Radio Raiding

Gale touched down on the radio's network, and looked around. "So now what?" she asked herself.

Roxxy answered for her, though. "Just look around. You're trying to find somewhere to upload songs to the radio station's library. Or the playlist, that would work too. I don't know. Just keep up the speed." Roxxy, on the outside, wasn't looking for a fight, and didn't want to have to book it without having gotten her songs up.

Gale could tell that Roxxy wanted her to hurry, so she decided her best bet would be to run blindly in a direction picked at random and see if anything came up. "At least until I think of anything better. Or until I see something that looks like a clue. I just need to find some library thing or something. Wherever you put songs." She would have shrugged, but the motion seemed awkward while running full speed ahead.

She kept her eyes open, true to plan, and booked it full speed ahead.

Gale dashed through the network, not entirely sure what she was looking for... She managed to remain alone for a few minutes, but after hearing some odd crackling noises behind her, she noticed several orbs of electricity following her!

Not too far off in the distance, a pair of Billy viruses and a single Metool stood in a straight line. The Metool, flanked by the Billys, raised its pickaxe before swiping it downwards, prompting the Billys to fire an additional pair of ball lightning towards the Navi.

Viruses Identified! [South of Gale's position, two movement actions away]

BillyA: 80HP [Normal]
Metool: 40HP [Normal]
BillyB: 80HP [Metal]

Terrain: 70% Normal, 30% Metal [Two parallel strips of metal slightly off center in the battlefield, going North to South

Gale.EXE: 100HP [Normal] [WARNING: Thunderball x4 incoming, 2 one movement action away, the other 2 two movement actions away]