Practice makes Perfect

((Anyone can join with me =D))

ToolMan did the usual, jacking in and doing a bit of streching. It was just an average day, and that meant the average routine. And that meant practice. Same-old same-old Practice. So he started walking into the endless maze of what was called the net, in search of an opponent.

[Battle Time]
... And ToolMan did find himself a worthy opponent. Four viruses, of fire and explosives approached, raring and ready for a fight!

BeetankA: 50HP
BeetankB: 50HP
OldStoveA: 50HP
OldStoveB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

At the sight of the viruses clear in view, he quickly thought of a plan. He moved to the left just in case of an attack, and then got out his pixaxe and spun it about. He made sure to line up the two BeeTanks, as he thought they would be the most troublesome at the time. He then raised up his pixaxe and shouted, ''Are you ready for this Ralez?''. Ralez replied back with an enthusiastic ''Heck yeah!'', and the shot was fired.

''Think we got em'?''. ToolMan had looked about to see if the shot was a success. ''ToolMan!! This is no time to be looking around! We still got two more enemies to worry about!!'' ToolMan quickly looked to the two OldStove viruses. ''Oh man, thats right! But dont worry, I know what to do! Get me a Shotgun!'' Ralez had done what he said, and ToolMan started to aim, making sure that the spread of the attack would hopefully get both. A small blast was heard as he fired, and he stood there in a fighting position, ready for the next move.

-Shockwave on BeeTankA & B [40]
-Shotgun on OldStoveA & B [50]
The helmeted Navi raised his pickaxe and let it crash down upon the ground, sending shockwaves racing towards the Beetanks, damaging them critically. The OldStoves had a worse fate, as the firearm was aimed into position and deleted them both. The Beetanks fired their bombs at him, only to miss as ToolMan moved off to the left.

BeetankA: 10HP
BeetankB: 10HP
OldStoveA: Deleted
OldStoveB: Deleted

Terrain: 95% Normal, 5% Cracked
''Yeah!! Got it!! Did you see that Ralez? I got it right in the kisser!'' ''ToolMan! What in the world do you think you're doing!? Were in the middle of a fight you dunce! Your gonna get hit if you keep standing there and jumping like an idiot!'' And he was right. ToolMan looked around to see that there were still the BeeTank viruses left, and they didn't seem to happy about having thier butts handed to them. ''Fine fine. I just gotta get rid of these two right?'' he said as he pointed to them with a sarcastic look. ''Yes actually. Or else there just gonna get you. How bout we finish em' in one move?'' ''Well then lets just get to it.''

He grabbed out the two blades from his shoulders and shot them at each of the two viruses left. He watched his attack unfold and hoped he had made a direct hit.

-Signature Attack on BeetankA & B [30 Each]
After some quick banter with his operator, ToolMan broke out some blades. In one move, he threw both perfectly and sliced through both weak Beetanks, ending the battle. The viruses left behind a small amount of zenny data.

BeetankA: Deleted
BeetankB: Deleted
OldStoveA: Deleted
OldStoveB: Deleted

Terrain: 95% Normal, 5% Cracked

Battle 1 Complete!

ToolMan: 100HP

Rewards: 360z
ToolMan and Ralez watched as the two viruses went up in flames and collected thier loot. ''Yeah! It may not be alot but heck it was worth it!'' ''You bet it was! Now I want another battle like that! Bring em' on!'' ''You said it ToolMan!''

[Battle Time Again =D]
More viruses came to greet ToolMan, this time a few paper dolls bounced around and started calling out to him in some weird viral banter. A floating manta-ray thing joined them as well, flying lazily, as if it didn't want to fight. Might as well delete that one too.

PowieA: 60HP
PowieB: 60HP
PowieC: 60HP
Lark: 100HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

ToolMan: 100HP