind West Hematite Barricade)]

Terrain: All normal except the the North Hematite Column has fallen over

<(Continue Engagement)>
"AH!" Aida gasped as she noticed the strikes Capuchin recieved. Though, to their luck, even without landing their sig attack, they certainly dealt plenty of damage to Valkyrie. A sigh of relief quickly escaped her mouth as she looked back at her navi. "C-Capuchin, w-we can still make this work. I need to.....?.....C-Capuchin?"

Capuchin felt the strange effects of the sig all to quickly. Its power overwhelemed her and made her fall into a strange emotion. An emotion that's power overflowed her, sent a wave of heat through her spine, and a chilling atmosphere around her. It was a powerful rage she had felt long ago....but very long ago. In the past that only existed in her memories. A time when Aida was not there, a time where she knew no one....she was very alone...........and filled with hate for all that stood in front of her.

"GRAAAAAAH!" She suddenly hollered as her fangs were shown from her teeth. Her golden eye glowed with a slight clouded sight to it, from it being engulfed by the berserker state, she was now clouded by rage. The rage of past memories she never wanted to remember, feelings she never wanted to feel again. All came crashing back into her, and all she could think of was 'it was that navi's fault' and of course, 'I will make them wish they had never given me such pain'. Without a moment's hesitation, she dropped to the ground and went in for a leg sweep at Valkyrie's feet.

"A-AH!" Aida gasped once more realising the effects of the opponent's sig. She was unable to tend to her navi, she could not even give her any chips. She was unable to assist her partner at all....though she did not cower in this fear. She did not tremble. Capuchin continuously had told her before that she could handle herself whenever needed. As long as Aida was by the monkey navi's side, she would continue fighting. She had proven so once before when Aida fell into a pit and the little navi went up against viruses solo untill help came. It was Capuchin's strength. Aida would just have to believe that Capuchin would survive till the signature wore off.

Capuchin was well known to not go flailing her arms around madly without at least doing it in some coordinated manner. Even with herself overflowed with a berserker state she would continue to act in this manner. She could pull off attacks in her sleep. Her fighting moves and acrobatic styles were the same as breathing, you did them unconciously.

As soon as Capuchin swept at Valkyrie's legs from behind, her hands reached out for the opponent's arm and went to hoist the whole body to the ground. There she would elbow the enemy in the back and swing her legs up in the air. High above the ground she would only stay there for a moment as she swung them back down, jolting her body back upwar then down again but letting Valkyrie be that cushion that protected the monkey navi from the hard ground. Her fangs would then go for the free arm, with a severe sinking of her fanged teeth into the data flesh of the wrist, keeping it unable to hit her while attempting to rip it apart. And all along, she would plant her legs into Valkyrie's back, stomping them into her spine....again and again and again.

1. leg sweep (attack) Valkyrie
2. grab arm and slam (attack) Valkyrie
3. slam again (attack) Valkyrie
4. Bite arm off (attack) Valkyrie
5. Stomp spine (attack) Valkyrie
Valkyrie thumbled, getting knocked over by the force of the boomerang that got her right in the side of her body, possibly breaking a few of her ribs. That's what you get for wearing a light armor that slows down your movement just enough for things like that to hit, she thought. But she was happy, and couldn't hold back a faint smirk from appearing in the corners of her mouth. She quickly jumped on her feet, as she felt something... She could feel it in her bones that the monkeygirl will answer her call. In fact, even without her honed sixth sense she could see that her features became more animalistic. Oh yes... this'll be fun.

Valkyrie focused for a moment, reaching deep into the very core of her being. She drew her power from there; it was a bit like fire... but it was white in color and it wasn't as much burning as streaming. Now, most people expect metaphysical flames that flicker inside someones inner core to be harmless, since it's all in ones mind. Her flame wasn't like that. She could feel it climb up her arms as she reached for it. It hurt, it burned her soul, but it was a good pain. She felt strong, stronger and more alive than in a long time. Her arms, her legs, her entire body was burning with power. Valkyrie trembled, as she tried to hold it back, to control all that... then realized she didn't need to. Capuchin was already charging, and it was time for them to clash. The navi let out a battlecry as she started running towards her opponent.

She held her lance in both hands, and raised it above her head, to deliver a crushing blow. The air screamed as the weapon came down, ready to break Capuchin in half. The weapon got stopped by the ground, and as it rebounded, Valkyrie took a full turn to swing the weapon around in a full circle and sweep the monkey navi away. The weapon was still surrounded by sparks from the force of the impact with the ground, leaving a trail of light behind throughout the arc. She poured all of her explosive strength into these blows; noone can take these hits and live... And certainly not someone as frail as that girl. But she was strong, much stronger than expected, and besides, it would be a disgrace if she stopped now. She was just starting to have fun anyway.

But now that she was spent, she couldn't continue fighting with her lance close quarters, so Valkyrie took two quick steps backward, freeing up just enough place to be able to swing the lance around once more, trying to scrape the body of Capuchin with the sharp tip of the weapon. But she knew that as long as she moves, that won't keep her away, so... Valkyrie dropped the lance, and raised her hands to enter some good ole' melee. She clenched her fists and swung a few punches at her way, as a kind of warm up.

If she can still take all these attacks standing... well, that'd be fun, even if unlikely.

1. Skogul's sacrifice (sacrifice 15 HP, gain 4 buster charges)
2. Charge attack(160) Capuchin (Vertical slam)
3. Charge attack(160) Capuchin (Horizontal swipe)
+Sworddance dodge (hop back to get into the right rangefor....
4. Normal Buster attack(8) Capuchin (tip-slash)
5. Normal Buster attack(8) Capuchin (Armor Glove to the face)
As Valkyrie started to draw in power, Capuchin swings into action, swiping Valkyrie's legs out from underneath her. She attempts to drive her lance down on Capuchin as she falls, but she just couldn't get the aim right from the unexpected fall. However, she uses the momentum of her fall to give the lance enough speed to deliver a devastating blow in the form of a circular horizontal slash. That would have been the end of the simian-Navi, but a weak shield from her NC programs kept her data from being bludgeoned to dust by Valkyrie's lance.

Capuchin quickly recovers from the blow and pounces on the fallen Valkyrie. She sinks her teeth into Valkyrie's right wrist, immobilizing her weapon and sending waves of pain up her arm. She screams out as her arm is almost torn away by the frenzied Navi. Valkyrie struggles to fight back, using her free left arm and deliver a solid punch to Capuchin's right shoulder, just barely missing her head and neck. The blow causes Capuchin to yelp with pain, releasing her hold on Valkyrie. The blow also seems to knock her back to her senses and scattering the smoke of rage in her mind.


Capuchin.EXE: DEFEATED ((Rewards: Recov30 or 1000z, 2FXP))
Valkyrie.EXE: 29HP ((Rewards: Round2 Pass, 2FXP))

Winner: Valkyrie.EXE
-Did you just... did you just BITE ME?

Valkyrie stood up in bewilderment, using her lance as a makeshift stick. Now that the fight was over, the adrenalin (or whatever adrenalin like effects she has) was slowly running out of her system. The bruises and breaks and bites began to ache, the fighting-high was passing away. Nevertheless, the fire still burned in her eyes...


She staggered to her (she almost continued to use the lance as a walking aid, but luckily, she managed to avoid desecrating the weapon like that), each step invoking a stinging pain in her side. Broken ribs. At least 3 of them. That point blank boomerang was dangerous...

Finally, she reached the navi and towered above her battered frame lying on the ground. She raised her lance above her head with both hands, the tip pointing down, a wide, manic grin obscuring her features.


She slammed the lance down, embedding the tip deep in the marble like floor, right besides Capuchin's head. Holding onto the shaft, she leaned above the monkey navi, so that her face filled her vision. When she spoke again, her voice was rasp.

-You put up quite a fight... Capuchin, was it? I'd love to have the honor of finishing you off right now, but... not like this. Not when people are watching as if this was some cheap... entertainment. We both deserve more... dignity.

Valkyrie stood up, removed her lance from the ground and turned around to walk off.

-Get stronger! We'll meet again!

And when we do, I hope you will fight me at your own peril, and not just because we were matched up in some tournament...